Kyle’s New 2D Boy Blog

Anyone who reads this blog (that would be you) knows how bad I am at this rapid blogging thing. Actually I think that nobody really reads this blog, you all just came here for the games, but anyway. So in order to sharpen my blogging skills I present you some cool news I just bumped into.

Just little over a week ago Kyle Gabler (of Experimental Gameplay Project fame) started the 2D Boy -blog, which is a development blog about their game: World of Goo. Ever since I heard about Kyle’s new company I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it. But since my blogging skills aren’t really known for their speed, it’s taken me a little while to get around to it. Now I finally have the perfect excuse to do it.

Even though it’s a really fresh blog, there’s already a bunch of interesting posts. I recommend you read his game design rant about the difficulties of trying to stay objective when creating something you love (a game or any other piece of art). And there’s also the nifty Human Brain Cloud -project, which is a MMOWAG (Massively Multiplayer Online Word Association Game).

So apparently Kyle’s blogging skills are as fast as his game creation skills. Which disproves my theory that rapid prototyping and rapid blogging skills cannot exist in the same physical body. If you want proof of that theory just look at my blog or Martin’s, or the Experimental Gameplay Project’s.

In case you missed the link, click the image to go to the 2D Boy blog

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