Day 5: Trivia

Day 5 of 7 day journey to the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe for the PC. It’s trivia day 🙂

Did you know that:

  • Crayon Physics (the prototype) lacked a bunch of features, because I locked myself out of my apartment and lost two days of development. I couldn’t get access to the computer that had the source code until June 1st (the release date).
  • Originally I started working on a bigger version of Pluto Strikes Back. It wasn’t until the second week of development that I decided to start working on Crayon Physics Deluxe. Reason for the swap was that I thought I could do Crayon Physics Deluxe during the summer. Oh boy was I wrong.
  • The only reason I started working on Crayon Physics Deluxe was to get a free pass to the Game Developers Conference. I figured that I could do something that I could submit to the Independent Games Festival and get in to the finals, because if you’re an IGF finalist you get a free GDC pass.
  • I changed the physics engine of the game, one week before the IGF deadline.
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe destroyed my education. When the summer of 2007 ended I took a 6 months break from school to finish the game. When the game made it to the IGF finals, I decided to take another 6 months break. After the summer of 2008 the game wasn’t still finished so I had to take another 6 months break and eventually another one this January. I doubt that they will allow me to finish my degree.
  • The name “Crayon Physics Deluxe” was picked when I was filling out the IGF submission form and it had an input field for the name of the game. I had to modify the title screen after submitting the game.
  • I was disappointed when Crayon Physics Deluxe won the grand prize at the IGF. I wanted World of Goo to win, because I think it’s a better game and because Kyle Gabler is my idol.
  • During GDC we stayed in the same hostel room with Phil Fish and Renaud Bédard, the developers of Fez
  • My mother wasn’t too impressed with Crayon Physics Deluxe, she told me that the game looked like a five year old made it. And I should have used a paper that wasn’t all wrinkled and I could have used a ruler to draw the lines so they would have been straight.

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