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Cancer Wars

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Apparently jet lag (GDC will do that you), over 50 unanswered emails (I blame GDC) and trying to prototype multiple game ideas (also GDC’s fault) at once isn’t the most productive working environment. Who would have known. And before traveling to San Francisco I was thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do a game after the conference; having a head full of ideas I wanted to test out. Anyway I patched together this prototype in two days. Unfortunately it isn’t nearly as finished as I would like it to be. I’m not sure if the game mechanism even “works”…

It’s a two player game, played with a single mouse. There is no single player mode in the game! Also there isn’t any instructions in the game, so please read the written instructions before trying it out. And to reset the game you have to manually “reset” the game, by closing and restarting the program.

Cancer Wars

Cancer Wars shot Cancer Wars shot Cancer Wars shot

DOWNLOAD: (2.4 Mb)


You play as pink and green stomach cancers, who mainly survive by consuming large amounts of beer (yellow liquid in the stomach). The goal of the game is to harvest enough of the beer to fill out your resource meter. Who ever fills their resource meter first wins the game.

To harvest the beer try to get as much of the beer into your cancer mouth as possible. You can build constructions by dragging cancer pieces from the “shop”. You can rotate the pieces (while dragging) with the mouse wheel. Every piece you build will cost you some amount of resources. The bombs will allow you to destroy cancer pieces from the stomach.