Crayon Physics Deluxe on Steam

crayon physics on steam!
Crayon Physics Deluxe is now available at Steam for 19.99$.

In other news I’ll try to keep this blog updated and start doing monthly games again. I’ve actually done few games but I haven’t released them yet for various reasons. The biggest reason being that I don’t think they are that great games 🙁

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  1. Akbalder Says:

    It’s great to have Crayon Physics Deluxe on Steam but it could be greater with achievements. Do you consider adding them ?

  2. Mavi Says:

    Akbalder: Thats what I wanted to say, I did the Steamforums thread about the achievements :c)) I hope Petri will add them! 🙂 .. btw great move Petri, I am really happy, I waited for CPD on Steam, I hoped you’ll release it there.. 🙂

  3. Gregory Weir Says:

    Release them anyway! It’ll motivate you to make better stuff, and they might be better than you think.

  4. Gemedet Says:

    Awesome! Great to see it finally on here! Any chance of us pre-orderers (remember, way back in December?) getting to activate it with our special keys?

  5. gsoto Says:

    This is about experimental games. Everything is good; even failures 😛
    Also, don’t try to compete with yourself.

  6. Says:

    I’m with Gregory & gsoto; post them. They might be more fun than you think, and you’ll get constructive feedback.

    Plus I always like reading the Post Mortems.

  7. Brian Says:

    Is there a way to add this game to steam if we bought it through you? Thanks!

  8. Dominic Bisset Says:

    I agree that you shouldn’t worry about how good your experimental games are. Post them anyway – All experience is good experience. After all that is how crayon physics came about isn’t it?. Keep posting them, and I’ll keep wishing that I can play them on linux.

  9. RedR Says:

    Please post the games. Even if they are not that good it would be realy nice to play them. I realy want to see what you made.

  10. iestyn Says:

    Bug report (didn’t know where else to send it) for the Steam version:
    – as soon as you enter the world map, you can click the boat at the first island
    – if you do this, all levels on the island that were previously accessible cannot be clicked on
    – only the levels next to the boat (which shouldn’t be accessible yet!) can be clicked on
    – return to the main menu to clear this whacky state

    Minor but had me confused for a couple of minutes, since I immediately clicked the boat (it did have a big red arrow pointing at it, after all!). If i hadn’t figured it out, I would have had no option but to quit.

    Other than that, great game! About half-way through so far 🙂

  11. Ed Gilbreath Says:

    I plan to use Crayon Physics for a school lesson. I have purchased one (1) copy for testing purposes. I tried to purchase fifteen (15) additional copies and steam will NOT allow me to make that purchase. I am willing to pay you directly through PayPal.

    OR can you email me with a message stating that you will allow me to install my single copy on multiple computers?

  12. Ludochkka Says:

    Отлично написано. Позитива конечно не хватает, но читал на одном дыхании

  13. CodeJustin Says:

    Gratz on getting on steam. I’m glade to see you be even more successful. Keep up the work and always remember that it’s hard to stay on top.

    -Wish you the best of luck!

  14. luftwaffles Says:

    I cannot get the password to work, I reset it, and the game again says its incorrect. I think there is an issue with the game communicating with the master server

  15. Justin Says:

    @ Ed Gilbreath: (in hopes you check back in here…)

    Steam allows the possibility of “gifts”. Have each of the students create (or you create) accounts for each of the students, and purchase the games using that method.

  16. Duane Says:

    Need a timer/time limit. Maybe limit the number of items or types of items you can draw.
    I found it ez to raise a ball just by drawing boxes under it.

    Now the obvious one..port this to the DS.
    There’s already a Gravity game out there that’s similar, but this obviously will
    work better due to it’s freeform and the DS’s touchscreen capabilities.

  17. medyum Says:

    Gratz on getting on steam. I’m glade to see you be even more successful. Keep up the work and always remember that it’s hard to stay on top.

    -Wish you the best of luck! Medyum

  18. ctdannyd Says:

    Very cool game. I’d suggest as an excellent candidate for the iphone/itouch.

    I’d love to get lost in this world while out and about.

    Very clever!

  19. Peter Macaione Says:

    Hi Petri
    I plan to use Crayon Physics Delux in a primary school environment. Is there a a way I can purchase a site licence?

  20. Tom Luse Says:

    I paid for crayon physics deluxe on pay pal but got no additional info.
    Will it be sent to me on a CD or is it supposed to be downloaded.
    I’m left in limbo.

  21. Flash Gamers Says:

    Really good read, ive bookmarked this

  22. Pablo Says:

    animo 😛 yo ya vi un solo juego y me basto para ver que haces buen trabajo 😛