Crayon Physics

This isn’t the game in that YouTube video!

The YouTube game is called Crayon Physics Deluxe and this is just a quick and ugly prototype of that game. You can’t draw anything else than squares in this game. 

Sorry for the hostility, but subtle tactics didn’t seem to work.

Here’s my tenth done-in-under-a-week game. I would have liked to spend few more days with the game, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time. As usual the game is open to critique.

Crayon Physics

Screenshot of Crayon Physics Screenshot of Crayon Physics Screenshot of Crayon Physics

Download (5,6 Mb) (Release 1)

You play with crayons and physics. The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars. You can cause the red ball to move by drawing physical objects.

With left mouse button you can draw and with right you can remove objects.

Space – Will reset the level.
Esc – Will open the menu.

Alt + enter – Will toggle fullscreen.
Alt + F4 – Will quit the game.

Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Music: _ghost – Lullaby. The song is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 -license.

The game uses Erin Catto’s Box2D physics engine.

The graphics of the game are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 -license.
The background texture is based on Felipe Skroski’s photo One for SXC. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 -license.
Some modified textures from Image After were also used.

Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.

Crayon Physics uses: SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer and SDL_RotoZoom

826 Responses to “Crayon Physics”

  1. » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics is this month’s Kloonigames experiment. I’m usually terrible at these kinds of physics/puzzle combinations, but that didn’t stop me from having a lot of fun. The goal is simple, direct the ball to collect the stars. Draw boxes that will fall due to gravity, interacting with the other objects on the screen, such as bumping the ball to start the whole process. Very fun, with a few very clever levels. Petri would have liked more time, and I agree. Some more levels, perhaps an editor, and this would be about perfect. […]

  2. KKairos Says:

    Awesome stuff. A bit frustrating at times but pretty good. I’m not very much into physics so I can’t help you much there. I can say that at least for the most part I appreciated the atmosphere of the game and had fun.

  3. petri.purho Says:

    @KKairos: Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. Some of the levels are difficult on purpose. I added the ability to load any level in the game to compensate this. So if you can’t complete a level, feel free to test the others.

  4. Decipher Says:

    Wow, this one is the most enjoyable game of yours, and plus to this, this is, technically speaking, the best game of yours too. Good utilisation and application of physics along with a cool music and a nice and fluent gameplay. I’ve found no bugs, so this means engine (or coding skill?) is improving also!

    Very neat and perfect!

  5. Erik Says:

    I like the concept and 90% of the execution, but I’m a little confused as to why some objects I draw stay exactly as drawn while others automatically become rectangles.

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    […] на физические. Сегодня Kloonigames выпустила новую игру. В Crayon Physics вам необходимо с помошью виртуального карандаша, […]

  7. petri.purho Says:

    @Decipher: Wow, thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah, the technically it was a bit of challenge to create, but I have to tell you that I really enjoyed the challenge. I should probably do more technically challenging stuff. I don’t know if my coding skills are improving (I think they have decreased by all this prototyping), but I changed the physics engine.

    @Erik: I’m glad you enjoyed the execution. The reason why some objects are converted into rectangles and other stay like they are is an technical one. I wanted the objects to the stay the way they were drawn, but this posed some problems. If you draw a L -shape the object would behave like an box, but the shape would be completely different. So the solution was to convert the shapes that don’t correspond a box enough to a “perfect” box.

  8. cactus Says:

    This is really impressive! One of the best minigames I’ve ever played. Really nice design and good choice of music. I wish I had something constructive to say, but I’m way out of my league here. I’ll be keeping this on my harddrive.

  9. Rod Humble Says:

    I love all your games but this one is particularly wonderful. Great great work.

  10. Chris Hecker Says:

    Wow, it’s really just totally awesome and beautiful, very nice work!

    Two super totally minor comments:

    1. The aesthetics are just perfect, except I wish the star wasn’t stretching since that says “sprite” instead of “crayon drawing”. I was thinking maybe it should just be redrawing itself with a yellow crayon as its animation instead of stretching…that way it’d fit the theme better, but still be actively drawing attention to itself.

    2. I didn’t realize you could draw a single line at first, and I think it was slightly incrementally more fun that way, trying to draw thin boxes with the mouse. It added a little bit of a really subtle dexterity action component to the puzzles on some of the levels, trying to hurry but still draw a thin box. Not too much to be frustrating, but enough that it’s interesting, and it makes long thin boxes more difficult to make, which is a kinda cool feedback loop since they’re “more powerful” in some sense.

    But, again, it’s just really marvelously delightful! Thanks a ton for making it!


  11. bigbossSNK Says:

    Congrats, this reaches a milestone in your efforts and definitely shames Pluto into number 2 (so I probably won’t have to execute half of your development team).
    There has always been a visceral feel to your games, on account of the physics engine being the control method, and Crayon Physics goes further than that in creating a whole world of possibilities you can explore. I’ve sent you an email to showcase just user content creation.
    The best advice I can give you: Create a level editor. The lack of levels is a triviality when the players can create their own content. You ‘re going to get press for this game, so don’t miss the opportunity to expand your fan base. And you know if you don’t do it now, you aren’t coming back to it (much like the now legendary high score table for pluto, hehe)

  12. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks everybody for your comments.

    @cactus: Thanks for the feedback. Don’t sweat it, no constructivism required on the comments. I enjoy the “Great work, man” -comments as much as I enjoy the constructive criticism.

    @Rod Humble: Thanks for letting me know, what you think of the game. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

    @Chris Hecker: Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to play the game and for writing the comments.

    1. You’re right about the stretching star, being a bit off place. I originally intended to make it a redrawable star, but I went for the stretching because it was easier to do 🙂 Now that you mentioned the fact that it doesn’t quite fit in the game, I kinda feel bad for my laziness. I’ll put this one on the list of things to fix, if I ever create a new version of the game.

    2. That’s an interesting point. It’s true that the thin boxes are “more powerful” and that’s why drawing them should be more difficult. But I added the line drawing because I thought the drawing of thin boxes can be really frustrating if you don’t have a very stable mouse hand. And I wanted to make the drawing of objects as easy as possible (because it’s the interface, not the game), so that the puzzles weren’t about drawing, but about the physics.

    But, again, thanks for the thoughts provoking comments.

    @bigbossSNK: Thanks for the feedback. I got that e-mail of your’s. I agree with you that the game really needs a level editor. And if I have the time I’ll try to create one. We actually discussed this with Bill on Btw. The pluto’s hiscore tables are coming, someday 🙂

  13. Keidas Says:

    One of your best games in my opinion. I love the experimental gameplay, the music, aesthetics, everything in it just fits the theme so well. A great one for your tenth game, and I agree with the above comments. All it needs is a few more levels, or maybe an unlockable playing mode.
    Come to think of it, Crayon Physics reminds me a bit of Chalk by Joakim Sandberg. So many good indie games released nowadays.

  14. petri.purho Says:

    @Keidas: Thanks. It’s nice to hear that this is one of my best games, since the last one (Daydreaming in the Oval Office) was one of worst ones 🙂 I’m glad to hear that the theme worked, because it’s a very different kind of theme for me.

    I bumped into Chalk while I was working on the game. I think Joakim did a really great job on the drawing gameplay there, I was really impressed with the simplicity and fun of it. It’s a funny coincidence that we both released our games so near to each other.

  15. Keidas Says:

    …Also, I think I’ve noticed a small bug in the Load Level menu. It sometimes lets you play the next level, even if you haven’t unlocked it yet. This happened after I resetted the level I was stuck in, but I couldn’t replicate the bug, so it’s propably nothing bad. Just thought to inform you anyway.

  16. Starky Says:

    Great game! It would be really worth to spend more time on it someday in the future…

  17. oblo Says:

    Wow! Great&very enjoyable small piece of art 🙂 A sorry that only comes with 7 levels -I won’t say nothing ’bout a level editor because is going discussed- but except this… :))))

    Thanks for share with us 🙂

  18. petri.purho Says:

    @Keidas: It’s not a bug it’s a feature 😀 I decided to put the load menu there, to help people who get stuck in some level, so that they can try out the other levels as well. So you can load any level at any time.

    @Starky: Thanks, I’ll try to find some time to make some improvements to the game.

    @Oblo: Thanks for the complements. There are a lot of people voting on for the level editor. I think I really have to create one.

  19. smelly Says:

    This is a great game ….. wish there was more levels.

    Maybe you can explore the free form shapes more for problem solving.

    The music is really well suited for the cerebral work.


  20. petri.purho Says:

    @smelly: Thanks for your comments. If I get the level editor done, then there probably will be few new levels. But until then I can’t promise anything.

    The free form shapes would be interesting, but they are a bit of a challenge to create from the technical stand point.

  21. Chris Hecker Says:

    One more thing I was reminded of when discussing the game with some friends that I figured I’d post:

    I used “bugs” in the physics to solve a bunch of the puzzles, meaning I drew overlapping boxes and let the solver push them apart to create shapes and movement that I wouldn’t have been able to build by just letting things drop. I found this enjoyable, but if it wasn’t one of your design goals you might put some thought into that. At least one person I talked to got frustrated with the game and I think it’s because they tried to play it “right” rather than making a big mess of things. : )


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  23. petri.purho Says:

    @Chris: Thanks again for taking the time to write the constructive critique. It’s too rarely I get such treats 🙂

    Originally I intend the puzzles to be solved without drawing overlapping boxes (by this I mean that you couldn’t even draw a thin line under the ball). But while I was designing the puzzles I figured that there wasn’t much you could do this way. The ability to draw something underneath the ball really open up a lot of possibilities for the puzzles. Actually the levels (1-3) are solvable without drawing anything underneath the ball, but they are much easier if you figure out that you can draw a thin box under the ball. To solve the level 4 (that’s the level were there are the small platforms on opposite sides of the level) you have to draw a bridge underneath the ball (or there might be way to do it, without drawing the bridge) and I think this is the reason why some people have been stuck in the level 4.

    So to some extent I intended the puzzles to be solved by using the “bugs” in the physics. But I didn’t intend the players to draw big mess and explode things up, but then on the other hand I didn’t want to restrict the players from playing around anyway they wanted.

    But thanks again for the comments, I really appreciated it.

  24. Физика на бумаге | - твоя игровая вселенная Says:

    […] Официальная страница игры “Crayon Physics” […]

  25. Daniel Benmergui Says:


    I think it’s your best. Apparently, your prototyping training is starting to give you more room in your head to come up with much better stuff.

    You tackled the game’s “infant play” evocation from graphical, musical and interaction aspects. The objects being a ball and a star helps this too.

    It’s maybe too hard :).

    Great Work!

  26. Stephen Howe Says:

    The most fun I’ve had in a while in a mini-game.

    Please oh PLEASE get this in flash so I can use my wii-remote to play this game!

  27. petri.purho Says:

    @Daniel: Thanks a lot for the feedback. This one was a bit of a technical challenge to make, but I’m happy that it turned as well as it did.

    I was a little afraid that the theme of the game would turn out to be too childish, too over the top cute. But I’m glad it didn’t. A lot of it got to do with the music, I was lucky to find such an great piece of music by _ghost.

    @Stephen: Thanks. I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to make a Flash port of the game. My Flash -skills are almost zero and the graphical style is something that’s pretty hard to do in Flash.

  28. Darooo Says:

    The game is amazing, good work Petri 😀 That was my dream to play a physics game where I can draw stuff myself and watch it interact. Put some more work to it and it will be a miracle 🙂

  29. petri.purho Says:

    @Darooo: Yeah, I too kinda always wanted to see a drawing come to life and I’m glad I got it working as well as this one. I’ll try to squeeze some more time into it and I hope it turns out even better.

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  31. Chris Says:

    This is greatness. I love the idea and the music. I couldn’t stop playing until I beat it.

  32. petri.purho Says:

    Happy to know you liked the game. Sorry that it was so short.

  33. Stephen Howe Says:

    hey, I just took a look at your data. Ya know…. 🙂

    A level editor (or level editing GUI) would REALLY open this game up. Since it’s all XML files there just needs to be something for people to visually see how the levels look.

  34. petri.purho Says:

    @Stephen: Yeah you’re right.

    Because the level data is pretty straight forward it’s possible to crank out a separate program that does the level editing. But I’m tempted to create in the game an in-game editor, that’s simple enough for people to use, but allows the users to create pretty complicated levels.

    When I worked with the game I created a pretty horrible level editor for myself. It would be a pretty simple operation to make it a little bit more usable, but still it would be quite horrible level editor. If I can’t find the time to create a proper editor, I’ll release that one, so technically savvy people can create some levels.

  35. mdlake Says:

    Whoops! Let me post in the game-specific page this time, instead of the general criticism page.

    Some ideas for differentiating fixed elements:
    * a distinct color, especially black
    * metallic colors
    * ink, especially print; this suggests the player is drawing with crayons on a scrap of paper rummaged from somewhere else, maybe a printer error tossed in the trash, although I’d miss the current background of cheap paper like I got in grade school
    * solid shading (even better if you can shade outside the lines a bit)

    Concerning a better engine for custom shapes: I particularly missed triangles. Ramps would be handy, and I often wanted to drop a wedge point-down to roll the ball away from a large block. Custom shapes offer more tactical variety, but predictability is more important. If custom shapes won’t work properly, I’d be comfortable with something that drew a precise rectangle every time, with edges at the bounding x,y values for all points drawn.

  36. Stephen Howe Says:

    Something you may not of intended (that made it a LOT easier in the two star level): if your ball falls off the screen a few seconds later it re-appears. So for the two-star level I launched at the start on the left, fell off the screen, re-appeared & fell off the starting platform to the right to get the last star.

  37. Stephen Howe Says:

    Just wanted to point out that in the teeter totter level, I’m having A BLAST launching my ball in to orbit. 🙂

  38. petri.purho Says:

    @mdlake: Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions. I liked the ink idea, that the fixed elements would be drawn in ink and the paper would look like a true scrap paper. That’s a nice idea.

    I’ll try to get the custom shapes working. They would help even with the triangles and rectangles. Because a lot of the times the drawn rectangles aren’t exactly straight, they are a bit tilted, and the engine has to straight them out in order for them to work. Custom shapes could fix that also.

    @Stephen Howe: Yeah, I intended the star collecting to work that way. The reasoning was that it’s up to the player how he wants to play the game. The stars can be collected without dropping the ball, but if you can’t make it you can go for the easier solution.

    It’s the same reasoning why I didn’t include any kind of restrictions on the drawing. I thought of adding stuff like “you can only draw this many shapes in this level” -kinda stuff, but I decided that it would only be irritating and take away a lot of the fun.

  39. Pta Says:

    Hey, if you write this using libsdl, libpng and zlib, why don’t you port it to linux? I would really like to play this game but I don’t have MSVCP60.dll in my wine.

  40. Venca Says:

    Honestly, this is simply one of the best and most original games I’ve played in years! I love absolutely everything about it: the mechanics, the graphics, the music (I thought the theme song from Pluto strikes back was insuperable, but you’ve surely proven me wrong :D)
    There is only one thing this game needs: more levels! Or at least a level editor. I surely hope you’ll make a new release soon, because I’m absolutely hooked! 🙂
    Thanks a lot for making a brilliant game like this!

  41. Kael Says:

    This is an amazing game but I got to the end in 30 minutes. I wish you would make some extra levels, because this might be your best game 🙂 I hope that since you have done all that physical stuff and game engine, it won’t be too hard to add levels.

  42. BenS Says:

    Neat idea.It has a great look to it. Looking at some pictures of others using the game I can’t believe I did not try a seesaw!

  43. petri.purho Says:

    @Pta: I’ve had couple of guys trying to port my games to linux, but they haven’t had any luck. Basically there are some issues with C++ templates that should be resolved. Currently I’m not using linux as an operating system myself, so I can’t fix the issues. Maybe if I fix the game so that it compiles under MinGW… I’ll probably fix the problems sometime in the future, when I have the time do it, but I wouldn’t count on it happening any time soon.

    @Venca: Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words. I found the background music by pure luck, so I’m glad it works as well as it does. I’ll try to do the new version with level editor as soon as possible.

    @Kael: The adding of new levels isn’t a big issue. It’s the making of them that takes some time 🙂 I’ll try to crank out the level editor so other people can also create levels for the game. And possible when I release the level editor I’ll release a new version of the game with new levels.

    @BenS: Thanks. Yeah, some people came up with pretty creative solutions to the levels.

  44. Kael Says:

    Yeah, I meant the making:) Anyway, great game, it’s worth extending.

  45. JBridge Says:

    Maybe you should release the level editor you used to make the game. Also, instead of making another one, just improve the current one.


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  47. petri.purho Says:

    @Kael: Yeah I understod that, but I just wanted to mess with you 🙂

    @JBridge: That’s an idea I’ve been playing around with, but I think the current level editor is really unusable. And I’d like to try to make a proper level editor.

  48. Game Tycoon»Blog Archive » Articles of Interest Says:

    […] Fun “crayon” game, done in under a week by the talented Petri Purho. […]

  49. Anon Says:


    1. Google for MSVCP60.DLL
    2. Download a copy
    3. Copy into the same dir as crayon.exe
    4. Runs fine under wine

  50. Juanmi Says:

    Great work, the game its very interesting and the graphics are simple but beautiful, some levels are a bit difficult, but I like it a lot, I want more levels 😉

  51. Jean T. Says:

    If you can try this game on a tablet PC it is way more interesting than inkball. The response to the pen strokes is perfect!

  52. petri.purho Says:

    @Anon: Thanks for the tip. Now I know how to help people to get my games running on wine.

    @Juanmi: Thanks. Apparently everybody wants more levels 🙂 I’ll try to get the level editor running so other people can also create some levels.

    @Jean: I’d love to test the game on a tablet PC. Unfortunately I’m a poor student and I can’t afford a tablet PC and also all my friends are also poor students or at least poor and nobody owns a tablet PC. Which is shame, I can imagine that the game is pretty amazing with a tablet.

  53. Mattias Adolfsson Says:

    Wonderful game, loved it, please make some more levels!

  54. Crayon Physics » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

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  55. Joysticker Says:

    As usual, really enjoyable game!
    It’s a fascinating idea, almost perfectly executed and done in a wonderful, friendly way.

  56. stry Says:

    Hey man! Such a fantastic game! Can’t wait to try out your next creation 🙂

  57. Paul Says:

    I am interested in volunteering to port some of your games to other operating systems (Linux and Mac OS X mainly).

    Your blog requires that I enter my email address, please contact me if you are interested.

  58. petri.purho Says:

    @Mattias: Thanks. It always great to hear compliments from people working in the game industry.

    @Joysticker: Thanks for the compliments. Again 🙂 You’ve probably tested and commented all my games. Big thanks for doing that.

    @stry: I predict that my next game will be crappier than Crayon Physics 🙂

    @Paul: Thanks for volunteering. I’ll send you an email about the subject. I want to release my games and my game engine as open source, but it still needs a lot of tidying up to do before that and also it requires a huge amouth of documentation. My time is pretty restricted when it comes to that.

  59. Etienne Says:


    This game is really, really, really, excellent.
    Thanks a lot for making it !
    Is there an way to create new maps ?
    I’m sure a lot of people (including me) would be glad to do new some new maps…
    Have you thought of wiimote support ?

  60. Otávio Says:

    Amazing. Can I create new levels only editing the XML files?:

  61. eobet Says:

    The game’s screen shots looks absolutely fantastic in their simplicity.

    However, I’m afraid I can’t give any constructive criticism without an OS X version! 😉

  62. Dank Panties Says:


  63. petri.purho Says:

    @Etienne: No problem, I really enjoyed working on the game. I’ll try to release the level editor so other people can also release some new levels for the game. I don’t own a Wiimote so I can’t really test the game with it, but I’m not really sure if the game would be any better with a Wiimote. A tablet PC would make amazing, but I can’t afford one 🙁

    @Otávio: Yeah, you can make new levels just by editing the XML files. Or you can almost make new levels, you also need to do the graphics.

