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The Mirror

Monday, February 1st, 2010

The Global Game Jam ended yesterday. So far I’ve seen few really interesting games surface from the what was probably the biggest Game Jam ever.

I participated the Nordic Game Jam again, second year in a row. There were a decent number of indie friends there and we had a blast. This year was way more stress free than the last one. Most of us took things a bit less seriously this time around. Which was a good thing. Here’s a photo from our cubicle in the sky:

Our cubicle in the sky

We tagged the white board and claimed the cubicle with drawings of us and male reproductive organs.

One of the reasons why my output of prototypes last year was so slow was that I’ve become somewhat scared of publishing my games here on this blog. After releasing Crayon Physics Deluxe I realized that a lot of people where reading my blog. Lot more than before. When I started out making prototypes there was literally no one downloading my games. I felt more liberated and creative. I had the license to suck, I could swear, do games about any subject I wanted to without worrying that there is some mom who wanted to buy Crayon Physics Deluxe clicked on the blog only to be surrounded by profanity.

So to give you all the metaphorical finger here’s the game me Jonatan “cactus” Söderström did during the Nordic Game Jam.

The Mirror shot 01

I was responsible for the graphics and Jonatan did the coding. Our game turned out to be an “interesting” one. To be honest it’s pretty bad as a game. But the concept behind it was somewhat interesting and the execution is certainly disturbing. I’m kinda glad we decided to go all the way with the game. Literally.

You can go and download the game from GlobalGameJam website. BE WARNED THE GAME IS SOMEWHAT NSFW (there’s a penis in the game). Here’s link to the game

The theme of the jam was to make games about deception. We decided to experiment again with what defines a game and ended up with an interesting experimentation.

I recommend that if you’re interested you try to the game and don’t read the spoilers hidden underneath:
So our idea was to do game that didn’t really have any real rules or a goal. It’s all deception. You can interact with the game and you’ll get points randomly from doing things. There are no real rules to the game. It ends at a random point. The game is open to any interpretation and we’d love to hear yours.