New Website and Pre-Orders for Crayon Physics Deluxe

We have a new website for Crayon Physics Deluxe at There’s not much there yet, but hopefully there will be soon 😉

I’ve also setup the pre-orders for Crayon Physics Deluxe. You can pre-order the game from PayPal now. (You don’t have to have a PayPal account, just click the continue located on top of the credit card row).

Pre-order bonuses

  • Save 5$. The prize of the finished game is going to be 20$, but if you pre-order during November you’ll get the game for 14.95$.
  • Get a change to participate in the Crayon Physics Deluxe beta. Everyone
    who pre-orders the game will be able to play the beta version of the
    game once it’s released. 

The way this works is after your transaction has been processed by PayPal you’ll receive a confirmation email from Kloonigames with a super secret key. Once the game is ready to be beta tested, you’ll get another email with a download link to the game. (And I’ll also email you once the game is finished so you can download the full version as well).

There won’t be any kind of DRM, because I’ve found that it only hurts the real customers (e.g. I’m an owner of Space Rangers 2, which I can’t play because the DRM is incompatible with my computer). And no DRM will stop people from pirating your game.

If you have any questions you can email or write a comment.

939 Responses to “New Website and Pre-Orders for Crayon Physics Deluxe”

  1. Chance Says:

    F*** Yeah This Is Amazing!!! I love you! (not in a creepy way, don’t get scared) 🙂

  2. Mitheor Says:

    Great! Already preordered!

  3. peter legs Says:

    Yeh sweet.

    i used to stick different colored crayons in me bum when i was a kid.
    this game reminds me of that.

    colors and bums are awesome!!

  4. Luis Says:

    Great for you! And great for no using DRM. You’ll have my 14.95$, and I’m sure much more.

    Have you ever dreamt about something like this?

  5. Timmy! Says:

    One question YOU NEVER SAY WHEN ITS RELEASED. o yea, how much space will it take?

    There should be a part of the site where u can download other peoples maps and stuff.

    I got kinda pissed of when i finally realized its priced but i am still excited.

    i am gonna think if i am gonna buy it because i am a person that LOVES MONEY!!!!!
    even the best deals i still think about it but im gonna buy the orange box for 8 pounds and get left 4 dead but i think crayon physics deluxe is gonna be great!


    it would be nice to make a trailer of crayon physics deluxe and put it in instead of that other video.

    PS: dunno how your gonna make a nice trailer though

  6. Chance Says:

    @timmy: he can’t know when it is released because it depends on how the beta goes.

    @petri: I’m glad to see you have a forum planed. I don’t know if you used my idea or had it planned for a while, but either way I’m glad there will be a forum!

  7. me Says:

    Although I think I know the answer already, which operating system will this be available for? Windows only I assume?

  8. Erik Says:

    Very NICE!!!

  9. Brian Says:

    Awesome! The only thing that scares the living shit out of me is that you posted the same exact video of the game that you posted over a year ago..

    NOW PRESENTING: That really awesome thing that you saw, over a year ago! Yay, I sure love aged video games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still am buying this game, but seeing that vid didn’t make me feel good.

  10. Andy Says:

    Ok, I’ll preorder it at the end of November to get the preorder price, (It will be GUARANTEED $14.95 on November 30th, right?) but I am a little dissapointed that no solid release date info has been provider.

    I have been waiting 18 (19?) months for this to be released, and if the 18-month old video is a good indication of the products final quality, it seems like that waiting time was all for naught.

    Please provide solid release information soon? Even if you just approximate and say “Sometime January 2009”, I’d be cool with it. I just don’t want to go spending £10 and no see anything for my money for a year.

    Also, would it be possible for you to publish this game on Steam? If possible athat would be awesome.

    @Timmy! “o yea, how much space will it take?”
    Somewhere between none and all. It will probably be about 50-90 meg, but allow for upto 500 meg.

  11. Jon d. Says:

    wow, 2 posts of good news in close proximity, i’ll be pre-ordering now…

  12. Chance Says:

    What don’t you guys understand about the fact that a release date would not be practicle?

  13. Tchuvak Says:

    @Andy: then don’t spend the £10 and pay full price when Petri will decide to release this amazing game.

    A moderator should delete all those useless comments trying to push Petri…

  14. Edmundito Says:

    That’s a very nice website! It makes me wanna pre-order the game…. and I will!

  15. Scott Says:

    You should really put this thing up for pre-order on Steam.

