Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles

September 9th, 2006

First game I wrote, within the 7-days deadline. Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles was more of an experiment of the development model. I just wanted to see if I could put together a game within a week. I managed to do it in 3 days. When I started developing the game, I wasn’t sure if the idea was experimental or fun enough. Almost gave up, thinking that it will probably be all crappy. Luckily I realized that the hole point of creating the prototype was to test, if the game was going to be any fun. And also to test myself if I could create a game from scratch within 7 days.

Well here’s the bugger.

Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles

Jimmy's Lost His Marbles screenshot Screenshot of the game Screenshot of Jimmy's Lost His Marbles

Marbles.zip (1,2Mb) (Release 1)

Your goal is to destroy all marbles in a level. To destroy marbles click three marbles that are next to each other to remove them.
R – Will reset the level.
Esc – Will quit the game.

Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) gmail.com )

Physics model is based on Markus Ilmola’s tutorials.
Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.
Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles uses: SDL, SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer

The First (A.K.A. Worst) Post

September 8th, 2006
Usually, the first post of any blog is rather hilarious. The author gives a crappy definition of what she thinks her blog will be about. And there is the unfulfilled promise of frequent updates. After the first one there are only few posts written and after that nothing. As if the author had killed herself, because she didn’t get the amount of traffic she fantasied about.This blog will be no exception. First post (this) will give a crappy definition and then there will be few posts and after that a quick death. The Internet will be polluted by yet another dead blog.So my crappy definition and empty promise of frequent updates is: I will create a new game every month. And I will use the experimental gameplay “development model”. Basicly this means that every game I create I have to make within 7-days, they have to made by me alone and they have to test some new form of gameplay.

I have my reasons of doing this. I think the most important one is I want to learn to create good games. And Im a huge believer of the more you do more you learn -school. Instead of working on a eternal MMORPG -project, I’ll release number of small games and try to make them the best I can. The other reason is that working on a games that will only take a week to create, gives me huge amount of freedom. I can experiment and test ideas Im not really sure about. If the game turns out be complete crap, I have only wasted a week. Compere it to this MMORPG -project. If it turns out to be shit, he has sacrificed his whole life for nothing.