Day 2: Music of Crayon Physics Deluxe

Day 2 of our 7 day journey to the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe for the PC.

The music played a really important role in Crayon Physics (the 5 day prototype), not only as something that set the mood for the game, but it actually influenced the content of the game as well. Back in May 2007 I asked Austin Wintory (he did the soundtrack for fl0w) to create some kind of a soundtrack for the prototype. I didn’t know what the music should be like and Austin was really busy at the time so the whole kinda just collapsed and nothing came out of it.

During the last two days of development I was surfing the web for something suitable that might work with game. At the time I was thinking of cheery children’s music, but I wasn’t really happy with the association of cheery children’s music and crayons. It felt cheesy and I didn’t want to make a cheery, bright, loud children’s game. So while I was surfing for suitable music I accidentally stumbled on the song Lullaby by _ghost. It was love at first hearing, I knew that it was the kind of music that the game really needed.

_ghost – Lullaby

The song is also in the full version of the game (thanks to _ghost, skoria and Brad Sucks for allowing me to use it).

The other thing that I stole from Bit Blot (the other one being this 7 day behind the scenes journey idea) was Alec Holowka’s awesome music. I didn’t actually steal it, I just forced Alec to compose me a song for Crayon Physics Deluxe. Ever since I played Aquaria I’ve been a huge fan of both Derek and Alec, because they created such a beautiful game. So it was awesome that Alec was willing enough to do a song for the game. The name of the song is Afternoon Snooze 🙂

Alec Holowka – Afternoon Snooze

The last song in our short soundtrack came as a total surprise to me. It’s from Stian Stark and it’s called Crayon Dreams. Stian emailed me pretty late in the development and offered one his tracks for the game. And I was surprised to hear how well it fit the style of the current main menu in the game. Thus we made a deal and I’m happy to announce that Crayon Dreams is one of the tracks in Crayon Physics Deluxe.

Stian Stark – Crayon Dreams

You can download the complete soundtrack from here.

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