    @eobet: Sorry for the lack OS X version. But in the mean while you can check this gameplay video on

  64. mcbpete Says:

    My word, this is a simply stunning project, thank you so much for working on this ! The combination of the beautiful childish aesthetic quality and the ever so charming audio loop just kept me entirely enthralled throughout the ‘demo’. I hope to see this project grow and grow as it really has made my evening playing through the levels. If you ever need any more music then feel free to use some of mine (see website: tracks 11,13 & 15 remind me of the atmosphere I felt whilst playing the game ) but yeah, thank you once again for this great little game. This will stay on my hard disk for a long long time (until you release the next version that is 🙂 )


  65. Otávio Says:

    @petri.purho: I did a new level 🙂 It’s the file in my public Box

  66. petri.purho Says:

    @Pete: Thanks a lot for the kind words and encouragement. I’ll try to make sure that the project continues to grow.

    I listened the tracks you recommended and played through Otávio’s new level and they fit perfectly. The tracks were wonderfully ethereal and soothing. Very atmospheric. A bit more darker than the current soundtrack of the game, but just beautiful. I just downloaded the whole album and I’ll listen through it tonight.

    I’m always looking for music that I can use in my games so big thanks for offering your songs to my use. I never know for sure what kind of game I end up creating, so I can’t promise that I’ll find use for your music, but I’ll let you know if I end up creating a game were your music fits.

    @Otávio: WOW, thanks a lot for creating the level. It was great, I really enjoyed it. I have to admire the fact that you managed to create the level with only using XML. It must have been pretty difficult task to accomplish. How did you actually do it? I’ll probably post this to the blog during the weekend.

  67. Otávio Says:

    Hi petri.purho, actually I studied the XML file, looking for physics references and the coordinate system. The rest was easy.

    Today I’ll create an simple editor in SDL because I loved the game!!

    Your game is amazing!! And the “modularity” in XML files was a brilliant idea.

  68. noerrorsfound Says:

    Another vote for a Linux version here. 🙂 I read your response to the other person but I’m just letting you know there are quite a few of us penguin fanatics wanting to try out the game.

    Someone might be able to get this working under Linux (or Mac or another OS) if you released the source. Since you aren’t making a profit from this or anything it’s just something you might consider some time in the future.

  69. Kieran Duncan Says:

    This was absolutely fantastic, as many before me have said.

    I do hope that you pursue this project further, I must admit… I was quite disappointed when it ended. Although, for 5 days work it’s excellent.

    This is just such a nice game… It’s difficult to explain. It’s just so, childlike which is what makes it so fun! Simple, fun, well made and a nice challenge… what more do you want?

    Kudos to you. I really really really hope to see more puzzles =)

  70. Schwallo Says:

    i love it!!!! more levels!!! please!!

  71. Blast Says:

    That was magic man. My favourite indiegame of the year so far.

  72. Jhon Says:

    Wow. I just discovered your site from another that provides little games (, but I think I’ll squat the place a little time, seen of fun are yours games. 🙂

  73. mica Says:

    Very nice game! The style and simplicity is refreshing. I agree that it definitely warrants more content, seeing as the handful of levels are so fun to play.

    Also, kudos for your give and take on this pages. I wish everyone was as friendly toward criticism, haha.

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  75. petri.purho Says:

    @Otávio: Wow, I’d love to see that editor. Let me know how’s it going.

    @noerrorsfound: Yeah, I’ve been meaning to release the source codes for a while. Only problem is I’d like to do it with properly: Tidy up the code, write a little bit of documentation, perhaps some tutorials… And all that takes a lot of time, and unfortunately I’m way too busy at this moment. I’ll probably to do it some time in the future.

    @Kieran Duncan: Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try to make sure that Crayon Physics continues to evolve.

    @Schwallo: You can try the Otávio’s level.

    @Jhon: Thanks. Apparently there are quite a lot of people who discovered my site through I just looked at my stats and there’s a spike in traffic coming from

    @mica: Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to release some new levels to the game or at least get the level editor out.

  76. SpotZup Says:

    I wish there will be a Linux version too ! Sorry for my bad english, but please heard the pinguin’s wishes !

  77. TyRaX Says:

    Great IDEA and GAME !


  78. mody Says:

    Great game! I would love to see more levels! Anyway try with a pen tablet and you get double fun. I use the new Wacom Bamboo. If you want, check at

  79. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks everybody for the feedback.

    @mody: I really should steal a wacom from a friend, just to test the game. Jean T mentioned that he played the game with tablet PC.

  80. logr Says:

    I discovered this game just a week ago. Thank you so much, it was really addicting! I showed it to some friends yesterday and they enjoyed it too! We altogether agreed that a level editor would make it perfect, so that I tried to create my own levels, following Otàvio’s instructions.
    Well, It’s not really the same graphic atmosphere but I tried to set up a videogame theme (Super Mario Bros3). Maybe it was not what you would have expected(regarding the graphism). You can test my second attempt here :

    (yeah, I really followed Otàvio’s instructions). I also tried to change some settings, such as the ball and the music(in which I succeded), or the star (I failed to make it turn around). Maybe I was too ambitious, but it would be great if you told us how to change this kind of settings (and also the level selection menu).
    Once again, thank you so much!

    (Please forgive my mistakes in English)

  81. petri.purho Says:

    @logr: Wow! Thanks a lot that was a really kinky little puzzle. Took me a while to figure out how to solve it. I think I spend almost 20 minutes with that one 🙂 Great theme, I really liked it.

    If there’s more interest in this kind of modding, I’ll write a post that describes the XML file format and other stuff.

    Thanks again for the trouble you took.

  82. logr Says:

    Thank you! I feel so relieved. I thought it would not be that good a level. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!
    Yeah it took me some time just to change the ball(I tried with Paint but there was no transparency, so I had to download Gimp and understand how it works). I even thought of replacing the star by some stuff from Mario (like a 3D star or even Princess Peach), but it seemed a bit like an extra.
    So I focused on the xml code then choose what kind of level I would create(I have thought of a flipper, an horizontal level, even an “advanced tutorial” to show people some tricks which can be useful, but I thought it would be some kind of a spoiler).
    Another difficulty I ran into was to assess the difficulty and the solution in the meanwhile : if I put this here, how can I overcome it, etc.
    The next thing to do was to input the coordinates (it took me most of my time). Then I tried to solve it. I succeeded by using some tricks, but then I found another way while my brother was trying it. I may consider it another trick, but basically, it uses some parts of your levels.

    I thought I would create other levels this week. So bad I still have my entrance exams for a fortnight! By then I hope I’ll have new ideas (the Mario parts made me think of a platform game instead of a puzzle. Maybe it’s just me…)

  83. Jamiri Says:

    This one of the must have games for Tablet PC owners!!!

  84. Game in a Day Event (June ‘07) « BlackHC’s Adventures in the Dev World Says:

    […] shapes with the mouse – I’ve played a few very neat games of this kind lately: Chalk and Crayon Physics – and I felt that this was an idea that I’d really love to explore but on the other hand I […]

  85. handcircus » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Physics Tags:Indie Games, PhysicsA charming little game, Crayon Physics is part of Petri Purho’s series of experimental rapid prototypes, inspired by the […]

  86. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Few News Levels to Crayon Physics Says:

    […] was supposed to write something not Crayon Physics related, but I think I can’t pass this opportunity. I know there’s a lot of players […]

  87. petri.purho Says:

    @logr: Thanks again. I just packed your and Otàvio’s levels in to a level pack. Good luck for your exams. Hope you make it.

    @Jamiri: You have tell that to the Tablet PC manufacturers. And also convince them to donate me a Tablet PC 🙂

  88. logr Says:

    Thank you. I’m still having trouble with my schedule. I’ve yet managed to create a new Nintendo level which you can test( ). Actually I couldn’t stop until I have completed it.
    I think this is really a tricky one. I tried to solve it without any tricks but I couldn’t. Maybe I should try something simpler next time.
    I wanted to change the star into what’s above it but I thought it would be too time-consuming. I already have something in my mind regarding my next level. I’ll try to make it simpler but I’ll keep on setting a Nintendo theme. Just wait and see!

    (I have also found it difficult to close the right border using the xml, but I succeeded in making my level a “one shot”. I had to press the spacebar countless times:) Now it’s your turn!

  89. Dom Says:

    Hey, this is brilliant! A refreshing look on games – you must seriously look at doing a version for the Wii

  90. petri.purho Says:

    @logr: Wow, thanks you’re cranking out the levels with awesome speed 🙂 I just edited the level pack so that it also includes your newest level.

    It was a difficult one, but I managed to solve it. Editing the friction was a nice trick. It made some of techniques impossible to use.

    @dom: Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to do a Wii version of the game, but unfortunately it isn’t really my decision.

  91. someguy Says:

    petri.purho: Hi, you can release the source even not completely tidied or documented under an open license (read this : ).

  92. Luke Says:

    I dunno if anyone has mentioned this in the past. But Crayon Physics works perfectly on Linux under Wine. You just need to download a missing dll from: then extract and copy it into the crayon directory.

    Mine works fine, but without sound though that’s probably my fault. Great game!

  93. biri Says:

    🙂 Great !!


  94. petri.purho Says:

    @someguy: Thanks for the book suggestion 🙂

    @Luke: Thanks. Somebody also mentioned that they didn’t get the sounds running under wine. But if you want you can just listen to the background track on a separate music player. It’s located in data/sfx -folder.

    @biri: Thanks.

  95. robotplague Says:

    A beautiful game, I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you make a sequel =)

    It really flexed my brain, the second stage actually stumped me quite a bit. It took a couple of minutes for me to “free” myself and think in terms of the game, not by other stuff I’ve played. Kudos (great choice for music too).

    – Mario

  96. someguy Says:

    petri.purho : the “book” is readable online ( ) (and is very short), I posted the wikipedia url since it might provide a sort of summary. It was to suggest you to really let others help you with tidying and everything 🙂 (I’m sorry, I haven’t tested the game yet but I cannot really, I’ll soon test it 😉 )

  97. Ian Says:

    Hey, I just want to let you know that after hearing about this breifly on GFW Radio, I liked the concept and checked it out. I am now addicted and trying to think of new ways to play the levels. For example, on the Spinners Level, my original concept was to just make one long box bridging all of the spinners and going across. I now am trying to use the spinners to shoot the ball from one end to the other. I was suprised how much you can do with See-Saws and this thing:

  98. petri.purho Says:

    @robotplague: I also hope I’d get to make a sequel to the game, but unfortunately I have a habit of moving on to new things.

    @someguy: I’ll try to read the book online and I’ll let you know if it changed my mind about releasing the untidy source code.

  99. Tcheum Says:

    another vote for linux ! Pleaaase

  100. logr Says:

    Hi there! Just a few words to say that I’ll try to release my new level within a month (more likely in 2 weeks). I’m busy with my exams right now so I won’t show myself until then. But I hope that other (addicted?) players will give level creation a try too.

  101. » Crayon Physics: New Levels Says:

    […] new levels have been created (thanks Tim) for Crayon Physics, including the first few fan made levels by Otávio and logr. Some more details can be found at […]

  102. Val Says:

    Well done guys. This is AMAZING. But not enough level and maybe one or two new functions ?

    Congrats for this game.


  103. petri.purho Says:

    @Tcheum: I really should start counting those linux votes 🙂

    @logr: Good luck with the exams. I hope you do well. I think the level editor should be out in two weeks, so you’re job will be much easier in the future. You don’t have to hack through the XML anymore 🙂

    @Val: Thanks a lot for the kind words. If you’re really interested you can try the new levels created by logr and Otàvio.

  104. » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  105. µ² Says:

    This is the best game I’ve been playing for a very long time ! Awesome work done in only a few days !
    How about a Linux version and a level editor (or GPL licencing :p) ?

  106. Simple game design… Funny game! at From will to real… Says:

    […] Click here! […]

  107. 3 juegos donde el dibujo es protagonista: Suburban Brawl, Chalk y Crayon Physics | El Chigüire Literario Says:

    […] Crayon Physics es un prototipo bien interesante. En Crayon Physics se tiene un nivel con una pelota, la cual debe recoger todas las estrellas que se encuentren en el nivel. Para lograr que la pelota se mueva y se transporte sin caer al fondo de la hoja, se deben “dibujar” rectángulos, los cuales inmediatamente adquieren cuerpo y caen atendiendo a leyes dinámicas similares a las de la realidad. Como cajas que caen del cielo, estos rectángulos al caer sobre un punto pueden rotar y hacer palancas que puedan mover a la pelota. […]

  108. wam Says:

    great game, I can’t wait for this to be ported to Linux. Would be cool to see it by default in gnome!

  109. krocket Says:

    Linux + 1 please !!!!

  110. Powermanga Says:

    Amazing game, good work, and another vote for Linux 🙂 Please consider to use a Sourceforge project.

  111. ludivine Says:

    il est trop bien ce game !

  112. Damocles Says:


    I’ve made an article about this fabulous game on my own blog :
    (in french)

    Are you still considering releasing the source code under an open source licence ? It would be a evry good news as this game has a real potential !!

  113. MagFlare Says:

    Jesus, this game is brilliant. It’s so… meditative. The game provides you with a goal and nearly omnipotent powers with which you can achieve it. No level has a “right” answer; experimentation is always rewarded. You’re free to devise different solutions depending on how you’re feeling at the time. Many puzzles can be solved with nothing more than a nice straight line, but if you’re in a whimsical mood, you can come up with all sorts of inefficient but oh-so-freaking-satisfying Rube-Goldbergian solutions employing see-saws and counterweights.

    I would pay for this game. If there’s a commercial version available, with a full-featured level editor, I will pay for this game.

  114. agitpop - an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life » Blog Archive » Hey Kids! Free Games! Says:

    […] Crayon Physics […]

  115. egocentric » Crayon physics game Says:

    […] […]

  116. dduffy100 Says:

    This game amazed me. Such a simple premise, yet so very complex and open-ended in the solutions. I absolutely would buy this game if it was a full game, with a lot more levels and maybe the ability to draw some other shapes, like circles or triangles. Overall, this is a very, very great game.

  117. Zuzul Says:

    Excellent game. Nothing else to say, despite the fact you cannot edit your own level (and when you see what has been done for N or X-Moto it’s really a shame). Bravo !
    But i got a question : it’s seem to be all about xml position and .jpg ; if i modify this, i can do my own level, can’t i? Or must i use visual basic C++ in order to fix the jpg and the (x,y) positions?
    Best regards.

    PS : you should sell this one to Nintedo ; it would be a blockbuster on DS !

  118. alex Says:

    a really really nice game!

  119. raf sarfati Says:

    want mooooooore !!! it reminds me the incredible machine !!! nice nice nice !!
    maybe could be marvelous with triangles, and so on… 😉

  120. Hula Says:

    So fun! I’m horrible at it, but a great thing to practice when I don’t have any work to do! Thanks!!

  121. Matt Doar Says:

    This is a *really* idea. It would be nice to be able to change the music, triangles would be great too. I made it behave a bit oddly by adding hundreds of tiny objects. Please do more on this one!

  122. Matt Doar Says:

    Really *great* idea, that is. After reading all the comments, I’d say: at least document the XML elements so people can create their own levels more easily for now. And yes, an editor inside the game is a great idea.

  123. Kloonigames « Ireneo’s Memory Says:

    […] Kloonigames June 30, 2007 at 2:18 am | In Gratis, Software, Games | Making games in a week or less is not easy.  Kloonigames dares to try.  When the writing on the wall says Success, however, it says it in crayon. […]

  124. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Just a quick note before the next game Says:

    […] I really don’t have the time to write this, since I’m trying to crank out my next game (which should be out tomorrow). But here’s a quick update report on matter’s concerning Crayon Physics. […]

  125. Erick C. Says:

    great work! awesome game !! brings back old memories.
    So are u planning on using Hardware acceleration? like the Ageia physics card? ( )

  126. red angel Says:

    i love the game,but i han t more levels

  127. Crimson King Says:

    I continue to play this game, looking for new solutions to the various levels! A 50 level version of this would make me quite happy! (Quite insane, but quite happy!) Good work! Your talent is of grand scale!

  128. End of Silence - Freedom hating on the internets since 2002 » links for 2007-07-02 Says:

    […] Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics (tags: games physics flash kids crayon) This entry is filed under Links. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply […]

  129. logr Says:

    Hello there!
    I’m nearly done with my exams, so I think I can spend my time on this wonderful game again.
    Thank you for the editor, but I really don’t know how to use it properly. I have already created another level but it was using the xml way. I’d like to make 2 other before I publish them. The problems I meet when using the editor are :
    – it doesn’t recognize the levels. When I quit it and want to re-use it, it seems the file has never existed(to the editor), even if I can see it in Windows.
    – Is there a way to have another background? I created some backgrounds but it seems impossible to use them in the editor.
    – Can I change the looks of the static parts (still I haven’t try yet to run these levels with Crayon)?

    I have just downloaded your new game but I didn’t try it yet. I’ll wait until I’m completely done with my exams.

  130. Jonathan Says:

    Your game is awesome!
    We played it until we finished it.

    Age 8 and a half

    Yeah, it’s awesome, thank you very much!

    Age 28

  131. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for the game.

    Wow, mightily impressive in its feel and beguiling in its fluidity. I don’t play games much, but I like puzzles.

    I finished the puzzles pretty quickly. First I tried to carefully place things and gave up and started testing the parameters of the drawing logic. When I discovered how to insert blocks I started to really have fun. Then the long thin blocks helped me figure out the puzzles.

    With both methods, careful placement and a “let’s try to break it” testing, I had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Thanks again.

    A note for all of you wanting more levels, try this:
    On the last level, push off The End ball.
    Make a stack of blocks on one side.
    Create a catapult on the other side.
    Try to land a tiny block on top of the stack.
    Or set up a tiny thin block and try to knock it off.

    I had a lot of fun getting things just right and a tiny block launched into the air. Usually the block just went flying off the top of screen or behind the catapult. But I finally could land a few on the top of the stack.

  132. petri.purho Says:

    Wow, thanks everybody for drowning me in comments 🙂

    First off all, about the linux port. I’d love to do it, but at this moment I can’t really release the source code. I’ll look into it and try to find a solution or someone to help me do the porting.

    About the new level requests. There are few new levels here and here. And the level editor is now out so that can be used to create even further levels.

    @Zuzul: Yes, you can edit the XML files and .jpg / .png files to create your levels. There’s a level editor out now which helps in that.

    @Matt Doar: I’ll try to document the XML structure, when I write the documentation to the level editor. And also try to explain a little bit who the game works and how it can be modded.

    @logr: Great to hear from you again. I hope your exams went well. I’ll write a documentation on the level editor, since it’s not really intuitive to use 🙂

    @Jonathan: I’m glad to hear you guys enjoyed Crayon Physics.

    @Tracy: Thanks for the feedback and the extra play suggestions. I hope you don’t mind, but I uploaded the images that you emailed me. I put the here to accompany your comment.

  133. CoreEcon » Blog Archive » The way to learn physics Says:

    […] don’t think this is an over-statement but this little ‘physics crayon’ game (Windows only) is one of the best little programs I have seen in a long […]

  134. SEGA Tech » Minds At Play: Crayon Physics Says:

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  135. OnyxRaven Blog » QuickyFeed Says:

    […] Crayon Physics (download) […]

  136. Matt Doar Says:

    Winning point: this game made my wife laugh out loud.

    My children (10,8,3) enjoyed the End screen the most, they liked bouncing stuff around without a goal. They also made the “right noises at the right time”, so I guess you could add more sounds for squares completing or lines being drawn out, or when blocks bounce into each other.

    We’re glad to hear there is a level editor out!


