Experimental Gameplay Project is Back!

Experimental Gameplay Project is Back

The project that inspired me to start Kloonigames is back in a new modified format… And I’m part of it \o/

Experimental Gameplay Project was originally a semester long crunch to crank out 50 experimental games (one every week). And it had a profound impact on me. I was blown away after seeing the games that these guys had managed to do in such a small time frames. I discarded my old spend-a-few-years-on-your-freeware-game habits and started Kloonigames and decided that I would try to crank out a new game every month. And that turned out to be a way better idea than I could ever have imagined.

I’m honored to be part of this and so horribly shamed that my first assignment is late. I have my reasons but luckily Shalin is slacking off too 🙂 But my unexperimental shooter should be done today or tomorrow. In mean while you can go and test out the already released games by Allan Blomquist, Kyle Gray and Kyle Gabler.

Version 3.0 of Experimental Gameplay Project is bit different from the previous ones. The main idea now is to hold a friendly monthly prototyping competition amongst our selves. Which means that I’ll be (hopefully) creating a prototype every month, which means that monthly games will be back on this site well… But more about that later. Now I should go and start coding my game… But first I’ll play a little Spelunky to get inspiration… NO! I should code first and then reward myself with Spelunky… But on the other hand I did update the blog so I should reward myself now. Snakes beware, here I come.

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