Interview and a MOD

I got interviewed. Again. Read it over at the Road To IGF: Crayon Physics Deluxe.

They interviewed me because a little over month ago I submitted Crayon Physics Deluxe to the IGF. I mainly did it to get even with Jetro; my goal is to beat Cinnamon Beats with 10 points (no more, no less). They asked me what was my motivation behind creating the game. I had to lie, because I was afraid they might disqualify my game if I told them that I only did it to get back at Jetro.

In the other news there’s another mod for Bloody Zombies. It’s called Bloody Halo and (surprise surprise) it’s set in the Halo universe. You play as Master Chief and slash through enemies with your power sword. It’s not as “professional” mod as Bloody Goombas, but still it’s fun and very playable. It was done by juju02 over at the fun-motion’s forums.

Download Bloody Halo from here: Bloody_halo.rar (0.5 MB).

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