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Evolution SHMUP

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I’m extremely sorry for the delay in posting the game. I had some further trouble (I forgot my server’s MYSQL password), but the game is finally online. Conveniently I can now also participate in the TIGSource’s Procedural Generation Competition (which launched May 5th) with the game…

So the game is actually something completely different for me: a Javascript based browser game, called Evolution SHMUP.

Click here to play Evolution SHMUP

Evolution SHMUP Evolution SHMUP Evolution SHMUP

It’s basically just your standard shooter. But the cool thing about it is, that the game’s data is generated “randomly”. Everything from the way the player moves to enemy patterns are “randomly” generated.

Randomly is in quotes because the game uses very Darwinistic way of generating the data. Every time you play a game, the game keeps track of how long you played that particular game. And the way that a game is generated is by selecting few of the more popular games and mashing them (randomly) together. Hopefully this process will create a game that is even more interesting and thus will be played even longer. The plan is to create the ultimate game, that is so addicting that once people stumble upon it they can’t quit playing it. And then the game will evolve consciousness and it will start taking over the world by itself. And thus Skynet was born…


Code, graphics, design: Petri Purho (petri.purho [at]

The game was inspired by Creative Synthesis’ research project: Human Tended Gardens of Evolutionary Design.

Few of the background patterns are from Kaliber 10000’s Pixel Pattern Collection. The following designs were used:
Pink Mudejar by Pantero Pinco,
Be Glad…it’s Plaid! by ingternet,
bowtie by ingternet
Sucr by Goksel Goktas,
ak 18, ak 12, ak 16 and ak 17 by Andreas Köberle,
Estoria Pisser by Dan LeRoux,
SCCO by Richard Schumann,
pattuan by vitto,
tridimencional and mosaico by Wagner Campelo,
Canvas Expression by Joel Abad,
yep by Itai Rabinowitz,
RP02, Der Rote Salon, Der Gruene Salon, shocking yellow, Vercetti Mansion and Wat Yai – Phitsanulok by Roland Peschetz,
archipelago pattern by Anton Repponen.

Monthly Game Late

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Sorry, but the monthly game is going to be a little late this time. The game is done, but I can’t upload it to the web server 🙁 It’s my ISP’s fault. I can’t get a connection from my desktop computer to the web server.

(I’m writing this entry in lynx from our schools web server). Unfortunately I’m traveling during the weekend so that can cause even further delay. I’ll try to get everything up and running as soon as possible.