Pirate Fishing

This is the last game of Season 2 of Kloonigames. The whole season -thing is more a self proclaimed deadline and/or motivational tool than anything real. It’s very much like prisoners counting days left in prison. But I promised myself back in November 2007 that I’d do at least 12 new monthly games and I’ve more or less accomplished that. Season 2 has had its ups and downs and the whole thing was a bit more painful than Season 1, because this whole time I’ve been also working on Crayon Physics Deluxe.

So this all means there won’t be any more monthly games for a while. I’m going to finish Crayon Physics Deluxe and after that I’ll decide if I’m going to start another season of Kloonigames.

Anyway here’s the game. The game was made back in 2006 and I’ve been keeping it as a backup if I ever for what ever reason won’t be able to do a game that month.

Pirate Fishing

Pirate Fishing shot Pirate Fishing shot Pirate Fishing shot


Fishing.zip (4.7 Mb) (release 1)


You’re a pirate and you have to catch some fishes at the Baltic sea to make money.

Control the boat with mouse and pour oil into the ocean by left clicking.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) gmail.com )

Music: Weirdomusic – Fiber visits the Q Continuum. The song “Fiber visits the Q Continuum” is freely available at http://www.comfortstand.com/catalog/020/ under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic -license.

Experimental Gameplay Project

93 Responses to “Pirate Fishing”

  1. VladErmakov Says:

    AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHhhh!!! Where is Full version of Crayon PhysX? I thougth, that You, Petry make Crayon Physics…

  2. The Happy Friar Says:

    man… no monthly games. I’d say skip crayon physics & do the monthly experiments, but that’s such a cool concept I’d hate to see it not fleshed out.

  3. Sam Says:

    Cool, love the game (much much better than last month’s). Kinda bummed that you don’t plan on doing any monthly’s until CPD is done… but I guess that’s just more reason to get it done quickly 😀

  4. Andriy Says:

    “Pirate fishing” is definitely not your best game, better than last month (+1) game though.

    Crayon physics is a *H*I*T*, which you every success with Crayon Physics Deluxe!

  5. moldy_tomato Says:

    No more monthly games until CPD?
    This propably means that CPD is nearly finished.

  6. chance Says:

    I give it a B.

    The water blending with the oil graphics are great, and the music (as usual). Defiantly in the top 1/2 of your games, but I don’t see it any higher that that because there isn’t really any strategy to the game (at least that I saw, correct me if I’m wrong). Also not the most attractive graphics you have made compared to other works like Groundhog, Timmy, and of course CP. Over all not bad.

    I hope CPD won’t take too long, so you can get back to the monthly game!

  7. Quinlan Says:

    It would also be nice if you could find the time to update the “About Me” section.

  8. Blob Says:

    Wow! Anything with fluid dynamics always amazes me.

    @ chance: there is strategy, you want the oil to sink lower to get the more valuable fish so you have to work with the flow of the water.

    Petri all of your games have been amazing in there own special way and I hope you can keep making them when Crayon Physics Deluxe is finished. Thank you for being such an inspiration and good luck!

  9. v.dog Says:

    @Vlad: He is still working on it. Read the line at the top page:

    “There won’t be monthly games until Crayon Physics Deluxe is finished. ”

    Personally, I think this is fantastic news. As much as I love the monthly games (notably Jimmy’s lost his Toilet Paper, Choke on my Groundhog, and of course Crayon Physics), I’ve been really just hanging out for CPD ever since its announcement over a year ago.

    This is the game I want, and would gladly pay money for. 🙂

  10. mr.awesome Says:

    THANK GOD!!! Crayon physics will be amazing, and it’s worth more than ur selling it for

  11. the2bears.com » Pirate Fishing Says:

    […] Purho’s latest rapid prototype release is Pirate Fishing. It makes interesting use of real-time fluid dynamics, something I experimented with myself in […]

  12. mr.awesome Says:

    when will u release a demo of cpd? Crayon physics doesn’t count

  13. joe Says:

    I will miss monthly games…it was like getting an anti-period 🙁

  14. Weirdomusic Says:

    Thanks for using my music!

    best wishes,

  15. Petri Purho Says:

    @Weirdomusic: Big thanks for making such an awesome track and licensing it under Creative Commons. Do want me to link to your website instead of comfort stand?


