Nomination & Interview

I have nothing against mods, but “Nomination and Interview” is so much better than “A Mod and an Interview“.

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  1. zzzdude Says:

    Sad that you didn’t win that other one, and “audiosurf” even made it on steam…
    You should talk to gabe or whoever to put crayon deluxe when it is out on steam, and not charge 20 dollars for an indie game.

  2. Spunkycomics Says:

    looking good, i cant wait for release! Maybe i missed it, but are you planning on selling CPD or freewareing it? (either way im buying it, but id be happier about one way… 🙂 lol

  3. Kacela Says:

    I think the Nintendo DS would be a perfect platform for both CP and CPD… Cant wait for the PC release though 🙂 Maybe I’ll get ambitious and hack together something for the DS out of it when CPD comes out!

  4. zzzdude Says:

    I have a nintendo DS rom thingy on my HD called “Pocket Physics”, inspired by crayon physics, and is quite awesome.
    It uses the stylus to draw, and uses the new box2D update as well.
    You can do alot more than the crayon physics prototype with it, if I find a link, I’ll post it if someone else does it.

  5. zzzdude Says:


  6. zzzdude Says:

    Bah, I am back after downloading over 9000 pages of wikipedia, here is the link:

  7. Landy Says:

    I hope you win!

  8. tdt Says:

    I think that crayon physics is so awesome! How much longer until the deluxe comes out? Need any beta testers?

  9. Lynx Says:

    your game is great, good luck for the IFG competition.

    ton jeu est super, bonne chance pour le concours IFG.

  10. cama Says:

    I created my own new levels pack if any interested here download link

    You can watch levels trailer here :

  11. mathias Says:

    Congrats for winning the competition! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the full game 😛

  12. probabler Says:

    oh never mind misworking of comments system – that’s life
    (you know: Petri wants to have peace/time to do His job)

    just play my level
    and have fun

    difficult? (oh plz ,do not complain again – that’s life!!!)