Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion

TIGSource hosted another one their funky game development competitions. This time you had to create a game based on a name you got from the Video Game Name Generator. Much like in the real industry; you get a generic name and then you have build a game around it.

My entry was coded pretty much during the last day of the competition. It’s called Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion. Basically it’s a mash up game, I mashed in Scorched Earth with Space Invaders and Missile Command. “Small-Time” in the title referes to the development model…

Sorry for messing up the game a month schedule again. I blame the deadline of the competition.

Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion

Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion screenshot Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion screenshot Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion screenshot

Download (6,3 MB) (Release 1)


You play as the scorched earth tank and your job is to defend the earth from space invaders. The development progress can be best described as “Small-Time”.

Move with “A” and “D”, aim with mouse and fire with left mouse button.

Space invaders and your rockets will do damage to earth if they hit the planet. Try to survive as long as you can.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Music: Mr. Fab – Bossa Super Nova. The song is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 1.0 license. It is freely available at under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 1.0 license.

Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.

Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion uses: SDL and SDL_Mixer.

28 Responses to “Small-Time Scorched Earth Invasion”

  1. Ssscott Says:

    Hell yes, i have been checking like once an hour for new updates.
    now downloading =]
    im going to need to think of a way to mod it lol

  2. Chance Says:

    Yeah, me too!! (But not the mod part 😀 )

  3. Chance Says:

    Wow! Playing now. This game is really great. When missels orbited the earth I was like, woooo, didn’t see that coming. Fun game!

  4. Matt Oakes Says:

    Really cool game. Makes me laugh how most of the file size is the single mp3 file 😛

  5. Says:

    It’s a good premise, but I found I could get a really high score by putting a ring of missiles in a small stable orbit, and just replenish them as they blew up. Once I had got that sussed, it was just button mashing.

    Perhaps the missiles could have fuel, and once that runs out, their orbit begins to decay.

    The only other small gripe I have is that the explosions (and only the explosions) show a black border around the arrow, which looks really odd. I’d get rid of it altogether, personally.

    It’s a shame you didn’t use the 8-bit Earth image- it’s really cool.

  6. suomalainen Says:

    good work!this is one of the best games you ever made!(this is maybe even better that the amazing flying brothers)

  7. S Says:

    Ahh, a fun little one.

    Kind of suffers from the same kind of that that made Pluto not very much fun, gravity. The missiles come back and you end up shooting yourself half the time. Occasionally would be find, but it’s nearly ALWAYS, and even if they miss on the first pass back, they keep coming.

  8. Toast Says:

    Nice little thing. ^^

    But thiiiis long time til the next one? Oh…. Could that mean… What we’re all waiting for?

  9. Daniel Says:

    Really fun game! Keep up the good work! I loved the Gravitational Field that you implemented. I just made a ring of orbiting missles and just kept clickin’! Altogether, I’d give it a 10/10!

  10. George Spagethi Says:

    Hi Petri!

    Quite Ok game! But I really missed those sound effects. And for me your games are usually quite difficult. One game lasts only 3-4 minutes and usually if people cannot get somethig to work within 10 minutes they will get bored and leave. This happens to me in many times when trying out your games.

    I think the first impression, first 10 mins, are the most important time. If the player don’t succes in that time he probably will get bored and don’t come back..

    + Orginality
    + Easy to learn
    – Player die too fast
    – Not so long lasting
    – No sound effects

    Nice little thing anyway. Good luck and best wishes for future!

  11. Rexedead Says:

    thanks YOU for a NICE games!

  12. Ruumisauto Says:


    I can’t get this one to work either, I had the same problem with Cancer Wars. Windows XP just says that “Sovelluksen käynnistäminen epäonnistui, koska sovelluksen kokoonpano on viallinen. Sovellukseen asentaminen uudelleen saattaa korjata ongelman.”

  13. Christian Roth Says:

    This game surprised me: It looked a bit silly on your screenshots. Once I tried it for myself – I knew better: This game is going to be great!

    I would like to link it on (game research) or (my blog: digital worlds).

    I’s so cool, that you used the space invaders. They are the logo of my site!
    Your games are good examples for game design.

    Can’t wait for the next release. This one has a lot of potential. Besides, Crayon
    Physics and TAFB are still my favorites. I’m sooo waiting for CP Deluxe. I told everyone about that game. I think it can be used for edutainment or just for fun in school (and for sure kindergarten 😉

    All the best, Christian

  14. Aart Dijkstra Says:

    I can’t open it.
    Like the last one (Cancer wars) it gives the error Visual Studio projects give when running the debug version on another computer. (‘De configuratie is onjuist’ in Dutch)

    Anyone else having that problem?

  15. Chance Says:

    I have made for scorched in the theme of Crayon Physics. It would be 10x better if I could change the backround to paper. If anyone can, that would be cool. You can download the mod from

  16. Spencer Says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised to find that I could blow up oncoming missiles by shooting them! You’re a genius! Though you can live pretty much indefinitely by shooting a super low orbit ring of missiles at the slowest velocity. You are a god, keep it up.

  17. logr Says:

    That’s a pretty fun game you made here! I didn’t expect it to be that fun when home alone. Also, will there be a Crayon FAQ? (did you receive it?)

  18. Flexer Says:

    Hehe, reached 276250 +)

    The game is cool, and fun..

    Many people complained about gravity, but I turned it into an advantage, and filled the planet with missile-satellites! The ultimate planet protection al song as the “ring of explosive steel” isn’t breached 🙂

    I died because I actually had all the aliens come to me from all directions at once.. it looked rally scary XD

    Thanks =)

  19. Vam Says:

    I have reached 878120 =)

    Very funny game !

    Love it !

  20. Gamer Says:

    Super game !

    I have reached 931120 😉

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