I rarely update this blog, because, well… Writing blog posts is just too much work for me. So to fix this problem I decided to start twittering.

Or at least I’ve decided to start experimenting with twittering. I’m interested in seeing if anything good will come out of this activity or is just another way to waste time on the internets. Hopefully it will at least give you some kind of an image on whats going on with Crayon Physics Deluxe, when I’m too lazy to write blog posts about it.

81 Responses to “Twittering”

  1. Chance Says:

    Thats cool. I’m guessing we will be much more up-to-date about CPD now.

  2. mr.awesome Says:

    oh Petri, how I missed you so

  3. zzzdude Says:

    I think I might have accidentally invited you.
    I checked all the boxes when I was inviting people, and apparently that included everyone who has ever emailed me, and everyone who I have emailed.

  4. ffffffffff Says:

    wow zzzdude youre so cool

  5. madaco Says: