Just a quick note before the next game

(Update September 13th, 2007: There is now a great tutorial on how to use the level editor writen by logr. You can read it here.)

I really don’t have the time to write this, since I’m trying to crank out my next game (which should be out tomorrow). But here’s a quick update report on matter’s concerning Crayon Physics.

First off all here’s the level editor (I promised that it would be out during this month and here it is, just in the nick of time). You can download it from here: crayon_editor.zip. It’s an ugly editor and there is no documentation (I’ll write one after I get the game out). So here’s a brief description of the shortcut keys: Left shift down will create a static object, Z adds the ball, X adds a star, S saves and L loads.

Second off all, we have a new level by Ichabod. Can be downloaded from here.

Third off all, lately I’ve been peer pressured by Linux users to release the source code of Crayon Physics. As I’ve said before, if I release the source code I want to do it properly. Not just dump it all in sourceforge.net, because that never works. And right now I’m too busy to do it properly. Also there’s the fact that right now I don’t have a proper future plan for Crayon Physics. In case that development of Crayon Physics isn’t continued in any other way, I’ll just dump the source code in sourceforge.net and hope for the best.

Fourth of all (is this even a real expression?), I have a pile of unanswered emails and I’ll reply to them and also to the blog comments after I get the new game out.

I just realized yesterday that there are only 30 days in June, which is the reason why I’m extra busy with the game. So I’m off to coding.

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