Future of Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics turned out to be much more popular than I had imagined. It was featured on Independent Gaming, GameSetWatch and on the2bears, and about half a dozen French sites (Btw. I have no idea what they’re saying about the game). And apparently everybody wants me to continue the development of the game.

Now I have to point out that Crayon Physics is a prototype. It’s a butt ugly prototype, that was hacked together in five days. And as a prototype it served it’s duty well. It proved that the gameplay mechanic of Crayon Physics works and is fun to play with. As a “proper game” it’s not all that great (there are bugs, there’s only seven levels, etc). And to make into a proper game would mean a lot of more work. Too much for me if I want to continue developing games on monthly basis. But don’t get me wrong, I’d love to continue the development of Crayon Physics, but the big problem is time. Or the lack of it.

But even with the serious lack of time, I’ll try release a level editor for the game during this month. I just don’t know if I have enough time to make it a proper level editor, but I’ll try. During the development of the game I did create an unusable level editor for myself, and if things don’t work out for me, I’ll tweak it a little bit and release it. But that’s my emergency plan.

Also when I release the level editor I’ll probably have to release a new version of the game (to support the user created levels). So if I have enough time I’ll fix some issues with the game.

Edit: The game was also featured on TIGSource, Binary Joy and on Mooktown and mentioned on Game Tycoon.

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  1. Jarkendia Says:

    A level editor would be great!. My congrats for the game. I love it.

  2. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try find the time to a proper level editor, because you won’t love the level editor I used for the levels in the game.

  3. Popoyt Says:

    A level editor would be just fine 😉
    By the way, about your french links : PopOut also have an english version : http://popoyt.free.fr/popout/en

  4. Keidas Says:

    Exquisite. Glad to see a lot of people are enjoying your game, and I like the sound of home-made levels.

  5. grapefrukt Says:

    This sounds as a project just perfect for Flash, atleast the level editing and sharing part.
    I think I’ll look into if I can get something like this running at a decent speed, there’s an Box2D port to AS already but it’s a bit on the sluggish side.

    Very nice game by the way, might be a bit unbalanced, but hey, it’s a prototype!

    (Also, many thanks for the plug :))

  6. Venca Says:

    Very glad to hear you’re not abandoning Crayon Physics for good 🙂 I’m seriously in love with the game and can’t wait to make my own levels and especially play some that other people have created.
    As for the game being “butt ugly”, you couldn’t be more mistaken! In my opinion there isn’t a single vice about the game that needs repairing – especially not the graphics style, it’s absolutely marvelous. Of all the ways the idea of drawing blocks and circles could’ve been realized, this is definitely the most stylish one and quite original to boot.
    I think it’s unfair to call this game a mere prototype. Yes, the idea is extremely simple, but that’s what makes really good games! Just think of Tetris, it has a game mechanism you could explain in one sentence yet it can keep you entertained for hours. I don’t really think this game needs that much polishing that would take weeks or whole days – all the elements that make up a great game are already in there.
    Anyways I’m really looking forward to the level editor (as if you couldn’t already tell :))

  7. the2bears Says:


    Glad to hear you’re thinking about how to continue this. It is, by the way, a very popular search term with people visiting my site now. So congrats, you’ve become famous 🙂


  8. petri.purho Says:

    @Popoyt: Thanks for pointing out the English version. Now I at least now what you guys are saying 🙂 And thanks for the video capture. It’s great work.

    @Keidas: Yeah, the popularity of Crayon Physics really surprised me. I didn’t expect it to be this popular.

    @grapefrukt: Crayon Physics as a Flash game would be great. If you can get it running, please make it. I can imagine that the Box2D action script port can be a bit sluggish. The engine has this iteration loop in it to stabilize things and that can take a lot of CPU time.

    Btw. I was happy to plug you 🙂 You should release more stuff so I’d get to plug you more often.