  16. Fun Link Friday » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    […] Pirate Fishing – Petri Puhros final game from this season of quick games. Apparently he had this one “just laying around waiting for a use” […]

  17. Max Says:

    Petri, what did you like about Max Payne-movie? I noticed that you were at Tennispalatsi 1 yesterday, 20.30

  18. Tom Hall Says:

    I’m waiting for CPD~!!

  19. minä Says:

    hope you will mke more monthly games petri when you got the CPD ready!we love you (2D)Petri! 😀

  20. Jon Says:

    Awesome. I have the profound feeling that this game will be a plethora of creative giddiness, speaking for myself. I can’t wait 🙂

  21. Miles Says:

    Nice Game! Not as good as others but still nice^^.
    You made a great job there, Petri. I am really inspired by your great effort.
    Hopefully CPD does not make you to much stress!
    Best wishes for CPD! And good luck, too.

  22. John Says:

    Hey guys Petri seems to be working REALLY hard on Crayon Physics Deluxe is it going to be free?

  23. Tatron Says:

    @John: obviously not. he posted a message some time ago stating it will cost about 20$, if I remember correctly….but still, it’s a very good price for such an awesome game:)

  24. nightwayne Says:

    sorry to tell this,but i like all other games of urs bettr than this…………and pls make atleast a
    “Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS 2″……………….i play dat game everyday and i just love it……….i love it bettr that mass effect and crysis…………..so please make
    Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS 2………with grenades…………………………………..

  25. mr.awesome Says:

    it seems that 2 months ago people got pissed off that petri wasn’t working on crayon physics, but now they want their monthly games. Some are never happy… CPD WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. chance Says:


    the point of rapid game production is not to develop games. CP is an unusual exception. And please work on you grammar and spelling it is atroscious.

  27. Eugenia Says:

    I’ll have to say I’m a bit disappointed, but hey, if Crayon Physics is commin’ then who cares!

    Pirate Fishing is alright. My “strategy” is to just keep dumping poison/oil into one place that isn’t swirling around, until it builds up and drops to the bottom. So far my best score is $1,190.

  28. nightwayne Says:


    dud,who cares abt grammer……..we wanna let our ideas out……so y cant v type anything untill anyone understands and replies?:)…..thanks for the reply…….have a gr8 day………..

    btw,”you grammar and spelling” hmm……..seems to me like u gotta do the same………………….

  29. mr.awesome Says:


  30. mr.awesome Says:

    nightwayne: whazzup with all the periods………………?

  31. chance Says:

    dud,who cars abt grammr @ spelidfogudfih. It doresnyt relytiyot materjueit at all.

  32. nightwayne Says:

    ah…just for fun and makes it neat,doesnt it??lol!

  33. mr.awesome Says:

    @ nightwayne: I can’t say it doesn’t… 😛

  34. All World In One Site » Blog Archive » Fun Link Friday Says:

    […] Pirate Fishing – Petri Puhros final game from this season of quick games. Apparently he had this one “just laying around waiting for a use” […]

  35. Eugene Says:

    I am looking for some idea and stumble upon your posting 🙂 decide to wish you Thanks. Eugene

  36. Erkka Tapiola Says:

    Thank you Petri from all of your monthly released games! You’ve done an amazing job!
    Every story has it’s end, and this has been truly a great story. We salute you! Best wishes for Craynon Physics Deluxe!

  37. minä Says:

    but hey!if this is an old game what did you do in the gamma3d then?

  38. mr.awesome Says:

    DA BLOG RAN DRY!!! Please comment guys. :'(

  39. Darklink Says:

    Will Crayon Physics Deluxe cost anything?

  40. mr.awesome Says:

    @ darkling: $20

  41. chance Says:

    mr. awesome is stimulating the comments

  42. mr.awesome Says:

    someone has to

  43. mr.awesome Says:


  44. chance Says:

    Yeah thats true its been 36 for like a week….

  45. Swoo Says:

    I may be wrong but I just don’t see what could we add when we all know everything that has to be known and are just waiting the game to be released… I mean, what’s the point of commenting here when there’s nothing to comment on!!?

    If you want to talk or chat, go on msn or something else but this place should not become a place where anything is said. Because in such a case, anything is nothing. And to read nothing is just boring.

    At least, it’s my opinion.

  46. chance Says:

    How can you read nothing?

  47. mr.awesome Says:

    swoo… Like your name… I just want people (including petri :)) to remember this blog isn’t dead yet

  48. v.dog Says:

    Dead? Who said anything about being dead?

