Crayon Colored News

I’m on the road, but here’s some quick news about Crayon Physics Deluxe, that were just too delicious to pass.

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  1. andreas Says:

    Please, give as a date! Maybe not to the day but like “late spring” or “early summer”? God, I can’t wait 😛

  2. Sarah Says:

    I’m desperate for this game to come out for the Wii. Hey Nintendo! Pay attention!!!

  3. Timmypokemon Says:

    Sarah, if it was on the wii , it must be hard to draw stuff.

  4. Nathan Madsen Says:

    Hey, I watched your video on YouTube and was very impressed! I’m a professional composer-sound designer and I would love to help out with any audio you may need for the project. Check out my website for my demo and other information.

    I hope to work with you soon!

    Nathan Madsen

    Composer-Sound Designer

  5. IceBone Says:

    Hey, you screwed up the crayon physics link. It has a linebreak in it, so it redirects to the latest video on the page. Just thought i’d let you know. Great work, btw! Can’t wait for it to be released!

  6. Brian Says:

    Looking very forward to this coming out. Not sure if I am more excited to play, or to watch my son (a budding artist/scientific thinker) play.

  7. admin Says:

    link fixed. Thanks IceBone.

  8. IceBone Says:

    Keep up the good work (ripping off the levels from mods), y0! 😛

  9. V. Says:

    Love the beta version of Crayon Physics! I can’t wait until you come out with the non-beta deluxe version. 🙂

  10. Me Says:

    When is the full version coming out?

  11. flemingx7 Says:

    Is there anyway a custom level button can be added to the Load Level Menu. With all these great levels being added plus an endless amount more with the editor it would be great to be able to integrate them in as an additional menu option. Has this been done yet? I’ve been able to add levels and even add levels into the original list so that they play after the original levels.But I’ve not been able to get them displayed in the level menu in the game. As so many have said – Great game that is highly additive. None other compares.

  12. Says:

    CPD would be awesome on anything with a touch screen; tablets, pocket PCs, Nintendo DSs.

    I can’t see the Wii being precise enough to draw with a great deal of accuracy. Hopefully tho’, I’m wrong.

  13. zzzdude Says:

    Whatever happened to the first grater anyways, the third one was still good, but I prefer originality when it comes to cheese.

  14. AzWiz Says:

    I don’t get it. You can release a game (or more) a month, do all this other shit, but can’t finish “crayon” ?? I’m getting the impresion that it was just a “flash in the pan” and probably you just really aren’t able to finish, but wont admit it.

    I’m really sorry if that’s the case, since it seems you really get off on all these shows you go to, talking about C.P. & showing it off. Take some time off from all the show-boating and finish the damn thing !!

  15. Timmypokemon Says:

    So when is deluxe out, i guess may 1st?, where all exited 🙂

  16. Ashley Says:

    Can we please have Crayon Physics for iPhone? I would never play anything else!

  17. Mary Says:

    Seconding the comment about playing this on the wii. I’d definitely buy a wii version (and for the person saying it would be hard to draw – anyone who has played the Rayman mini game where you draw food would beg to differ)

  18. Teri Pettit Says:

    Any plans to make a version for the Mac OS? Or to release the source to someone else who would port it?

  19. Vincent10 Says:

    Stop working on your other games and finish crayon physics deluxe !!!!

    You’ll be famous, we’ll be all happy and everything will be fine, don’t wait for the ¨buzz¨ to end please.

  20. Alex Says:

    Please finish crayon physics delux,

    crayon physics is so good….I can’t imagine the new version.

    Please realease crayon physics delux


  21. Mike Says:

    You don’t need a Wii version to play it with a wiimote…. just get a USB bluetooth dongle (I use a Zoom 4321), and use BlueSoleil instead of the provided driver. Once you have the wiimote connected through BlueSoleil, fire up GlovePIE which lets you script “drivers” for the wiimote. It comes with a mouse script that would probably work with Crayon Physics (Deluxe). You could then use an S-Video cable or something to display your computer on your TV, or you could just move the sensor bar in front of your monitor and play there…

    That being said, I can’t wait to (try to) play Deluxe with a wiimote… though, as was noted earlier, I can imagine it might be pretty difficult.

  22. JuzaM Says:

    Bad news, seems your great idea just been stolen….

    No ethics, no moral, just anything for money…
    I hope you can do something against them.

  23. McWonderBeast Says:

    I hate copy cat games Its a good game but you can tell it was made of CP especially level three.

  24. Danni Says:

    Release Date, Please!!!!!!! thats all.

  25. adam Says:

    TOOOOOO much hype, and no results. i hope crayon physics deluxe is as good as magic pen.

  26. Ondrej Cifka Says:

    I hope Crayon Physics Deluxe is better (at least more accurate) and I still look forward to it. And you could add more options in the free play mode, such as adding fixed bodies.

  27. anonymous Says:

    i want some time to look forward to, maybe spring, summer, fall, winter? i would take anything besides the original, by the way marker world is lots of fun too, if your waiting for the game, go to it’s somewhat simaller to the video except to hinges or moving cars :(, no music either

  28. anonymous Says:

    can you give us some more footage of crayon physics deluxe?

