I Got Interviewed

You can read the interview “Petri Purho and the Art of Making Games Every Month” by Jarkko Laine over at his blog.

The interview is part of his Insanely Interesting September -series. During the month Jarkko writes articles and interviews people who have an mentally unstable interest in something. And while I’m a bit honored to be dubbed as “Insanely Interested in Making Games”, there are game developers out there who are clearly more insane than me.

Btw. I reread the interview and there’s a part there where I say that making games requires a “huge range of different skills”. I didn’t mean to brag that I poses all those skills (the only skill listed there that I can comfortably say I poses is programming). What I meant to say is that when making a game by yourself there are all these skills you should poses. And at least for me every time I make a game there’s a voice in the back of my head telling me that I should really learn this or that skill properly. So the reason why I’m interested in making games is that there’s always something new to try and learn.

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