Jonathan Blow's Braid

Jonathan Blow’s beautiful game Braid is finally available on the Xbox Live Arcade. If you’re an owner of Xbox 360 you should go buy it. Now. Seriously.

It’s the best game I’ve played in years. I’m predicting that the Internets will go nuts about this game. I know that I went nuts after playing the game. The game made me realize that I didn’t know anything about game design and after playing the game I got some what depressed because of it. So if you’re an aspiring game designer and you think you know something about game design, don’t play this game. You will get depressed, sad and fan boyish towards Jonathan.

(Btw. I don’t own a 360, so I’m actually really tempted to go out and buy one just to play Braid. Jon has promised that the game will be released on PC later this year, but still I’m really tempted to go buy one so I could play the game right now.)

124 Responses to “Braid”

  1. Chance Says:

    Is soon as my Xbox gets fixed I’ll check it out.

  2. Paul Evans Says:

    Yeah a 360. Would be awesome to see what you could do with XNA. 🙂

  3. BloodyHoody Says:

    I will check this out 🙂
    It’s looks good on pictures 😛

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  5. Temposaur Says:

    Just tested the Trial demo today. Very nice consept ja gorgeus background graphics.

  6. McWonderBeast Says:

    Ill Check it out.

  7. McWonderBeast Says:

    that game looks awesome now i have to go buy an Xbox

  8. Chance Says:

    I got my Xbox back today. I’m downloading the demo tonight but I won’t be able to play it because Im going camping 🙁

  9. ramdom DUDE Says:

    Aye that game looks amazing

  10. namefag Says:

    I heard it was alot like Cave Story

  11. girldognored Says:

    england land tree minor bag

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