Bloody Zombies

I’m kicking off the new season with a low resolution game done for the Gamma 256 event. The deadline is today, but really this game should have been released yesterday, when it was Halloween and Peter Jackson’s birthday. All I can say in my defence is: Party’s over!

Bloody Zombies

Screenshot of Bloody Zombies Screenshot of Bloody Zombies Screenshot of Bloody Zombies

Download (0,5 Mb) (Release 1)


Bloody Zombies, the goriest game ever made in the glorious 128 x 96 resolution! Fight zombies with your lawn mower! Solve levels with your opponents blood!

Goal is to rescue Barbara from the clutches of the nasty zombies. Collect all the keys in the level to open the door to the next one.

It’s recommended to play the game with a Xbox 360 controller. But it’s also playable with keyboard and mouse.

Xbox 360 gamepad controls
[d-pad] controls the character.
[right thumb] controls the lawn mower.

[right trigger] gives gas to the lawn mower.

Mouse-keyboard controls
[WASD] moves the character.
[Mouse] moves the lawn mower.
[Left mouse button] controls the gas.

Esc will quit the game.

Settings.xml can be tweaked to run the game in fullscreen. The game runs in 128 x 96 resolution, but for obvious reasons the game area is zoomed. The zoom factor can be adjusted in the settings.xml. It’s under the title PixelSize. PixelSize 1 runs the game in it’s native resolution.

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