  16. petri.purho Says:

    how much space will it take?
    The download will be around 20-30 Mb, installed game 30-50 Mb.

    I didn’t even think about the trailer video. Actually I didn’t really have the time to do a new trailer for the game. But I’ll try to make enough time to do that.

    @Andy: Yes you will get the game for $14.95 on November 30th as well, unless the game will be released before that 🙂

    I’ll provide you guys with solid release information as soon as I have some. I don’t want to end up in a situation where I’ve promised the game to arrive on date x and I miss it (like most indie games tend to do, when they publish overly optimistic release dates).

    @Tchuvak: I think it’s good that people can say what’s on their mind.

  17. petri.purho Says:

    Btw. Special thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the game. You have a special place in my heart 🙂

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  19. Nosgoroth Says:

    No DRM? Sold.

  20. Fede Says:

    Looks great! Any idea about the minimum system requirements?

  21. nigel coldwell Says:

    not that it makes a difference to me, but have you thought about language packs, translations???

  22. Peter Says:

    game has been preordered 🙂

  23. Kyrre H. Eriksen Says:

    Preordering is done! This game will be a lot of fun. Let the community know if you need some help! As nigel coldwell said; we can make language packs.
    Go go Petri!

  24. petri.purho Says:

    minimum system requirements
    Windows XP / Vista
    1 GHZ or faster CPU,
    512 MB or more RAM,
    DirectX 9.0
    3D card with 64 MB of texture memory (if you a graphics card that is younger than 5 years, then you’ll be fine).

    @nigel coldwell:
    There might be language packs… I’m currently working on getting both the English and Finnish versions done, so doing localization shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

  25. wucang Says:

    it’s a good news.
    if you can ,we can help you to make a chinese language pack.
    Looking forward to your letter.

  26. mr.awesome Says:

    where can I get a new graphics card? And for how much?

  27. Swoo Says:

    @mr. awesome: Your question is off topic! You should rather ask this in an more appropriate forum.

    @Petri: Being a French native speaker, I could help you to make a French language pack.

    PS: Game pre-ordered as well 😉

  28. Bob Says:

    Vote 3 for putting it on Steam!

  29. Chance Says:

    @mr. awsome: What kind of computer do you have? I would do a quick search for “graphics card for (insert PC type here)” and maybe include the requirements of CPD.

  30. mr.awesome Says:


  31. KieranD Says:

    Will there be a tangible product?
    Will it be available in the UK?
    What time is it?

  32. X-Tender Says:

    Preordered! CANT WAIT! =o)

  33. Firewang Says:

    Definitely have to agree that this game would be great for Steam, and I’m pretty sure they’d be more than willing to put it up on it.

    Vote 4 for Steam!

  34. Chance Says:

    vote 5 for steam, but there should definitely a version without DRM

  35. tolan Says:

    *pre orders on the off chance it might work with Wine….*

  36. Kris Says:

    Vote 6 for Steam! Count me in for the purchase!

  37. tyty Says:

    Vote 7 for Steam.

  38. TonZa Says:

    Game preordered 🙂 now just waiting for the release

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    […] Ha pasado algo más de un año desde que Petri Purho anunció en su blog una nueva versión de su laureado ‘Crayon Physics’. Ahora podemos reservarlo, obteniendo diversos beneficios al hacerlo. Al contrario que el original, ‘Crayon Physics Deluxe’ deja de ser freeware, costando aproximadamente 16 euros, a no ser que lo reservemos, con lo que nos costará 12 euros solamente. A mayores, si lo hacemos, tendremos la oportunidad de participar en la beta antes de que salga el juego a la venta. Si queréis más detalles para contactar con Petri, hacedlo aquí. […]

  40. Chance Says:

    Yeah it will probably work with Wine or some other emulator.

  41. Jorke Says:

    Anyone know if it’ll work on a mac?

  42. Lillian Says:

    I’ll definately pre-order, but I also want to get a copy for my friend’s kids (for Christmas, if it’s out by then). Any chance of pre-ordering gifts of the final software?

  43. petri.purho Says:

    The game will probably NOT work with Wine or some other emulator
    I know that the prototype does run with Wine, but I’m pretty sure that Crayon Physics Deluxe won’t run on Wine. At least I wouldn’t bet on it. If you or anyone else wants their pre-order refunded let me know at

    The game requires a Windows XP / Vista so I think it’s not going to run on a mac (without dual booting). After the PC version is done I’ll try to find time to do the Mac and Linux versions of the game, so people with other platforms will get a change to play the game as well.

