Bloody Zombies Mod: Bloody Goombas

Well, it’s only been four days since I released Bloody Zombies and ShortStuf7 aka Tom Carroll (from fun-motion forums) has already managed to create a total conversion mod of the game. And it’s a pretty sweet Mario themed mod with modified levels.

Play as Mario in an epic quest to save the princess!
Kill Goombas with your turtle shell to collect coins and go through the pipes!

You can download the Bloody Goombas mod from here: Bloody_Goomba.rar (0.5 MB). It’s a stand alone mod, so it’s pretty easy to get working.

The first custom levels to Crayon Physics were also Mario themed. I’m not sure why is this, but apparently everybody thinks my games would be much better if they featured Mario. *Hint* *Hint* *Wink* *Wink* to possible Nintendo managers reading this. Oh and please don’t sue me or Tom.

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