That was my acceptance speech. I wrote it in crayons on my way to the stage. I still can’t believe it, but Crayon Physics Deluxe won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival (IGF).

I’m just happy that I got to continue the tradition of crappy acceptance speeches (with monocoles) at the IGF.

I really didn’t get a change to thank all the people who have helped me make the game possible. I felt a like a self centered brick, for not thanking anyone, but I didn’t prepare at all for the possibility that I might win, so I was afraid to thank anyone, because I might totally forget a bunch of people. So here’s a list of people without whom, the game would have never been made.

* _Ghost (Jarogniew Slotala), huge thanks for creating such an amazing piece of music and for allowing me and other people to use it. I think it’s hard for an outsider to understand how much his music changed the game, I wasn’t sure about the exact feeling I wanted the game to conceive and it wasn’t until I listened to his song I realized what I wanted.

* Erin Catto, for his marvelous physics engine Box2D. Which he has created on his free time and which he generously released as an open source project and has never asked anything in return.

* Jussi Laakkonen for helping me out with the business stuff.

* Juuso Savolainen for helping me out with some of the coding stuff.

* Daniel Benmergui for helping me out with the design stuff.

* Petri Luukkainen for being an awesome friend, play testing the game way more than is humanly possible and for doing the youtube video.

* All the testers who have given me their precious time to use for the improvement of the game. Without you guys the game would have never made it!

* Kyle Gabler for inspiring me to start doing prototypes!

* All the people who wrote comments, forum posts, blogged about the game, emailed me about, harassed me about it, the guy who kidnapped my cat and demanded that I’ll do a never version of the game or my get gets it… Huge thanks to you all, with out you I probably would have never made the game.

Edit: This was the reason why I didn’t want to say any names during the acceptance speech, because I was sure I’d forget someone. So I wrote this blog post in a hurry so I forgot to thank Ale Fernandez and Krishinda Powers for allowing me to use their sample “Krishinda Singing” in a commercial product. Also thanks to _ghost for allowing me to use Lullaby in (in which “Krishinda Singing” is used) in a commercial product. (I feel awful for forgetting them 🙁 )

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  1. Abby T Says:


  2. Harold Says:

    I knew it! Congrats.

  3. Lynx Says:

    Congratulations !!!

    Félicitations !!!


  4. D. Moonfire Says:


  5. Ninja Says:

    Did your get get it? Where’s that never version?

    Just playin. I make mistakes too.


    That’s odd that someone kidnapped your cat. WTF would anyone want to kidnap a cat.

  6. Ben Says:

    Way to go!

    I’ve been silently watching and waiting, and you well deserve this prize.

    Keep inspiring!


  7. zzzdude Says:


  8. Matt Says:

    Way to go!!! You’ve made consistently great stuff, and this is certainly well-earned. Congradulations!!!

  9. jl Says:

    haha, nice speech

  10. Edmundo Says:

    Congrats, Petri! I’m looking forward to downloading and playing the final version of the game on my friend’s Wacom Cintiq ^^. It was also a pleasure to meet you, though it sucks that we didn’t get to talk as much… oh well, there’s always next year.

  11. Crayon Physics first prize at IGF « A Digital Idea Says:

    […] Read about it here […]

  12. Mix Lagula Says:

    You deserved it. Congratulations!

    Your public demands Crayon Deluxe! 🙂

  13. Jarkko Laine Says:

    Wow, congratulations, buddy! Your game really deserved it!

    Now the pressure to get CFD out for us to play is of course higher than ever… 😉

  14. Anant Says:

    Congrats man.U really deserved it.

  15. Badra Says:

    You deserve it! I’m waiting for the game to be released.

  16. Tkulmak Says:

    You did it with your fresh and uniq Crayon Physics Deluxe!
    I know you have some more great games on your back pocket!
    Keep going!

    Ps. Hyva tpiiri!

  17. F_Slim Says:

    GREAT! Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it!
    But now get moving and finish it!!!
    😉 😀

  18. Jsticker Says:

    Congrats Petri! And don’t worry, that was one of the best speeches ever, haha

  19. BKing Says:

    Yeah! You really, really deserved it! 😀

  20. Morphweasel Says:

    Congratiolations Petri! Crayon Phisics rules! The audience loves you 😛 Eh… I mean they love Crayon Phisics. Nice job. You deserved this 😀

  21. bloodyhoody Says:

    Congratulations dude!!!
    It was sure you win it !

    Continue your good work and finish that wonderful game for I can play!

  22. John Q Wagonwheel Says:

    Totally deserve it. Brilliant!

  23. the2bears Says:

    Your winning was great news Petri. Congratulations to you and keep the games and ideas coming!


