Day 6: Final Trailer

Day 6 of our 7 day journey to the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe for the PC. The full version of Crayon Physics Deluxe will be released tomorrow!

Here’s the final trailer for the game:

Crayon Physics Deluxe trailer 2 from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

44 Responses to “Day 6: Final Trailer”

  1. Sampo Says:

    Crayon Physics Deluxe – game of pure awesomeness.

  2. Akulin-Fox Says:

    Amazing! I love this game

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  4. Loki Says:

    Wow, you had insanely creative mechanisms.
    Most of mine were just the ball on a rope with a counterweight. 😛

  5. Chance Says:

    Amazing! It is just fascinating how many ways you can beat each level!

    (Why Wasn’t there any string in the trailer?)

  6. countach Says:

    Goosebumps, man. What a piece of art!

  7. Says:

    I love the spring you demonstrated in the last level (along with all the other crazy solutions), but I can’t seem to make a level with it in the editor- the spring itself falls away, sometimes taking the pins. 🙁

  8. Chance Says:

    You should use this on the main CPD site. Put both this video and the original one. The sped up camera looks really cool when it does almost like a time lapse video….good stuff.

  9. gumugmu Says:

    interesting to see all these ways to beat a level…for some of the levels all I did was just draw a path then keep drawing blocks to bump the ball till it reaches the star. >.>

    Btw quick question, what font was used for the logo “Kloonigames” in that video?

  10. Masscrap Says:

    Did that really work?

  11. Masscrap Says:

    …i mean 1:55 and a half…

  12. Petri Purho Says:

    @Masscrap: Yes it did 🙂 I actually had to do it twice, because we botched up the recording.

  13. iswami Says:

    It’s awsome.

  14. Noyb Says:

    Was that a three headed monkey on the world map near the end? XD

  15. Boone Says:

    Hey Petri great job with the game. I have been watching your blog ever since you first launched Crayon Physics. I showed the first realese to all my friends and they keep bugging me “Do you know if the new version of the crayon game is out yet?” I gues now I know what to tell them. 🙂 The Trailers look amazing and you did a great job wit hall the physics in this game. I just have to bug my parents to fork out 20 bucks. But you know what I think I might be worth doing a couple extra chores. 🙂 Good Job on this game and I hope you continue to make more fun games in the future. You have great things ahead of you.

  16. JoANX Says:

    Petri nice game! i’ve been waiting this day for months!! awesome development and good creativity! keep up the good work! i hope you climb a crayon-drawed mountain and take the star of success award! good luck on the game worlds, with all the publishers, developers, cranky old men and all that stuff! and hey! it looks like a 5th year old kid game but… that’s what we need, to get nostalgic with that kind of things, in my opinion the graphics couldn’t be better.

    hey… could you tell me the time of release please?? T.T i want to be here, but i’m from other country and i have to do the right timing!

    Well see you pal!
    may the force of crayons be with you

  17. John Galt Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful trailer that was! I was planning on purchasing that mighty fine lookin’ game at some point but I don’t think I can restrain myself much longer.

    Congratulations on the release.

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  19. mr.awesome Says:

    my mouth is watering, Petri. Too bad my computer is too old to play it. Getting a new one, though 😀

  20. Symbaali Says:

    Tosi hieno peli. Milloinkas teet S60 5th version Noksun uusille luureille?

    For non-Finnish people, I just asked for a version for S60 5th edition smartphones.

  21. Icekirby96 Says:

    This is too cool! Finally, Crayon Physics Deluxe is out! Now then…where do I buy it?

  22. Andy Says:

    Is it actually going to be released today? I have paid, but have no game 🙁

  23. Chance Says:

    @Andy: as long as you got an email with your secret key, you will get the game at some point.

  24. Weston Says:

    Cant… Wait… Any… Longer.

  25. ano Says:

    oh noes we must wait next year

  26. Akulin-Fox Says:

    The best game ever

  27. smo Says:

    i want it….

  28. langel Says:

    the music reminds me of crying alone in the winter =D/

  29. Katagana Says:

    Hey, awesome game. You really should work with Nintendo to port it over to the wii, it would sell millions on Wiiware!

  30. Kbooz Says:

    @Katagana : Oh yeah, you’re right, but already have the Homebrew “Wii Physics” 😛

  31. sidetracked Says:

    Love the concept and can imagine playing this for long periods of time. You should sell this to Nintendo as a Wii game.

  32. Fake Admin Says:

    sorry guys, but u must wait one more week. i hope u will!

  33. JoANX Says:

    What? is that true?

  34. Fake Admin Says:

    Yes it is totally true lol….not i bet Petri is just busy and making sure everything is working before he posts it

  35. Boone Says:

    Yes this would be a GREAT Wiiware game. Please consider that Petri. I would love it

  36. Chance Says:

    Why would this be good on Wii? It is very hard to draw and control that stupid Wii cursor. It would be better on PC, Mac, DS, or iPhone. That is where it will probably go next (or already is).

  37. Calvin Spealman Says:

    I just got my copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 in the mail today, and I’m going to spend more time playing Crayon Physics Deluxe until I’m completely spent on it. Great work! I loved the original and I’ve been awaiting this release with huge anticipation.

  38. JoANX Says:

    phew, i almost eat that one! i knew it would be some fake admin or something! well i want to try the demo and buy the full version right away!

  39. gidin Says:

    Je ne suis plus un gamin (76 ans) mais j’adore ce que vous venez de réaliser,une réelle révolution avec tous ces jeux vidéos existants depuis la nuit des temps.

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  41. starsky51 Says:

    The demo works perfectly in Wine. Good news for Linuxites!

  42. jeuxmaniac Says:

    Jeux vid

  43. jeuxfanatic Says:

    Jeux vid

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