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Solitaire Sweeper

Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Solitaire Sweeper - Minesweeper with cards

The pleasures of growing old: one gets to make minesweeper games without shame.

I made a small (and unpolished) Minesweeper variant. The game could be polished to make it more user friendly, but also I don’t know if I want to put too much more time into it. I was inspired by some of the Minesweepers Hempuli did.

Original idea was to make it work with a full deck of cards. Unfortunately 4 suits seemed like too much, so I dropped one. It was also an interesting experience to play around with the “single wrong click and you die” -mechanic. It seems somewhat under utilized way of designing puzzle games, cause usually as a designer you want the game to be forgiving.


Play the game in browser on Itch.Io!


Solitaire Sweeper – Release 1

Solitaire Sweeper - Minesweeper meets Solitaire Solitaire Sweeper - Minesweeper meets Solitaire Solitaire Sweeper - Minesweeper meets Solitaire


Windows: (0.1 Mb) (Release 1)

Minesweeper meets solitaire.

Your goal is to reveal all the cards without hitting any of the mines.

  • Click on space to reveal it
  • Right click to mark a mine

If you hit a mine, it’s game over.

If the card flashes, it means there’s a mine next to it in one of 8 neighboring spaces.

The number under the card tells you how many cards of the same suit are around that card. Max 8, min 0.

There are 3 suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs) and 13 cards each.

The orthogonal spaces next to a mine are always safe. I.e. Mines may NOT be next to each other horizontally nor vertically.

Game Design & Code: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )