4’33” Visualizer

4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness Visualized

Jonathan Basseri created a visualizer for 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness. It’s pretty awesome and interesting to watch. There’s all kinds of drama involved with the game.


40 Responses to “4’33” Visualizer”

  1. Erik Says:

    Wow, coool!

  2. reallyjoel Says:

    Awesome! Who’s winning?

  3. Nick Says:

    Was using this while playing the game, some guy in MI kept blocking me, quite cool

  4. cactus Says:

    That’s really neat. Has anyone beaten the game yet?

  5. LaUgHiNgJOKEr Says:

    i used this while playing the game and you see yourself there, it’s sweet.

  6. stdfiend Says:

    Wow…. I’m amazed 😉 Great game. I love the idea. This game is played by many people at the same time. And because of that no one can win. The only way to win is not to play and to wait until the others are done. Or you try until no one else is trying any more.

    Very complex even though its easy graphic. I wonder what you really wanted to say with this one 🙂

  7. +peter Says:

    This is such a beautiful addition to an already amazing game! I’m not even playing, yet I have been totally engrossed in observing the drama unfold as some person in France has been playing against another person in Russia for the past 10 minutes.

    Then this guy in Oklahoma shows up, but he quickly gives up once he realizes that the French and Russian folks will not give up leadership status.

  8. R Says:

    I’ve seen an IP in the USA that has won the game, BUT it is I think an authomatic script that starts over and over again: in effect, just after winning the game, the same IP started again the play… if I were the winner I would stay for a while…

  9. Thinks_Like_Hackers Says:

    @R: the IP from USA you mentioned may is 24.XXX.XX.235?

    I’ve written a small programm so I can count who started the game how often (I won’t use the IPs for other purposes)

    The stat over the last ~3 hours:

    81 different Players / IPs
    814 retries (aka leader-IP-changes recorded – refresh every 2 seconds)

    Only 18 IPs tried more than 5 times
    24.XXX.XX.235 is leading with 330 retries (USA)
    2nd place goes to USA with 66 retries
    3rd place goes to Netherlands with 57 retires.

    Congratulations to the winners!

  10. R Says:

    24.xxx.xx.235 is it! Somewhere between WI and IL in the USA

    It is obviusly a script…

    Is it so funny for that player?!?

    Version 2 of the game: I suggest to ignore an IP after the 10th attempt in a limited range of time… 🙂

  11. Mike Says:

    If everyone who played 4’33” used this tool, would there be more or less winners? I would like to think that people wouldn’t start the game just to see someone lose, but from my experience I have found that people want to harm completely anonymous people when they know there will be no retribution.

  12. Oliver Snyders Says:

    Ha ha! So awesome!

  13. Some guy Says:

    man! that brilliant, the best game i see on kloonigames… and i was your fan by the long time…

    IP from Latvia… i wanna win) i wanna be unique for 4 min and 33 sec

  14. Monkey Says:

    This actually makes you think that how big the world is. This game isn’t so popular and yet there are many MANY guys playing it around the world.

  15. veedee Says:

    I think a message board needs to be added to that page. Small-talk during 4’33″…

  16. Darío Says:

    This is wonderful! I have just seen someone from Berlin win.

  17. Alejandro Says:

    I thought this game was meant to be talked about, not played.

    I cant believe people play it!
    I guess I finally understand why people play WoW…

  18. Miro Says:

    I have just WON : D but the suspense last few seconds was almost unbearable 🙂

  19. Andrew Says:


    Is that Bassari’s game or yours?

    seems like a Finnish game to me.

  20. Pao e Vinho Says:

    I did win it right a few minutes ago 🙂

  21. Bilder hochladen Says:

    What does it mean 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness? Its a great tool, wow it works.

  22. Branchenverzeichnis Says:

    thats really brilliant – Great –

  23. darkcre3p Says:

    So er.. are there any new monthly games coming or what.
    Oh and you should fix the banner 🙂

  24. madaco Says:

    WOOT! i just got like 8 mil points on pluto strikes back! i hit mars and earth at the same time, the meteor moved away, and i kept blocking the other meateors with my bat and my score kept going up! actually now i have 9mil points(it keeps going up even though i lost) i took some screen shots. its cool!

  25. smokeking Says:

    Не игра а говно полное, сидеть и тупо ждать когда заполнится полоска. Su** !!!

  26. d.evil/quaddev Says:

    darkcre3p: yeah, are they coming or not?

    Petri – we’re missing ur monthly experimentals!:)

  27. Morten Says:

    This is thrilling – as someone stated before – you can’t bear the last seconds 🙂 Nice and simple idea! I couldn’t resist scripting the client, so it automatically restarts right after it was closed. Must be kind of frustrating for “manual” competitors… 😉

    But there seems to be a bug. The visualizer shows you as winner after 4:33. But the client program does not! After 4:38 (!) it simply closes. It does not show the winning screen.

    For testing I reduced the winning time in the client to a few seconds and then it works as expected (read: it shows the winning screen).

    Anyhow, thx!

  28. Terence Lee Says:

    Can we see your ragdoll/peggle game made in 5 minutes?
    from here: (http://tigsource.com/articles/2009/03/24/igs-09-the-indie-game-maker-rant)

  29. Peabnuts123 Says:

    This… doesn’t work for me? It just keeps saying this one guy is playing all the time, in Hawaii. It’s always the same guy no matter how many times I refresh and it always wins; even if I launch the game…

  30. Zippo Says:

    Hay Petri,
    shouldn’t you post an article about Braid being available on PC!?

  31. freddisimo Says:

    Hey Petri… They talked about this game in the Swedish super play 🙂 Why no updates for so long?

  32. colby Says:

    i beat it 🙂 it took a while but i did it

  33. bob Says:

    the guy in hawihi is using a batch file like
    start( a label)
    open(the file)wait
    goto start
    ( i forget the actual commands)
    this will open it as soon is it closes.you will evebtuly win

  34. Mavi Says:

    oh my god!!! Crayon Physics Deluxe on STEAM!!!!!! My dream became reality!!!! <3

  35. JonnytheFox Says:

    It’s not really very nice posting peoples IP addresses on the visualizer. From where I come from that’s a no-no. 😛

  36. JonnytheFox Says:

    EDIT: Requesting a chatbox… 😀 This is great!

  37. Timmy Says:

    good decision making it on steam you will get the money you deserve but it seems a little expensive like £16 and i finally got crayon physics deluxe without spending my own money 🙂 My dad bought it for me.

  38. medyum Says:

    This is such a beautiful addition to an already amazing game! I’m not even playing, yet I have been totally engrossed in observing the drama unfold as some person in France has been playing against another person in Russia for the past 10 minutes. Medyum

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