Tiny Timelog

Tiny Timelog Few weeks back I released this ugly command line tool, that I mainly use to measure how much time I have wasted on this game development hobby of mine. I dubbed this tool cleverly as the Timelog. I never thought anyone else than me and the msn -bot would even download it. But apparently someone else did.

Last week I got an email from Didier Bretin, thanking me for the simple tool and suggesting some improvements. The improvements where of that kind, that I should have had them in the initial release. Like switching projects without restarting the application and autosave. So I ended up coding these features. I was about to announce the new version here on the blog, but then we got into this conversation about the future of the timelog. We came to the conclusion that turning the project into a real open source project was probably the best thing we could do.

So we did. The Timelog has now taken a life of it’s own as a real open source project, with sourceforge.net account and all. Huge thanks for all this goes to Didier, who actually set up the account, wiki, newsgroup, svn and fixed my hacky source code so that it actually compiles on other compilers than visual c++. We also renamed the application as Tiny Timelog, which actually describes the tool rather accurately.

The newest, or the first official version of Tiny Timelog is now available from sourceforge.net and the new official improved homepage can be found at http://timelog.tiddlyspot.com/ .

For those of you, who downloaded the last version the new version includes features, like:

  • Swapping between projects on the fly (through the /project command)
  • Autosave
  • Configuration file, which enables you to setup the working directory.
  • But I think the best improvement is that the code is now on a svn -server, so contributing the project is much easier. Well, happy time tracking on the new and improved Tiny Timelog.

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