  24. 0xtob Says:

    Congratulations, that was dell-deserved! Keep on rocking! (Btw, check out my website. You know what they say about imitation 🙂

  25. Egar Almeida Says:

    F*ck yeah indeed! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  26. Spunkycomics Says:

    Congratulations! No one deserved that more than you (althogh audiosurf is close… :p)
    I love the game and cant wait for release!

    and a wonderfully written speech by the way. You should make that crayon scribble a level of the game! XD

  27. Olatokunbo Says:

    Hi I was wondering who do I contact to get an interview for my podcast?

  28. old gamer Says:

    Wow! Many many congrats man! I was almost sure you could win … Hope to see the final release Of Crayon published soon!!!! Again, congratulations!!

  29. Bleh Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations Petri!!!!

  30. Teemu Says:

    Gratz Pete! You’ll get a nice collection of DVD’s from the local Video stores discount shelves.

  31. Timmy Says:

    Congrats for making some good freeware, absolutly deserve it, please dont play pc games, make pc games!!!!!

    PS: I’m sorry to say, but i just had to say this, u look like a girl

  32. Daniel Benmergui Says:

    Crayons rocks!

  33. Some German Guy Says:

    I thought it will be a hard competition… But i knew you ARE gonna win^^

  34. Dito Says:

    congrats! you were up against some good competition it seems, but a game like CPD doesn’t come along that often. i knew it was something special the 1st time i saw it. can’t wait to get my hands on a final version.

  35. dcat Says:

    great! congrats! you deserved it!

  36. folgora Says:

    I really thinked that audio surf gonna win but still CONGRATZ!

  37. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations!!! BTW, Crayon Physics would make an awesome DS game.

  38. IceyU Says:

    great game ! great ideea !
    “F**K YEAH” :))))

  39. Aaron Says:

    Congratulations! Keep the games coming.

  40. dream Says:

    nice job m8 🙂 congrats!

  41. Kacela Says:

    Congratulations. Crayon Physics is an inspired piece of puzzle / game / art / state-of-mind that is truly a sum of it’s parts, from your vision, the physics engine, the music, the intuitiveness… it’s the perfect nexus of everything coming together. Once again, congratulations on your achievement and recognition; hopefully many, many more doors of opportunity have opened for you.

  42. Charlie Says:

    I don’t know much about the game industry, but i hope and pray you talk to Nintendo about this game, and try to get it Published on the DS.

    It would be a perfect port. I think Nintendo would absolutley love love love your game, and I would LOVE to carry this around on my DS. That would be freaking awsome.

    So seriously, I am going to write them and email and tell them to contact you, and you should contact them. This NEEDS to be on the DS.

  43. Charlie Says:

    By the way, just for you:


    The Nintendo’s Software Development webpage.

  44. MadsGustaf Says:

    I knew you could do it mate 😀

  45. Tristram Says:

    You have deserved it! It was so a brilliant idea… Why did you not realize it? Anyway: congratulations!

  46. Daniel Hall Says:


    I found your game on gamdev.net in june or july last year. I downloaded it and i must say that i was very impressed by the game. It was awesome! really original and relaxed game! hope to see more games of this quality! The game was truly inspiring and it awakened my interest for physics applications.

    Congrats from Sweden!

  47. atamar Says:


    One thing I would _really_ love to see is… what platform you’re targeting. Right now, I can’t for the death of me find any mention.
    (I assume, based on .zip extensions and the lack of mention, that it will be PC/windows. It’d be a shame to miss out on cool games just because no-one’s telling us they’re for OS X / Linux / various consoles.)

    Cheers, go on with brilliant quirky games;

  48. MikeW Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of deluxe for a while. Looks like it will definitely be worth the wait now 🙂

  49. McWonderBeast Says:

    Fuck yeah Is right Congrats!

  50. jimstr Says:

    please make it mac os x!!

  51. LL Says:

    Onneks olkoon!

  52. +>Stimpy Says:


    Congrats 😀
    you did a great job with crayon ^^

  53. rolandssmagars@inbox.lv Says:

    Cik Forsi (: (finger)

  54. adam Says:

    congratulations on winning!
    what’s it been like since winning? i bet there’s been masses of interviews and the like.

  55. bluelily Says:

    Cool, I want it for my Nintendo DS.

    seriously cool.


  56. Mkem Says:

    I’m Czech and I can’t wait for this to be released! Just to make sure… Will it be for free, or do you have to pay for it? Nice job BTW. 😉 🙂

  57. Mkem Says:

    Reply to:

    “Did your get get it? Where’s that never version?

    Just playin. I make mistakes too.


    That’s odd that someone kidnapped your cat. WTF would anyone want to kidnap a cat.”

