Kloonigames Season 1 Overview

When I started Kloonigames I promised myself that I’d do monthly games at least for one year. After that I’d decide if I wanted to continue or not. Now that year is almost complete (the birthday party of Kloonigames is 8th of September) and it’s time for me to make the decision. It’s not that difficult decision to make. Of course I to want continue making games. The real question is do I want to continue making them in such a hectic pace. Making a game a month is pretty tough. So I decided that I’ll keep a small break from the game making (two months) and return to the monthly games with a new enthusiasm.

To commemorate the first 12 games I decided to dub them the Season 1 of Kloonigames. That name also cleverly indicates that here will be more games to come.

The Season 2 of Kloonigames will begin in the couple of months, but in between I’ll try to release some updates to season 1 games or do something completely different. Maybe I’ll do a board game or I’ll collaborate with someone or something.

This might a good spot to go over the games, that I’ve created this far. So here they are.

Season 1 overview

Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles
Jimmy's Lost His MarblesOf all of the Kloonigames’ games this one is closest to my heart. Not because it’s the greatest in terms of gameplay, originality or fun, but because it’s the very first one I did. It was so great to notice that I can actually do games in under one week. It totally changed the way I great games and that’s why it has a special place in my heart.

Slimy Pete’s Singles Bar
Slimy Pete's Singles BarDon’t download or play this game. Ever. It’s the worst of the bunch. Sure it has really nice graphics, but the gameplay is so rotten that it’s not fun. It isn’t even especially innovative. This game proved to me that crappy gameplay can’t be replaced with beautiful graphics.

Pluto Strikes Back
Pluto Strikes BackPluto was my first game that I really feel has a great gameplay. Something just clicked with this one. It’s still one my favorite Kloonigames’ games. Definitely worth downloading. Unlike Slimy Pete.

Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party in Hell
Cacodemon's Barbecue Party in HellGame about a Cacodemon and kittens. What else do I have to say. It’s a really fun game for something that was put together in such an extreme time limit. There are some design mistakes and the graphics could surely be much better, but even so it’s still amazingly fun game. And luckily for Cacodemon, it actually found an audience for itself.

Druid Soccer
Druid SoccerI always felt that Druid Soccer never got the attention that it deserved. For me it’s one my games I’ve enjoyed most playing. And some people have told me that all my other games are total crap, but Druid Soccer is really fun. On the other hand there have been people who told me that it’s too simple and there is not much to it. Druid Soccer is definitely one of those games I’d love to do a remake of.

The Truth About Game Development
The Truth About Game DevelopmentTAGD was a hit at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2007. It’s a game that began it’s life as a joke and that got me a little worried about the gameplay. But in the end the gameplay worked out pretty well also.

Moo at the Moon
Moo at the MoonOne the games that was a complete pain to do. Mainly because of an extreme time limitation. Last day of the development I had to change the theme, because I couldn’t do the graphics for the original idea in one day. Also this was one of those games, where the original gameplay mechanism didn’t work at all, which meant I had to come up with something else. For such a hectic development progress the end result is OK.

Forbidden.exeThis one had a really cool idea behind it, but unfortunately I didn’t get the gameplay working as well as I had hoped. And I tried to compensate the sort comings of gameplay by doing a more elaborate story than was necessary. It’s a flawed game and if I had to do it now, I’d do with a completely different approach.

Daydreaming in the Oval Office
This game is as incompetent as it's main characterThis game is as incompetent as it’s main character. Oval Office and Slimy Pete are two worst games I’ve ever created. Even the Divorce is better than this. I don’t know what I was thinking when I was doing this.

Crayon Physics
Crayon PhysicsThe game that caused my monthly traffic to go up ten times. It’s been an amazingly popular game. And I thought it would be one of those games that was just a little fun to play around with.

The Amazing Flying Brothers
The Amazing Flying BrothersI wasn’t so trilled about the initial idea of Flying Brothers. I seriously thought that the game wouldn’t work at all. But I didn’t have any better game ideas, so I went ahead and created an early prototype. And to much of my surprise the game turned out to be pretty fun. Lesson learned: Never discriminate your gameplay ideas (you never know which of them work).

A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder
A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder from Raiders of the Lost ArkMy Assembly 2007 gamedev combo entry. It’s something that I have mixed feeling’s about. Even though lately it’s been getting some nice attention.

So that’s all the games I got done in a year (actually there’s one hidden extra game). At the same time I feel like I’ve accomplished awfully lot and also I feel I haven’t done all that much. Funny.

I’ll do a proper birthday party post after 8th of September, with cake, tears n shit.

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