    Will there be a tangible product?
    There might be in the US, but at this point I can’t say for sure. Also I’ll probably do few boxes by hand, but they will be collectors items 🙂

    Will it be available in the UK?
    No the boxed version of the game will mostly like NOT be available in the UK.

    What time is it?
    22:12 🙂

  44. petri.purho Says:

    Also I’ve counted your votes on the Steam issue. I’ll try to do my best to get the game there, but it’s not exactly my decision.

  45. JM Says:

    Great, I have been waiting for Crayon Physics Deluxe for a while now. I love your games and I’m happy to be able to return something back for your effort, keep the great work!
    Greetings from Colombia!

  46. Sivulla Says:

    I really would like to pre-order this game, but my bank (Op) dosen’t like the idea of me using Visa Electron with PayPal. I guess i have to get a new credit card but that is going to take some time.

  47. Michael Adaixo Says:

    YAY!!… Pre-Ordered!! 😀 I can’t wait ’till “Until its done!!” xD

  48. Luigison Says:

    Will there be a Wii or DS version of this game?

  49. Gemedet Says:

    Preordered! I had immense fun with the original, and I’d be happy even if it was just that with more levels. 😀

    And Vote 8 for Steam, as well as Vote 1 for preorder-ers being able to activate the Steam version (a la World of Goo).

  50. inspuration Says:

    I might be able to do a port of Crayon Physics to a mac, but it depends on several factors. The main one is whether it starts up windowed or full screen.
    I also preordered the moment I saw it on
    I have been on kloonigames for a while, and have been following crayon physics since the start.
    I also hope that if you put it on Steam, that something similar to the deal with WoG, where pre-orderer’s can use their magic code to get the game on Steam as well.

  51. amoose136 Says:

    Vote 9 for steam as well as vote 1 for WiiWare or DSware version. (like world of goo)

  52. Sokkratez Says:

    Also would like for it to be on Steam.

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  54. Sam Says:

    Wow…. game looks awesome! I think I’ll not pre-order, just so I can give you more money.

  55. eobet Says:

    Looking forward to a Mac version!

  56. Flora Says:

    Me too! (Mac version!)

  57. HostFat Says:

    I’ll preorder it for sure, but I want to do it on Steam 😀

  58. dcat Says:

    Me too (Mac)!

    but probably i’ll preorder the windows version, can’t wait.. 😉

    keep up the good work!

  59. Aubrey Says:

    Congrats, petri! I hope the money is rolling in!

    I’m sure I’ll be pimping this to my friends, family and colleagues as soon as I get to play through it for myself.

  60. petri.purho Says:

    @Sivulla: That sucks, I thought that Visa Electron would work with PayPal 🙁

    @amoose136: WiiWare and DS versions are probably not going to happen, at least not any time soon. DS particularly is platform where you need a publisher todo anything and publishers weren’t that interested in doing Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    About the Mac version. I know that there a lot of people with only MACs, so I’ll try to find the time to do the port after the PC version is done.

  61. IceEyz Says:

    Fantastic educational game!

    One question, how about a port to:

    [b]Windows Mobile ?[/b]

    There are far more touchscreen handheld devices than tablet pc’s, and you could make good use of the accelerometer! Seriously, I think you should consider this.. Look at the 800×480 3.8″ screen of the Touch HD.. It’s begging to be played!

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    […] man die weiterentwickelte Version Crayon Physics Deluxe direkt auf der Webseite des Erschaffers preordern. Dadurch kann man nicht nur $5 sparen ($14,95 statt $20 bei Release), jedem Preorder-Kunden wird […]

  64. Kristian Says:

    This game looks great. Thanks to 2dboy for linking to this site 🙂

    Have offcourse preordered and looking forward to a linux port, that would be awesome.

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    […], Magic […]

  66. Johnny Boy Says:


    Just wanted to let you know that this game not only looks and sounds awesome. I really hope you keep the music from your original preview video in the game. There is something both relaxing, beautiful, and addictive about the game and I haven’t even tried it yet, I’ve only watched it from an outside perspective and it boggles my mind how something so simple can be so enticing. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering in the next couple of days.

