Assembly 2007

Summer Assembly 2007 is over and I’m finally returning to my normal sleeping schedule. Assembly has the same effect on your body as a really bad jet-lag.

This year I participated in the gamedev combo with A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder. My first Assembly combo entry ever. And here are the top 5 of asm gamedev combo:

1   2844p   Centripetality by Aroppuu, huamn, juhovh
2   2334p   Zompie by Fingersoft
3   2099p   Cinnamon Beats by tAAt 2007
4   2089p   A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder by Kloonigames
5   1974p   Sylph Wind by Pieslice Productions

As you can see I was fourth. I lost by mere 10 points to Cinnamon Beats by tAAt / Secret Exit / Skinflake. It’s a bit of a shame, but I’m happy that Cinnamon Beats got the prize because it’s much better and more innovative game than Rolling Boulder. You should actually download the game and try it out (You can download it from

Btw. I own a big thanks to Jetro Lauha (who is the other guy behind Cinnamon Beats) for making my Assembly gamedev presentation video (which unfortunately wasn’t shown on the big screen). And I’m not praising his game because he made my presentation video, but because it’s actually a great game. I hope Jetro and Jani continue the development of Cinnamon Beats.

And my congrats to Aroppuu, juhovh and huamn for winning the competition. And congrats to the guys of Fingersoft for the silver medal. I’m sure next year, we’ll have an even more fierce competition.

And now for some completely random links. This has nothing to do with Assembly what so ever, but it has something to do with Rolling Boulder. During the weekend I bumped into this youtube video. It demonstrates how to “cheat” in Rolling Boulder. It’s actually pretty fun to watch, but I recommend testing the game before watching this ├╝ber technique. I found the video from fun-motion’s forums (thanks to Amynue for sharing his technique with us).

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