Day 4: Photo day

Day 4 of 7 day journey to the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe for the PC. It’s a photo day.

The IGF crunch
Here’s the room in which the work on Crayon Physics Deluxe was started. Notice the huge amount of junk lying all around. That’s because it’s a storage room (at my parent’s place) used to store all my old computers and other junk that I’ve collected over the years.

The IGF crunch
The post-it notes contain small TODO lists. This is taken right after I submitted the game to the IGF. Two weeks before this there was only one post-it note on the monitor.

The Old Bastard
Picture of Old Bastard. Compiling the game on the old bastard takes a little over hour.

Post-it notes from the last two weeks of development.

15 Responses to “Day 4: Photo day”

  1. travisg Says:

    wheres our pre order release?^^

  2. chaucer94 Says:

    Wonderful! The room that was born the project …:) Sorry Petri, but we are all waiting for crayon physics deluxe… Should not be available on the 4th who had pre-ordered? is already the 5…XD

    Thanks and congratulations!

  3. Chance Says:

    lol I can’t believe you had to program the whole game on Old Bastard!

  4. Matt Oakes Says:

    I love how none of the pcs have sides or front on them. Looks a bit like my work with all the jung around 😛

  5. anon Says:

    specs on machines?

  6. Darren Torpey Says:

    It’s great that you bothered to take pictures of your development environment during production. A lot of people feel too silly about doing that, but I think that many of us enjoy seeing these a lot.

    Thanks for being willing to share this.

  7. Tayron Says:

    lol. Nice rooms man;)

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  9. Tomidimus Says:

    Heh. If there’s some money left from the IGF, I’d recommend you to get a new rig and preferably a computer screen. (LCD, that is)

  10. Kyle Says:

    You are fucking indie, man.

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  12. Meg Says:

    What a delight! I heard about the game on NPR and brought it up about a day later. My son, 13, didn’t get it until I made a see-saw and started tossing things up! then he took over. Brilliant! I shall send it to all my friends. I am sorry to say that I suppose that you will not be able to retire, but like Priestly, you have contributed to the human dialog.
    Warmest regards,


  13. KoroneR Says:

    Nice room! Love that beautiful model M on last photo!

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