    I understand that some people want this game through Steam but please don’t let Valve turn this into a Steam exclusive download. I know that Steam appeals to a lot of people but for someone with a slightly older PC (I play a lot of indie games because of it) unfortunately when it comes to Steam and download services like it, that are required to be running in order to run an actual game, Steam proves to be just another resource hog for me. It’s also the reason why I never did get Audio Surf (I would have loved to) but unfortunately it’s Steam exclusive and so I’ve done without it.

    Aside from that, please keep up the great work! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but I can’t wait to play Crayon Physics Deluxe! The past couple of years have been great for indie games and fans of them and I loved World of Goo and still love it but in all honesty, I’ve been looking forward to Crayon Physics Deluxe even more than Goo, seriously!

    I really appreciate all the work all of you indie developers do and the time you take to do things right. Some people complain about having an older computer but I have to say that for me it’s been beneficial in that I appreciate indie games that much more and not being able to play most “mainstream” games hasn’t been a burden, it just allows me to save a little bit of money that I can put toward some truly fun and unique indie games.

    I’ve babbled on long enough but I really can’t say enough good things about what little I’ve seen of Crayon Physics Deluxe! I cannot wait for the finished product and I sincerely wish you the best of success with this and with all future endeavors!

    Take care!

  67. Adam Jimenez Says:

    Why do people insist on having steam in order to play the game?
    Just the game will be fine, thanks Petri.

    $15 is a small price to pay, especially considering all the fun I’ve had playing your various mini-games.

    BTW I hope it doesn’t require .net

  68. HostFat Says:

    Crayon Physics Deluxe “on-Steam” doesn’t mean “Steam-exclusive” 😉

  69. fix-cz Says:

    Steam or nothing!

  70. Chris Says:

    You thought about selling to teachers? It will work great on an interactive whiteboard! I’m sure it would make a fun science lesson too…

  71. DaBruuzer Says:

    Would love to see this on Steam.

  72. chaz Says:

    Awesome! I think an iphone or Windows Mobile version for touch screen/stylus phones would be great as well!

  73. Johnny Boy Says:


    I realize “on-steam” doesn’t mean steam exclusive, what I was getting at was that Petri should not put this game on Steam if Valve won’t allow him to sell it through other services (or straight from his site). To me it was a big mistake to make Audio Surf a Steam exclusive title. A lot of people like it, but a lot more would have liked it had it not been sold through Steam. That’s all I was getting at.

    It doesn’t sound like Petri had any intention of doing that anyway, I just didn’t want him to sign anything that would make it a Steam exclusive because Valve (like all publishers) only care about the money and not the bigger picture.

    A game such as this would not benefit from Steam. People who use Steam would benefit in that they could purchase the game through Steam with an existing account, but the end product would in no way benefit from being executed through the Steam service (no need for high scores and what-not).

    So yes, I hope Petri is able to release this on as many platforms and through as many venues as possible, I just hope he doesn’t get any shady offers from publishers that sound like a good idea on paper. Look at World of Goo, they absolutely did not need Steam! 🙂 Steam needs World of Goo. Same thing goes for Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    That’s basically the point that I was getting at.

  74. Chance Says:

    @Johney Boy: Well actually Audiosurf did better because of Steam. It has been on the top seller list sense its release, and that is where most of the money is coming from. But I do agree with you. CPD should not be steam exclusive. If Valve wont let it be sold elsewhere, than forget them. However, a game such as this would benefit from Steam.

  75. mr.awesome Says:

    you should make a ds homebrew! It doesn’t have to be crayon physics related! 😛

  76. demollyon Says:

    Dude, i would love a hard copy…

  77. tickbite Says:

    Yeah, the maker of the greatest computer game ever (Forbidden.exe) is selling his first game! Good job, Petri. Looking forward to the finished Crayon Physics.

  78. Johnny Boy Says:

    @Chance (and everyone else in general who’s following the discussion),

    Actually, Steam would benefit from having a game such as this. 🙂 I know that it would increase sales but unfortunately Audiosurf has also lost sales because of the fact that you MUST use Steam in order to purchase or play it. That is unfortunate because there are a number of people (gamers in particular) who either do not use Steam or dislike Steam, just as many as there are people who do like Steam.

    I’m just saying that the Steam service doesn’t make the games good, it’s the games that make the Steam service good. A lot of people forget that.

    I’m not too worried because it doesn’t look like Petri would make this Steam exclusive anyway (even if he did have the opportunity). I’m just glad he’s got it up for Pre-Order now as well because I am anxious for the game and have been watching out for it ever since it won at the IGF (even before that).