    @Venca: Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t mean that the visuals are “butt ugly”, I meant that the code of the game is “butt ugly”. But I’m glad to know that there are people waiting for the level editor.

    @the2bears: Yeah, I noticed it also, that Crayon Physics has turned out to be a quite popular search term for my site.

  9. The Independent Gaming Source Says:

    […] the title screen, and b) the lack of levels (only seven at the time of writing). But good news! A level editor is on its way (possibly). Go, Petri, […]

  10. Ash Says:

    Really excellent little game!
    And a level editor would be really nice too 😀

    The french article you linked to says exactly what everybody says : Great graphics, great music, etc… 🙂
    They say that would be a great thing for the videogame world that some gamedeveloper contacts you and proposes to port this game on the Nintendo DS, for example (Like the Linerider game… u know?).

    Good luck for the editor!

  11. papamook Says:

    man I am so glad you have decided to give crayon a future, I think it is amazingly cool for only 5 days work (when I read that I felt shame that I’ve spent nigh on 2yrs without releasing a game!)

    Good news, happy days!

  12. h16 Says:

    Great game. My kinds love it. And I’m addicted.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze gimme some more levels !

    pleeease !

  13. Josie Says:

    Love it, amazing job.

    I’m actually involved in the Nintendo DS homebrew scene, and I’m seriously thinking about taking this concept and makind a DS homebrew game out of it.

    I have to finish current projects first, however.

    I’ll let you know if I put your idea into action.

  14. petri.purho Says:

    @Ash: Thanks a lot for the translation. I was wondering that maybe they were saying something like that, or possibly it was something like “look at this crappy game, it has the crappiest graphics ever, they look like they have been made a five year old”.

    @papamook: Thanks for the kind words. And also thanks for the blog post.

    @h16: :D, because you begged so nicely I’m going point you to a level made Otávio. He just posted it as comment on the original Crayon Physics -post. It can be a bit of hassle to get working (you have to edit some XML files to get it running), but if your seriously addicted you’ll probably find the way 🙂 (Just as quick note, copy the level_09_background.jpg and .xml to the data/gfx -folder and copy the level_09.xml to data/levels -folder. Then edit the data/level_list.xml so that you’ll replace the ”filename=”data/levels/level_01.xml”” with ”filename=”data/levels/level_09.xml””)

    Oh and I almost forgot, thanks for the blog post.

    @Josie: Wow, it’s always nice to hear that you’ve managed to inspire colleagues. Let me know how it works out.

  15. noerrorsfound Says:

    Small mistake here:
    “And as a prototype it served it’s duty well”
    The its shouldn’t have an apostrophe in that sentence because it’s not being used as a contraction. Basically to tell if your its needs an apostrophe or not, replace it with either it has or it is and if those don’t make sense, leave out the apostrophe. Well class, I hope you have learned something today.

  16. noerrorsfound Says:

    I need to work on my italics code formatting. 😀

  17. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks for pointing out my typos 🙂 As you’ve probably figured out, English isn’t my first language. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were literally hundreds of typos in my texts.

    So it should be
    “And as a prototype it served its duty well”?

  18. diki Says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed your game; the look, the sound and the interface are delightfully simple, yet posess almost haptic aesthetic qualities – something I miss in most every other game. Also, rather impressive to do in such a short time.
    I couldn’t resist to patch something similar in 3d using the vvvv toolkit (http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php) and thought I’d let you know; after all, that’s the fun in creative commons: http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=diki+patches

    And while a level editor would indeed be very nice, don’t go out of your way to make it. It is probably more productive to keep the creative juices flowing and concentrate on the next game; building a working editor with an appropriate interface might really consume a lot of time. After all, the levels are laid out in XML, so it’s far from impossible to jack them open in a productive fashion 😉

  19. Quentin Says:

    English isn’t my mother tongue either but I’d like to thank you for the game !

    I like it very much and I’m definitely looking forward the level editor (or anything else to make it longer).

