A Crappy Excuse For The Lack Of Posts

I’m sorry for the lack of posts in February. I’ve been really busy and I was lucky to get the game out in time. But being busy, is not a valid excuse for lack of updates. Fortunately February has traditionally been a slow month for all the game development blogs, usually because of the Game Developers Conference. And up until this Tuesday I wasn’t sure if I could use the GDC as an excuse for my lack of posts. But luckily I can.

Long story short: I’m going to GDC and I’ll be presenting my games at the Experimental Gameplay Session. And yes I’m very excited about the whole thing, since it’s my first GDC. And I really have to thank Darius Kazemi for the whole shenanigans, since he was the one who encouraged me to send my games to the EGW. And Frozenbyte (game development company I work for) for sponsoring my trip, I really couldn’t have afforded to travel there with out their financial support. And the boys and girls (they are actually all older than me, so maybe I should call them grandpa’s and grandma’s) of Experimental Gameplay Workshop for having me there in the first place.

I’ll try to make at least some kind of notes about the other games presented at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop and post them here, since there are some very cool games there. I know since I’ve seen the schedule of the session.

Edit: If any of you who read this blog will be at the GDC this year, drop by and say hi after the session.

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