  29. ingimar Says:

    i think some swedish guy may have done a quite similar game, or program, anyways i think its called Phun. i tried it out a few months ago, didnt like it that much because these was no goal with the game, only fun thing about it is that you can like make machines and stuff, also there is water…

    p.s. really looking forward to try the deluxe

  30. Gustav Says:

    tried the crayon physics on an interactive white board (touch sensitive big screen with a regular projector aimed at it). It was a lot of fun.
    Looking forward to the crayon physics deluxe.

    When it comes I’ll try to make it work with a laser-pointer on a projector like the Graffiti Research Lab set up (search on “laser graffiti” on youtube)

  31. Bunky Says:

    Looks like too much time was spent basking in the glow of show accolades and putting out vanity games no one will play. A more nimble competitor came in, built on your CP idea, and got it to market first.

    Too bad, but welcome to the real world.

  32. TIMREITH Says:

    I agree with bunky. You have/had a gold mine and you may have let it slip away. You could have went on parade after you released deluxe. Now someone else may have beatin you to the punch of your own design. I don’t know about you but i would 1) be furious and 2) feel kinda…well you know for showboating. Did you see what happen Geometry wars? And Grid Wars was 10 times better. I know they yanked Grid Wars chain but its still on the web if you look hard enough, and he is now selling another Geometry wars clone but licensed.. not as good as Grid Wars but makin a few pennies.

  33. Randy Keyers Says:

    I don’t know under which rock I’ve been sitting the past few years, but I first heard about Crayon Physics Deluxe only 2 days ago.

    Alright… maybe the following is a nice thing to hear for you and a new impulse for Crayon Physics Deluxe….

    I heard from it when it was displayed on the big projection screen during a talk at the Microsoft Developer Days in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). ( ).

    I don’t know about you guys, but for me it would be an great honor!

  34. Timmy Says:

    I’m on “Crayon Physics Unofficial Blog” YAY!!!

  35. spielefinder Says:

    hab hier ne ganz nette flashumsetzung gefunden:

  36. spielefinder Says:

    sry.. in english:

    i found a pretty cool flash version of your game..

  37. Gizmo Says:

    Please release Crayon Physics Deluxe.
    Are you sleeping?

  38. Kovisten Says:

    Well… Still just wondering, when this game will be “deluxe” version? Or just You had finished developing it? And do a lot of crap instead of that GREAT game? Never ever sohuld be accepted a price for something, thats is NOT finished! You can have all the glory for a shit… Plese, finish the god damned game already!!!! Or you were just kidding all the useres and fans of it? And mislead them? You even don’t post any f**cking answers to your forum. In spite of all that, I really, REALLY don’t wan’t to play with that game, nor pay for it!!!!!! you lied to all of the people. Thanks, mate… For nothing!!!!!

  39. Crayons Says:

    Happy birthday to Crayon Physics! Well now that’s over, time to get to crayon physics deluxe. Can we have a percentage? like 75%? or 3/5? it’s a little boring not knowing if it’ll come out tomorrow or in 6 months. If you don’t know how much your done with the game, can you please tell us at least what range of months it might be done? Like July-August? Thanks for making Crayon Physics Deluxe!

  40. JM Says:

    People are getting tired of this game per month BS. Why waste time on crap that no one wants. Quit wasting time at game shows and inventing worthless freebies and get Crayon Deluxe on the market as promised 1 year ago (read—1 year), before I just get tired of waiting and write the thing myself. After all, it’s based on someone else’s physics engine, so it’s not even completely original.

  41. Danni Says:

    Please give us some kind of update on crayon physics, a release date, a something.

    Thank you for your time.

  42. Lucas Says:

    Dude, you’re going to lose the chance to make serious money on this game, other people are making other versions of it and people are getting so restless to play it it won’t matter if its called crayon physics deluxe or magic pen or whatever other name. You should start thinking money and not monthly games for fun.

    Anyway, just a friendly heads up. Cheers, can’t wait to play your game my friend.

  43. Galen Says:

    Hey man, you’re a genius, a god among gaming mortals, but your idea has been ripped off (Again, I suppose) this time by the big time sites! Ugh:

    Best of luck kicking their asses

  44. zenith Says:

    Hey! What happens to Crayon Physics? Where is the finished game??

    Other site grab your idea!

    Look this:

  45. Sean Says:

    any update

  46. crayons Says:

    Everyone has all but lost hope for crayon physics. If you don’t blog SOME update you’ll be forgotten. But you still have a chance. Update crayon physics and people will be interested again. I mean you haven’t posted ANYTHING about crayon physics for like 7 months now. I’m starting to believe you gave up on crayon physics alooooooooooong time ago. You probably won’t even read this, you spend all your time into those monthly games which I’m not even reading about, let alone downloading them. PLEASE BRING BACK CRAYON PHYSICS DELUXE!!! YOU’LL BE A LEGEND!!!

  47. Thomas J. P. Says:

    READ!!!!! :

    I heard this from elsewhere:

    Petri Purho said in his seminar at Assembly 2008 THIS AUGUST (a big PC event in Finland, has a game-developement competition, music competition, LAN-gaming; a nerds paradise), that Crayon Physics Deluxe should be out in about THREE MONTHS. It’s missing the “Deluxe”, as he put it.

    Thank you for reading, and stop worrying and play the crappy flash-clones if you’re not happy. (Wow, Magic Pen even uses a remix from the same tune that’s in Crayon Physics, and has same levels!? Screw that!)

  48. Catalin Tanasescu Says:

    It`s octomber :(, please at least post a new entry related to cp on this blog 🙁