    My girlfriend is crazy about it and she never tried a computer game before – you’re a benefactor : “Honey what about playing Crayon Physics ?”, never heard that before (Ô_o) !

    Keep entertaining us,

    Thanks a lot !

    ps : If you need any translation from french, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  20. popoyt Says:

    Oh, by the way, just to let you know, in your sentence “and about half a dozen french sites”, the link on “half” leads to a …Spanish website 😉

    Your game crosses every border ! 🙂

  21. mocker Says:

    I love this game and would love to see it get more developed. I think it is the kind of game a community could develop for with custom maps/puzzles and stuff like that. Is there any chance of releasing it in some sort of open source license? If not I’ll probably try something similar (though not necessarily crayon themed) because this is such a fun way to play a game

  22. petri.purho Says:

    @diki: Thanks for the kind words. I tested the sandbox and it was pretty cool. It wasn’t all that stable, but I got the idea. You could easily create abstract art with that tool 🙂

    You know, that your probably the only person here who has mentioned, that they wouldn’t like to see me do the editor 🙂 And yes, it’s true, the creatation of a proper editor would consume a lot of time. So I’ll probably just hack something together. Yes, it’s true that the levels are laid out in XML, but still it’s pretty complicated for someone to reverse engineer the format. But it’s possible.

    @Quentin: Thanks a lot for taking the time to write the comment. It’s always nice to hear, that I’ve managed create a game that is compelling enough for non-gamers as well.

    @popoyt: You’re absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out. You know I just surfed through my traffic sources and seeing so many French sites it just slipped in there.

    @mocker: Thanks for the kind words. It’s not completely impossible, that I’ll release the source code under GPL. There’s been some talk of it on the original Crayon Physics post. The problem with releasing the source code is the fact that I’m too busy to do it properly. I don’t just want to dump my source codes on sourceforge.net.

  23. lumineuh Says:

    it’s a little difficult to me to understand and to comment because i’m french, but i can tell you that on the french blog the game is applause… (i think its understanding…glup..)
    good luck …

  24. Reno Says:

    Lumineuh is right, everyone loves your game ! I’ve checked some of the french websites (actually I came here thanks to one of them) and I’ve been truly thrilled by your game !

    Can’t wait for the level editor !

    Keep going ! You’re doing an excellent work !!

    And thanks for this game !



  25. petri.purho Says:

    @lumineuh: Thanks for writing the comment. I understood what you meant, so thanks for letting me know what they’re saying about my game.

    @Reno: Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try to get the level editor out, so other people than crazy hackers like Otávio and logr can also create levels to the game.

  26. Jon Says:

    Some of the kids i work with found the game and think it is awsome. They imedately started trying to invent their own levels….they can’t wait for the level editor to come out as it takes them around twenty minutes to make a level and test it out now!

  27. petri.purho Says:

    I’m always really impressed when somebody manages to “crack” open the XML format and craft their own levels. It makes me wonder should I even release the level editor, since the there are people already creating levels without it 🙂 I’ll try to get it released during the next week.

  28. iestyn Says:

    level editor? easy, you’ve done 99% of the work already, just:
    – turn off gravity
    – let people draw (done!)
    – add a ‘save’ button and spew their drawn stuff to a text file

    less than 100 lines of new code, surely 🙂

  29. petri.purho Says:

    Now why didn’t I think of that turning off the gravity trick. Damn. That could actually work.

  30. Ivo Says:

    Yes, this game is great. Thank You!

  31. Russ Says:

    Awesome game, I had a good time playing it. I just wanted to tell you that your game was also mentioned in the latest GFW Radio Podcast”, which is how I heard of it.

  32. petri.purho Says:

    @Ivo: Thanks for the compliments.

    @Russ: Thanks for letting me know that the game was featured on the GFW podcast. Apparently Darren is keeping pretty good tabs on my games.

