Monthly Game Late, again


The reason is I’ve been working hard on getting Crayon Physics Deluxe done (that’s also the excuse for my the lack of posts, not doing the dishes and for pretty much anything that needs explaining). But I’ll promise to post more about Crayon Physics Deluxe soon. Unless I’m working so hard on it that I’ll forget to post about it.

I’ll also try to come up with a game for the Gamma 3D (the deadline is 15th of October), but things are pretty hectic now here at the Kloonigames offices (read my apartment), so I don’t know. We’ll see.

52 Responses to “Monthly Game Late, again”

  1. Erik Says:

    Hey man, it’s all good, I’m much happier to hear that you’re hard at work on CP than not hearing from you at all, best of luck getting something ready in time for gamma 3d (deadline is my birthday :D)

    oh and first pots 🙂

  2. Dror Says:

    its ok i just cant wait that you finish crayon physics deluxe i loved the demo so im waiting so you’ll finish the deluxe game so if you can hurry on crayon lots of people are waiting

  3. Noobos Says:

    We’re really looking forward CPD, so we forgive you 🙂

  4. chance Says:

    Great news! Good luck with Gamma 3D.

  5. Affan Says:

    great job man. glad to hear that you are working hard on crayon physics. i appreciate it alot

  6. Quinlan Says:

    Yes! But I’m still looking forward to future games.

  7. awsome!!!!!!!!!(i mean u, not me) Says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR DELUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it will be so awsome

  8. BloodyHoody Says:

    Nice news !
    Good luck for the Gamma 3D… I’m sure you’ll find something good !

  9. S Says:


  10. minä Says:

    you should publish the CPD on steam 😀

  11. minä Says:

    damn it!I suck at posting comments

  12. Dthdealer Says:

    No! Disregard the last post!
    Keep it free!

  13. Mr. Carter Says:

    Can you hurry up lil’?
    I’m waiting for ages!
    If you don’t release it within 2 months I’ll find you.
    Trust me, you don’t want that to happen.
    What the hell is taking so long?
    Get a life and release the game allready!!!
    Mr. Carter

  14. brzydki Says:

    It past over the year when I fist heard about CP. It’s incredible but I’am still waiting for Deluxe version.

  15. nightwayne Says:

    c that petri,we all love u and v forgive u………….i was a little disappointed @ first,but hey its for the best..
    take ur time,dud……….and best of luck for u……………………..

  16. Crayons Says:

    lol, no offense, but the “prototype” sucks. Not that I’m trying to be mean it’s just that all you can draw is squares. The deluxe version, however, seems much more fun with you being able to draw anything you want and cars. Can’t wait for crayon physics deluxe to come out.

  17. John Says:

    good! please work hard on crayon physics deluxe hey i think it could make a GREAT nintendo ds game! I can’t wait for delux oh and its good to hear from you you should post much more its easier to wait that way. plus this is coming oct 15 right?

  18. Musickid43 Says:

    Any thoughts on how you are going to publish it? Personally I wouldn’t use steam, but that is just my opinion. (thanks to Steam and Valve, I can not play games that I actually own.)

  19. chance Says:

    I’m in favor of using Steam. Steam works amazingly well. And you can make it free on Steam 🙂

  20. Josh Says:

    I cannot wait until I see some features listed for the game. Keep up the good work?

    Any ideas for the price? I have $30 with your name on it. If it is free how about donations?

    I bought a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC tx2500z Tablet PC and it is just waiting to get a hold of this game.

    I hope you sell some packaged CDs. Please do not go down the road of DRM. I absolutely hate that stuff.

  21. Kero Says:

    @Mr. Carter

    i’m pretty sure “Get a life” and “finish the game already” are mutually exclusive.

    glad to hear you are working on CPD a lot 😀 Can’t wait.

    Good luck with the competion, and i’ll visit next month.

  22. Luc Says:

    Hey…just a suggestion: What would you guys think of CPD for the iPod Touch and iPhone?! Wouldn’t it be AWESOME!!!???

  23. Petri Purho Says:

    Thanks guys for the support. I’m going to make a post about the details of the game, but just to recap:
    Price: 20 $ (14 €)
    Platform: PC first
    Where: It’ll be available from this site. (Steam might happen later)
    DRM: there won’t be any DRM (at least if you buy from this site).

  24. minä Says:

    I dont have a credit card 🙁 it should be possible to purchase it from supermarkets

  25. Mavi Says:

    Hello… if the CPD will be available for money, please, PLEASE put it really on Steam… it’s the best digital distribution program.. dont be like Bionic Commando ReArmed.. they announced it on Steam… it will be on steam they said…. and then… it was everywhere but not on steam :c(( pleaseeeee <3 I hope it will be on Steam <3 good luck

  26. omg Says:

    in case you didnt know!!!111111

  27. chance Says:

    I agree with Mavi. If the game will be only downloaded and not on CD, your best bet is steam. Its like having a hard copy of the game you can play anywhere.