  137. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks Matt for the feedback. I’m glad to hear that everyone in your family enjoyed Crayon Physics. Your right about that, that the sound effects would add quite a bit to the game. I thought of adding them, but I ran out of development time so I didn’t get them there.

  138. » Crayon physics game at SanBaldo Says:

    […] play with crayons and physics. The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars. You can cause the red […]

  139. logr Says:

    I’ve just completed my second level. You can download the pack here :
    You can feel relieved : it’s not as crazy as the IceClimbers level! Actually I wanted to create a third level, but I think I will take my time. Besides, I won’t be able to use a computer for a month during the hollydays (in a fortnight).
    For those who wondered, I actually solved my puzzles before I released them. I woudn’t dare to release them only to drive you mad(well, actually it sounds quite funny…).

    I’ve introduced this game to some students in engineering schools (including Centrale from Paris) ad they enjoyed it too! I think you could reach as many people as the DS do ; I’ve heard on Overgame (by which I came on this site) that Nintendo was opening to Indie games. Maybe you should take a look.

  140. Harry Says:

    Please, please, do something more with this game. It has the potential to be really, really good.

  141. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Even More Crayon Physics’ Levels Says:

    […] today I received seven new levels to Crayon Physics. And here there […]

  142. logr Says:

    Hi, I’ve just created another level. Look there :

  143. petri.purho Says:

    That’s one sick level you got there 🙂 I just edited the post and included it in there as well.

  144. Mike Says:

    I love this game. Very addictive!

  145. robdun Says:

    fun…short but sweet

  146. logr Says:

    Hi Petri, I had just some questions about modding (and a few new ideas for my future levels). I’m afraid it may take you some time if you wanted to answer them all :

    -in a post, there was something about sounds. But it seems to me that the only sound is the music played by the game. So if my game is bugged, is there some way to fix it?
    Then, is it possible to add some sounds, for instance when the ball get the star ;
    Is it also possible to change the music during a game (I mean to change the music according to the level)?

    -When the ball is dropped out of screen, it returns, but it depends on which side it dropped. I wonder if it’s possible to do it with the boxes : I’ve just figured out that the da_ball command allows the ball to get to its origin. I used it with the pillar in the Log level, but it seems that the pillar will return to the origin of the ball, and is also given some rotation. Can you add a command to ensure the pillar would return to its origin, as if I used the spacebar?

    -I think many have noticed that there is a way to skip a level and reach the next one. Then,
    can you add a command to get to the previous level (when I want to try another way to solve a puzzle, or when I skip too many levels)? I’ve already tried to implement the command myself but it didn’t work.

    -I don’t think I will use this but maybe some hackers would be interested : is it possible to use a video instead of the background? Or maybe an animated gif file? The point would be to create a level similar to the GameandWatch in SSBM (an ever-changing level), though I don’t think it is possible to change the properties of the level according to a timer. Well, if you can, I think it would make the levels more lively (although the colors already made it). For instance, it would make Tracy’s waves really moving. I thought I would create a sea-related level too.

    -Is there a way to change the shapes created using the mouse :
    *instead of empty boxes, could we have filled boxes too?
    *then, could we change the texture of the boxes? (it would make the mods more realistic)

    -Is it possible to animate the ball(like the star, added to the rotation)?

    -Finally, can you do something about the black background whithin the editor : I’d like to edit a background (using Paint or Gimp), then using the editor, I would edit the level properties. I noticed there was a reference to theworld.xml and chair.png in the gfx_ressource.xml file, so I wondered if they were related to any graphics in the game, including the shape of the boxes.

    That’s all I was thinking about until now. Maybe I’ll have other questions later. Thank you for reading all of this.
    Since I’m done with my exams but am still very busy, I don’t know if I’ll be able to create many levels before I leave for the hollydays. I still have some free time until then…

  147. logr Says:

    I just recalled one thing : s it possible to have a save&load feature like the emulator zsnesw? I think it would enable people to solve my puzzles more easily:), but I thought more specifically about the catapult game from Tracy : people could try more efficiently to control the direction of the throw. Well, I think it is possible by editing the xml files again, but maybe some people would rather avoid this method…

  148. Mango and Peaches » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Says:

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  149. links for 2007-07-11 « Treat with Jermolene Says:

    […] Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics At least seven different kinds of marvellousness. Sadly seems to be Windows-only at the moment (tags: art programming games gamedev physics windows crayon) […]

  150. oyun Says:

    fun…short but sweet

  151. kathdin Says:

    We were just coming down from our adrenaline-fueled reverie over Contra 4 when this came along and OBJECTED its way into our lives. TAKE THAT!, normal heart rate! It’s a trailer for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations!

    What’s more, Capcom USA bloggers promise frequent updates on the official blog and in the forums! It’s so nice when a company thinks about all of us non-E3-goers who just want to see some cartoon arguing. for more at

  152. RALBLOG » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Gameplay simplissime. Réussite total. on aurait juste voulu quelques niveaux de plus… Télécharger, dezipper lancer “crayon.exe”. Dégotage Prunelle […]

  153. logr Says:

    Hi, there are 2 new levels available!

  154. 9diov Says:

    Simplicity = beauty . Very nice game.

  155. Christian Says:

    I would love to play this game but when I start the .exe I only get a black window and nothing else happens!

    Any idea what the problem could be?

  156. mike1023 Says:

    hi! i loved this game! its the best!! i already downloaded other 4 levels… and 1 more of the blackbord… but Logr has lots of games in that public box.. the problem is that it doesnt have the .bat file! just the .xml and i dont know how to start those levels! help me please!! ok??? thaks!! LOVED THE GAME!! CRAYON RULZ!!!

  157. copycut Says:

  158. Tracy Says:

    @ copycut :

    oh wow, that’s a beautiful stack!


  159. mdlake Says:

    Big gratz on appearing in Games for Windows!

    More ideas:

    * a long pendulum blocking a direct path between start and end platforms. The player has to time his movement to get the ball onto the pendulum and off again. The pendulum may swing on its own, or it may need a push.

    * a level with extreme friction settings

    * a level with a shower of blocks falling from the top of the screen, generally messing up the player’s slower, more deliberate options. Blocks could be many and small, few and large, equally timed, fall from the same place, or be random. Shaping the falling blocks like tetris pieces would be a short-lived joke.

    * a time limit–a rival ball is slowly rolling toward the star, and the player has to get there first

    * closing gates that force the player to pick up multiple stars in a particular order

  160. Will Says:

    I think you should make a game where mouse moves around water, and you have to use the water to defend someone (clicking to freeze) and then going around something to grab it and flinging it back at whatever’s attacking you. That’d be awesome.. xD

  161. lunetta Says:

    That sets the bar for me – best game of the year. I had more fun than with line rider. Thanks.

  162. Karl Northfell Says:

    Awesome game, I loved the atmosphere, and I was hungry for more levels at the end…I hope you make more games like this, or maybe even make a sequel, I finally figured out the shape making process, the fact that if you totally complete any shape (which creates that shape exactly) you can use custom shapes to get across challenges, not just the standard perfect boxes that spawn, very fun indeed!

    Great job.

  163. Karl Northfell Says:

    * also, the music was a very nice touch as well, it completes the whole theme, I think, and never gets irritating.

  164. welldl Says:

    very nice idea & great game. 🙂

  165. marcin Says:


  166. Albert Peschar Says:

    Very nice game! Works perfectly under Ubuntu Linux using wine.

  167. Crayon Physics « Geeknews Says:

    […] Crayon Physics is a game by Petri Purho, a student attending Helsinki Polytechnic. He’s a very prolific game developer, cranking out his tenth game, each game developed in under 7 days to force him to be productive and to learn something new. […]

  168. virtual_spirit Says:

    Please, On linux :p

  169. Guillaum Says:

    I hope someday I will play Crayon Physics 2 !
    Sincerely, it’s one of the best games I’ve played on the internet.

  170. Jack Says:

    Hah, saw this in Games for Windows mag, it’s a very fun game! Thanks for making it. =)

  171. Cultura Gamer | Arte, Cultura, games e um pouco sobre as mentes da indústria » Giz de cera e física Says:

    […] bom exemplo é o game experimental Crayons and Physics. Idealizado pelo finlandês Petri Purho, o jogo possui um conceito simples: levar a bolinha até a […]

  172. hi Says:

    Hi there,

    nice stuff, but useless to users of other OSes then windows (unless they build it on their own) hwo about some linux binary builds?

    greetings maggie

  173. vTa Says:

    Simple and well done is usually good receipe for any creation, so i just want to say u did a great job The simplist environement and gameplay, the music , the physic … The small “bug” about drawing under the ball is not so big deal for me but the lack of level is clearly a problem.
    I just said the same like most of the comments before me… but a suggestion : a level editor should bring this game to a greater success and a longer life. I am trying all the game u proposed on this blog and this one is my favorite … 200 level of it and i ll keep it in my computer for a long time ! Good job.

    Really make a 1 week projet to create a level editor for it 😉

  174. L Says:

    What’s the real solution to “Sky Captain” I just drew a massive box over all the see-saws and the ball somehow made its way to the star.

  175. Crayon physics, game menghibur dan mengasah otak dengan unsur fisika « Welcome to prabowo’s webblog Says:

    […] kalo pingin downloda game nya monggo kunjungi […]

  176. Saad Says:


  177. hunty93 Says:

    wow , ive had a lot of fun with this game
    i have been trying to make something like this on flash

    im tring to make it look like little big plannet
    for those who dont what that is ‘

    but have had no luck , i have a phisics engine on the go , but am having trouble with in game game devoper

    but what i see here , u may be able to create a pc version of LBP!!!
    realy all it is , is in game , map editor , u just need to programme it!!! lol

    but if u could acomplish that …..well that would be awsome

    and if u did acomplish it , u shud look at making it a online game

    email address :

    o and well done on this game, very well done 🙂

  178. HOW? Says:

    i love the game plz make a level creater

  179. Leonard Banks Says:

    I see you say you can draw a line.


  180. slasher Says:

    i see if u use a tablet it runs really smoothly and u can draw circles more accurately

  181. logr Says:

    I’ve uploaded the level18 on . For those who cannot edit the level_list.xml file, I’ve also uploaded my data folder (it only features the levels and gfx folders). You just have to swap mine and yours if you don’t want to go through editing the xml files.
    I’ll also post an editor tutorial for those who want to create their own levels.

  182. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Kloonigames Season 1 Overview Says:

    […] Even the Divorce is better than this. I don’t know what I was thinking when I doing this. Crayon Physics The game that caused my monthly traffic to go up ten times. It’s been an amazingly popular […]

  183. Ben Says:

    This game is awesome, but what’s to stop me from drawing tons of lines under it and doing that all the way to the star? I suggest you limit the amount of polygons at once. Also, I have a hard time making triangles. (If it’s even possible)

  184. morgan settembre Says:

    really addictive – congratulations! music is hypnotic- great game! greetings from italy

  185. Mike Cline Says:

    This is great! I loved the audio and the art style. My only critique is that I felt that it would be better if you were forced to propel the ball by hitting it — too often I would just be propelling the ball by creating boxes that covered slightly less than half the ball, then the box and the ball would move apart. Of course this doesn’t really mimic reality. Maybe if there was a rule that you could not create a box that overlaps the ball, it would be more interesting. But if that was the case, you’d probably need to start will the ball up high most of the time and use gravity to make things happen.

  186. Harry Says:

    Mine won’t start, its says, cannot find SDL.DL, but it’s there…
    help anyone?

  187. mélanie Says:

    coucou a tous

  188. Grafikk » Crayon Game Says:

    […] game has incredible game play, shame its only for pc .. enjoy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  189. Palmik Says:

    This game is super, but with some map ditor it would be better! 🙂

  190. Artsy Games Incubator » Blog Archive » Session One Says:

    […] project by a Finnish computer student. People were impressed by BBQ and the Cow one, but Crayon Physics had everyone oohing and ahhing. Marc played it for a good ten minutes while we watched on. Then Jim […]

  191. Peter Boughton Says:

    I came out of full screen and the game has screwed up my second monitor – it’s rotated ninety degrees clockwise and the resolution has gone to 768×1280 at 60Hz!

  192. Mau Says:

    I got totally addicted to this beautiful little game! It’s awesome!
    Is there a chancethat there are more levels to come? Please!?

  193. Marcio Lima Says:

    nice game, good

  194. Talmo Says:

    Very, very interesting and creative. This would be perfect for involving kids with computers and developing other skills.

  195. logr Says:

    I’m sorry, I said I would release a tutorial for the level editor, but I’m moving soon, so I don’t have much time free. I hope I’ll release it within a month.

  196. Blog de Magic Vince » 2007 » septembre Says:

    […] » Voir le blog de l’auteur »   sept […]

  197. sawo Says:

    Yay this game is great, why dont make more levels? 😀
    The game is perfect, the only thing that i didnt like is that its short 🙂

  198. logr Says:

    Here it is, the editor tutorial I was working on! I’ll just remind you that there IS an editor, and that there is already a dozen of levels available.

    First of all, download the level editor pack (it’s in the june archive, top of the page),

    then unzip the files :

    – !!!If you want to try your level by yourself!!!, I suggest you unzip the file “Crayon

    editor.exe” in the Crayon folder, among the dll files and the data folder, so as to share

    the data folder between the game and the editor.

    – Otherwise, just unzip the files in a separate folder; also, it will allow you to better

    observe how the editor works. I recommand you to unzip your files this way.

    Then you should think about your level : just draw the main parts (the ball, the star(s)

    and the walls) on a paper sheet. Don’t pay attention to any background now, for the editor

    really doesn’t care!

    Now you can use the “Crayon editor.exe” file. You’ll first have to name your level(test.xml

    is perfect, since you’ll be able to change everything when done with the editor).

    When you are faced with the black screen, push S to register your level(here’s a brief

    description of the shortcut keys: Left shift down (while left-clicking, of course)will

    create a “static” object (which I call a wall), whereas just left-clicking will create a

    “free” object (it’s the same as the game),Z adds the ball, X adds a star, S saves and L


    (!!!There is one bug I came across : when closing the editor and re-opening it, it seems

    the editor doesn’t remember the file (when you are to name your level). When it says to

    create a new one, just answer yes. You’ll get to the black screen with the white lines,

    provided you haven’t forgotten to push S before closing the editor)

    You should now have two new files in the data\gfx folder : the bmp and the xml files. There

    will also be a xml file in the data\level folder.

    Now that you know the shorcut keys, just draw your level (don’t mind the black/white colors

    until you’re done with the editor). Remember to push S when you’re done.

    NOW, you can add your own background (the black one is kind of dark…) and your own walls

    (instead of the white lines). So here is what you’ve gotta do :

    -First of all, create your background and save it as a bmp files (give it a different name

    than the first bmp file)
    -then open the 2 files with Paint.
    -push ctrl+I in the first file to exchange black and white, then ctrl+A.
    -Paste it on your background using the “transparent paste” (I don’t know how to put it in

    -On your background, you should now have black lines (boxes) covering it.
    -Just fill the black boxes with anything you want to get your own platforms.

    Now you’ve got it! Just save and rename your background so as to replace the black/white


    The last part is to try it.

    If you’ve unzipped the files in a separate folder, just move the xml(X2) and bmp(X1) files

    in the appropriate folders. Then open the data\level_list.xml file with your notepad.

    Replace the first level name with yours to test it, or add it at the end of the list : just

    put it the same way as the others before the End_level. You can easily add numbers to

    increase the number of levels to play with.

    Then you just have to play!!

    (I suggest you zip your files and send them to Petri Purho to show your creations)

    I’ll also put the tutorial on and I suggest you download my data folder if you want all the levels available.

  199. logr Says:

    I’ve just posted a comment including the tutorial, but it seems it was too big a comment! I’ll put it on Petri, you should check it to see if I didn’t forget anything.
    I’ll also remind people that THERE IS A LEVEL EDITOR (I wouldn’t have written a tutorial otherwise) and that A DOZEN LEVELS ARE AVAILABLE.
    Just go and check to get my data folder which features all the levels published on this blog (hope it doesn’t sound too arrogant…)

  200. Simon Says:

    Wow, this game is amazing!!!

  201. peoro Says:

    This game is so cool!
    I’m playing it with Wine, but a Linux native version would be way better…
    If you port it, I promise I’ll create a PKGBUILD for arch linux aur repository 😀

  202. LandWalrus Says:

    Ok I absolutely LOVE CRAYON PHYSICS, I have yet to Figure out the level Editor But I have played with the original code itself (only the Gravity) The Physics in engine in this game is so much fun.

  203. LandWalrus Says:

    Ounce again love this Game But i just made a recent discovery YOU CAN MAKE CIRCLES, all you have to do is draw the circle but DO NOT CONNECT THE ENDS!

  204. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks everybody for the overwhelming amount of comments.

    @logr: Is it ok if I post your comment as a real post on the blog?

  205. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Erin Catto’s Box2D Updated Says:

    […] Catto’s Box2D, the physics engine that I’ve used in Crayon Physics, TAFB and in Rolling Boulder gets a huge […]

  206. logr Says:

    Petri Purho : Please do! I wanted to post it but it didn’t work yesterday.

  207. Goffi Says:

    Awesome, very good concept & realisation. Hoping a GNU/Linux version ASAP (For the moment, it run well with Wine).

    Congratulations !

  208. logr Says:

    Hi there!
    Just a few words :
    -I’ll try to write another editor (just a change in the présentation)
    -I’m working on a remake of the IceClmbers level… (I haven’t tried it yet)

    I’m busy with my new school but I think that I’ll get enough free time to make new levels. By the way, I had some suggestions (it kept me from sleeping that night) :
    -could you upgrade the editor, for instance allowing creators to select their own background?
    -how do you actually create bat files? It would be funny if we could select any ball and/or any music we like to complete the game(hacking the Gravity/weights could be a way to implement a kind of level difficulty)
    -I read somewhere that you don’t know what to do since you reached your 1-year objective. Why don’t you try to make the second release of CrayonPhysics? But I fear you’d get drown under comments…

  209. logr Says:

    I’ve uploaded the level_19 on
    I can’t say much about the difficulty (I was a little in a hurry) but if you’ve finished the original level, it shouldn’t take you too much time.

  210. petri.purho Says:

    @logr: Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done for Crayon Physics. It’s amazing.

    It’s possible that I’ll release a new editor for Crayon Physics, but we will have to see about that. In order for the level editor to work the best, it should allow you to draw stuff just like in the game (including the background).

    You can create .bat files just by editing the with notepad. There are just couple of dos commands there.

    Btw. Thanks for the data.rar I’ll write a post about that one and link it here.

  211. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics’ Level Editor Tutorial Says:

    […] left a great comment on the original Crayon Physics thread. I was a little afraid it might go unnoticed there, so I […]

  212. Le Blog à JoW - Says:

    […] (Sources: Kloonigames) […]

  213. Bleh Says:

    Hello. I’m waiting for Deluxe, should be interesting to see, maybe you’re already working on changes with these things =]

    My view of the game:

    I love the idea of drawing your own things to use in a game. However, I think it’s a bit of a novelty which quickly wore off for me in the case of Crayon Physics – The gameplay seemed very lacking.
    – I didn’t feel I had much of a goal: I didn’t feel any need to get the star. After the fun of making circles and squares wore off, it felt like a bore to collect each star. There wasn’t much variation was the problem.
    Now, there are a few things I can think of to help this problem out a lot.
    1: More complex level design, more thinking involved. Just more variation. Maybe a few challenge levels, with limits on amounts of crayon, or time. Another approach, which would be quite interesting, could be a game where there were no levels- Just an ongoing adventure for more checkpoints?
    2: Focus more on the fiddling around, to bring more creativity in to play, almost make it like a sandbox game with a goal? So far on deluxe I’ve seen the anchor point used for the “golf” level. That was a great idea in my opinion, now add some more things like that in. Ropes, maybe even elastic would be excellent additions if possible. timed bombs maybe?