  33. Zib Says:

    Speaking for one of the “half a dozen french website” (http://www.2m3.net/breve-4520-Crayon_physics.html), we just said the game was more than great but too short and needed more levels 😉 Keep up the good work!

  34. Ezekiel Says:

    You mention butt ugly prototype, I’m not in a position to correct you – but I loved the crayon graphics and the background, it really added the finishing touch to the game. Those at http://youtube.com/watch?v=d7eGypGOlOc can just scratch their product and go work for McDonalds now 🙂

  35. Zargax Says:

    It got men-shinned on Jee Eff Dubbal Yoo Radio as well.

  36. Kawai Tei Says:

    i was so excited to find such a new and original game to play.
    The idea is so simple and yet so incredibly innovative. it’s easy to pick up and play. it doesn’t take an advanced degree in physics either. if you can draw squares, you’re set!

    After sharing the game with family and friends, we all got a chance to sit down and play; even working as a team to complete the tougher levels. it was fun! But after a few levels, we found out how to ‘cheat’ at the game. Somebody found it was possible to ‘throw’ the ball simply by drawing shapes close to it. The physics would glitch and launch the ball in whatever direction you aimed it for. That sucked all the fun out of the game because instead of finding and creating pathways for the ball to move, they would simply launch the ball over and over until it moved through the star. So in the case the game is revamped, remade or added onto, i would make these following suggestions.

    To add more challenge :

    * in the current release, some goals can be reached simply by filling large voids with equally large shapes. it would add more challenge if players were limited on the size or number of shapes they could make per level.

    To make the game more cheat proof :

    * Dedicated ‘no-draw’ zones would help with glitching physics. if you made it to where your crayon would simply stop drawing if you crossed a solid line, player’s couldn’t draw shapes inside shapes.

    * The player’s ball should also be surrounded by a small ‘no-draw’ zone, to keep players from ‘launching’ the ball; as well as the ball’s ‘spawn’ point.

    * What if you could use a separate button or key to draw perfect right angles or straight lines. it’d take the guess work out of drawing shapes. i can’t tell you how many shapes i’ve drawn that just…rolled away.

    i love the game. Even though it’s in beta and it’s only got a few levels, i still play it over and over and over. i can’t wait for more! if only there was something like this i could play on the Wii.

    -Kawai Tei-

  37. LandWalrus Says:

    This Game is so amazing! and i would love to see a larger more advanced Version. This is the only game that is as simple as it gets that i can spend hours on end playing, its a simple game with endless possibility’s! Even without the level editor You can edited the game which is very cool. ( I suggest tweaking with the gravity its so much fun!)


  38. nerd4life Says:

    this game is really fun, but pls make a mac version soon

  39. G Says:

    I’m a little late to this but had to leave my 2 pence;

    It’s a fantastic game, full stop. I work part time in IT support, part time with adults with learning difficulties, we just combined the two and installed an interactive whiteboard in the day centre I work at.

    Introduced the game today and it went down a storm- with staff as well!!

    Just thought you’d like to know how well it works on a touch screen. Keep me posted if a level editor appears please!!!

  40. john Says:

    When will the deluxe come out. Many of us are in shock, please hurry 🙂

  41. Samuel Says:

    Are u never going to release crayon physics???? I`ve been waiting for years!

  42. Samuel Says:

    Are u never going to release crayon physics delux???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I`ve been waiting for years!

  43. Martin Says:

    Don’t know what any of the above means, but just love the game: if only I could go buy a commercial version tomorrow!

  44. Gennaro Says:

    Absolutley astounding! My kids and I really enjoy playing this game and are most greatful for making an editor. Will you, and could you include additional crayon colours as well as choice of background? That would make it so much to able to use an image of your own, such as a hand drawn puzzle with real crayons and then used as a template to overlay the game pieces. The possiblities are endless! and so are your talents!

    Thanks again

  45. Joel Says:

    Have you given any thought to making a version for the iPhone/iTouch? I think that would be a really cool app f[or people that own one. I’d love to see more releases of this, but good luck on whatever projects you end up moving on to.

