Top 24 Games I’ve Created

7 day games that I've created in the last two years
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Wow, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of this blogging thing: 7 posts this month, updated wordpress to the latest version, wrote a headline directly from a blogging guide. Those professional bloggers all say that the headline is the most important thing about a blog post and nothing drives traffic more than “Top X Y things” -headlines. Professional blogging career here I come!

Seriously. This is the link. I updated this blog a little bit and created this page that lists all the games that I’ve created. The order is chronological so it’s not really a “top 24” list of my games, because it’s so hard to judge your own babies. (No it’s not, but the real reason is that this was much easier to do from the technical point of view. It keeps it self updated and everything.)

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