    Please understand that I’m not arguing any point here and I’m not against anyone who wants the game up on Steam. I’m just stating that the Steam service prohibits just as many people from playing (or wanting to play) some of these games as it does attract new players. So making any title exclusive to such a service turns the consumer option into a double-edged sword. The only example I can currently use is Audio Surf. I really wanted Audio Surf, unfortunately my PC does not agree with Steam, so as badly as I wanted the game and heard so many good things about it I had to completely forget about it. I just wish there had been an option to buy the game straight from the developer. That option also allows for the developer to earn more for their work rather than having to share with a middle man.

    Before anyone writes another comment about the subject though, please, read everything I have posted because I already understand the popularity of Steam. I also understand that it is very un-popular in some circles and that people would rather play without it (and be able to play without being logged in or watched when they do play any game). Steam is one of those services that is beneficial to the gaming scene, but it’s not the answer to it or how games should be distributed, because if that were the case than anyone could argue that EA is the best Publisher in the world simply because it is the largest and has more advertising power. I think we all know as gamers that this simply isn’t the case.

    Hopefully all of us (who are looking forward to it through digital distribution directly from Petris’ website, or through Steam) are eagerly looking forward to this game. Either way, I’ve been spreading the word about this game as much as possible because it is one of those titles that I think everyone has to at the very least TRY. So far, everyone that I’ve shown the preview video to has been awestruck by how simple yet charming the game is and they are equally impressed and want to play the game as well.


    Thanks for making this game! I honestly can’t wait, but I will 🙂 of course, I’m just as anxious as I was when I was a kid (and now I have my own kids whom I can share and enjoy this game with)! Once again, thank you for making something that can be enjoyed by everyone!

  79. Chance Says:

    Actually I can pretty much prove that the people who bought Audiosurf because they saw it on steam far outweighs the people who don’t like steam but wanted the game. But I’m not saying steam exclusive is a good thing. AS would have obviously sold better if there was a non steam version. All I’m saying is that in AS’s case, steam was good for it. If CPD goes on steam I am confident that it will be good both for Petri and Valve.

  80. Bill Says:

    Download Crayon Physics prototype:

    Edit by Admin: I modified the download link and added the title.

  81. LogR Says:

    Hi there!
    It’s really been a while since I’ve posted a comment (even though I drop by regularly to check for new games I didn’t have enough time to post one). So I’ll just say a few words since such a great event is coming:
    -Groundhog is definitely my second favorite game on this blog (no need to tell you which one is first). Too bad I can only play it with full features enabled at school (seems like my school’s computers are (far) more powerful than my own). No need to tell once again that it has been a hit there and with young audience.
    -Well I guess it’s too late now to cheer you up in spite of the angry/eager/hateful/whatever comments about CPD, but I see you’ve managed to overcome everyone of them and are doing great.
    -I’ve had some ideas of mods for CP but I didn’t get to find the material I was looking for (my CD-ROM from the Windows 95 era have all mysteriously disappeared). I was thinking of a World of Goo mod (thanks again for speaking about it) but like I said earlier I can’t find the time. This year is really a tough one at school!
    -I try to get in touch with you with MSN but maybe it didn’t work (I’ve also had many bugs with other people on MSN)
    Er… I think that’s it with the I-wanted-to-tell-you-but-I-didn’t-have-time comments.

    Now with the latest news :
    -I’m going to pre-order CPD!
    -to publish home made levels, do I still have to use my public box (which I didn’t check for months) or will there be a allocated space on your blog to upload (and download) them?
    -concerning the level editor, will it be more user-friendly than the previous one? I don’t intend to offense the previous one but I mean will it be as powerful-once-you-know-how-to-use-it? I could edit the background, the collectable and the ball through xml files and your editor actually spared me a GREAT amount of time in defining the different elements (xml files were actually very time consuming to edit). Will I still be able to choose a background, change the ball or the collectables?
    -you said that we could mute the music, but can I just change the music in the game rather than play it in my own player, like I do whith CP?
    -if I remeber correctly you were aso into LittleBigPlanet. I’ve heard rumors that Sony has removed many home made levels because of copyrights issues. Since my first levels for CP were not “legally” clean with it, can I still create such levels? Or considering that home-made levels are not made to be sold can I go on?
    -even though I’m busy with school I’m considering finding time for beta-testing…
    Well I think that’s it! Keep up with the good work!