  46. DigitaleWelten Says:

    Can’t wait to play the deluxe version! Very well done! Thanks a lot!

  47. Joseph Knight Says:

    Unfortunately I can’t read more than the first page of comments, not sure why, so I apologize if this has been said before (also, if you reply to this comment here, I won’t be able to read it cause only page 1 seems to work… feel free to E-Mail):

    Perhaps it’s time to change your model a bit?
    In your first blog you pledge a game a month, each built in a week. That’s awesome.
    You also say: I have my reasons of doing this. I think the most important one is I want to learn to create good games.

    I think you’ve created not only a _good_ game, but a _great_ one!
    I’m not suggesting that you stop making a games in a week if you want, but maybe you could adjust. Perhaps make a game every _other_ month and spend the intervening months on Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    I’d wager you didn’t have nearly the attention prior to CP that you do now. I know _I’d_ never heard of Kloonigames. As a ‘spare time’ programmer myself I appreciate hacked together code and it’s nastiness… but you’ve already gone a bit further with this project than you’ve released, and I’m _dying_ to send someone money for a full copy… :~)

  48. Bobby Hacker Says:

    I just played the prototype last night for the first time and just fell in love with it. I think The game has nintendo written all over it.

  49. mogo Says:

    it’s just brilliant! thank you!!

  50. Melody Says:

    I just read about this game on MSN.com and it looks really interesting. I’m going to have to wait until I get home tonight to download it on my own computer though. :o)

  51. Piotr Says:

    WOW! That’s really something! I’ve discovered the game yesterday evening and fell in love with it. I’ve downloaded that “extra bonus level” and enjoyed that as well. Pretty little thing. And you know what? I can’t wait to have kids, to let them play your Crayon Physics Deluxe when it finally releases! 🙂 Because drawing is a lot of fun (because of creation), and solving puzzles with drawing is even more fun (because of creation AND challenge)! GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT job, bud! keep up, and please, don’t have us waiting TOO LONG.. 🙂

  52. emzee » Blog Archive » Draw your own game Says:

    […] guy that I am, I’m only the 1.2-millionth person to see this video demo of Crayon Physics Deluxe, a game prototype that was shown at the Game Developer Conference last month. It’s just […]

  53. will Says:

    GREAT GAME can’t wait for more!! I’ll put down some money for this game.

  54. Tigroo Says:

    “and about half a dozen French sites (Btw. I have no idea what they’re saying about the game)”

    It’s famous and popular now! Congratulations! Everybody find this game fantastic and intuitive, innover and relax!

    Tigroo fan of Crayon!

  55. Tigroo Says:

    …and I want this game on the Wii :p It will be original!

  56. Jason Says:

    Awesome game. I have kids and can’t wait to have them try it. They’re young, but I’m sure they’ll catch on quickly. Is the deluxe version available somewhere? I have a Nintendo Wii and can easily see this being a high seller on on that platform (you could use the infrared pointer to draw.) Not that it would be directly portable to the Wii platform… Copyright it and contact Nintendo!


  57. M in NYC Says:

    Completely new type of game – just awesome. Reminds me of a virtual physics simulator that was for classrooms on the mac back in the early 90’s. What this the inspiration?
    Anyway, I know people are saying this would be great for the Wii – but I think its really ideal for Nintendo DS – It would be the next Brain Age.

    Anyway, also wanted to know when the Deluxe version is coming out.
    Just hit your fans with a date already !! Thanks

    btw: As I am sure you know (but for others) You got a huge gloss up piece on Slate.

  58. John Macuk Says:

    Can’t wait to turn my physics classes loose on the deluxe version, but we’ll have fun with the prototype in the meantime.

    Outstanding work!

  59. TheDude Says:

    The video of your amazing game is being featured this week on PodShow. I really enjoyed it.

    Let us know when you have others.

