Hosting Problems

I’m sorry that I ended up spamming my RSS readers with tons of posts.

But I had some trouble with my ex hosting company (referred from now on as Beelzebub), so I switched companies. After reading about different hosting companies I came to the conclusion that they are all inherently evil, spawns of Satan and their only mission is to cause hate and sorrow in the world. In this regard I consider Beelzebub to be one of the best.

Problem is that Beelzebub doesn’t want to give me access to the contents of my blog. I’ve been asking them (politely) for about two weeks now and I haven’t heard any kind of a real answer from them. Actually all I’ve been asking for is a shell access (which I used to have), but it seems like it’s something they really don’t want me to have. So I ended up doing this MacGyverish hack to get my content back, using an old SQL dump, google reader’s cache and some php magic.

In the process I lost all the comments between September 14th 2007 and January 23th 2008. I’m terribly sorry for that. But Beelzebub is holding them hostage and I’m still waiting to hear what they want for them. Could take a while since, well since everything Beelzebub does takes a while.

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