  82. Josh Says:

    Steam is a DRM crazy freak and I refuse to ever use it. If I want to play a game I want to play it without additional software, internet connection and discs. Every Steam game I have bought never gets played. I rather buy a regular PC game and get a no cd patch and play that.

    Steam is like being forced to download demos from GameSpy. It sucks.

  83. BloodyHoody Says:

    I need to preorder it !! :DDD
    Really nice website dude 🙂

  84. Chance Says:

    Steam is more like the opposite of DRM. It let’s you play your games on as many coputers as you like be singing in to your account. It does not require an internt connection. It is better than a disk becuase you can never lose or misplace a steam game. It never forces you to download demos so I don’t know what your talking about.

  85. Blue bellyfluff Says:

    I never buy games. But I preordered this one! I wish Petri the best of luck and huge succes with his awesome game concept. I predict this will work greatissimo on a gaming platform like the Wii. @Petri, do not feel rushed to finish the game. Instead, I trust you will deliver a polished game perhaps with an editor included?

  86. petri.purho Says:

    Steam exclusivity
    It will not be a steam exclusive title! It’s totally possible that it could sell better if it was a steam exclusive title, however I think that it’s a pain in the ass to buy the game for people who don’t already have steam installed. And I think that there could be people interested in the game who don’t have steam installed.

    It will be much much much more easier to use the editor that comes with that game, than to use the one released for Crayon Physics.

  87. Kyle Says:

    Bought! Been waiting for this game for a while since i’ve played that pre-beta test demo a while ago. Hopefully i’ll get the same mileage as Armadillo Run with this game. Indie Games Rule!

  88. Kyle Says:

    Oh yeah, A DS or iPhone POrt of this would be awesome as I have both (with different levels for the portable of course) Once this is out you shouldn’t have an issue getting a publisher to support you to pass through the Nintendo requirements. (I would think)

    And i’m all for putting this on STeam as well, but as long as you allow us to download it from your site with our super secret key i’m all for that (a great portable laptop game).

  89. Lorenpaco Says:

    Please, make an official iPhone version asap!!

  90. Sippy Cup Says:

    Petri Purho
    Just releasing the game with an editor is amazing: giveing others the opportunity of creating some interesting levels, build off of your working code. Wanna say great game, pleased to see a final version coming soon, and with the many added levels too, I just hope they are challenging.
    I learned of this game through another game called “magic pen” it is the same game as yours’ but instead of “stars” is “red flags” it has hinges and pins , which I love. It also wont allow you to cheat (except for a few stages where bugs are) by placing your box below the ball to raise it. It also allows you to draw perfect circles if wanted.
    I think your version will out do the “magic pen” (im hoping) by allowing us to draw any shape and it hold that shape, with out auto shaping for us. But will it have “PINS” ?
    I was wondering how to share my levels I did create from the old editor, which was at first a lot of work, to get hang of ,but once mastered I created level s quickly, with class of course. I have one set that is 20 levels, and another set of “Moon levels” low gravity on the moon levels of course. With my own music added, to spice it up. Im also a part of the where you got “ghosts” track from. Its nice to see how you used so many sources to create something so grand off of basic physics.
    I will be buying “when I hit the lottery”
    Thanks Matthew

  91. Chance Says:

    @Sippy Cup: Yes, crayon physics deluxe will have all the features that magic pen has.

  92. u9 Says:

    Chance Says: I can pretty much prove that the people who bought Audiosurf because they saw it on steam far outweighs the people who don’t like steam but wanted the game

    LOL… Chance, i would love to see this alleged “proof.” Only one of my friends likes and uses Steam… the rest of them are mostly disappointed, because the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, yet this is the most likely candidate to win over M$’ live arcade.

    I too am very disappointed that i couldn’t play audio surf, but truth be told, i will probably never install Steam… not in its current shape and model.

    Petri, congratz on reaching this big milestone. I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time now! 🙂

    Good luck.


  93. Chance Says:

    What is so bad about steam? Everyone over at the AS forum love it. The people who hated steam and only downloads it to get AS turned out to love steam. And yeah about the proof there was a thread onthe AS forum that the creator Dylan wrote that basically said how much steam was helping his sales and that he hasn’t recieves many complaints about releasing it only through steam.

    This isn’t the place to explain to you why steam is so good so we need to stop the argument (but really everyone says how they hate steam but they never have any reasons)

  94. mr.awesome Says:

    I have nothing against steam. I just don’t want cpd to be steam exclusive

  95. McWonderBeast Says:

    Hey Petri! Been Awhile since ive posted. Im very Excited to see this update, ive already put in my order and im about to go email a large amount of people about this.