    Good luck, looking forward to your deluxe version =]

  214. thorsten Says:

    na das ist mal ein super spiel. ich freu mich schon auf die fertige version.
    aber selbst das kleine hier hat mir eine menge freude bereitet…
    man muss echt den kopf bemühen, um eine lösung zu finden, super!


  215. Warren Hofford Says:

    Awesome! I’ll second what smelly said .. more levels, shapes, Please!!

    Thanks for sharing,


  216. sevi Says:


  217. elana Says:

    i cant fugure out how to open it

  218. Philipp Says:

    More levels, *please*
    Great game!

  219. Time to do a Mystic Meg impersonation « Dragons and Uni Says:

    […] the download the original (because he hasn’t got off his arse and finished the sequel yet) from the creator’s blog – PC only, I’ve yet to play it with a graphics tablet. It’s NOT the game featured in […]

  220. KPhilla Says:

    One of the coolest, intellectually challenging games I’ve played since Portal. Seriously, nice one.

  221. Almasch » Blog Archive » Crayon Phsics (Deluxe) Says:

    […] work in progress but Crayon Phsics is already playable and you can download release version 1 from Kloonigames. On the website of the Crayon Physics Deluxe you can see a video of many nice features not included […]

  222. crusher Says:

    Nice casual game… I like this kind of games that mess with physics…
    Perhaps you can continue this great idea in a near future =P

  223. Paul Says:

    cool, i made it, when the next comes

  224. » Crayon Physics And Pocket Physics Says:

    […] offizielle Crayon Homepage ist derzeit leider down, aber das Internet hat einmal mehr einen Mirror bereit gestellt: Crayon […]

  225. michele Says:

    only tnx for crayon physics it’s amazing!

  226. Crayon Physics • IBITO.NET Says:

    […] En el video se muestra la próxima versión de Crayon Physics, que se llamará Crayon Physics Deluxe, en la cual podrás hacer cualquier tipo de figura y no solo rectángulos y círculos como en la versión freeware que podemos descargar desde aquí. […]

  227. Soufian Nador Says:

    when i’first saw Crayon Physics in mouvment,i’had a strange feeling,like “falling in love at first sight!!!”
    i’v been playing video games since 1986,and this one is ,in my opinion,one of the most simple,beautiful,addictive,heart touching game…
    the music match the spirit of the game perfectly..i’m seriously thinking in buying a tablet pc when the deluxe version will be released.
    keep up the good work,you’re the best!

  228. VGMP3 » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] You draw shapes with your mouse to try to move a ball to a star. The proof of concept prototype is free to download. Watch the video to see what the full version will be […]

  229. VectorStorm Blog » The sincerest form of flattery Says:

    […] now it’s happened with Petri Purho’s brilliant Crayon Physics. Yes, everyone’s making blatant clones of Crayon Physics these days, and now I’m just […]

  230. John B. Says:

    Any thoughts of porting this to the Nintendo DS, which has a touchscreen and stylus input?

  231. PixelUrban » Blog Archive » Tiny Reviews Says:

    […] of this game. It’s a masterpiece! And that’s just the demo. You can try it for yourself here . It’s a really small download, and just a taster of what I think is going to be a massive […]

  232. Crayon Physics disegna e testa le leggi fisiche « BibosBlog - Un post ogni ora Says:

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  233. crayon physics « trip to wonderland Says:

    […] Aquí podeis leer más sobre el y bajaroslo. (inglés) […]

  234. Bengt Says:

    Now there is a swedish game simulator just like this that one can use in education….

  235. Crayon Physics: disegnare e testare le leggi fisiche | Giornale dei blogger Wordpress Says:

    […] Crayon Physics è un gioco educativo che permette di disegnare con dei pastelli su dei fogli ed animare il disegno. L’animazione rispetterà le leggi della fisica. Quindi, se creiamo un piano inclinato e ci poniamo sopra una sfera, mandando in play il disegno, la sfera rotolerà sul piano. Molto carino e didattico allo stesso tempo. Lo scopo è mandare la sfera rossa sulla stella gialla. Per capirne il funzionamento guarda anche il video! […]

  236. Победители IGF 2008 | Says:

    […] конечно, поздравим Petri Purho и его ещё не вышедшую игру Crayon Physics Deluxe, завоевавшую главную награду – Seumas McNally Grand Prize […]

  237. The Independent Gaming Source Says:

    […] Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Crayon Physics Deluxe […]

  238. Oxeye Game Studio » Blog Archive » IGF Winners 2008 Says:

    […] Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Crayon Physics Deluxe […]

  239. Jessebird Says:

    Wonderful! Me and my children had a lot of fun experimenting. I love the possibilities this offers. So very simple and so very clever. First time I was using a sort of catapult to propel the ball I was just sitting there saying “Wow!” Fantastic work!

  240. Independent Games Festival 2008: Gewinner bekanntgegeben auf Die besten kostenlosen Programme und (Independent)Spiele für NDS, PSP und PC Says:

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  241. Independent Games « Planet9 Says:

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  242. Freeware games - Gaming Gutter Says:

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  243. FINEFIN spielt… Says:

    […] verschiedenen Kategorien wie “Technische Brillanz” ausgeschüttet. Dieses Jahr sahnte Crayon Physics Deluxe den mit $20.000 dotierten Seumas McNally Grand Prize ab. Der Prototyp dieses Physik-Puzzles kann […]

  244. Physics Phun « Learning Games Says:

    […] – asking students to conduct (design as well?) experiments and share results. A bit reminiscent of Crayon Physics (which I was sure I’d blogged, but it looks like I forgot to!), but with more control over […]

  245. Jlbawsome Says:

    This game is really fun it says you can draw only squares.. I could draw circles although they didn’t change into perfect round spheres like the squares would change.. but they would roll =]
    also I loved the music very relaxing..

  246. Jorge Says:

    Link is broken for download!

  247. My first 35 min. w/ World of Goo - Video + Screens! | Gaming News and Reviews Says:

    […] has been a slew of that simple physics type games entertaining us on the web, Crayon Physics, Line Rider, Blue Print (and all Teagames), etc… There’s something to be said about the […]

  248. Janne Annala Says:

    Aivan uskomaton peli, tällaista ei mikään kaupallinen suuri firma voisi tehdä. Odotan innolla Deluxen julkaisua!

  249. Lukas Says:


    Awesome game! I totally love the subtle music and crinkled backdrops. I do agree with some early comments that the star shouldn’t stretch… feels less “crayon-ey.” Maybe if it just glowed a little bit? Shimmered?

    And about allowing freeform shapes- I think an option to create perfect rectangles would be nice. Like, if you make a shape while holding an key it will be a perfect shape rather than exactly what you draw. That would be very handy.

    Thanks for a fun game! I will be coming back just to mess with the teeter-totters quite a few times.


  250. Spore Community - Nifty Creative Program Says:

    […] to the objective (download/Demo) Chronic Logic – Games : 3D bridge building game (Download/demo) Kloonigames

  251. Maikel de Bakker Says:

    Man this game would do great on the Nintendo Wii to! i hope it will because the will has the most potential to make this game a succes.

  252. 真腻歪 » 超酷的小游戏 Crayon Physics Says:

    […] 这几天在玩儿一个小游戏 Crayon Physics,超好玩儿!具体玩法不废话了,各位可以看下面的视频,不过下面视频中的是还没(即将)推出的 Deluxe 版,现在可以玩儿到的这个版本里只能画矩形和圆形,我觉得这个更费脑子。据说这个游戏目前只有7关,不过我比较笨还没通关。 […]

  253. Ubsessed Fan Says:

    I can’t wait for Crayon Physics Deluxe to come out!!!
    Ever since I saw the video of it on youtube i’ve been very ubsessed
    The prototype is great
    i just wish there was more to do than to just make rectangles and squares
    I love the music
    and i can’t wait for all the new features of Crayon Physics Deluxe
    you’ve done a fantastic job on the game
    and i hope Crayon Physics Deluxe is going well too

  254. sonny Says:

    Hey. I just want you to know that I really like Crayon Physics, and I am looking forward to Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    Today, I noticed this little flash game:

    It’s a COMPLETE copy of your game. The music is the same, the goal of the game is the same, the style is the same, the shapes are the same, and you’re not credited at all. This guy even says that it’s his own “production”.

    Too bad that other game sucks anyways, you can barely even get the ball to roll. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know.

  255. steph Says:

    i love this game ^_^ i just wish there were more levels to it
    i like how it makes you think and be creative.. wish they had games like this in math class

  256. Lukas Says:

    Hi! Excellent game, the subtle music is great and I love the crinkled backgrounds. I agree with some earlier comments that the star stretching looks a bit odd… maybe a slight glow?

    As for being able to make whatever shapes you want… great! It might make the game a bit easy in spots though. A nice option would be to make perfect rectangles if you want… say, hold down a certain button when you are drawing and it will make a rectangle for you. That would be nice!

    Thank you for an enjoyable 15 minutes 😉

    I will definitely be coming back to play more with the teeter-totters…

  257. Automaton » Blog Archive » Wasco’s Says:

    […] op niet meer dan zeven dagen. Voorlopig heb ik er nog maar eentje getest, maar het is een pareltje: Crayon Physics. Je moet met een rood balletje sterretjes verzamelen door allerlei puzzels op te lossen. Het leuke […]

  258. jones Says:

    Hi, I tried this game because of the GDC award it won. I’m really impressed, especially by the design! Hope you can make it into a full game sometimes. I got through all levels but I cheated on the three rotating rockers (by placing one big square across all three). How is this supposed to be done? Anyway, probably one of the best mini games ever!

  259. Victor Novaes Says:

    6,96 MB of a gameart experience, its everthing that i can say, congratulations!

  260. DigitalMad Says:

    Have you seen this? Pretty obvious where the idea came from, music too:

  261. » Blog Archive » Physics Engines Says:

    […] You can download a prototype of the game from the developer. […]

  262. Kristoffer Says:

    Very impressive, defenately the best mini-game I’ve played. Only lack more levels 🙂
    Loving the graphics, physics and the music was relaxing.

  263. dude Says:

    i downloaded the game but cant get it to open after it was unziped on my mac

  264. insane Says:

    Well, I was experimenting with this game yet again, and I found 1 MAJOR glitch, I don’t know if it is in the engine, or in Crayon Physics, but it is still there. Let me explain it too you!

    If you start to draw a box, but only draw 3-sides, it doesn’t force it into completion and make the 4th side for you. So, let’s say you started to draw a circle, but right before you ended the circle, you stopped. It would keep the shape of the circle, but still have the properties of the box.

    Here is just one example of it:
    Here is me attempting text:

    I’m not saying it’s a bad game, because I think it is “totally fleepin’ awesome”, but I am just pointing out this weird, yet cool, glitch.

  265. Cricket Chapple Says:

    Wow! I’m so excited to play the deluxe version!
    Out of curiosity, what are you doing with audio in the game?
    Is there only background music or are there also sound fx?

  266. mctme Says:


  267. Creative gaming « Communications Lab Says:

    […] hent den tidlige demo-version her – […]

  268. please Says:

    I ‘m looking forward releasing this game.

  269. Hora de jugar con crayones | Tecnologia y Sociedad Says:

    […] Crayon Physics […]

  270. Robert F. Says:

    I’m a mechanical designer by trade, so i’m used to working with primitives yet just watching a demo of your game made me feel such wonder. My 8 year old son has trouble writing and I can clearly see this game a terrific practice/fun tool for him (or me!). It’s like creating with LEGO’s or clay or origami. Maybe it’s the music or just the elegant simplicity, but your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  271. Crayon Physics Says:

    […] in Sephi’s thread I remembered a great game from the The 10th Annual Independent Games Festival Crayon Physics is awesome and relaxing not to mention BA and soon the full version will be released: Crayon […]

  272. Chris Patrick Says:

    Wow! Great game, I love the concept. I really enjoy these types of games — nothing to “hard” as long as you can think things through. Like the others have said, really nice choice on the soundtrack, really suits the game well. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Good luck on all your future projects!

  273. DarkxPunk Says:

    Very well done I must admit… Will be perfect once released… But will it be available for the Mac? Basing on the advances of graphics and video compatibility maybe it mite be nice to try it on there?

  274. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Announcing Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] kinda spoils the surprise, but I’ll explain it anyway. Crayon Physics Deluxe is a “sequel” to Crayon Physics (a prototype of a 2D physics game), but I’m not sure sequel is the right word here. It’s more […]

  275. 유영재 Says:

    I’m from N. Korea,

    It, great!!

    Thanks for the download.


  276. 조태현 Says:

    Thank you….!

  277. 김소희 Says:


  278. 김소희 Says:


  279. Ander Says:

    Fun stuff! Took me about 15 minutes, but I think I was lucky. (I like the end screen.) Can’t wait to give my 12-year-old son a crack at it. He’ll probably beat me.

    Yes, more levels, please—and an editor would be awesome.

  280. Ander Says:

    I did notice one quirk: If you draw a box that COVERS the ball, it does all kinds of weird stuff—the ball kind of enters it, rattles around, goes back and forth, etc. (rather like being beamed into a wall in Star Trek, I imagine). When someone does that, maybe you should make the box hop above the ball before it materializes.

  281. anon Says:

    does anyone know where the deluxe version is coming out ?

  282. Michael Zed Says:


    Maybe make a note of what platforms this runs on. Since you haven’t found it worth mentioning, I’ll assume that you only know about Windows. But there are other operating systems a few of us use, and it would be nice to know that we needn’t bother downloading the game.

    And the comments links don’t work. Clicking any of 1-14, », or Show All just comes back to this page with the first 20 on it.


  283. Surftom Says:

    Just heard about the game on the Cranky Geeks podcast so I surfed over and downloaded version 1.0
    I’m really looking forward to a the deluxe edition!!

    Where’s the “Donate” button!!!?


  284. Crayon Physics Deluxe « The Errant Æsthete Says:

    […] it’s part Line Rider, part The Incredible Machine. Deluxe is a sequel to the more rudimentary Crayon Physics (sadly, PC-only). [via […]

  285. Crayon Physics – Jetzt wird’s physikalisch | eLhabib - Life & Videogames Says:

    […] Hier geht’s zum Download MEHR ZUM THEMA: Casual Games downloads PC Special FeaturesDie letzten 5 Posts von Patrick EichingerPS3: GT 5 Prologue und Movie Bundle geplant? – February 28th, 2008Vidiot Audio Cast – Volume 16 – February 28th, 2008Wii Fit Preis bekannt – February 28th, 2008PS3: DualShock 3 Pad USA-Termin – February 27th, 2008Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle angekündigt – February 27th, 2008 Bookmarken: […]

  286. blogpost » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] demo of Crayon Physics Deluxe a sequel to Crayon Physics. The initial version was developed in under a […]

  287. Charles Carr, Reviews Editor, ComputorEdge Magazine Says:

    For Press or Marketing:

    ComputorEdge magazine (spelling intentional), the nation’s largest regional computer publication would like to see a full registered version of Crayon Physics Deluxe (when available) for review in our weekly column, “Worldwide News and Product Reviews.”

    FYI, ComputorEdge has been a weekly print and on-line magazine with a readership of over 500,000 in the Southern California, Colorado and New Mexico (as ComputerScene magazine) areas for the past 20 years. Beginning in 2008, ComputorEdge became a solely on-line publication.

    As well as editing and writing for ComputorEdge, I am a columnist and features writer for San Diego’s North County Times newspaper, a contributor and technical advisor to LA Parent and San Diego Parent magazines and a frequent guest on all three San Diego network affiliate television stations. I also served for several years as sole judge in the Tech-Toys category for the Parenting Publications’ national NAPPA awards (ten million readers).

    Also, if we’re not on already on it, please add us to your “A” list to automatically receive new products and press releases. We also greatly prefer contact via e-mail over phone.

    Charles Carr
    Reviews Editor, ComputorEdge Magazine

    Mailing address:
    30497 Lilac Road
    Valley Center, CA 92082

    (760) 749-8229

    New Products Editor, ComputerScene Magazine

    Columnist and Features Writer
    The San Diego North County Times

  288. Rhizome Says:

    This looks like so much fun. Please make for Mac OS X one day 🙂

  289. Crayon Physics Deluxe : un jeu intuitif Says:

    […] ! Ces gens-là ont un Blog et proposent même la version non-Deluxe du jeu à télécharger pour Windows. L’essai est concluant, je vous le conseille !Partagez cet article Publié le 1 mars […]

  290. Awesome Game: Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] a very cool game and bring crayon drawing to life. It’s actually a sequel from popular game Crayon Physics (from the site: beware! this is not a game in that youtube […]

  291. Mondo Libero Says:


  292. Ben S. Says:

    THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only thing I could otherwise hope for would be more levels, but that will be coming!
    I can’t wait until you finish Deluxe!!!

  293. Duschnouk Says:

    I already tried months ago your games and it was just amazing.
    Seeing your youtube video, it is obvious that you enhanced it dramatically. I’m impatient to try the final game. When will it be available?

  294. LittleBigPractice - Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Like many I’m sure, this was my first experience with really drawing and physics-ing my way through a game. I like that it had a goal and there’s only one stage I didn’t manage to pass. I feel it’s kinda cheating but mostly I just kept drawing rectangles underneath circles to get them rolling or to keep them from falling. Also, some really big, cheap and thin rectangles saved my ass. Anyone else got a specific strategy? […]

  295. Nowboy Planet » Blog Archive » 一个非常棒的项目Crayon Says:

    […] […]

  296. ::Innocentgirl in the land of Drawings:: « ::otoshimono the blog:: Says:

    […] BTW you can download a clunkier prototype of the game above here.  […]

  297. Wordout - Play Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Thanks to GeeksAreSexy for reminding me about Crayon Physics. You can download the original Crayon Physics at […]

  298. Crayon Physics « verbal hostility directed @ random Says:

    […] once in a while a game comes out that is a simple idea but very creative.  One such game is Crayon Physics.  It is even more amazing when you realize that the game was designed in under a week.  The idea […]

  299. meca Says:

    Great game. I wanna play next version. ^0^

  300. - Regular Ramblings About Technology » Crayon Physics Game Says:

    […] but you can download and play a prototype of the game (minus the “deluxe”) from the Kloonigames Blog. This looks pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to the release of the full […]

  301. kyoung sik kim Says:


    it’ a amazing game to me..

    it’s looks like a paint when i was young does..

    so friendly come to me…

  302. probabler Says:

    try this one ,plz.

  303. rob Says:

    I was trying to make a new level, but for the idea I had, the player needs to be able to remove blocks. The non-static blocks I have got now are not removable. Is there a way of doing that?

  304. Un chti coup de crayon ! at Oeufdure Says:

    […] […]

  305. Time For Sleep | THE DOCKING STATION Says:

    […] playing enough of Crayon Physics on tom’s Wacom Tablet I decided to go hunt down the creator of the trance-inducing background […]

  306. Crayon Physics : l’art de la simplicité | La gazette du Hangar Says:

    […] est un jeu d’un étudiant développé en seulement 5 jours! La démo PC est disponioble ici -attention la démo représente la version de base et non la version […]

  307. wizzlyman Says:

    thank’s a lot for this perfect game.

  308. andyw Says:

    Yay! just finished the demo – great fun – can’t wait for the full release!

  309. Alvin’s Educational Technology Blog » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] I ran across a freebie called Crayon Physics.  It works along the same lines as the machine game I remember, but this time you have to draw all […]

  310. 老婆,快出来看上帝! | 得意的:一个好东西的目录 Says:

    […] Crayon Physics/蜡笔物理学来自Kloonigames,这个游戏稍早前发布,也是下载可玩,免费,创作公用协议的。得了“独立游戏节”大奖。链接:蜡笔物理学(Crayon Physics)过关演示。 […]

  311. Crayon Physics Deluxe « Dmitry Alekseenko blog Says:

    […] находится в процессе разработки. Зато ее прототип — Crayon Physics — можно скачать уже […]

  312. Create Digital Music » Indie Developers Show Fanciful Music Games, Interfaces at GDC Says:

    […] Crayon Physics @ Kloonigames (original prototype) […]

  313. Blake Lewis Says:

    Hey CP It’s Blake Lewis I wanted to let you know I even go on CP!If you want to meet me log on to Tundra server (america).I’m always on at around 3 o’clock.Oh yeah!My username is Imavfgt4.SEE YOU THERE!

