Day 1: Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone

Day 1 of our 7 day journey to the release of Crayon Physics Deluxe for the PC. Each day I’ll post about behind the scenes kinda stuff about Crayon Physics Deluxe and on day 7 (January 7) the full version and a free demo of the game will be released.

Today is kinda of a special day since Hudson released the iPhone port of Crayon Physics Deluxe.

The whole porting of a game to another platform feels really weird. I didn’t have that much to do with the actual porting, so seeing the game on another platform is both exiting and terrifying. Seeing their marketing material for the game is even weirder. The single biggest selling point seems to be, that it was a “youtube phenomena”. Not something I would say about the game, after seeing bunch of the real youtube phenomenas.

33 Responses to “Day 1: Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone”

  1. Matt L. Says:

    That actually looks like a pretty decent port to me…the main thing that looks awkward to me is drawing with your finger. I suppose a stylus would work just fine though. Now if only I had an iPhone…I don’t suppose there are any plans to have it ported to the DS? Cause I would buy a second copy for that (already purchased the PC version 🙂

  2. Chance Says:

    The game works great on my iPod. And it has rope, which is cool. The only negative aspect is the dumbed-down level editor. Does anyone know if this iPhone version has the same levels as the PC will? And how many levels? Right now I’m stuck on level 39 (they get hard) and I’m wondering if there will be 70+? But yeah anyways its a great port by Hudson. And if you buy it don’t forget to rate it ★★★★★!

  3. hukl Says:

    Hmm played until level 23 but i can’t freely draw what i want, says i got to erase something first but is entirely unclear where or what is possible and what not. it was fun until now but its really frustrating when you are not allowed to draw something but there is no information why.

  4. Chance Says:

    If you read the descripion on the app store, it tells you how to fix the “erase objects” bug. And if you had rebooted when you downloaded it, you wouldn’t hve gotten the bug at all!

  5. hukl Says:

    I wasn’t aware. Didn’t read all the text in the app store on my iphone. I’m pretty new to it as well. I wasn’t dissing you guys – just complaining. I still think thats fair because launching a faulty app is kind of uncool.

    I tried the fix, its working now and I love it – no worries! Just take a few days extra next time 😉


  6. Felix Says:

    The game has 50 levels. (Yes, I played them all)

  7. deweyduo Says:

    Your iPhone game is fantastic! Deceivingly easy at the start. Level 24 and up are starting to drive me crazy! This is great!

  8. jimmy Says:

    don’t forget to rate it ★★★★★ deweyduo. my review is the 5th one i’m jondo

  9. andreas Says:

    too much lag. not okay.

  10. Chance Says:

    @andreas: It is only laggy on the first generation iPod and iPhone. But all the apps are like that on 1st Gen iPhone’s and iPods. The game is never unplayably laggy

  11. er_guga Says:

    hey for some reason i cant findthe game on the app store in my ipod, i dont know whats happening, if someone can help pls

  12. spindle Says:

    You have to upgrade to 2.2 firmware on iphone to download it. At least it did with me.

  13. Pocky Says:


    Can someone please tell me if the song playing in the video is included in the game.
    Cuz it’s so freaking relaxing. Very soothing when i’m going to play the game. ^^

  14. Mike Says:

    I already have the game and I STILL can’t find it in a search on the iphone or the computer in itunes.

  15. er_guga Says:

    yeah me too, i had to download it through hudsons page, and i have 2.2 already :s… the game is very nice!

  16. Chance Says:

    Guys the app store link is here:

  17. Chance Says:

    Wait no sorry! That’s the pictures link 😀

    The real link to the app store is here:

  18. ErnsTT Says:

    Very cool, anxious to see it on the PC platform on my Tablet PC…

    But what the hack, why isn’t it released for DS and Wii, that would be a much more prolific platform for this kind a games !

    Come on, now you started porting, and the going get’s tough, the toughened hould get going 🙂 (Bow Wow Wow)

    C’mon, you can do it! (Worms©)

    Succes at porting and my DS pointing stick is waiting,m give me a signs when to run tot the MM 🙂

  19. Chance Says:

    @ErnsTT:Petri didn’t port CPD to the iPhone, Hudson offered to do it. If a company asked if they could make a Wii or DS port, then he would let them. The only ports that petri actually has the knowledge to make right now is mac.

  20. OMA Says:

    Please, try to get your game noticed by DS developer companies. This would sell quite well on the Nintendo DS!

  21. OMA Says:

    In fact, Hudson itself develops games for the DS, so they should to a DS port. The Nintendo DS is owned by a lot more people than iPhones and iPodTouchs.

  22. Chance Says:

    @OMA: I agree that is would would sell quite well on the Nintendo DS and it would work great. But it simply isn’t true that more people own DS than iPhones and iPodTouch. The iPhone alone has sold over 4 million so far.

  23. OMA Says:

    The iPhone may have sold 4 million units worldwide, but the Nintendo DS has sold more than 24 million ONLY IN JAPAN! The worldwide figure should be even higher.

    So I think it’s safe to say that the DS is owned by way more people than even the iPhone and the iPodTouch combined.

    It would be a great opportunity for Hudson to publish a game that takes full advantage of the DS tactile screen.

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  28. OMA Says:

    According to this story, the Nintendo DS has actually sold 100 million units worldwide!!

    That’s a lot more potential audience than with iPhones/iPodTouches. I hope Hudson, being already a game developer that has released DS games in the past, decides to do a DS port.

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  30. Rue Says:

    I say YES to a GOOOOD ds port. I would definitely buy it either way, just to support the Indie Game Makers. I can’t believe it’s on steam.

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