    We’re merely asleep, and dreaming of of the stars. And balls. And paper-coloured skies. 🙂

  49. Timmy! Says:

    I’m confused, will Crayon Physics Deluxe cost because its supposed to be free but some people are saying $20

  50. Tayron Says:

    @ Timmy: It’s not supposed to be free! Petri said it’s 20$ Very little money for such a great game, in my opinion, but a great deal:) can’t wait:)

  51. Swoo Says:

    Erm, concerning the game not being free, I am just wondering something… I believe that if that game is going to be a commercial one, then, Petri won’t be able to use the same music any more. And the reason for this is that, if you look at the credits for Crayon Physics (the demo), you can see the song has been created with the aim of being used non-commercially!

    I then believe the author of the song could disagree with his work being made not free by Petri.
    Don’t you think, guys?

    PS: Ok, I didn’t want to be too harsh or severe when I said there was nothing else to say, I was just thinking of the huge sorting-work Petri would have got if this blog had become a chatting place like msn.

  52. chance Says:

    That song might not be used, although I’m sure _ghost wont mind making some $ 🙂

  53. TheGoogler v2.0 Says:

    you should upload this to an illegal file sharing site, Just for the sweet sweet irony 😛

  54. mr.awesome Says:

    Yo where’s Petri? I know he’s busy, but I would love to know how far along he is. I don’t mind the wait at all, especially for such a great game, but I want a date to look forward to 🙂

  55. liss22 Says:

    wow, I can’t wait this 🙂
    just wanna get ‘Deluxe has been completed mail’ ASAP.

  56. Heather Says:

    This is so interesting! I enjoy this game thoroughly. I’m incredibly interested as to how you did the water effect (and also what program and language you’re using to build it in).

    I felt so evil polluting the environment and killing the fish. It was great.

  57. Peter Says:

    waw amazing almost a year and half waiting and still no crayon physics deluxe.
    A year and a half I have been looking at the website. I even have still the download of your first trial. I have still the video of the walkthrough, date added 20 juin 2007. Alot have happened on my side of the screen. I bought my new car, moved at my girlfriends and even went to Seatle for 2 weeks. And still again, I have been looking on this blog with teh same feeling over and over again. Dissapointment!

  58. Javier de Prado Says:



    Thanx for all your games…

    We will be waiting for season 3…. you can say whatever you want now… but we al know you will return…. 😉

    right? 🙁

    Allready missing you….

    Meanwhile…. [MODE waintin for Crayon Physics Deluxe: ON]

  59. mr.awesome Says:

    peter: who the hell do you think you are? Why can’t you do anything better? Petri actually has a life (and his own apartment), so he has other things to do besides this game.

  60. v.dog Says:

    I can see where Pete is coming from; I too have been waiting a year and a half for the game, I check this site on a near-daily basis, and I feel slightly- melancholic each day that I see that it’s not there.

    But I do understand that it’s not about me. This is Petri’s game made on Petri’s time for Petri’s pleasure. He’s sharing it with us as he wants to, not because of any obligation.

    Since he stated that he will work on nothing else till it’s release, I’m more enjoying the thrill of anticipation; Christmas is coming, and Saint Purho’s bringing crayons. 🙂

  61. chance Says:

    He can’t release a game prematurely. There are plenty of examples of what will happen.

  62. hiddenman Says:

    hhhhmmmmmmmmmm i only got 1 question for you

    how many levals does CPD?

  63. Peter Says:

    @ mr.awesome: mmm what is better than going on vacation, having a new car, moving in with your girlfriend? Could you help me on that statement?

    @v.dog: Sorry didn’t really get your sarcasm.

    Look, your game has been praised by alot of people, so many people some flashgame websites made a new category with only physics games. I mean no one will be interested iin that physics game anymore if you keep delaying. Have you ever waited for a closed beta to be open? or a game release that has been delayed?

    The feeling is annoying.

    I dont care to be honest, but it’s for the rest.

    Have you also counted the amount of people posting the same question.(“when is the release?”) ? I bet that 50% of all commentary are the same.

    Just my opinion 🙂


  64. mr.awesome Says:

    pete: moving to Hawaii, having your girlfriend live with YOU, and getting 2 new cars. I’m just saying Petri doesn’t have to please you.

  65. v.dog Says:

    I wasn’t being sarcastic. Like I said, I’m a little disappointed that game isn’t out yet, but Petri has his own life to live. It’s his game, for him to finish on his time, as he sees fit.

    Just be glad we’ll get to see such a great game at all.

  66. chance Says:

    Ok Peter you crossed the line there.