  314. Crayon Physics - Very Fun Addicting Simple Game | Big PC Geek Tech Blog Says:

    […] and YouTube there is mention about a game called Crayon Physics. Crayon Physics which can be found here, is a game where you draw shapes with crayons to solve puzzles. Currently, the game is free and […]

  315. » Anbefalte lenker for uke 10 - 2008 - Leif Dalands blogg - IT & Produktivitet Says:

    […] Tidstyv: Kloonigames � Blog Archive � Crayon Physics – Et utrolig fasinerende og vanedannende spill som dette skal du se lenge etter. Det spesielle med Crayon Physics er, som tittelen indikerer, fysikken. Plottet er ikke ukjen. Få ballen fram til stjernen, metoden du bruker er opp til deg. Fysikken er imidle […]

  316. Crayon Physics « Når bunden er nået… Says:

    […] Jeg ved ikke hvad der er med dette spil, men jeg synes det er underholdende. Jeg glæder med til efterfølgeren: Crayon Physics […]

  317. Sandor Swartz Says:

    I’m sorry, but it’s just too easy, and what’s more it’s too SIMPLE. And there’s no random element. You have to make it generate random levels, or at least some random element. How about a ball-eating monster? How about making the objects in the level have a parameter such as position/momentum/mass variable, and different objects with which collisions may have different degrees of elasticity. For instance maybe there will be a block that is perfectly elastic when the ball or other object strikes it, and another block which is perfectly inelastic, and some that are partially. And add a level designer, so you can make your own puzzles, with random elements, even better. And a score. Perhaps the goal will be to win the game with as few points as possible – and every time you create or destroy an object it adds one to your score – maybe it adds two points to your score if you lose the ball off the screen (like losing your ball in golf). Maybe have the game be able to connect to your server and post the high scores for everyone in the world who has the game upload them! That would be pretty cool. My score would be 10 by the way – one object each for the first 6 levels, and I made 3 objects and deleted 1 for the last level. The first time I played this game it took me like 5 minutes, and I actually timed myself the third time – 1 minute 35 seconds to win all 7 levels. Any game that can be won THAT fast the third time through has something wrong with it, I’m sorry.

  318. Dee Says:

    Hehe… what a pretty cool game. It’s got some really nifty stuff I hope to see more of like using your mouse to draw anything you want… wow cool.

    Except there seems to be high lag sometimes and thus the cursor movement would slow to a crawl. System specs are : p4 3.2 ghz, 2 gb ram, 4 gb paging file, 8600gt… soo it shouldn’t be too bad, eh?

  319. Dee Says:

    And oh the pages on your comments section don’t seem to work at all.

  320. Sandor Swartz Says:

    I’m sorry, but it’s just too easy, and what’s more it’s too SIMPLE. And there’s no random element. You have to make it generate random levels, or at least some random element. How about a ball-eating monster? How about making the objects in the level have a parameter such as position/momentum/mass variable, and different objects with which collisions may have different degrees of elasticity. For instance maybe there will be a block that is perfectly elastic when the ball or other object strikes it, and another block which is perfectly inelastic, and some that are partially. And add a level designer, so you can make your own puzzles, with random elements, even better. And a score. Perhaps the goal will be to win the game with as few points as possible – and every time you create or destroy an object it adds one to your score – maybe it adds two points to your score if you lose the ball off the screen (like losing your ball in golf). Maybe have the game be able to connect to your server and post the high scores for everyone in the world who has the game upload them! That would be pretty cool. My score would be 10 by the way – one object each for the first 6 levels, and I made 3 objects and deleted 1 for the last level. The first time I played this game it took me like 5 minutes, and I actually timed myself the third time – 1 minute 35 seconds to win all 7 levels. Any game that can be won THAT fast the third time through has something wrong with it, I’m sorry.

    Also, you might want to perfect the ‘physics’ part. It’s kind of easy to make a perpetual motion machine for instance. Just make a tall pile of really thin boxes/horizontal lines and it will bounce up and down and up and down all on its own.

  321. Kula bácsi Says:

    Where’s the OS X version. Fuck Windoze.

  322. bradhomeslice Says:

    ok this game is amazing

    this is the first game that i downloaded from theinternet becasue i saw the viedo on my ipod

    on u tibe there was a version that was for ipod touch
    i was wonderign where do i get that?

    and btw in the youtube viedo that you did the computer is the same one theat i am getting
    so i guess it must be good =]

    so if you could just tell me where to get the ipod touch version i would greatly appericate it


  323. Tony Says:

    Hi! There’s for Mac please?? Thanks!

  324. 86 Words » Crayons aren't just for kids any more... Says:

    […] – Crayon Physics – (Again, this demo is pretty short, but Kloonigames promises more to come) […]

  325. Rafael Gomes Says:

    The link to this game have problem. I can’t get.

    Show this message :

    There was an error processing your request; it appears to be invalid or there was an error with your conection. Please wait while your request is retried…

  326. CBX Says:

    I have a question. How will you solve the behaviour of the ball when I draw a rectangle/square with the ball inside? It jerks uncontrollable. It looks like a bug to me. Will you give that situation a behaviour that will be part of the puzzle solving?
    | O | <- trapped like this

    |((O))| <- getting it’s freak on

  327. Ertuğ Ailesi » Blog Archive » Zeka Geliştirici Oyun - Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] Orjinal Web Sitesi:     Read More    Yorum […]

  328. Crayon Physics - oooooooooh! - The Red Ferret Journal Says:

    […] Crayon Physics. Petri Purho’s innovative game prototype is so much fun that it’s…well…beyond. There’s a full-on commercial version called Crayon Physics Deluxe coming. Oh my giddy feet. […]

  329. Rabiscando na tela do micro « Update or Die Says:

    […] da Kloonigames, o jogo Cranyon Physics Deluxe é uma incrível ferramenta que utiliza a física dos objetos para responder a alguma ação feita […]

  330. Altri 101 videogiochi per PC gratis! - Geekissimo Says:

    […] Crayon Magazine Giochiamo coi pastelli a cera! […]

  331. Phun-”fizyczna” gra dorosłych i dzieci « Lifehackers Says:

    […] inna fizyczna gra Crayon Physics […]

  332. Hanna, 25, Oulu Says:

    Hello Petri! Really nice, even I, a girl who is normally just getting frustrated with this kind of games, got some happy moments of “getting it”. 🙂 Somehow this was different, so thank you! I’d definitely play more. I think maybe those levels that are now existing can be played more than once to create other options of getting them through, have to try later again and see.

  333. kodi Says:

    what were you thinking,
    it is awsome.
    THANY YOU ……………….

  334. Naka the Artic wolf Says:

    ive beaten crayon physics a million times and its awsome, but where do i download crayon physics delux? i know for sure its out by now!

  335. Physik Spielkästen « Jans Links Says:

    […] Download (Eingeschränkte Demo) […]

  336. sandro Says:

    thank you.
    wanna come to brazil?
    tell me when you post new things

  337. Im Ji Won Says:

    More levels, *please*
    Great game!

  338. nathan Says:

    Any chance of further development of Crayon Physics? I haven’t been this addicted to a game since Starcraft. LOL

  339. Krishna Says:

    This is a great game and a addictive one above that. I have people always asking me that why are there not many games that are great for kids, well i found one more answer to that question. This is real good one.. continue the good stuff.

  340. DIE MAGAZIN » Blog Archive » CRAYON PHYSICS Says:

    […] beispiel dafür, wie computergames in zukunft sein könnten. und dann erst noch von einem indie-entwickler. wer auf der suche nach einem überblick dieser wuselnden szene ist, klickt am besten mal hier. […]

  341. mak Says:

    had fun! Good game. I liked the music. keep up the good work!

  342. Chopstork » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] The game is still in development, but there’s a simpler version available for download here […]

  343. Mick T. Says:

    A linux port would be great! 🙂 Talk to Icculus he might help out, or offer advise.

    On the other hand, I’d be tempted to try this myself, not sure if I’d be any better than the 2 others who tried, but it be interesting to try. 🙂

  344. kamochan Says:

    it’s a wonderful game!
    my daughter is waiting for the completed version. 🙂

  345. Marker World (참신한 독립게임) « Movable Code Says:

    […] 아이디어는 Crayon Physics 라는 독립게임으로부터 영향을 받은것 같은데, 이쪽도 Crayon Physics Deluxe […]

  346. physicsisfun Says:

    Where can we get the Crayon Physics Deluxe Game??? Not that this isn’t awesome….

  347. crayon physics « New and Improved! Says:

    […] […]

  348. SJ’s SAS Blog » ML: A game that looks like designed by a third-grader Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Deluxe is a game made by a 24-year old student at Helsinki Polytechinc and it lets us draw objects on the screen by clicking and dragging our mouse, or by drawing with the stylus of a tablet PC, as in this video. The objects you scrawl become part of the game world. The goal is to create objects that propel a drawn ball toward a drawn star. There is no single correct way to scoot that ball around; the fun is in exploring the options. Within seconds of hitting start, you’re furiously scribbling blocks and ramps and wedges and seesaws, whatever it takes to reach the goal. Some players may get sidetracked creating hilariously inefficient Rube Goldberg devices. Others will forget the objectives altogether and just draw. If you want to try it yourself, you can download a simpler demo version of the game here. […]

  349. Ron Says:

    I think this game is perfect. Would you consider, after getting the pc version up for sale, letting a Mac programmer license the game and produce a Mac version? Thanks for bringing an awareness of a what a game can be to the world. Simple, elegant, fun and very little death or mayhem.

  350. raphiballz Says:

    can you tell us when the real game will be avaible plz ? *_*

  351. anna Says:

    I was really disappointed to realize there’s not a Mac version for this! Maybe I’ll be able to convince a friend with a PC to download it, but I wanted to play now.

  352. Adella Toulon-Foerster Says:

    I LOVED this game! It was beautifully done. Now, it took me about 20 minutes to beat it but they were fun twenty minutes.
    Petri — you’re amazing!!! Can’t wait for the full version.


  353. jen Says:

    oh my god this was AMAZING!! i can’t wait for the full version! anyone know when or where to get it?

  354. Crayon Physics! I want to play this game! « Babbling Blueberry Says:

    […] I’ll have to play the game and try all these things out!  There’s a demo version available, but you can only draw squares and nothing […]

  355. Qatpaw Says:

    I LOVE this game! I’ve got my name on the email notification list for the deluxe version. Hope it is released soon. I finished the demo levels. Who knew physics could be this fun!

  356. Dmitry Alekseenko blog Says:

    Crayon Physics Deluxe — победитель MIX08 Show Off…

    Представьте на минуту, что в вашем распоряжении есть лист бумаги с нарисованным уровнем и восковой мелок, а ваша задача — рисовать геом…

  357. ACB Says:

    does this work for mac?

  358. Eddy Says:

    I got in touch with Crayon Physics thanx to 1 UP (, they featured this game in one of their shows and I fell in love with its simplicity and originality, so I tried it out and now I just can’t wait for the deluxe version to come out 🙂

    I just had to suscribe and hope in a not too distant future the game to come out. My greetings to you, the creator of the game. I love your project and hope you get in the industry a name and reputation your creative and original mind deserves. My best regards to you 🙂

  359. wintermute Says:

    I LOVE that the game is simple. I also love the freedom, how there are so many different ways to win. You can do it elegantly, or you can make a giant hash of it and throw the ball around hoping that it touches the star. Keep the simplicity, and the freedom!

    Complicated games with only one solution and monster mashers ect, are all over, simple games that allow you freedom to play are rare.

  360. The Indie Gaming Primer « Thank You For Playing Says:

    […] Developer: Kloonigames […]

  361. koalalorenzo Says:

    Linux Please!!! :'(

  362. Tom Says:

    Any thoughts of porting this to the Nintendo DS, which has a touchscreen and stylus input? [2]

    Dude, you MUST show this to Nintendo. Maybe they accept your idea and publish the game!

    I´ll buy it!

  363. viincent_x3 Says:

    Ce jeu est superbe. J’ai toujours révé d’un jeu comme ça mais, ce que je n’arrive pas à comprendre, cest que je ne peux faire que des formes géométriques et dans la vidéo il peut faire des traits. Comment dois-je faire?

  364. raphiballz Says:

    c’est que la demo, il est en train de créé le vrai jeu, patiente =p

  365. Orel Says:

    It’s a pity there isn’t MAC OS X’s version of this soft :'(

  366. jerry Says:

    i cant believe this isn’t made for mac. no fair!!!!!!

  367. Crayon Physics [周末游戏计划] | 小众软件 - Appinn Says:

    […] Crayon Physics 是一款非常有趣的物理游戏,目的是让画面里的小球接触到五角星 […]

  368. Harald Says:

    It would realy be great to have a mac version …..!
    Would save me to use Parallels to do it on my Mac….

  369. Flávio Says:

    This game is owsome!! I will recommend to all my friends here in Brazil! Continuem o excelente trabalho!

  370. Modding Warehouse-Free Games-Crayon Physics | Says:

    […] you want to learn more about the game, or to down the game yourself, then visit the game’s website. Share This Popularity: 10% […]

  371. Crayon Physics - Cooles Spiel | Says:

    […] Physics – Cooles Spiel für Zwischendurch März 23rd, 2008 | by Michael Wuensch | Crayon Physics ist ein cooles und kostenlos herunterladbares Spiel, das einen nicht mehr los lässt. Ziel des […]

  372. aw Says:

    Amazing Game! Physics rocks 🙂

  373. Paul Says:

    nice game. don’t really know, but the day after downloading your demo my account at WOW (blizzard) was hacked and all my stuff – over a year’s work was stolen. wondering if your demo or the site you link is clean. no blame – just wondering at the coincidence.

  374. tomchaps Says:

    If you make a version of this for the iPhone, you will become a rich man.

    Seriously, call Steve Jobs…

  375. Crayon Physics [周末游戏计划] - Says:

    […] Crayon Physics 是一款非常有趣的物理游戏,目的是让画面里的小球接触到五角星 […]

  376. 6 Juegos Preciosistas « el50 Says:

    […] objetivo del juego (Crayon) es simplemente tocar la estrella al otro lado. Para esto debemos dibujar figuras (rectángulos) […]

  377. Shiz Says:

    I hear this may come to the DS. Dear Nintendo, if this comes to the DS I will buy one, maybe two just tell me where to send the monies.

  378. Raymond Pirouz : Smart Gaming: Where Physics Meets Fun Says:

    […] Purho, the Finnish game developer who created the mesmerizing Crayon Physics (free Windows download available here) is developing a sequel called Crayon Physics Deluxe, […]

  379. Check Out This Amazing Physics Game | eman's views Says:

    […] A few days ago, I ran across a video of a pretty spectacular game that provided a nice demonstration real time physics simulation, or simply put – game physics. The game is called Crayon Physics Deluxe and it was a finalist at the 2008 Independent Games Festival. The goal of Crayon Physics is create objects that interact with a ball such that the ball moves and runs into a star elsewhere on the "sheet of paper". Each "level" of the game provides new challenges for you overcome in reaching this simple objective. Of course these words don’t do the game justice. You have to take a look at the video to truly appreciate this application. A much simpler version of the game is available here. […]

  380. Stormy Says:

    My kids and I definitely enjoyed your game, thank you for creating this game. My only feedback is that I think that the game was way too easy. I completed the game in about 20 minutes, so I look excitedly forward to the release of the deluxe version, but I hope that you make it WAY harder and longer.

  381. turntable / as the table turns » Super Phun Says:

    […] Also, check out this video showing Crayon Physics. […]

  382. Your Midweek Distraction—March 26, 2008 « Says:

    […] Ben pointed me towards this absolutely mesmerizing video of Kloonigames’ upcoming Crayon Physics Deluxe. Such a simple concept, but I’m already addicted – and I haven’t even played the thing. You can grab a pared-down demo version here. […]

  383. Tablet tools at Kyle’s Blog Says:

    […] with ink alone, the Physics Simulator (included in the Microsoft Tablet PC Experience Pack), and Crayon Physics, a puzzle/physics game that’s more-or-less perfectly suited to the input methods on a […]

  384. Paul Says:

    Great game.

  385. Crayon Physics Deluxe « Gamers world Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Deluxe is still in development, but there you can check out the prototype.This isn’t as much fun as the Crayon Physics deluxe will be but it’s still worth a try. You can download it for free here. Or you can check out the authors blog here  […]

  386. Crayon Physics Deluxe - Gioco d’ingegno Says:

    […] volete provare una demo potete scaricarla qui (non rispecchia tutte le caratteristiche della versione finale). [Fonte: […]

  387. Ralph Westerbeck Says:

    Great game. I finished it rather quickly and really wanted more levels, so I just did it over and over looking for more complicated solutions. Great fun, can’t wait for Crayon Physics Deluxe. Thanks for the work.

  388. kidsinister Says:

    BANGING game M8! proper sorted yo! Like, love it.

  389. Phun with fysics at E. M. Esq. Says:

    […] a “2D physics sandbox”. The idea will be familiar to anyone who’s played Crayon Physics – you draw shapes, which then become solid and interact according to the Laws Of The Universe. Phun […]

  390. Feline Says:

    Please give us some more levels!

  391. Crayon Physics - Un Super Jueguito « Digital Fire Says:

    […] Physics – Un Super Jueguito Crayon Physics es un prototipo de lo que sera Crayon Physics Deluxe que todavía no a salido. Es un juego simple y […]

  392. Nicolas Says:

    I just dicovered the game and spent 2 hours to get through all the levels. The possibilities are amazing, I can’t wait to see more levels and I’ll definitely want to play the deluxe version. Bravo!

  393. Andrius Kleiva » BLOGo Archyvas » Crayon Physics - laikui užmušti Says:

    […] “laiko prastumėjo” versiją galite parsisiųsti bei apie jį pasiskaitinėti adresu Ir idėja gera, ir apipavidalinimas, tik muzika fone neitin […]

  394. Play indy games! at GGLOB Says:

    […] Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to test any of these last two (only the fantastic prototype of Crayon Physics, but they definitely seems to be worth keeping an eye or three […]

  395. Proof of Concept » Retour en enfance Says:

    […] Release 1 est disponible : et nécessite un petit système Microsoft pour fonctionner (donc une installation de Wine […]

  396. Beneath the Brand » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] New Discoveries, Technology Greg Verdino points us to a little game called Crayon Graphics by KlooniGames. There’s also a write up over at slate which explains the background a bit more. This game […]

  397. collector Says:

    Just superb game!

  398. Crayon Physics Deluxe : a reason to buy a tablet PC | the domiNation Says:

    […] not available yet, but you can play a beta of the original Crayon Physics game here. make sure you watch the video below to get a sense of the genius of this game. i’m ready to […]

  399. james Says:

    is was cool

  400. Independent Games: Zeichnen und Physik - Digitale Welten Says:

    […] ganz besonderes Spiel ist Crayon Physics, das Zeichnen und Physik auf wunderbare Weise kombiniert. Die Spielwelt besteht aus einem Blatt […]

  401. RambleBlog » Crayon Physics = Mind Blown Says:

    […] Physics = Mind Blown Wow. Check out this article. Then watch this video. Then download this demo. (alt-enter gets you to full screen). And now try telling me you aren’t completely amazed. […]

  402. Crayon Physics & internet tablets: made for each other at Internet Tablet Talk Says:

    […] downloaded the prototype game Puro wrote, Crayon Physics**, and was blown away by it. So was my son, and we ended up fighting over the mouse to solve the […]

  403. Richy Says:

    Hallo. Gibts das Game schon irgendwo für Handy´s mit Symbian system UIQ3 (SE P1i) ??? Wär cool wenn ich es auch auf dem Handy spielen könnte.

