Big Crayon Colored News

Helsinki, Finland, 31st of December 2008 - Kloonigames is proud to announce that CRAYON PHYSICS DELUXE will be available for the PC on JANUARY 7 2009

The very official press release of Kloonigames.

Happy New Year, here’s some pretty big news in few words:

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe will be released on the PC January 7 2009.
  • There’s an official iPhone version of the game, released January 1st (to the best of my knowledge) and it’s been done by Hudson.
  • I’m kicking off 7 days of Crayons to celebrate the launch of the game (idea shamefully stolen from Bit Blot).
  • Everyone who has pre-ordered the game before January 3rd will get the full game on January 4th (few days before the official launch date) 🙂

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