    Someone kidnapped his cat? Damn! That’s big pain. Did you get the precious cat back? I could borrow you one of my 19 cats (No, I’m not crazy, we’re just a big family).

  58. Blen Says:

    When it says I can draw whatever I want, does that mean I can also draw strings? Because I so dearly want to be able to create an elevator lift.

  59. Matt Says:

    Awesome job, the game is innovative and is simplicity at it’s best. I like it a lot 🙂

  60. Timo Rauta Says:

    Amazing dude! Congratulations. You have come a long way from that early days QBasic stuff 🙂 Now that you have some extra money, you could possibly consider returning my Larry 6 disks? 😛

  61. Myself Says:

    Great work! You deserve it! But release the game already!

  62. Roy Says:

    How did people come to know so much about Crayon Physics Deluxe if it has not been released yet?

  63. Timothy Brooks Says:

    well deserved bro! MAC VERSION PLEASE!!! Can you say iphone/touch killer app?

  64. adam Says:

    i’ve been showing a lot of my friends and teachers the video, and they’re all very impressed.

  65. remaxim Says:

    thank you for making the situation clear to people from the outside (like me)!

    You just forgot to mention another musician, who even didn’t use a non-commercial clause and just wanted some attribution: brad sucks … just look at this page: http://ccmixter.org/files/bradsucks/3556

    Thanks for the great game once again and I m already looking forward to the deluxe version 🙂


  66. Oliver Snyders Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

    Your fame continues – Brenda Brathwaite mentioned Kloonigames in an Escapist article:


    (Sorry if someone has already posted, I seem inable to bring up all of the comments…)

    Keep on truckin’, Petri!

  67. Graham Says:

    Congrats Petri, Ive been watching your project for many months and am looking forward to seeing the final outcome.

    Perhaps you have already seen this but I think that you could really benefit by checking out the following technology on Youtube, its a DIY interactive whiteboard that you can make with a projector (or LCD screen) and a Wiimote. I would imagine it would be fantastic for playing your game at LAN parties and other events. It also supports multi touch so perhaps you could incorporate some sort of two player co-op mode or competition mode where players could play on a huge wall screen with IR light pens.


    The software itself is free at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/projects/wii/

  68. graham Says:

    Your comments system is not working correctly, it only ever shows page 1 of the comments even when you click the other comment pages. Tries in IE7 and Firefox. Hope this helps and congrats again on the win.

  69. Dan Says:

    Congratulations, but I’m sure it’s been mentioned that this game is not a completely original idea. MIT shows it here a full year before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZNTgglPbUA&eurl
    And I’m sure there are others who have dont it before. Nevertheless, congratulations on making it fun for everyone! All the best to you in the future.

  70. krisu Says:

    Ei helkkari vieköön o_o Onnittelut. En voi uskoa todeksi, toivottavasti peli julkaistaan pian julkiseksi.

  71. german_crayon Says:

    usually i don’t leave any comments on visited websites, but this time i just have to:


    greetings from germany

  72. Neil Says:

    Congrats on the win! Once you get it done port it over to the iPhone too! I wrote about this at: http://www.devberry.com


  73. Aki Says:

    Hyvä Pete! Kyllähän sen huomas jo ala-asteella taikatempuista että sussa on ainesta! Äiti leikkas mulle lehtileikkeen Kouvolan Sanomista, en ois muuten huomannu koko uutista. Jatkahan taistelua! =)

  74. Aki Says:

    Hmm en pääse Firefoxilla tai Operalla katsomaan kaikkia kommentteja.. Taitaa olla joku temppu tämäkin 😀

  75. Sam Says:

    Congrats on the award! You deffinately deservered it. And hey, if you need any more testers, you know who to ask.

  76. Julian Says:

    I’ve been following the crayon hype for a while and still enjoy playing the first release of the game. It would be great if someone could actually make it a Nintendo DS game… i think it would be a perfect match.

  77. davidOmatic Says:

    F*CK YEAH! congratulations man
    Felicitaciones por el gran trabajo 😀

  78. Steph Says:

    OOH My friend just shown me the video of this game! OMG I’m looking forward to be able to play the deluxe edition on my Wacom tablet! omg! <3<3<3<<33 It’s like the PSP Loco Roco game of PCs!

  79. brekekex Says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved award. Can’t wait for CPD!

  80. anonymous Says:


    but, if you finish the game, put it on the ds, BUT KEEP IT FREE on the web! the ds would just be an improvement for it.

  81. SKD žurnalas » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] Skubu jums pranešti vieną labai svarbią naujieną. Žaidimas, kurio pirminę versiją siūliau jums pažaisti, gavo Seumas McNally didįjį prizą ($20k) Independent Games Festivalyje (via). […]

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