Bunch of Interesting Stuff

There’s been a bunch of cool stuff I meant to write about, so I figured I’d slap them all together and post them here.

The Kokoromi posse is organizing the second Gamma -event. This time it’s called Gamma 256 and it’s about creating games with the minimum amount of pixels (max resolution is 256×256). The submission deadline is November 1st. The games are exhibited (and played) November 28th at a party in Montreal (with free booze for developers). It also happens to be the Montreal International Game Summit’s closing party. I think it’s a great way to promote experimental games and I’m planning on submitting a game myself. Unfortunately my pixel art sucks so I guess I’m trying to squeeze the game into as small amount of pixels as possible. There’s an official Gamma 256 thread over at TIGSource’s forums.

Speaking of TIGSource, the B-Game competition is now open for voting (at least for 10 days still). The B-Game competition was inspired by Jazzuo’s Sexy Hiking game and was meant to celebrate the unpolished gems of indie games. There are total of 29 entries, which is quite an amazing amount. Much more than I expected. This proves that the internet is a wonderful place, there are even people out there who enjoy bad games.

Over at Gameproducer.net Juuso finally opened the Game Producer forums. I registered and noticed that there seems to be a bunch of familiar faces there.

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