About This Site & Me

About this site

Contains somewhat old info. I’ll try to update at some point 🙂

The point of this blog is I try to crank out an experimental game every month. I was inspired by Experimental Gameplay Project, so I try to follow their rules. Basically this means that every game I create I have to make within 7-day limit, they have to made by me alone and they have to test some new form of gameplay.

So what’s the point? Why waste your time on small freeware games when you could be creating some massive huge MMORPG game?

I have to ruthlessly borrow a segment from Ad Lib Game Development Society’s website, because they said it better than I could.

“We believe that, as game developers, there are many ways of improving our craft. Reading books, attending seminars, enrolling in university programs, enlisting the help of a mentor — all of these are worthwhile and can contribute to the breadth and depth of one’s game development skillset. In the end, however, there’s just no substitute for experience.”

So if a bunch of savvy industry veterans trust that rapid game development improves their craft I can do nothing but to agree and create a few more games.

About me
Petri Purho
Helsinki, Finland

My gaming interests don’t just limit to video games, but also include pen & paper roleplaying games, strategy games, board games, card games, etc.


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