  28. Josh Says:

    You could always get a $20 gift card Visa at a store and use that. Although I think this maybe a PayPal order. He could also go though Amazon where you can use Amazon gift cards and Visa gift cards. But we would have to wait for a official announcement on what kind of payment he will be accepting.


    Although Steam is good for some things but it is horrible for the rest especially when you want to play a game without internet access. This is the main reason I never buy steam games anymore.

    You will never be able to play CPD on the road unless you can afford a wireless card which in most cases are unreliable.

    Some DRM is good but some is bad. I had the ones which are intrusive like what TrackMania had. It requires me to insert the CD every few days. It got to the point where I do not play it anymore. I can only get the new one on Steam and I do not want to go down that road again.

    I think a simple DRM like a product key and a 1-3 time online activation is good enough to deter most pirates. In order to get a new key you would have to personally request one using the same email address. If he determines a person is excessively using product keys he could prevent that person from ever getting a new key so pretty much stops that pirate.

    But I think trusting the community is overall the best way of going about it. There will always be the people who will crack it no matter how much DRM you put on it.

  29. artsangel Says:

    I’m amazed at the fact that there are still selfish and immature people popping up. Demand this, demand that. What the heck is wrong with you? Petri will finish the game when it’s damn well finished. He doesn’t owe you lot anything. It takes well over a hundred people many years to finish all those fancy console games you all play – and I bet you don’t even think about it. This is one man creating games for fun because he chooses to.

    Grow up and have a little respect & appreciation instead of expecting things to be handed to you.

  30. Mavi Says:


    Steam have Offline mode… when you know you will be without internet connection, click on offline mode and it will send info about you go to offline mode, and then all the games will be available without internet connection…. (when they are up to date) …. I don’t use this thing.. I am everytime with internet connection.. but sometimes I tried it… and it works… ;c))

  31. Tatron Says:


    Agreed! Wtf ppl? have some respect for the guy!!! Stop demanding things from him! He doesn’t owe you anything!!! He just does this for FUN!! If you can’t understand that, then you’re just bunch of children that think they deserve anything. Grow up!

  32. Tijmen Says:

    I understand some people get annoyed by the changing release date, but thats okay, I’m following this game already for over 1 year, but found in mean time some compareable games like Markers World and PhysicsDraw. Quit funny that markers world is pretty the same, but then like a RC 1 of CP deluxe 😉


  33. Affan Says:

    its going to be $20 man i wish it was free well
    a game better than this might be marker world try this and tell me

  34. DrSteve Says:

    Thanks for the update, and good luck finishing up. You’ve single-handedly destroyed my ego as a programmer, so thanks also for that! Can’t wait for CPD gold, the whole family (6 to 40) are excited. You’ve shown us all something really special.

  35. Josh Says:

    @ Tijmen

    What is PhysicsDraw? I cannot find anything online about it. I have Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC which is very similar to MIT’s Working Model 2D. I also have Phun which is pretty cool. It is alot like DAN-BALL’s software.

  36. The Happy Friar Says:

    as long as there’s no type of DRM/activation limit, I’m in.

    Suer you already know but World Of Goo is coming out on the 13th for WiiWare. Maybe you could get CPD on WiiWare too?

  37. Tijmen Says: check this link

  38. chance Says:

    Exactly how late will this months game be?

  39. Sam Says:

    What the??? Next game in 372 days!



  40. Jacek Says:

    ” Next game will be released in 372 days. ”



  41. » Crayon Physics Says:

    […] entwickelt Petri Purho gerade die Deluxe-Variante. Aus seinem Blog geht hervor, dass er momentan jede freie Minute in dieses Projekt steckt. Man kann sich über eMail informieren lassen, wann das Spiel fertig ist. […]

  42. chwynn Says:

    [quote src=”\crayon” date=”June 1st 2007″]
    Crayon Physics Deluxe is a sequel to the popular freeware game Crayon Physics. Or you can think of it as the game I would have created if I would have had more than 7 days to do it. Way more than 7 days. More like 7 months or 17 months.

    So, that’ll be 17 months as of the 1st on November 2008 then will it?
    9 days huh?
    Looking forward to it…

  43. fletch Says:

    I think they stole your idea….

  44. chance Says:


    Why yes, yes it does. Hmmm….

  45. Alma Wyatt Says:

    I’m a big fan! Any thoughts on an iphone version?

  46. nintendo Says:

    I really liked the way they came off

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