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Happy Birthday Crayon Physics Deluxe

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Even the monkey is happy about the Crayon Physics Deluxe birthday sale

Crayon Physics Deluxe is now 1 year old. I can hardly believe it.

In October Kyle and Ron did this experimental pay what you want sale for the 1 year birthday of World of Goo (most excellent game btw.). In the results of that sale they pointed out that they would like other developers to try this model as well to get a bunch of different results. I thought the 1 year birthday of Crayon Physics Deluxe was as good time as any to do this so here it is:

Pay what ever you like birthday sale for Crayon Physics Deluxe. You’ll get the full game if you pay anything. We accept all amounts of money. Pay 1 cent and you’ll get the game. Pay 5 dollars and you’ll make a me slightly happier man and you’ll get your game. Pay the usual 19.95$ and you’ll make me as happy as the chimp in that photo. The sale ends January 15th.