Martin’s Games That Didn’t Make It

I rarely do this news reporting thing, because there are sites that do it faster and much better than me. But from time to time I do expectations and this is one of them.
Flu Fighter

On his blog Martin (of prototyprally and Argblargs fame) has been running this interesting series of articles called: “The games that didn’t make it”. In the series he introduces some of the games that he has created in the past that were never published. He openly shares the early prototypes of these games, so you can get a pretty decent idea why he decided not to finish those games.

It’s a rare delight to see someone publishing their failures. It takes balls. You can learn a lot from reading the descriptions of the games and the reasons why he decided to scrap the games.

There are already two games out there. First one is Rain, a game where you control a cloud. It uses an interesting mouse movement recognition system for controlling the cloud. The second one is Flu Fighters. A nearly complete game, where you control this disease eating creature and try to keep the organs as healthy as possible.

I hope Martin continues this series and possible even publishes couple of new games that did make it.

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