My April Fools’ joke worked like a charm. The Divorce managed to fool some of my regular readers, most notably Bill of, who actually blogged about it 🙂 And I also got an much needed extra day of development for the Forbidden.exe.

So here’s my real 8th done-in-under-7-days experimental game, which is a bit different from my usual style. It’s an experimental horror game. So be warned, there’s harsh language, violence and other fun forms of violation. One could say that it’s an experimental violation game.

The idea for the gameplay came from my talks with Daniel Benmergui at the GDC. After the Nuances of Design session, we talked about the idea creating a game (for the Eerie Horror Film Fest), where the gameplay would communicate that feeling that you get from watching a good suspense / horror movie. So here’s a elaborate prototype of that idea.


Screenshot of Forbidden.exe Screenshot of Forbidden.exe Screenshot of Forbidden.exe

Download (8,7 Mb) (Release 1)

I recommend you read the readme.html.

Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Music is from Brainsaw’s Music for the Paranoid Schizophrenic -album. The following tracks were used: 02. Gulag (Welcome to Hell – Part 1), 04. Gulag (Welcome to Hell – Part 2) and 06. Program Intermission. Big thanks to the guys for creating such a great and atmospheric music.

The songs are licensed under the: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

The track level_01.ogg which is played in the background of the games first level is based on cymbal_lo05.wav by schluppipuppie. It was used under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

The shriek sound effects are from river otter or weasel 2006-09-17.mp3 by stackpool and are also used under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

Thanks to Daniel Benmergui for helping me with the design and encouraging me to do the game in the first place.

Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.

Forbidden.exe uses: SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer and SDL_RotoZoom

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