  60. Andrew Says:

    I love this game! Thanks a lot for sharing the beta and I am looking forward to another version and the level editor!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  61. Mucos Says:


    (5 lvl)

    Download link: http://www.dosyaupload.net/download.php?file=377098

  62. nicolas Says:

    a big thank you for the very good time playing your game i needed to.

  63. rodrigo Says:

    its great

  64. Wes Says:

    It’s been a year and you’re sitting on a gold mine. Whassup? If you can’t find the time why not find someone else to do it? Speaking of that, why doesn’t someone else just do it?

  65. Patrick Says:

    I totally love the game. I’ve been waiting for the deluxe version since MONTHS, I’d love to play it. I really hope you’ll find time to finish this game because really, it rocks!

  66. Sam Baker Says:

    Oh no!
    I started playing this game, but then I realized the blasphemy that was fake crayon physics!

  67. John Doe Says:

    I translated one of the french sites which talked about Crayon Physics:

    For a few days as I wander through the net to find information on various independent game designers, as well as companies doing “serious” serious gaming. A la différence de nombre de mes contemporaints je suis une quiche du net, un low-tech boy, un arrieré de la chose… In contrast to many of my contemporaints I am a quiche of the net, a low-tech boy, a arrieré of thing … mais je me soigne. but I cared for.

    Car le net est si vaste. Because the net is so broad. Cette phrase issue d’une oeuvre, une BD puis un film d’animation, de Masamune Shirow, auteur japonais, conclue le deuxième tôme des aventures d’une cyborg, Motoko Kusanagi, renaissant d’une fusion avec une IA spontanée née de l’océan d’information. This sentence after a work, then a comic film animation, Masamune Shirow, Japanese author, concluded the second tôme adventures of a cyborg, Motoko Kusanagi, revives a merger with IA spontaneous born of ‘ocean of information.

    J’ai choisi cette phrase comme premier post parcequ’elle me raccorde à des rêves adolescents parfois trop rapidement recouverts sous les contraintes d’une vie d’adulte et parceque le net, la connexion, le partage de connaissances et d’informations reste le meilleur moyen d’enrichire la pratique. I chose this sentence as the first post because it connects me to adolescent dreams sometimes too quickly covered under the constraints of an adult life and because the net, connecting, sharing knowledge and information remains the enrichire best practice. C’est un peu comme le “Monde de merde” de Georges Abitbole, j’affirme par cette phrase que je suis beaucoup trop enfermé dans une pratique qui ne s’enrichie plus de l’extérieur… It’s a bit like the “World of shit” by Georges Abitbole, I say by this sentence that I am far too locked in a practice which does s’enrichie more outside … Elle devient donc merdique. It therefore becomes merdique.

    Pour illustrer ceci de manière positive, je vous invite à aller voir ce site dont le tenancier pond des jeux en 7 jours maxi. To illustrate this in a positive way, I invite you to visit this site whose owner pond games in 7 days max. Le dernier en date est une petite merveille de simplicité et de fun (en plus d’être vraiment beau). The latest is a small marvel of simplicity and fun (in addition to being really beautiful).

    Allez donc rêver un peu de ce coté. So dream a little this side.

    It seems a good bit didn’t translate, I used a computer translator so they’re probably slang, misspelt, or other “unnofficial” words that didn’t get translated.
    (?Circumstances aye cyclical)
    Heh heh heh…

  68. Scott Says:

    Does anybody have an update?

  69. greg Says:

    The simplicity of the game is womdeful, the aesthetic is phenominal.
    I would LOVE to see this as an official app for the iPhone.
    My friend has a version on her jailbroken iPhone and it’s great however I’m sure Crayon Deluxe would make a fortune as an official game in the App Store. I’m looking forward to it =)


  70. bradley Says:

    WOW. I must say i really love only being able to draw lines and squares. It really works the mind to get that star with only those tools! Incredible!

  71. qwase Says:

    this would be a great app for the iphone/ipod touch

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