    Mfg. und weiter so. Richy

  404. george bush Says:


  405. Poket Physics: alucina en la Nintendo DS - Foros 3DPoder. Says:

    […] la Nintendo que hace eso, y no m

  406. Magic Pen | Transbuddha Says:

    […] very hesitant to promote such a blatant rip, but in this case I’m alright with it due to a) Crayon Physics being a download-only game, b) Crayon Physics is just a self-proclaimed ugly prototype, and c) […]

  407. Crayon Physics Deluxe - Draw your own solution Says:

    […] The game author created the game in a week, which is pretty impressive. You can download the freeware version of the game here. […]

  408. blo(g)oat » archives » Physics Engine Says:

    […] Physics Deluxe by Kloonigames. One of the best implementations of a physics engine I’ve seen in a while… The previous […]

  409. Dave Says:

    I just found this game through some random chain of links and its amazing!
    I can’t wait for deluxe!

    I managed to ‘make’ (copy+paste) a level consisting of two straight platforms with a tiny gap between them :D. I had to trial and error to get the XML collision to match with my background. Any chance of a clue on how to match the XML numbers to a drawing program? I’m using paint shop pro and your coordinates don’t seem to be in ‘pixels’ (as I’ve done some measurements in psp) but I can’t think what else they would be in. You’re ok with people ‘moding’ it right?

    I figured for “lots of space” you just needed a ramp, but I had another solution involving building a long platform out from the star, using counterweights to hold it in place.
    It was shaky, but after a few attempts it worked 😀

    Anyway, great game, very cute graphics, nicely structured, I like the use of XML and .PNG, leaves it open to modification 🙂 Thank you!

  410. Dave Says:

    p.s. oops sorry, found the level editor.
    Still want deluxe.
    Deluxe can interpret pivots??!?! omg! XD

  411. Crónica de una vida - Numpty Physics un juego de gravedad (N810) Says:

    […] en Crayon Physics, el cual os pongo un vídeo a continuación ha salido una versión para el Nokia N810 muy […]

  412. Me Says:

    Oh.My.God. This game is amazing Ôo I’d really like this in full version.

  413. Elephant paint « Clipside of the Pinkeye Flight Says:

    […] original written-in-under-ten-days version of Crayon Physics here, for anyone who wants to check it out. He explains a bit more about why there are two different […]

  414. Fim de Semana: Física « NDS Page Says:

    […] agora, mas podem ter certeza que um dia farei. Se você quer conhecer esse jogo, procure também o Crayon Physics, o irmão dele pra PC, que não é sandbox, mas de […]

  415. novemberist Says:

    I literally just “stumbled upon” Crayon Physics and I greatly enjoyed playing it over and over again seeking alternative solutions or just playing around with the physics.
    I absolutely love the concept and art style of this “demo” and I am really looking forward to playing Crayon Physics Deluxe , once it is finished.
    Keep up with the good work and Crayon Physics is likely to be a huge success.
    Just some improvements I would suggest:

    1.Drawing exactly straight lines with the mouse is kind of hard, thus it would be great if there was some kind of key (e.g. “shift”) to lock the current cursor position to draw a straight line until the key is being released. Or probably some kind of ruler 😉

    2.I found it a bit to easy at times to lift the ball onto a much higher ramp (even steeply ascending ones) by just drawing dozens of lines or rectangles below it , which took away a lot of challenge to complete some levels.Maybe this could be restricted in a way.

    I wish you good luck with this game and all of your other projects.
    best regards,

  416. PartyBoi Says:

    I just found this game
    It seems it is a rip off from crayon physics. The third level is exactly like one of yours. The Ideas are all the same. You should sue this guy….

  417. Nokius / JuPaJa Says:

    I love this game i play it on my Tablet PC from HP and it will be a big fun if it will supportet on my Nokia N800 or new !!!

    It is very good Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this game , if i say this the game must be very good because i had PC games normaly but i like this kind of game. It is so funny wen i use the stilis and a can paly.

  418. Buzzwatch : Daily Diversion: A Good Reason to Play With Crayons in the Office Says:

    […] public, but a video of it has generated much interest. CPD is the sequel to a freeware game called Crayon Physics, which must be downloaded and installed to […]

  419. Crayon Physics is PC-only so I can’t play it, but… : CREATExCHANGE Says:

    […] Crayon Physics is PC-only so I can’t play it, but Magic Pen will do in a pinch. Don’t start playing unless you’ve got a few hours to spare. (via waxy) (link) […]

  420. a welcome distraction « enjoying the foliage Says:

    […] pratimaaa Tags: crayon physics, games, links Everyone!  Stop writing your essays and check out Crayon Physics!  Best game […]

  421. Innocence « no narcissus Says:

    […] in the dirt. I remember spending time building crazy machines. It’s based on a game called Crayon Physics, but I prefer the in-browser flash format, because I’m on a […]

  422. Walking Randomly » Making Physics Fun - Crayon Physics and its clones Says:

    […] Physics and its clones Some time ago now I stumbled across a freeware game for windows called Crayon Physics and instantly fell in love with it. The premise of the game is very simple – there is a ball on one […]

  423. Magic Pen: é jogar e viciar | :: :: Blog de Cultura Gamer :: Says:

    […] de Magic Pen é questionável. Ele é praticamente idêntico (exceto por alguns recursos) ao game Crayon Physics, um game simples da Kloonigames, fundada em setembro de […]

  424. Magic Pen - Flash Games | The Videogamer Says:

    […] gioco si rifà a Crayon Physics sia nello stile che nel concetto stesso, ma Magic Pen ha però dalla sua che è un gioco in flash. […]

  425. sfjalar »  Crayon Physics Says:

    […] […]

  426. InSomeone' * 2D-Vergnügen Says:

    […] Crayon Physics […]

  427. oyun Says:

    , Technology Greg Verdino points us to a little game called Crayon Graphics by KlooniGames.

  428. Xoftware Libre » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics, juego de física y creatividad Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Más información sobre Crayon Physics Web oficial de Crayon Physics Video de Crayon […]

  429. » Numpty Physics… and more. Says:

    […] Watch the YouTube video on the site, and you’ll see what I mean. I have yet to try “Crayon Physics” though. I’m sure it would be just as […]

  430. DieHard Says:

    Great game!!!
    I’m totally ubsessed about the game
    but i’m a little confused…the youtube video shows all these cool things that are in crayon physics *deluxe* but if you haven’t created it yet how can the video exist?
    I also observed that my friend has crayon physics on his ipod touch….i tryed playing it and it was great! you could make any object you want, even circles which i thought were only available for the deluxe version…sorry if this all sounds weird but i’m very confused….I love the came…good luck with everying! ^_~

  431. Now I want to build a Trebuchet in my backyard « Thumb Butler Says:

    […] a flag, or knocking some blocks outa the way.  With 26 levels, it keeps me satisfied longer than Crayon Physics, and time I spend feels almost educational.  Seriously, they should use this in schools to teach […]

  432. Walking Randomly » Magic Pen - Another crayon physics clone Says:

    […] Pen is a flash based game by Alejandro Guillen that is unashamedly a rip-off of inspired by Crayon Physics – the freeware physics-based game that has been a runaway success for its author, Petri Purho. They […]

  433. raphiballz Says:

    can everyone tell me when the real game will be available plz ? =/ aproximately

  434. Crayon Physics, juego de física y creatividad « Donovan Secret Blog Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Más información sobre Crayon Physics Web oficial de Crayon Physics Video de Crayon […]

  435. Nerdvana » Blog Archive » If only Physics class had been more like this… - Says:

    […] my never ending quest to find cool ways to waste time on the internet, I came across Crayon Physics.  Like all of the best games, the object is simple: move the red ball to the star on the screen.  […]

  436. Spore Community - Crayon physics Says:

    […] I find it quite fun. It’s a physics game where you have to draw stuff to complete each level. Crayon __________________ I wanna live till I die, no more, no less. […]

  437. Waste Time at Work! | Blogbdon Says:

    […] Probably the most fun game ever (and educational too!): Crayon Physics […]

  438. 国产游戏《泰坦尼克》 | 得意的:一个好东西的目录 Says:

    […] 物理游戏和重力相关,玩起来都有点自己像上帝的感觉,在里面你就是像孩子般在沙滩上堆城堡的“上帝”,半天用沙堆起个城堡,戳一下,垮掉了,没有什么情节,但是傻傻地乐。就像上帝,看着自己造的人在眼皮底下瞎忙活,自己有一套规律却其实是被上帝创造出来为了看着找乐的。下面介绍2个这类游戏先:Phun 这个游戏最近新出。需要下载,我本来还以为是个在线游戏呢。游戏虚拟现实中的东西的形状、重量,以及相互之间的关系。这里是cnbeta上的文章有简要的游戏介绍。这里是游戏的下载地址,windows和linus版本都有了。Crayon Physics/蜡笔物理学来自Kloonigames,这个游戏稍早前发布,也是下载可玩,免费,创作公用协议的。得了“独立游戏节”大奖。链接:蜡笔物理学(Crayon Physics)过关演示。Kloonigames网站开始于2006年。我之前有点纳闷,这些活雷锋开发者他们开发了游戏来不是靠这个卖钱,他们脑子在想什么?是因为国家有健全的社保?哦,后来在Crayon Physics开发者的自我介绍中读到了作者的初衷。作者是个赫尔辛基的学计算机科学的学生,1个月开发免费小游戏是他的一个增强自己游戏体验的方法。这些独立游戏符合小而美的精神,符合“Dogme2001”游戏宣言倡导的游戏开发精神——大型、暴力的游戏不应该是游戏的全部。 […]

  439. schneider’s blog » Blog Archive » Kurzweiliges: Crayon Physics Says:

    […] mit Buntstiften gemalt haben und in ihrer Fantasie das gemalte zum Leben erweckten, gibt es im Kloonigames blog nun cooles Spiel. Die Crayon Physics Oberfläche sieht aus wie von einem Drittklässler gezeichnet […]

  440. SHodan Says:

    wow I would totally have paid 60$ for crayon physics deluxe seriously !

  441. Aurora Says:

    Hi Kloonigames people,

    From Infonomia, a company based in Barcelona who is dedicated to connect & dynamize unquiet minds from different fields through events , publications, tv and projects. we contact you with the aim to ask for your cooperation for our exhibition space materials at our upcoming signature event, ifest08.

    The iFest is an event of 3 days of duration that is celebrated annually and that it contacts to 400 restless minds of the art, the science, the technology… to international level, through conferences, activities, spaces of dialogue, and an exhibition of innovative objects in which we would like to count on “Crayon Physics Deluxe”.

    Please contact me if you interest to collaborate with us in ifest08 exhibition.


  442. links for 2008-04-18 « Donghai Ma Says:

    […] Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics (tags: games physics drawing crayon fun education whiteboard interactive kids science programming) […]

  443. sfjalar »  Gagn og gaman með Crayon Physics Says:

    […] nemendum mínum á starfsbraut FB og í stuttu máli sagt þá sló það eftirminnilega í gegn.Crayon Physics er stórskemmtilegt sköpunarverk Finnans Petri Purho en hann hefur sett sér það metnaðarfulla […]

  444. Ernesto Says:

    Achei o jogo maravilhoso! Pelo que puder ver, estimula grandemente a criatividade e imaginação, de adultos e crianças. A música também é maravilhosa, mas é extremamente curta e depois de um tempo jogando torna-se cansativa.
    Meus parabéns à todos que participaram deste projeto!

  445. παίζουμε; « Gatouleas Says:

    […] Crayon Physics […]

  446. Crayon Physics | Sonic-Reducer Says:

    […] Hier geht es zur Internetseite mit dem Download […]

  447. freak Says:

    Клёвая шняга. Я, правда, быстро прошел(10 мин), наверное быстро, но очень прикольная

  448. Hoshi, internet and more » Blog Archive » Magic Pen - giochino geniale Says:

    […] fa mi ero impattuta in un programma fantastico chiamato Crayon Physics, un simpatico gioco in cui bisogna far arrivare la pallina alla meta disegnando con il mouse gli […]

  449. MacLovr Says:

    Do you plan to either release this prototype or the completed version (Crayon Physics Deluxe) in a Mac compatible format? A friend showed me it and the YouTube video and it looks amazing and exactly the kind of game I’d play for hours… Please, if you can. 😀

  450. Kleiner Zock für Zwischendurch « MeZo Games Weblog Says:

    […] Download Crayon Physics: KLICK […]

  451. nothing blog from outer space : Flash-Physik-Engines und ihre Performance Says:

    […] Einer der Pioniere in diesem Gebiet ist Box2D, das für C geschrieben wurde. Das Spiel Crayon Physics, in nur fünf Tagen entwickelt, ist sicher eine der witzigsten Anwendungen dieser […]

  452. Niklas Wagner Says:

    I love this game. Please release it also for Pocket PC.

  453. Rod Says:

    Good fun! Very creative! An island away from all the shooting games… 😛
    some critique though… It would be nice to have some more shapes available, at least triangles 🙂

  454. Dario Gimenez » Proyecto: Desarrollo de contenidos para una pantalla táctil Says:

    […] Creo que sintetiza la simplicidad y jugabilidad en un adictivo juego. Pueden bajar el juego desde aca. […]

  455. TeqSmart » Blog Archive » SMART Board games! Says:

    […] It’s got physics in the title of the game so it must be educational right! The object of the game is to guide a ball to a goal point marked by a star. The player does not have direct control over the ball, but can interact with it by drawing shapes with the SMART Board (e.g., ramps to allow the ball to roll from one platform to another and blocks to drop on the ball to start it moving). As you can see from the video I am not very good at it! See if you can do better by downloading it from here. […]

  456. Digital Confectioners Team Blog » Blog Archive » Sometimes you just need to sleep on it. Says:

    […] rather well. Even if they are small and thin. The idea was actually inspired by the author of Crayon Physics (which by the way, is a fantastic game that all of you should buy), Petri Purho. He said that […]

  457. Doug Chase Says:

    Hi Pietro,

    Nice work. You’re getting press for this. I read about it in Fortune magazine.

  458. Xtreme-gameZ - Vive En Tu Mundo, Juega En El Nuestro... Says:

    […] 24) Crayon Physics […]

  459. Will Says:

    Awesome Game!!
    For the Deluxe, HURRY UPPP!!! 🙂

    I have a suggestion, allow users to create, upload & rate puzzles. So you’ll have user generated content as well. And one hell of an addictive game.

    Just bring it out!!!

  460. Robert Says:

    It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played!! I’m in love with it! I can’t wait for the full version!! Please, hurry!:-):-)

  461. wasted my morning on.... crayon physics - DesignersTalk Says:

    […] on…. crayon physics not sure if it’s been posted here before – search didn’t find anything. Kloonigames

  462. bob Says:

    i’m waiting for the new Crayon Physics Deluxe. how long does it take, til its finished??

  463. A MAZE. Festival » Blog Archive » Physik spielend verstehen Says:

    […] Crayon ist ein 7 Tage Projekt von Petri Purho (Helsinki Polytechnic, Finland) link crayon […]

  464. 김유정 Says:


  465. Scientist Says:

    Oh my, you get so many comments every day. And everyone is waiting for the real crayon physics deluxe. A counter to the release would be great.
    Have a good time and all the best with the release 😉


  466. Crayon Physics | Sedikit berbau Fisika » TCP/IP = Tempat Cari Pelajaran dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Says:

    […] game yang mirip dengan permainan ini dan bertujuan untuk mengambil bintang seperti game yang ini. Crayon Physics adalah game yang sangat menarik karena membutuhkan sedikit pengetahuan kita tentang fisika. Dimana […]

  467. Sheriff Says:

    You’re not going to release Deluxe, are you? This is all a tease, isn’t it?
    I think this is just a binary lap dance…PLEASE, CAN I HAVE ANOTHER????

  468. Juegos Para El iPhone/iPod Touch | FePe55 Says:

    […] físicas, pero apunta a juegos, así que puede contar. Por defecto viene con una adaptación del Crayon Physics de Kloonigames, pero se le puede añadir muchísimos niveles más, directamente descargándolos […]

  469. Diego Says:

    quiero saber cuando sale este juego??????????’

  470. Diego Says:

    El deluxe…. no el normal

  471. pieter Says:

    this is such bs – you said only a few days and now it’s back to 29 days!!!!! tell us the truth, when will this game be out.

    i am a physics teacher – my kids LOVE your game… i let them play it when they behave. they still have no clue how to beat it… so i have to do it for them!!

  472. Crayon Physics, un jeu très prenant ! » Le Blog de David :o) Says:

    […] Pour ceux qui n’ont pas eu le temps de noter l’adresse au début de la vidéo, c’est là que ça se passe : […]

  473. bladi Says:

    este es un buen juego, interesante, espero el release 2

  474. Fisica & Entretenimiento:[Crayon Physics] « Noseke’s Weblog Says:

    […] Fisica & Entretenimiento:[Crayon Physics] Aquí traigo de nuevo un par de simuladores de física que tanto gustan en esas tardes sin mucho que hacer. En este caso se trata de Crayon Physics. El objetivo es simple, debemos trazar con el ratón figuras geométricas que ayuden a la bola a llegar hasta la bandera. Bajo este concepto encontramos un juego que por su simpleza puede engancharnos durante horas buscando distintas soluciones en un mismo escenario. Puedes descargarlo aqui […]

  475. Fun with crayons « Buffalo GameBuffs Blog Says:

    […] flash crayon game and a bonus crayon game.  Before the Magic Crayon game there was a game called Crayon Physics.  I wanted to post about it months ago but it is not a flash online game and you have to download […]

  476. cirrus Says:

    i wait the r2

  477. Giving Some Crayon Love « The Crayon Virtuoso Says:

    […] in the title. I came across some interesting things. First was not a blog, but a game. Crayon Physics is part of an experiment by Petri Purho to create a freeware game every month. For this one: […]

  478. OLDSKULL WEBSITE! » Crayon Physics, puzzles gratuitos Says:

    […] Crayon physics es un juego que he visto anunciado en la Xtreme de este mes y me ha parecido una pequeña obra maestra de la diversión, os comento… […]

  479. Phun 3.5 Says:

    […] under: Gaming, Software, Education, FreewareFor (let’s say) “phans” of Crayon Physics, Phun 3.5 is a similar kind of physics simulator created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis at […]

  480. Phun 3.5 | Says:

    […] under: Gaming, Software, Education, FreewareFor (let’s say) “phans” of Crayon Physics, Phun 3.5 is a similar kind of physics simulator created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis at […]

  481. AppleRag » Blog Archive » Phun 3.5 Says:

    […] under: Gaming, Software, Education, FreewareFor (let’s say) “phans” of Crayon Physics, Phun 3.5 is a similar kind of physics simulator created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis at […]

  482. Phun 3.5 | Apple News Says:

    […] (let’s say) “phans” of Crayon Physics, Phun 3.5 is a similar kind of physics simulator created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis at […]

  483. iLearn Technology » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] it is: Crayon Physics is a freeware puzzle game. The object of the game is to guide a ball to a star. Students do not […]

  484. hirn → internet - you don't want to read this. » Blog Archive » GTA IV and Upcoming Titles Says:

    […] to work well, yay. I hope this kind of puzzle-physics game is more my kind of thing than games like Crayon – the possibilities of drawing your own objects is just a way too confusing concept for my […]

  485. FINEFIN spielt… Says:

    […] in denen Sie mit der Maus Objekte malen, die sich dann physikalisch korrekt verhalten, allen voran CrayonPhysics. Phun ist von allen jedoch am umfangreichsten. Es handelt sich nicht um ein Spiel, sondern eher um […]

  486. Mystical Says:

    Some guy at created Magic Pen…. It’s quite the same and has some cool features.. Try it!!