    Im glad you are charging for this one, not that i like spending my money its just this game is brilliant and you deserve pay for your talents.

  96. seamus o bric Says:

    hi just pre ordered this amazing game im a physics teacher in ireland and have my wiimote hooked up so the kids in my class can all have a go! we’re desperately waiting the deluxe version, go on ya good thang!!

  97. Randy Says:

    Will there be anyway to order the game WITHOUT going through PayPal’s website. It has had a history (some from the web, some from close friends) that makes me refuse to use them. I have been waiting for some time for this, but I won’t play it if the only way to get a couple is to go anywhere near PayPal.

  98. Adam Jimenez Says:

    oh for goodness sake

  99. Johnny Boy Says:


    Actually I was one of those people that didn’t say they HATE Steam, I just can’t use it and have no use for it. Any day of the week I would much prefer to download a game straight from an Indie developers site rather than through Steam. For me the problem is that Steam is another resource that must be loaded in order to run any of the games that you purchase through Steam. It’s easy to bash any idea (either against Steam or bash the people that don’t like Steam) when I perhaps didn’t explain the situation properly or express myself properly (I thought I did though). There are Pros and Cons to Steam just like any service. I like the idea of it, unfortunately for me it does not work. I’ve tried getting 2 games through Steam and after all of the trouble I went through and the fact that Steam slowed down my PC when I wanted to play the indie games I purchased, I vowed that I wouldn’t use the service again and would only purchase straight from the developer (if possible – and if not then I’d have to luck out). I appreciate the fact that games are on Steam so that they get more exposure than they normally might, and I would hope that anyone who does like using Steam has no problems with it so that we can equally enjoy this game and focus on this thing that we as gamers have in common and that is a love for games. On the other hand I’ve had friends who have had the same problems with Steam and because none of us have a State-of-the-Art PC it doesn’t make sense that these indie games that do work fine when not being loaded through Steam tend to slow down or not work as well or crash when running through Steam. So it’s nothing against people who enjoy and do like Steam (you seem to get defensive about the service itself, when I don’t think people are attacking the users of Steam they’re just stating their opinion about the service, at least that’s all I’m doing – I’m not out to offend anyone). I probably would use Steam but I’m certainly not going to use something that doesn’t work for me or causes more problems (aren’t there enough hitches and glitches within the Windows OS itself!?!? I don’t need to add to the problems just because I want to play an interesting game). I think I’ve been pretty fair in stating why I don’t necessarily like Steam but without actually condemning the Steam service itself or putting a “Hate” on it because apparently there are many people who do like it and are able to use it without a problem, if this did come down to the sake of argument though, I’d have to say that there are a lot of people who are in the same boat that I am in and that have had problems with the service as well. I just think Audio Surf (as our example of a game exclusive to the service) would be one of those great little interesting games that I’d love to have because it looks and sounds like a great game from everything I’ve heard and seen, but I will do without it if I must. I’m certainly not going to buy a new PC just to get a single game to work or even to get the service to work. The way I see it is I’ve got dozens of other great indie games that I purchased straight from the developers site and they’ve all worked fine so I am content with what I’ve got. I just think it’s great when developers (indie developers in particular) try to reach the broadest possible audience without having to “Sell Out”, for lack of a better term. It’s a positive thing for all of us so please don’t take any of my comments (past or present) as a personal attack or anything like that.

    So lets end this discussion about Steam (because that’s not what we’re really here for) instead, lets be happy that Petri is almost finished the game AND he’s doing his best to have it release and distributed through multiple outlets so that the majority of us can enjoy this wonderful looking game!

    I really can’t say enough great things about this game (that I haven’t even played) and eagerly await it’s release! I’m also impressed (and pleased) to see that I’m not alone in my anxiousness!

  100. Nifflas Says:

    Hey Petri!

    I’ve pre-ordered! Lots of respect for not having DRM, that’s more than awesome!

  101. Chance Says:

    @Johhny Boy: I completely understand why you would prefer buying a game from the developed than from steam. What I don’t understand is why you wouldn’t get a great game just because you had to use steam to play it. Audiosurf is a basic game and it doesn’t run slow with steam on my computer, even though every other 3D game I try and play does.

