Even More Crayon Physics’ Levels

This week was supposed to be No-Crayon-Physics-Posts week, but apparently that’s just impossible.

Just today I received seven new levels to Crayon Physics. And here there are.

Screenshot of Tracy's great level pack
First off all we have a great level pack from Tracy. The level pack includes three new levels and a new end level. The levels are very much in the style of the original game (just check out screenshot). The level pack can be downloaded from here.

Screenshot of logr's newest level
Then we have the Bros level pack from the veteran Crayon Physics level designer: logr. The level pack includes two new levels, very much in the style of Super Mario World. The level pack can be downloaded from here, but it requires a bit more engineering to get working.

Edit 6/6/2007: logr just released another level, called horizontal. It’s pretty cool and original. And turning your monitor 90 degrees helps a lot in completing the level. Horizontal can be downloaded from here.

Screenshot of Ichabod's Donkey Kong level
And also Ichabod has created a new level for the game (his previous level being the blackboard -level). The new one is in the style of Donkey Kong and the object of the level is to get the barrel (ball) to hit Mario (star). Very clever. You can download Ichabod’s newest level from here.

Screenshot of Jak's Crayon Physics total conversion mod
And like that’s not enough I also bumped into a total conversion mod for Crayon Physics by Jak of X-Tray. It’s also a Super Mario themed conversion, and it’s pretty fun. There’s a custom title screen and Super Mario Bros music. It can be downloaded from here. It only has one level, which a bit of a shame, but I hope Jak continues to work on it.

And if I may be so radical, I suggest that logr, Ichabod and Jak should unite their powers and do a total conversion for Crayon Physics. I mean all of their levels are more or less Mario themed and when combined they would already have four or five different levels.

And as a very special treat we also have the first ever Crayon Physics speed run. Well I’m not really sure it’s a speed run, but there’s the solution to the original levels.

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