  487. IKTeroak :: Ikasi jolastuz :: May :: 2008 Says:

    […] Crayon Phisics: aurreko batean eman genuen, blog honetan bertan, joku honen berri. Oinarrizko bertsioa da oraindik deskargatu daitekeen bakarra baina laister kaleratuko omen dute Deluxe bertsioa. Egokiago ikasle gaztetxoentzat, Lehen hezkuntzako azken ziklokoentzat, adibidez. Bila aritu banaiz ere, ez dut inon aurkitu zein plataformarako diseinatuta dagoen baina nik esango nuke Windowsen soilik erabil daitekeela. Hona beste bideo bat: […]

  488. Phun 3.5 : Apple, Mac, iPod, and iPhone Experts Says:

    […] (let’s say) “phans” of Crayon Physics, Phun 3.5 is a similar kind of physics simulator created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his thesis at Umeå […]

  489. Cyberllama.NET » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] (screenshot shown below) and simpler version, a game made in 7 days, is available to download HERE. But still worth downloading to get an idea of what he is trying to […]

  490. Dave Says:

    I downloaded the game to have a try but it didn’t work, of course, because I have a Mac.

    Do you think you could mention somewhere that it’s a Windows game?

  491. 윤영현 Says:

    it looks very fun!!

    send the game for me ,please

  492. Ahmet Turan Says:

    This game is very beatiful but it’s very short thank’s for everything from everyone…:)

  493. jeff Says:

    I have downloaded the file more than once, but crayon.exe does not seem to run?

  494. Scientia potentia est Says:

    […] the Crayon Physics game but you don’t have to download anything (it’s in […]

  495. Oxeye Game Studio » Blog Archive » Having a Beer or Two Says:

    […] of the indie celebrities, namely Petri Purho, maker of IGF 2008 winner Crayon Physics Deluxe and Crayon Physics, Erik Svedäng, maker of the very much talked about Blueberry Garden, and Martin […]

  496. Taryon Says:

    Great game!!! Can’t wait to see the deluxe! Love the atmosphere of the game…so relaxed…8->…..If you want, I could try to help at making levels for the Deluxe:D:D I’d like that:D:D

  497. aisling Says:

    this is SUCH a relaxing game.

    you need to market this to wiiware.

    can’t wait for the Deluxe!

  498. Shelby Says:

    I would love to see this game publish for the Wii as WiiWare. My boys just love the demo and I think it would make a GREAT Wii game.

  499. » Magic Pen Says:

    […] Pen ist ein netter Klon von Crayon Physics. Mit einem Wachsmalstift zeichnet man einfache Formen, über und mit denen man einen kleinen […]

  500. Taryon Says:

    As I said, I made 4 levels for the game. Download the pack here:

    Have fun and I hope they’re good;)

  501. alex Says:

    Hi, why don’t you make that game for mac too? I love it!

  502. skannerz22 Says:

    crayon physics is good i found this game called marker world VERY SAME to crayon physics deluxe but i reckon when new crayon game comes out it be much better cuz u can draw cars witch actly move!!!!! and u would get more levels so wooooooot go crayon physics deluxe for now i’ll play marker world then new crayon meh

  503. Crayon Physics, juego de física y creatividad : Xoftware Libre Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Más información sobre Crayon Physics Web oficial de Crayon Physics Video de Crayon Physics Entretenimiento, […]

  504. David Says:

    Great game!

  505. Draw Physics | Games Bolg Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  506. jm Says:

    You need to copyright your work because a lot of people are copying it without licensing your idea.

  507. Golf Games For Computer Says:

    Golf Games For Computer…

    This isn’t the game in that YouTube video!The YouTube game is called Crayon Physics Deluxe and[…]…

  508. parsa Says:

    برو بمیر کثافت دیوانه

  509. Rob D Says:

    C’mon get the lead out and put crayon physics delux out already you f’n slacker

  510. wow gold » Blog Archive » Draw Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  511. Phper Home » Draw Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  512. Phper Home » Archive du blog » Draw Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  513. Draw Physics | wow gold Says:

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  515. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Planet of the Jellies Says:

    […] is the 1 year birthday of Crayon Physics. The game was released 1st of June 2007. With everything that has happened it’s somewhat hard […]

  516. voicu Says:

    This is the coolest game I’ve ever played. You should continue the work, it can become a great game.

  517. Pálesz feljegyzései » Zsírkrétás fizikás játék Says:

    […] a cucc prototípusa letölthető. A videóban látható verzió még nincs készen, de azt ígéri a készítő, hogy amint frankó […]

  518. 오노 장난? Says:

    아나 장난??

  519. JM Says:

    For someone who claims to write a game every week, you’re sure taking a long time getting Crayon Physics released. It’s been about a year since you released the prototype!

  520. Crayon Physics | Vageante Says:

    […] Crayon Physics es un juego de rompecabezas diseñado por Petri Purho. El objetivo es guiar una bola a un punto de llegada marcado por una estrella o, en el nivel final, varias estrellas. El jugador no tiene control directo sobre la bola, pero puede interactuar con ella dibujando figuras con el ratón (por ejemplo, rampas para permitir a la bola rodar de una plataforma a otra). De esta forma, el juego recuerda a juegos de rompecabezas como Marble Madness y Super Monkey Ball y juegos de aventuras como Okami y Magic Pengel. Está diseñado para Tablet PC aunque tambien podemos jugar en el ordenador con el ratón. (fuente: Wikipedia) Descarga: (5,6 Mb) En Linux puede emularse mediante Wine usando esta dll MSVCP60.DLL. […]

  521. Magic Pen (or Crayon Physics 2: Electric Boogaloo) « *My Blog Has Worms Says:

    […] Finnish casual games student/genius Petri Purho brought the amazingly simple experimental game Crayon Physics to the world, and ever since then we’ve been hungry for more.  He reportedly has been […]

  522. dombeef Says:

    I am on this site for more then a year now and the games here are awesome. 🙂 keep up the good work Petri Purho

  523. Draw Physics : wow gold Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  524. SkoleIKT » Blog Archive » Fysikksimulering, problemløsning og spill Says:

    […] finner du her, med mulighet for å be om en epost når programmet er ferdig. Det finnes en prototype tilgjengelig for nedlasting, men denne har langt færre funksjoner og regnes ikke engang som en demo på det endelige spillet. […]

  525. Oyunlar1 Says:

    Thank you.

  526. 2k3 Blog Style » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] of use have tried the original Crayon Physics where you could draw different squares to get the ball to the star, and then advance to next level. […]

  527. Daniel Says:

    Awesome, very good idea, please finish this game and of course, add more levels!

  528. Independent Games mit guter Grafik und überzeugender Physik | Digitale Welten Says:

    […] JellyCar genannt, ausgedacht und programmiert von Walaber. Vom Grafikstil erinnert das Spiel an Crayon Physics. Vom Spielinhalt unterscheidet es sich aber gewaltig: Man steuert ein kleines Auto durch eine bunte […]

  529. Techtips, Software Reviews and More » Crayon Physics Game Says:

    […] Link to their Homepage: […]

  530. Razrcut Brooks Says:

    ***UPDATE*** The creator is contemplating selling the rights to Deluxe to a major game/console maker. Do not expect a free download here. He is literally “selling out”…Too bad he ignores this blog too….

  531. Douche Says:

    # jm Says:
    May 23rd, 2008 at 12:24 am

    You need to copyright your work because a lot of people are copying it without licensing your idea.

    Wow, in the credits he gives credit to Petri Purho and thanks him for making Crayon Physics.

    I played through that entire Magic Pen game and it’s pretty good, You really have to get creative. Once I finished all of the levels I went back and completed some of them in less shapes (dramatic changes like 54 shapes to 4 shapes) just because I found out how to do certain things as I played.

    I only wish Crayon Physics Deluxe was released, as do so many others. I’d have such a blast with it! :'(

  532. Crayon Physics « Helljuan’s Weblog Says:

    […] Web del autor: […]

  533. mE Says:

    Great work, really. My respect.

  534. Crayon Physics | BlueSunCorp Says:

    […] […]

  535. jorge llamas Says:

    how download this game complet

  536. logr Says:

    Hello Petri!
    Well I just wanted to post a birthday comment, it’s been a year since I first wrote my first one. It seems that this game is still attracting people! Well it’s probably because of the Youtube video but it seems the comments have changed a little.
    At the beginning it went like “An editor, please” or “Please make more levels”. Then with the video it became more like “Why can’t I draw shapes like in the video?”. Then “Hurry up with CPD, stop your monthly games […]”. But now comments deal with copyright and MagicPen and so on.
    I’ll just say that this year monthly games (well except for Cancer War) have really been entertaining.
    Keep up with the good work!

  537. Free Game - Planet of the Jellies Says:

    […] the mind that brought us the superb Crayon Physics comes the brief little match-3 type puzzle game, Planet of the […]

  538. Blake Bernhard Says:

    Hello Guys,

    FYI i think you have just been ripped off say this today

    jsut though you might like to know as i am a big fan of ure stuff

  539. Kevin Neberman Says:

    Best game ever… Well almost but a close second for me! So simple yet fun. I play the same few levels for hours when bored at work. Thanks again! Can’t wait for the final release, I am crossing my fingers that it comes soon.

  540. reduct101 Says:

    Found out about the game on YouTube (the Deluxe preview) and thought it looked too good to be true… How wrong I was 🙂

    Love the game (and the extra levels) for its simple genius, just like the classics. Hypnotic soundtrack too.

  541. S Says:

    It’s actually quite possible, and FAIRLY reproducible to solve all the puzzles but the last with a single box. I think I need three for that one… no wait, I just figured out how to do it in two. So yeah, one box per star. I’ve done em all twice now this way. 😀


  542. skannerz22 Says:

    I hope the new crayon delux comes out soon i wish it was already out i LOVE THE GAME

  543. Ich Says:

    Look at this, its like Deluxe!!!

  544. Draw Physics : Phper Home Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  545. jjdd Says:

    perfect perfect perfect…

  546. NoName Says:

    Hey, where is CRAYON PHYSICS DELUXE !!!! I wait, wait , wait, wait and wait…

    On German:
    Wo bleibt das Spiel? Habt ihr damit aufgehört???

    On English:
    Where is the game? Have you stopped?

    On French:
    Où est le jeu? Avez-vous donc cessé?

    But the prototype is cool..

    But I am sad because Crayon Physics Deluxe…

  547. Cmidget Says:

    I downloaded the game but I get a blank page when I go to open it. Is this for Mac only or something?

  548. Orbits » The WaterBoard Says:

    […] Ce jeu, ersatz du concept Le Crayon , activera vos méninges malgré un soleil harrasant. Partager : Ces icônes sont des liens vers […]

  549. Robert Noakes Says:

    I was wondering whether I would be allowed to/or able to put this game on my school website as it is such fun?

  550. admin Says:

    @Robert Noakes: Yes it’s okay for you put this prototype for your school’s website.

  551. umakooSTUDIO » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics 제작자의 새 게임 Says:

    […] Crayon Physics의 제작자가 만든 새로운 게임. 제목은 Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper. 지미가 자신의 휴지를 찾기 위해 모험을 떠나는 대서사시.. […]

  552. neil jackson Says:

    Hi Petri
    You must realise you are onto a winner with this concept. have just seen pocket physics – another winner. There is so much to explore with this concept and it is as straight forward as looking in the kitchen, amongt other places. For e.g. bring in some water, other evry day objects. There is no end to the creativity you can employ for this. You must realise you are talking major success in the gaming world with royalties etc. I think you need to talk to a manager or something, someone that can sort out copyright and gaming rights. So far the big boys have left your concept alone I think – they will surely find a way to rip off the concept and build a money spinner game before you if you don’t get a move on.
    You might even have a chance of going to one of the biggies, a company like nintendo and receive royalties for life – this game is like tetris – never going away, never die.
    Hope you get all you deserve for this – great effort.

  553. good Says:

    It’s so Great !!!!

    Wow!!!~~~~ 😉

  554. kibaj Says:

    To be honest, I think the development is taking way to long. People stealing you’re idea is inevitable at this point. Taking you’re time is one thing, talking about publishing a game without showing results is going ‘Duke Nukem Forever’-style, and even they show some result after 10 years. lol

    Just give us something. 🙂 Even if it isn’t a working version of the game, just a new movieclip or something. So we can know you’re still working on it. You’re elected the best indy-game-developer for a reason, so prove it once again. 🙂

    I love your work man, I just get a little frustrated after about a year. I wish you succes.

  555. Magic Pen: Jugar con la física: BlogJuegos Says:

    […] Guillen (autor de Spin de The Black Circle), y tiene un funcionamiento similar al conocido Crayon Physics, (el enlace corresponde al prototipo, la versión definitiva no ha salido todavía) a cuyo autor, […]

  556. 7th Realm Release News Says:

    Great work.

    My new blogs hits increased rapidly when I put your link onto it.

    I am really looking forward to seeing the next version.

    All the best.

  557. » Has anybody here played Crayon Physics (PC game)? Says:

    […] I just heard of the game today. I downloaded the demo from: […]

  558. Crayon Physics Deluxe « Fl64’s Weblog Says:

    […] Потрясная, приятная, красивая, живая, но жаль что пока короткая игрушка. Проходиться на одном дыхании […]

  559. Physik Spiele - Says:

    […] Hier ein Video zu dem Spiel: Crayon Physics Deluxe auf das Video klicken, hier das Spiel: Kloonigames Blog Archive Crayon Physics auf Download klicken __________________ Die Hook hat erheblichen Ohrwurm-charakter. Stellt euch […]

  560. Rand Says:

    I played this game a few months ago and I really have to say how cool is the game concept. But now, I’m really sad because I’ve watched how your wonderful idea has been used in a commercial game for wii, pc an nds. You should see the next video:

    Anyway, your game is great, keep it up.

  561. Tayron Says:

    wtf man? it’s been more than a year!!! In this time you could have added about 500 levels!!! Release the damn game! If your montly games are done in a week, as you say, that leaves you with 3 more weeks!!! Oh, and how about you start ANSWERING in this blog? Yes, I’m pissed off!

  562. collect the stars « olá Says:

    […] physics, joguinhos de física, phun O nome do jogo é Crayon Physics. O objetivo é coletar as estrelas, empurrando a bolinha, desenhando quadriláteros (!) ou linhas […]

  563. Gry planszowe Says:

    Fajna strona, znalazlem ja przypadkowo ale teraz bede tu wpadal czesciej, pozdrawiam

  564. paul Says:

    Crayon Physics is the bomb! I love it>

  565. Check out ‘Crayon Physics Deluxe’! Amazing… « Y.I.P.C.A.N.J.O Says:

    […] “deluxe” version isn’t available yet, but you can download the older version which is still a lot of fun to […]

  566. Best freeware games of the year « Puppystuffer’s videogame blog Says:

    […] Ups: JelloCar Crayon Physics Ninjah Best Abstract Game: Echoes Great whooshy graphics and an extra minigame, all with lots of […]

  567. OpenCombatClan (gameclan!) Says:

    Its seems that DELUXE take a long time.
    Plse dont give up!

    Make deluxe a reality!

  568. hj_psycho Says:

    I loved the demo version of Crayon Physics, and have been waiting for the Delux to come out. There is a game called Magic Pen that is stealing your ideas pretty hard core. Might wanna look into that.

  569. Crayon Physics [周末游戏计划] — 绿色软件联盟 Says:

    […] Crayon Physics 是一款非常有趣的物理游戏,目的是让画面里的小球接触到五角星 […]

  570. Fantastic Contraption - Page 8 - Fires of Heaven Guild Message Board Says:

    […] Kloonigames

  571. Following Meeting - A Link Dump! « a wooden workmate Says:

    […] Here is the blog of the Crayon Physics dude: […]

  572. Marco Says:

    Hi, I’m very interested knowing where the deluxe game is going to be released.

  573. thewebtechreviews Says:

    I too loved the demo of CP, good job, have you considered making an XBOX version and make it a DLC?

  574. Кулинар Says:

    Скачал, посмотрел, отличная игрушка! *THUMB_UP

  575. Dennis Says:

    I dont suppose the game will be playable on mac pretty soon?! I only work with mac, but its a damn shame I cant play this game. it has such a calming atmosphere that playing this game once in a while will help anyone under stress. the song ghost lullaby fits this game so perfectly that its scary.

    please let me know if it is or will be playable an mac.

    take care


  576. Ragdoll Cannon - Пете Пурхо и не снилось | Инди игры | Independent Games Blog Says:

    […] помнят Великую и Ужасную Прекрасную игру Петри Пурхо Crayon Physics Deluxe (которой, к слову, два месяца назад исполнился год). Чем […]

  577. Douche Says:


    People may steal his idea but if he has truly been working on it this whole time there is no way in hell any other versions will come close to as good as his.

    Also the “Duke Nukem Forever”-style is called vaporware.

  578. crayon physics Says:

    […] can download a free demo of the old version here. And no, you don’t need a tablet […]

  579. Review: The Magic Toy Chest | GameCyte Says:

    […] with an open-ended physics game. On the other hand, open-ended physics games are pretty easy to find for free these days, and The Magic Toy Chest sells for $19.95. So, just how magical a chest are we talking […]

  580. hiphper » Blog Archive » Draw Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  581. David Says:

    always extend in 30 days!

  582. Programas e jogos demonstrados no encontro no Interativo « Aprendendo Juntos Says:

    […] […]

  583. Progressor Says:

    If this isn’t the game from the youtube video, where can I find the game of the video?

    Thnks in advance for telling me.

  584. taparuere Says:

    when will it com to Windows Mobile?

  585. No Continues » Indie Play #2 Says:

    […] Crayon Physics @ […]

  586. Interesting little Pc Game « K-Log Blog Says:

    […] Physics Deluxe is a sequel to the popular freeware game Crayon Physics. Or you can think of it as the game I would have created if I would have had more than 7 days to do […]

  587. Chris Sullivan Says:

    Is there any way that after deluxe is released, someone can make a version for mac? Thank you all so much! -chris

  588. hi-tech Says:

    Thanks for article

  589. Juegos experimentales « Hermoso día… Says:

    […] Para ir haciendo boca, en su blog colgó un prototipo. […]

  590. El blog personal de Edgar Seoane: Diseño interactivo, ciencia y juegos. | Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] El juego no está terminado todavía, pero promete ser muy adictivo, además el peculiar estilo de juego abre un sinfín de caminos posibles, para cada una de las pantallas. De momento sólo podemos esperar pacientemente a que terminen esta delicatessen. Aunque si no tienes paciencia puedes descargarte la anterior parte: Crayon Phisics […]

  591. kkteacher Says:


  592. Benny Says:

    Aww come on! Where is the deluxe? =((

  593. Eric Says:

    I haven’t had that much fun with a game in a long time. Played all the way to the end. Wonderful!

  594. ian Says:


  595. 乔凡 Says:


  596. kamyk Says:

    This game is very innovative. If you finish the deluxe version, I’d expect this to go to console gaming platforms. Particularly the NDS.

  597. Recommended Indie Games - Wire Forums Says:

    […] you should just download it now! Last one I’ll use is completely different. It’s a bit short, but Crayon Physics is great fun It’s only 3 or 4 levels long, but due to all of the different ways there are to solve […]

  598. dirtyfunkindustries Says:

    haha….this is awesome…..i love it!

  599. Stacey Says:

    Wow, I can’t get over how much fun this is! My only criticism comes from not being able to shut off the music 😉
    It amazes me how the simplest ideas become so addictive. thank you so much for this!

  600. Christopher Evans Says:

    Everyone in my family loves this game, and they (and me) where said when they learned that most it would be a long time before anything happens with it.

    If you would like some help with cleaning up the source code, doing documentations, tutorials, etc I willing to help. I am a window / mac developer who also doesn’t have much time, but wouldn’t mind spending time helping out on this game.

