World of Goo – October 13th

Great news. World of Goo is to be released on October 13th on WiiWare and PC. I’ve been waiting to play the full version of World of Goo like forever. Now I know how some of you feel about Crayon Physics Deluxe…

In case you’re wondering what World of Goo is, click this link and watch the trailer and be amazed. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I admire what Kyle and Ron have done, so I’m going to borrow a quote from the Eurogamer review:

If there’s any justice, World of Goo will set the internet aflame and earn its creators a million dollars. The members of 2D Boy should be carried around in chariots while this glory lasts – because at some point, they’re going to realise what a murderously high standard they’ve set for themselves, and run away forever.

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