    “I mean no one will be interested iin that physics game anymore if you keep delaying.”

    Did you look at the next game countdown up there?

  67. dangerous geometry Says:

    this is quite enjoyable, well done.

    just remember, the world is moving because you are.

  68. Peter Says:

    @mr.awesome: huh?
    @v.dog: sorry for the missunderstanding :). I know it’s his game, but you dont start a game and give people false hope. True, it’s his call when he finishes his game, but 1 year and a half?

    @chance: I don’t see your point. And what I say is true. Check the archives for mid 2007. And read the comments of people tired of waiting. I kept coming back weekly to this blog, never argued of the delay until now. If we don’t argue then the game might never come out.
    And I would understand his statement if he doesn’t finish the project. But he should at least give us some more information.

  69. chance Says:

    Yeah Peter your right. I’m tired of waiting for Gears of War 2 to come out. The logical step would be to go on their blog and act like a 3 year old who wants a new Tonka truck.

    I realize that people have been whining sense 2007, but what difference does that make? Game developers don’t owe you anything, why do you act like you deserve something from them?

  70. mr.awesome Says:

    I just want Petri to give us a status update.

  71. Tom Hall Says:

    Unless you are friends with him on Facebook that isn’t going to happen.

  72. Darklink Says:

    Its going to cost $20?!?!
    I could get Cortex Command with $20!
    I could get the Spore Creature Creator with $20!
    I’m sorry.
    This game is fun and all, but it is NOT worth $20.

  73. Mute Says:

    Seriously, SPORE creature creator over Crayon Physics DELUXE? I’d rather they spend SPORE’s entire budget on it then on SPORE. All Kloonigames productions have been fun so far, I especially liked the idea of the SHMUP, a really good concept(!), The amazing flying brothers, and so far.. all classics to be(imo). Anyways… Petri, good luck with it all untill CPD, and to let you know, I would gladly pay for it. The original was cool, I played through countless times, you have some good, and original, ideas.. Keep it up!

  74. Chance Says:

    “This game is fun and all”

    How are you judging a game that has not been released. The one you have played is a PROTOTYPE and is not even close to how good the real thing will be.

  75. Peter Says:

    So you really are a minor. Look kiddo, read before whining. If you are gonna act like one, then me too.
    i didn’t say they owe me something. I’m just telling that it takes longer then it normally would. He’s been programming other games instead of finshing of crayon. Which for some is not appreciated. It’s up to him…
    he hasn’t giving us updates for a while.

    A blog is intended to give us updates! And as long as he doesnt do anything he will lose alot of subscribers. So you should really stop acting like a child and always deny this fact.

    I’m just being realistic, and teh proof is also there.

  76. mr.awesome Says:

    peter: I understand your point, but please remember that you are surrounded by diehard CPD fans. What you’re doing is like wearing a Messi jersey at a Real Madrid game.

  77. Peter Says:

    hehe, I know sorru bout that 🙂
    Well, I suppose it’s just waiting then.

    I’m sure the news will spread out when the game is out.


  78. Chance Says:

    The point of a blog is to do what you want with it, not to make your deranged fans happy.

  79. Hempuli Says:

    Heh, people can argue over everything.
    I have found most of Petri’s games quite entertaining, mostly Timmy and Amazing Flying Brothers. They’re good for a quick check’n’play. I can’t see why waiting 1 and a half years for a game would be so very terrible, many games take longer and are still not even completed.

    But where I agree here is that 20$ seems a bit too much for such game. I enjoyed CP and might also enjoy the sequel, but even over 70 levels and a level editor don’t ake it sound worth of 20$. I might be wrong, though. Maybe there’re some new nice features, like some physics-using machines, or something like that?

    And please guys, don’t overreact so easily, it’s just a game and it’s just a blog etc etc.

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  81. Tahsis Fishing Says:

    I’m really impressed by your techno-savvy creative talents. Keep us updated on this exciting project.

  82. Dillion Says:

    Does anyone else have any experience with this?

  83. Suzie Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  84. medyum Says:

    I give it a B.

    The water blending with the oil graphics are great, and the music (as usual). Defiantly in the top 1/2 of your games, but I don’t see it any higher that that because there isn’t really any strategy to the game (at least that I saw, correct me if I’m wrong). Also not the most attractive graphics you have made compared to other works like Groundhog, Timmy, and of course CP. Over all not bad.

    I hope CPD won’t take too long, so you can get back to the monthly game! Medyum

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