Nomination & Interview

February 12th, 2008

I have nothing against mods, but “Nomination and Interview” is so much better than “A Mod and an Interview“.

Hosting Problems

February 7th, 2008

I’m sorry that I ended up spamming my RSS readers with tons of posts.

But I had some trouble with my ex hosting company (referred from now on as Beelzebub), so I switched companies. After reading about different hosting companies I came to the conclusion that they are all inherently evil, spawns of Satan and their only mission is to cause hate and sorrow in the world. In this regard I consider Beelzebub to be one of the best.

Problem is that Beelzebub doesn’t want to give me access to the contents of my blog. I’ve been asking them (politely) for about two weeks now and I haven’t heard any kind of a real answer from them. Actually all I’ve been asking for is a shell access (which I used to have), but it seems like it’s something they really don’t want me to have. So I ended up doing this MacGyverish hack to get my content back, using an old SQL dump, google reader’s cache and some php magic.

In the process I lost all the comments between September 14th 2007 and January 23th 2008. I’m terribly sorry for that. But Beelzebub is holding them hostage and I’m still waiting to hear what they want for them. Could take a while since, well since everything Beelzebub does takes a while.

Grammar Nazi

February 1st, 2008

Feb 6 2008: This is what I posted while the site was down. And yes, I’m still waiting for the shell access rights from my old hosting company…

I’m still waiting. My ex hosting company hasn’t given me a shell access, so I could fix the SQL tables and get my blog back up and running. It’s been now 9 days and I’ve been in contact with them several times and they still haven’t been able to give me a shell access or fix my SQL tables.

In the meantime I did a quick one day game, which I’ll provide here.

I’ve been fighting the urge to do a SHMUP for a long time. The indie SHMUP genre is a very interesting and a lively one. So greetings to you all, I admire your work and I hope I haven’t cloned anyone’s game without knowing it!

Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazi shot Grammar Nazi shot Grammar Nazi shot

DOWNLOAD: (5.8 Mb)


You’re the grammar nazi, fighting poor English usage everywhere you go!

Type in letters to fire. You can do damage to the poor English (the boss enemy thing) if you manage to spell a word correctly. Longer words do more damage than short ones.

Controls: your keyboard


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Music: The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb – Shopping For Explosives. The song “Shopping For Explosives” is freely available at under the  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 1.0 license.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Preview

January 19th, 2008

I made a New Year’s resolution to update this blog more often and with more meaningful posts. Ironically this blog posts marks a very special occasion, it’s been 18 days since my last blog post which is officially the longest I’ve gone without updating this blog. So I’m off to a flying start this year :)

Anyhow, I wanted to point out that John Walker over at Eurogamer wrote a preview of Crayon Physics Deluxe. Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

Most of all, even playing this in-progress build, what’s clear is quite how lovely Crayon Physics Deluxe is going to be. It’s a warm, cuddly experience, but also a fantastically well-designed one. The puzzles start off simple, and introduce new concepts matching the difficulty curve.


Happy New Year

January 1st, 2008

M3 – Molesting the Match-3 Market is this month’s game. I sorta published it a bit earlier because I participated the Ludum Dare with it. Sorry for mixing up the day counter.

But Happy New Year everyone!!