More Mods and Interviews

This interview and a mod thing is becoming my new post standard. I can’t post about a mod without posting about an interview at the same time. It’s just impossible.

Crayon Physics Deluxe interview at Binary Joy.
Ben had a change to play Crayon Physics Deluxe and he asked me bunch of questions about the game, my prototypes and about hot beverages.

Apparently this is some kind of an indie interview season: Phil Fish was interviewed at Arthouse Games, Kyle and Ron were interviewed at TIGER Sauce, the Tim has a huge number of indie interviews… Maybe it’s the IGF Buzz.

Screenshot of Bloody Potter

Bloody Potter
Bloodyhoody created a total conversion mod for Bloody Zombies and it’s set in the Harry Potter world. I’m a total Potter noob so I have no idea how accurate the mod is (I think there isn’t quite that much blood in the books), but the number of new levels in the mod is impressive. There’s over 15 new levels in that mod, so if you’ve played through the original game give Bloody Potter a try.

Screenshot of The Amazing Flying Super Mario Brothers

The Amazing Flying Super Mario Brothers
Zelos has created the first The Amazing Flying Brothers mod and to much of my surprise it’s a Super Mario mod. Well it wasn’t really that big of a surprise, because the first mod of my games always seems to be a Super Mario mod. It’s crazy. Well the mod is a whole lot of fun, with new sound effects and graphics. Check it out.

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