Just a quick note before the next game

(Update September 13th, 2007: There is now a great tutorial on how to use the level editor writen by logr. You can read it here.)

I really don’t have the time to write this, since I’m trying to crank out my next game (which should be out tomorrow). But here’s a quick update report on matter’s concerning Crayon Physics.

First off all here’s the level editor (I promised that it would be out during this month and here it is, just in the nick of time). You can download it from here: crayon_editor.zip. It’s an ugly editor and there is no documentation (I’ll write one after I get the game out). So here’s a brief description of the shortcut keys: Left shift down will create a static object, Z adds the ball, X adds a star, S saves and L loads.

Second off all, we have a new level by Ichabod. Can be downloaded from here.

Third off all, lately I’ve been peer pressured by Linux users to release the source code of Crayon Physics. As I’ve said before, if I release the source code I want to do it properly. Not just dump it all in sourceforge.net, because that never works. And right now I’m too busy to do it properly. Also there’s the fact that right now I don’t have a proper future plan for Crayon Physics. In case that development of Crayon Physics isn’t continued in any other way, I’ll just dump the source code in sourceforge.net and hope for the best.

Fourth of all (is this even a real expression?), I have a pile of unanswered emails and I’ll reply to them and also to the blog comments after I get the new game out.

I just realized yesterday that there are only 30 days in June, which is the reason why I’m extra busy with the game. So I’m off to coding.

51 Responses to “Just a quick note before the next game”

  1. Jarkendia Says:

    So many thanks for the level editor 😉

  2. G J Says:

    Crayon Physics is superb. He are a few things i would like to see in the second release.
    1* The option to turn of the music (its great but i also would like to listen to podcasts or random music while playing.

    2*Ability to draw any shape possible and make shape stick to eachother.

    This is a superb concept it reminds me of the Little Big Planet demo they showed at GDC.

    If you develop this further i could see a full game in this. Ability to share levels and so on.

  3. the2bears.com » Crayon Physics: Editor Says:

    […] has released a level editor for Crayon Physics (original post). Petri says he’s being “pressured by Linux users to […]

  4. devin Says:

    You can remove the .ogg music file from the data folder if you don’t want music. No offense to the artist.
    Fantastic game, by the way, I posted it up on Metafilter and they loved it, too. Keep up the good work (I like Cacodemon too).

  5. X-Tray: Nuevos niveles y editor para Crayon Physics Says:

    […] autor del juego acaba de poner a disposición de todos una herramienta muy interesante para editar o crear nuevos niveles de forma sencilla […]

  6. petri.purho Says:

    @Jarkendia: No problem.

    @G J: Just like Devin pointed out the music can be pretty easily disabled. If the game gets developed further the free shape drawing is a must. I don’t think I could release a version of this game without it 🙂

    @devin: Thanks for pointing out how to turn off the music. And big thanks for the Meatfilter post. I’ve been getting a huge amount of traffic from that site.

  7. Ezel_Derbier Says:

    I discovered your Crayon Physics game about a month ago via this French website : http://www.overgame.com/items/20230_la-plume-plus-forte-que-lepee.html

    I wanted to thank you for that game. Amazing, free, incredibly fun. I really appreciate it and can’t stop showing it to my fiends 🙂

    Now I have to thank you one again for that level editor :-p
    I haven’t tried it yet (I’m using a Mac) but I’m sure it’s really useful. I know that hundreds of people were waiting for it, even here in Belgium and France. You’ll make them happy.

    Merci encore !

  8. robdun Says:

    when I tryed to download it….it said the file was damaged.

  9. PopOut ! » Blog Archive » Un éditeur de niveaux pour Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Télécharger l’éditeur de niveaux (lien au milieu du 2ème paragraphe) […]

  10. eIn Says:

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  11. byblo Says:

    Unfortunately, the link for the level editor give a 404 error. Please fix it, I’d like to participate before the deluxe version is released 🙂

  12. Benjamin Says:

    I know this is an old post, but a Linux version would be great ! Even closed source.

    It wouldn’t be too hard porting your application since you are using SDL (talking without knowing..).

    Thanks anyway 🙂

  13. ex2bot Says:

    Thanks very much petri.purho, for your efforts!!!

    Quick vote for a Mac version.


  14. Jacksonville Says:

    Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.

  15. Oyun Oyna Says:

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  16. Hurry up Says:

    Finish crayon physics already! Seriously been waiting on this game for so long. I might aswell figure out how to program games and create it myself. Seriously, put all your other projects on hold and finish the dam thing already. This is easily your best game if you would just finish it.

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