Big Crayon Colored News

Helsinki, Finland, 31st of December 2008 - Kloonigames is proud to announce that CRAYON PHYSICS DELUXE will be available for the PC on JANUARY 7 2009

The very official press release of Kloonigames.

Happy New Year, here’s some pretty big news in few words:

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe will be released on the PC January 7 2009.
  • There’s an official iPhone version of the game, released January 1st (to the best of my knowledge) and it’s been done by Hudson.
  • I’m kicking off 7 days of Crayons to celebrate the launch of the game (idea shamefully stolen from Bit Blot).
  • Everyone who has pre-ordered the game before January 3rd will get the full game on January 4th (few days before the official launch date) 🙂

55 Responses to “Big Crayon Colored News”

  1. Matt Oakes Says:


    I sent you a message on twitter already but I just wanna say thanks again 😀

    Any news on where it will be released (Steam etc.) or is that info coming in the next 7 days?


  2. Noyb Says:

    Awesome! Will there be an open demo sometime soon as well?

  3. Frode Says:

    Nice. 🙂
    Happy new year!

  4. Bubble Says:

    Hooray! Do I get some sort of special bonus as it comes out on my birthday?

  5. Pinkfish Says:

    OMG yay!!

  6. Omar Says:

    will it be playable under linux and possibly wine?

  7. Tayron Says:

    Happy new year to everyone! 😀

  8. chaucer94 Says:


    Happy new year!!!!! 😀

  9. Chance Says:

    Yeah! Soon I can use force and rockets in the editor!

  10. Chance Says:

    And it is in the app store for iPhone already! I’m buying it right now….

    🙁 It says that it isn’t available in the US app store! Thats too bad I really wanted CPD on my iPod Touch!

  11. Says:

    Nice. 🙂 You must have been working flat out- the list of bugs on the forums was quite big.

    Will you be continuing development on CPD afterwards (after celebrating and taking a break, of course), to bring on some of the community’s suggestions (there’s a lot who’d love a palette box in the editor, for instance), or will you move on to other projects?

    In either case, Happy New Year, and all the best for the future. Hopefully Choke on My Groundhog Physics Deluxe will win you another $20K. 😉

  12. Says:

    Here’s a question I should have asked before, for those with the beta, will we have to download the full game, or will it come via auto-update?

  13. Says:

    Here’s an addendum to my first question, if it is other projects, will there be more monthly games, or do you have something big in mind?

    Sorry for the comment spam. It’s New Years Day, and I’m not caffeinated yet. 😀

  14. Chance Says:

    Wo Hoo Tripple Post!

    Yeah I was thinking the same. I never thought all those bugs would be fixed so soon!

  15. Crayons at the Ready! | The Reticule Says:

    […] Good news for anyone who has already preordered Crayon Physics Deluxe. For everyone who preordered the game (or preorders) before the 3rd of January the game will be sitting snugly in your inbox on the 4th. For everyone else it’ll be released to the public on the 7th. Apparently there’s also an iPhone version in the making as well, which I’m sure will be lovely, what with the drawing based nature of the game. If you haven’t already, I suggest you preorder the game and get the first two islands, which are both full of wonderful ways to get a ball from A to B. This is all starting to feel a little familiar, isn’t it? […]

  16. Demun Says:

    WOOT happy new yr to everyone!!!!!

    cant wait P:P:P:P:P:P:P

  17. Jussi Laakkonen Says:

    HUGE congrats on finishing the game! Can’t wait to play!

  18. G-SYS Says:

    Happy new year and oh my god CPD on the iPhone! Bought some minutes ago. I love it!

  19. Crayon Physics Deluxe coming 7th Jan 2009 « Social games, entrepreneurship and more Says:

    […] extraordinaire and a good friend, has finished Crayon Physics Deluxe and the amazing game will be out for PC on 7th of January 2009. Crayon Physics Deluxe won the Independent Games Festival’s Seamus McNally Grand Prize in […]

  20. Chance Says:

    I already bought CPD for the iPhone. It’s pretty good. The look and physics is the same great gamplay. The works on the iPhone really well and I got to look at a whole bunch of new levels which are quite challenging. The only bad thing about the iPhone version is the level editor. It is simple with only stars, pins, and balls. Also, you can only have 3 slots to save levels. Other than that I love it! It is going to take a while to beat!

    If you bought the game don’t forget to go to the App store and give it a ★★★★★ review! Here is the link to the app store:

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  22. moldy_tomato Says:

    “will it be playable under linux and possibly wine?”

    At least the beta does work with Wine.
    Not perfectly but it’s still playable.

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    […] to be super excited about: Petri Purho’s long-awaited Crayon Physics Deluxe is finally heading to the PC on January 7th, and he’s doing a week-long series of daily updates to celebrate the release! […]

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  27. Kyle Says:


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  29. Olle Says:

    Great news, released on my birthday 🙂
    But Petri, you should make the Beta open for everyone. They will play it and then come back for more and buy your game!

  30. frostland Says:

    Is there the full game available today for download for who preordered it? Where can i download it? I’ve preordered some times ago 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

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  32. l train Says:

    if this is steam i’m buying 3 copies (2 for gift)

    any news about a steam release?

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  34. steampoo Says:

    OMG!! Quit yapping about steam!!!!!!!!!! steam absolutely sucks!!!!!!!! don’t believe me?? Look here —> <–this is what allot of people think of steam. Ifthis game is released on steam, i will be out of luck cause will never buy from them again.

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  36. DESLANDES Says:

    what about a pocket pc version ?

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  40. back Says:

    download details and order details please

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  42. Aaron Says:

    Any chance of a Linux port? Please??? Pretty, pretty please?!?

  43. Mac Says:

    Linux port? Waste of time in making it.

  44. Timo Says:

    Soo today is january 7, where is the game???

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