Argblargs and 3 New Experimental Flashgames

Martin of prototyprally has released three new experimental flash games as a part of is the final project of Martin and 5 other guys for their school. It’s a web based multiplayer game, where you create your own avatar and fight other players, explore places and earn experience points. It’s bit like Kingdom Of Loathing, but with more multiplayer elements and slicker graphics. I’m really impressed with all the work they’ve done for the website. There are all these cool little details that really amaze me, like the cool victory dance your avatar does after it wins a combat, or the small animation in the background of the website.

As a part of this MMORPGeish website there are 5 mini games that you can play in order to get more experience points. Four of these are by Martin and three of them are previously unpublished games. You don’t have to register to the website in order to play Martin’s newest games, but I really recommend it, even if just to see the amazing avatar editor.

Well here’s a brief description of the new games.

Master Soup
You play as a ninja-chef and you job is to slice all the ingredients that are dropping from the top of the screen. Slicing is done by pressing the mouse button down and then moving the cursor in a line and trying to hit as many objects as possible. There is a clever score multiplier that keep rising if you slice more than one object at a time and make sure that only sliced ingredients fall in to the soap. The controls are very intuitive and the game is very easy to pick up. It’s almost too easy at the beginning, but it gets harder as the game progresses.

Master Soup is the most thematic game of the bunch. And what a wonderful theme it is. I’m so jealous that Martin got to make a ninja game. I’ve always wanted to do that.

A color-matching-bomb game. The mechanics of this game are pretty hard to describe and it took me a little a while to figure out how the game worked. The idea of the game is that you click on bomb to light the fuse and after few seconds the bomb explodes. The explosion will ignite the fuses of other bombs of the same color that are touching the one that exploded. And when they explode they will ignite the fuses of the bombs of same color that are touching them, and so on and so on. Idea is to create really big combos.

You can move the bombs around by dragging the circle with the star, but you really have a very limited way of manipulating the bombs. Which is a bit frustrating, but that’s where the most of the excitement comes from. When you’ve managed to do a 8 combo and there some bombs of the same color left and you try desperately to get them to touch each other. And you know that bomb will explode in few seconds. The game is really fun, but unlike Master Soup it’s pretty hard to figure out how to play the game.

Dingding is the most traditional game of the three games. It’s a color matching game where you have to empty the screen of the bubbles. You can remove bubbles in sets of two and up to god knows how many. The controlling is done by dragging bubbles so that the touch bubbles of the same color, and you can continue doing so until you run out of bubbles of the same color to touch. Or until you release the mouse button. This enables you to remove only very few bubbles when wanting to do so, but also gives you the change to create really long combos. The dragging action with mouse (and also the animations) make the game feel very dynamic and alive, when compared to a standard matching games.

While at the beginning the game felt like a novel twist on the old concept, pretty much after the first level it turned out to be very enjoyable and fresh game. It’s probably the one I ended up playing the most (I’m a sucker for a good matching game).

So even if you’re not interested in their MMORPGeish website I really recommend you check out Martin’s newest games. They are among the best that he has done. And my congrulations goes to the whole team, they did an amazing job with the website.

Btw. I’m Gummikana on the site.

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