    If not that is ok, great game!

  601. Fisica y entretenimiento | Ser Padres Says:

    […] Todavía está en desarrollo, pero podéis descargaros la versión anterior -es freeware- desde aquí. Click en la imagen para ver el video […]

  602. Juego Crayon Physics « tu2is blog Says:

    […] aquí lo podéis […]

  603. good Says:


  604. jay3d Says:

    I am sure you’re slammed, and I don’t believe that you are a mac developer, BUT this BELONGS on the iPhone and iPod touch. It would easily be the number 1 app in the app store overnight… @ 10 -20 bucks a pop, you’d quickly make millions! If you are ever ready to take it on, please cosider this the first request to be a beta tester, I’ve been one for a few apps now and they have been great experiences for all parties involved. Either way good luck! (I wish there were more status updates on the situation of this particular game though 😉 )

  605. Jonatan Says:

    is the game ever comming out? is this the new duke nuk’em forever?

  606. Casualty Diversions: Crayon Physics | Casualty Gamer Says:

    […] you’re looking for a fun way to waste a few hours, give Crayon Physics a download over at Petri’s blog. While you’re at it, take some time to explore the site. He releases new 7 day games all the […]

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  608. cria Says:

    Hey, why there is no mac version??

  609. Crayon Physics | Peripecias de un domador de pingüinos Says:

    […] él me informó ^^), descubrí un juego de esos sencillitos, pero muy entretenidos, y se trata de Crayon Physics, en el que tendremos que ir dibujando cosas que al caer empujarán una bola, tratando de hacerla […]

  610. The World of Goo « Bloomish Things Says:

    […] 1 person, and show off something we’ve never seen before. Another game from this project is Crayon Physics. […]

  611. bridge directory Says:

    bridge directory…

    The TrackBack specification was created by Six Apart, who first implemented it in their Movable Type blogging software in August…

  612. adam Says:

    can someone pleas email me the set up for this my pc wont download it!!!

  613. heatblast378 Says:

    nice wait what ages is this game for??

  614. L’alfabeto a pois — Crayon Physics. Says:

    […] il link porta a Magic Pen, gioco in flash ispirato a Crayon Physics. Crayon Physics Deluxe sarà il fratello minore che dovrebbe far vendere molti […]

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    […] Numpty Physics es un clon libre / inspirado en el exitoso juego Crayon Physics. […]

  617. » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics ist Spiel der Gattung “Einfach-Simpel-Genial”, das mich und sogar meine Frau seit langem mal wieder so richtig an den PC gefesselt hat. Ziel des Spieles ist es einen roten Kreis zum Stern zu bewegen, ohne den Kreis selbst zu berühren. Um das zu schaffen, muß man Linien, Kreise, Balken oder andere Körper auf ein Malblatt zeichen, damit das ganze in Bewegung kommt. Der Clou des Spieles ist die integrierte Physik, mit der sich die Objekte anschließend bewegen. Die meditative Musik rundet rundet das gelungene Spiel ab. […]

  618. Crayon Physics | Sonderpädagogik und mehr Says:

    […] Softonic, Kloonigames und […]

  619. Alex Gower Says:

    create this game for wii ware please.

  620. Crayon physics Says:

    […] Voilà un petit jeu magique. Libre et gratuit !A télécharger ici ! […]

  621. Than Says:

    Sweet game cant wait for it to be finished

  622. absurd Says:

    100% age free, 100% creative, 100% addictive!

    If you write a level-editor – i’ll even suggest to marry you ^__^
    (Or maybe I just create a lot of levels to show you my gratitude…)

  623. Mode Presque Vacances : OFF | Temps Perdu Says:

    […] dépendra donc aussi de votre capacité a effacer les preuves après installation de ces jeux. Crayon Physics de Kloonigames (grand prix du Independent Games Festival 2008) Synaesthete des étudiants du […]

  624. Nick Says:

    Sigh .. come on Petri – will you ever finish this game, or are you just stalling all of us. I don’t mean to be rude or anything .. I do LOVE your game – thus the frustration.

    I agree that this HAS to come one the iPhone/iPod touch .. it was made for it! … and you could be very wealthy in NO time. Try it out – you got a winner here.

    But please do it before we all retire and cant use our thumbs!

  625. tietFlematype Says:

    Админчег 🙂 У меня к тебе небольшое предложение, хоть и не по теме блога 😉 Напиши пожалуйста свой обзор передачи Гордон Кихот. Особенно прошлый выпуск, про Шансон.

    Спасибо 🙂 Удачи дружище

  626. Der "Kleine Spiele f Says:

    […] – Thread Alles auf Kloonigames ist gro

  627. La chica de Potedaia » Blog Archive » 5 juegos adictivos para matar el tiempo Says:

    […] Crayon physics es similar al anterior sólo que en este no hay ruedas ni ejes, únicamente hay rayas y bloques que dibujas tu mismo y que bien combinados con la gravedad llevarán a la pelota hasta la meta. […]

  628. hiphper2009 » Blog Archive » Draw Physics Says:

    […] Crayon Physics by Petri Purhodownload, 5.63 MB […]

  629. afgan Says:

    no komen!!!!

  630. Ryan Says:

    Great fun. Lack of levels is disappointing but other wise fantastic bit of gaming 😀

  631. Matthew Says:

    Very impressive game. It makes me laugh out loud to see how the whole structure can come tumbling down. Not many games are this rewarding. And to base it all on XML configuration… thumbs up! I’m going to start making my own levels straight away. I wish more developers would have this kind of foresight. Nice job!

  632. .:: ::. » Post Topic » Numpty Physics 0.2 Says:

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  633. Crayon Physics Deluxe Pre-Order - At Last! | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Says:

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  634. Crayon Physics Deluxe: via ai pre-ordini « The Independent Vault Says:

    […] come esperimento ludico gratuito, Crayon Physics era un puzzle game basato sulla fisica e sull’effetto della forza gravitazionale, in cui […]

  635. » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] Zum Download […]

  636. pdg Says:

    The article is very good. I’d like to download the games and themes can visit the Sony Ericsson

  637. Walking Randomly » Crayon Physics Deluxe Available for pre-order Says:

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  640. buckeyeswim Says:

    This game would be amazing if you didn’t have to download it and make your computer slow!!!!

  641. Pucciom’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Giochi on-line 5 Says:

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    […] Crayon Quando ho visto questo gioco per bambini (che appassiona anche i grandi), mi sono emozionato. Per eseguire il gioco, dopo averlo scaricato,  è necessario lanciare il programma crayon.exe. L’ obiettivo di questo passatempo è di fare rotolare il cerchietto rosso fino a colpire la stellina con l’ aiuto delle forme geometriche create ad arte. […]

  643. Piccoli indie crescono « The Independent Vault Says:

    […] Purho ha pubblicato una serie di piccoli giochi sviluppati nell’arco di una settimana. Il suo Crayon physics, che diventerà presto un titolo commerciale, è un’altra innovativa applicazione di motori […]

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  645. Crayon Physics Deluxe - Says:

    […] game is a free download. Kloonigames

  646. play tetris free Says:

    I really like tetris, I waiste all of my time at work playing it.

  647. Studio Lounge | Adam Patterson | Web Design and Photography | Crayon Game Says:

    […] the Crayon Game. Posted in: Games on December 28th, 2007 by: Adam Patterson Previous: Night Lights Next: […]

  648. Toyspring’s Bike Or Die: Palm OS Game — The Gadgeteer Says:

    […] or Die is one of the rather new category of games based on physics simulators, like Line Rider or Crayon Physics. While a lot of the games in this group are not real fun to play, Bike or Die manages to combine […]

  649. Spore Says:

    Great game. Bring back the monthly games!

  650. Joseph Says:

    Excellent job!

  651. Great Iphone apps « Rich Marr’s Tech Blog Says:

    […] Iphone version of the lo-fi classic Crayon Physics. I’m still waiting for Crayon Physics […]

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  653. World of Goo et autres moteurs physiques at Pomme Gyver Says:

    […] ceux qui aiment bien tout ce qui subit la gravité, il y a également Crayon Physics (qui ne fonctionne que sur Windows, lui), un jeu dans lequel on doit faire avancer une balle (ronde […]

  654. Crayon Physics Beta, Woo Hoo! « Raxdakkar Says:

    […] knew playing the original a year ago that despite being rough around the edges, Crayon Physics was a brilliant idea. Fast forward to December 2008 and Kloonigames has been hard at work right […]

  655. Crayon Physics Deluxe Beta Released: Woo Hoo! « Raxdakkar Says:

    […] knew playing the original a year ago that despite being rough around the edges, Crayon Physics was a brilliant idea. Fast forward to December 2008 and Kloonigames has been hard at work right […]

  656. Do Some Draws - Crayon Physics Beta Demo | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Says:

    […] The cuddly joyful happy place that is Crayon Physics Deluxe now has it’s beta demo available for anyone who’s pre-ordered. Which you really should have. You can do so here. This early behind-closed-doors demo from Kloonigames’ Petri Purho contains the first 18 levels of the game, along with access to a limited version of the level creation tools, letting you set your own challenges. It’s the first chance for people to get their hands on the Deluxe version of things, and see quite how many leaps and bounds forward this is since the original Crayon Physics. […]

  657. Dessine moi la physique - Bientôt sur Iphone | Says:

    […] Télécharger la version PC […]

  658. Crayon Physics Gets iPhone Port in 2009 | FingerGaming Says:

    […] PC version, Crayon Physics Deluxe, which so far has only been released to the public as a playable prototype. A beta version was recently sent to preorder holders, though a final release date has not been […]

  659. Crayon Physics // minstyle // blog Says:

    […] Purho ist für die Umsetzung des Spiels „Crayon Physics“ verantwortlich, welches eine menge Spaß macht und durch ein ausgefallenes Spielprinzip […]

  660. Crayon Physics « Grand Rants Says:

    […] original “ugly prototype” and try playing through its five levels. You can download it here for free, and after you’ve mastered that and are hungry for more (and you will be!), you can […]

  661. Crayon Physics - Danfizzle Says:

    […] game was created by Petri Purho via Kloonigames. Check out the video below or download it for yourself. Note that this version is the […]

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  663. The Best SMART Board Links, Tips, Stories and Lessons of 2008 | TeqSmart: Blogging About SMART Boards, Resources, Lessons, Training, Games... Says:

    […] Crayon Physics: An addictively fun game that works great on the SMART Board. […]

  664. Crayon Physics for the iPhone on video, looks great Says:

    […] it out, and seeing another independent developer make good. I’ve been following it since its prototype release and it’s nice to see it bloom into a full-fledged product, not unlike World of […]

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    […] Se volete un consiglio comprate il gioco perché ne vale completamente la pena, e non dimenticate che è sempre e comunque disponibile il gico nella sua versione di base, Crayon Physics, scaricabile liberamente dqal sito ufficiale […]

  667. Spieltipp « Uli’s Weblog Says:

    […] Schon bei der ersten Version hatte ich eine riesen Spaß: […]

  668. Crayon Physics released soon | Crackerjack Games Blog Says:

    […] June 2007, Petri Purho (the games designer, developer, and everything else) released a prototype game, made in 5 days, called Crayon Physics. […]

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  670. Crayon Physics released soon » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    […] June 2007, Petri Purho (the games designer, developer, and everything else) released a prototype game, made in 5 days, called Crayon Physics. […]

  671. Crayon Physics Deluxe » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    […] am sure many people buying the game will have played the original demo… So what’s […]

  672. Crayon Physics Deluxe ya está aquí Says:

    […] entrada (o eso pensaba, pero se ve que fué en un sueño) sobre un simpático jueguecillo llamado Crayon Physics. Se trataba de un juego que daba la impresión de que estabas dibujando sobre un papel con un […]

  673. Reflektion und Zeitgeist » Crayon Physics Deluxe Release! Says:

    […] Den finalen Trailer könnt ihr im Kloonigames Blog ansehen. Den Crayon Physics Prototypen gibts hier zum kostenlosen downloaden. Viel Spaß! Ich werd’ es heute kaufen (sollte es mit Paypal zu kaufen sein) und antesten. So […]

  674. Crayon Physics Deluxe | Crackerjack Games Blog Says:

    […] am sure many people buying the game will have played the original demo… So what’s […]

  675. iPhone 3G в России » Blog Archive Crayon Physics для iPhone Says:

    […] Еще один интересный игровой проект для iPhone/iPod Touch находится в процессе разработки и реализует уникальный геймплей. Игра Crayon Physics построена на физической модели. Смысл в том, что вам нужно собрать с помощью шарика все звездочки, при этом подручные средства вы рисуете сами. Кроме самой графики, неповторимую атмосферу создает еще фоновая музыка. Пока еще не вышла, есть только рабочий прототип. […]

  676. Crayon Physics Deluxe is hier! | Gevonden worden Says:

    […] Juni 2007 werd Crayon Physics gereleased en sinds die tijd speel ik het regelmatig. Eigenlijk is het te simpel maar het is gewoon […]

  677. Ludus Novus » Blog Archive » I Fell in Love With the Physics of Crayons Says:

    […] Deluxe, Petri Purho’s fully realized version of his startlingly fun 7-day prototype, “Crayon Physics.” The game lets you draw any shape, which then reacts with appropriate physics to help get a […]

  678. Crayon Physics Deluxe | Knuition Says:

    […] released Crayon Physics Deluxe! It’s a full game based on the prototype he developed back in June of 2007. “Crayon Physics Deluxe” is a 2D physics puzzle / sandbox game, in which you get to […]

  679. Daniel Says:

    Amazing game, the deluxe. I am speechless, however one bug must be adressed quickly. When drawing two circles in a square close to each other and build something around them the whole structure becomes stable and you can draw and solve almost every puzzle by just one drawing that reach all across the map. Somehow, when drawing a structure with 2 circles inside it it must dissolve or something, but not become stable. Just my two cents…

  680. » Crayon Physics Deluxe - Fun & Relaxing Says:

    […] Here is a version of the game called just plain Crayon Physics, its free. It’s awesome and includes the music in the video. I hope they include the music in the final release. […]

  681. Blogxido» Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe!! Al FiN! :D Says:

    […] Para los que no tuvieron oportunidad de checar el prototipo original, lo pueden checar haciendo click AQUI […]

  682. Kevin Krafthefer Says:


    This game isn’t available natively for linux. So it encourages the adoption and use of Microsoft Windows. boo!

  683. Os 25 melhores jogos grátis para Windows | Says:

    […] #16 Puzzle – Crayon Physics Download: […]

  684. Crayon Deluxe, il nuovo Physics Game 2D - Centergeek Says:

    […] consiglio di provare la demo, disponibile a questo link, e volendo acquistarlo direttamente dal sito web ufficiale. Altri Articoli20 Ottobre 2008 — Stile Mac OS X anche su WordPress con Leopard Theme (0)17 […]

  685. 挑戰創意的小遊戲 Crayon Physics Says:

    […] 想要玩看看的朋友,可以來他的BLOG下載 […]

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  688. » Archives » Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS Says:

    […] admirers of colective works of one Petri Purho, better known to us and perhaps you as creator of Crayon Physics, for there has not been a single game we downloaded from his website that didn’t amaze […]

  689. Blog of eddy14 » Blog Archive » Debugging im Traum - Teil 2 Says:

    […] (4:16 Uhr morgens xD) total Bock auf Spieleprogrammierung, mit Physics und sowas (Inspiration: Außerdem hab ich noch sowas vor (alles OpenSource => -Warez Script (One-Click Hoster oder […]

  690. Blog of eddy14 » Blog Archive » box2d - Physic Engine Says:

    […] guys Das Spiel was ich im letzten Beitrag mal nebenbei erwähnt hatte, hat mich nun so weit gebracht, die gleiche […]

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  698. Crayon Physics Deluxe : PC Hacking! Says:

    […] Per ora, Crayon Physics Deluxe, è in via di sviluppo, ma esiste una versione freeware chiamata semplicemente Crayon Physics. Io se fossi in voi lo proverei, il download è molto leggero, solo 5.6MB!! Potete scaricarlo QUI. […]

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    […] von Maker World hat sich von verschiedenen Projekten inspirieren lasen – maßgeblich von Crayon Physics. So ist es auch hier Ziel, einen Ball durch eine "quasi physikalisch reagierende Welt" zu […]

  702. Zaubertafel - mein interaktives Whiteboard » Crayon Physics (Demo) [/update] Says:

    […] muss ich mein euphorisches letztes Posting leider doch revidieren: Die alte “Konzeptdemo” erscheint mir für den Unterricht besser geeignet und ist darüberhinaus […]

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  704. SCOTT WEGENER » Blog Archive » Sick = Suck Says:

    […] I think that Crayone Physics Delux has got to be one of the coolest little puzzle games I have seen in a long time. Oh sure it can’t compare to masterpieces like PORTAL, but it’s a free download and sweet in its simplicity. Like Katamary. While CPD is still in development, you can download the original from Kloonigames. […]

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    I don’t speak russian like these people above, but if they’re saying Crayon Physics can be put historically next to Tetris and Lemmings, they are dead right.

    Great idea. And the Deluxe version I bought still gives me hours of pleasure, even though I’ve finished all levels in one way or another… 😉

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    […] یانه: دیوانه وار مشغول بازی Crayon Physics Deluxe هستم. یک نوستالژی به معنای واقعی, دوست داشتنی و پر از […]

  712. Fisica y entretenimiento | Un hombre solo en la Red Says:

    […] Todavía está en desarrollo, pero podéis descargaros la versión anterior -es freeware- desde aquí. Click en la imagen para ver el video […]

  713. William H.Millard Says:

    I dunno if anyone has mentioned this in the past. But Crayon Physics works perfectly on Linux under Wine. You just need to download a missing dll from: then extract and copy it into the crayon directory.

    Mine works fine, but without sound though that’s probably my fault.

  714. William H.Millard Says:

    I dunno if anyone has mentioned this in the past. But Crayon Physics works perfectly on Linux under Wine. You just need to download a missing dll from: then extract and copy it into the crayon directory.

  715. Daniel F. Martins Says:

    No native linux (32/64 bit) version? Too bad… I’d buy a copy of this game for sure. (just like I did with World Of Goo) 🙁

  716. Crayon Physics - Subaru Forester Owners Forum Says:

    […] The original, free game. Go to the homepage of that site and poke around a bit. It’s pretty fascinating. One of my favorite games on the site: Pluto Strikes Back, his response to Pluto being de-listed as a planet. __________________ SHIFT_to_Subaru ’04 XT, 5spd […]

  717. Crayon Physics Deluxe - Videojuegos Says:

    […] de habilidad que antepone la diversión al alarde tecnológico. En esta ocasión se trata de Crayon Physics Deluxe, un videojuego con un planteamiento tan divertido como original. El videojuego se encuentra […]

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  721. Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper « M_the_C Says:

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  726. Crayon Physics: disegnare e testare le leggi fisiche | Geekblog Says:

    […] Crayon Physics è un gioco educativo che permette di disegnare con dei pastelli su dei fogli ed animare il disegno. […]

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  731. Crayon Physics « W.L. Xiong’s Blog Says:

    […] 在PCHome有一个Crayon Physics Deluxe的破解版. 而牛人Petri Purho自己做了一个独立的免费版, 他每个月出一款游戏, 每个游戏的设计开发时间不超过一个星期, […]

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  733. Crayon Physics | Freekoid Says:

    […] VN:F [1.4.7_740]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast) […]

  734. jmleleven Says:

    1. TriDemon: the levels are .xml files. The backgrounds are .png files.
    2. I noticed that the names of the .xml files for the levels are mixed up in the .zip file.
    3. World of Goo mod for crayon physics! look at for a link.

  735. jmleleven Says:

    um… why are there big spaces in between my words in my previous post?

  736. Interesting and Inspiring Drawing Links | Drawing Research Network Says:

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