    @Randy: PayPal is the most accepted, trustworthy, and friendly type of online payment. It is almost always used by individuals like petri to make secure online payments.

  102. CJ Says:

    Now I’m confused, Crayon Deluxe != Zany Doodle? They look almost identical…

    Sure I can get both but still…help me out please.

  103. Flora Says:

    Wow, another alternatives… (need $$ too…)
    This one even support pressure sensitive tablets!

  104. David Amador Says:

    Pre-ordered mine 🙂

  105. Swoo Says:

    Those of you who preordered, have you already received the secret magic code?

    I’m asking because I have preordered some days ago now, and still nothing in my mailbox…
    Should I scream or something?

  106. Chance Says:

    @Swoo: I got my code in about 30 seconds, so I would be a little worried. You may have put in your email wrong. Hopefully you have a PayPal receipt.

    @CJ: That is just another copy of this game. I would buy this one because it is the original. (but they both have demos, so take your pick if you really want to)

  107. Swoo Says:

    @Chance: Thanks for your concern and for you answer. It does not reassure me but at least I now know something is/went wrong.

    And true, hopefully I have the PayPal receipt!
    @Petri: I’ll see this problem with you by mail.

  108. Peter Says:

    Well I’m giving you my reason why I hate steam and paypal.
    Steam: crappy updates, huge taxes, you buy a game at 19$ , the next day they offer it at 50% off, games which are way expensive (more then in stores), …
    paypal: cause they CAN hold money with no explanation, freeze an account for no reason, take money out of the account without the owners knowledge. This happens quite often…. check google

  109. Rais Says:

    Ok, pre-ordered 😀 Hope you find time to make a version for Pandora. Im going to get that piece of hardware and I’d love to see games like this on it.

  110. Chance Says:

    1 Why are updates crappy? Don’t you want updates?
    2 the taxes will be higher if you buy with PayPal
    3 what’s wrong with games %50 off? that is a reason to like steam, they get you good deals!
    4 steam sells at the same price (if not lower) than store retailer.

    If you don’t like PayPal than offer an alternative that is better. There is none.

  111. mr.awesome Says:

    I think he was trying to say the updates left more to be desired

  112. Musickid43 Says:

    Well Petri, this is not just the first time I ever preordered something, but also the first time I ever paid for a download. I have always bought something at a store cause I like to have a physical copy, not just a receipt for something online. and I agree with no DRM (I have 3 games I can’t play anymore due to limited installs and activation.) So you got my $15, can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

  113. megamyself Says:

    YES! … i’ve been waiting sooooooooooooooo long for this mate.

  114. Saphirweapon Says:

    Just Preordered my one. As many others i hope you have the success with it you deserved.

    Best regards from Germany

  115. yoshi Says:

    It waited.

    The mechanism that Level can be shared is hoped for.
    When the child can do in the future, it does together.

  116. Conexión a Tierra » Al fin Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

    […] juego se puede ordenar via internet desde la página oficial de los desarrolladores del juego , además pueden ver más info en la web del juego. […]

  117. Olle Jonsson Says:

    I’ll pre-order right now, I just hope I don’t have to wait another year to play it 🙂

    But it sounds like it is almost done.

  118. Angel L. Says:

    I just found out about the pre-order thing a couple minutes ago. I’ve been waiting for so long for this game! I’m really excited, and I’m pre-ordering it as soon as I get my next paycheck. 😀

    Also, thank you very much for not putting DRM on it… Mighty nice of you, sir! 🙂

  119. Andy Says:

    Well I’m giving you my reason why I hate steam and paypal.
    Steam: crappy updates, huge taxes, you buy a game at 19$ , the next day they offer it at 50% off, games which are way expensive (more then in stores), …

    Crappy updates? They automatically offer the updates that the game developers release for the games, at the same time the developers release the updates, so you will always be up-to-date, also, this feature can be turned off (Right-click the game, Properties, Updates, Automatic Updates, “Do not keep this game updated”), If you do that then you get a text link next to the game in the window saying “Update available”, and it’s your choice to click it or not. This works for all steam games, but be aware that most online game servers update to the latest patch asap, so you may not be able to play online, but steam cant be blamed for that.

    Huge Taxes? 17.5% is applied to your basket on purchase, but that is the same with everything you buy in developed countries. The only difference is that in England and most of Europe (I think) the tax is included in the stated price, and in America you pay the price + tax. Unfortunately, the exchange rate sucks at the moment so English gamers are paying more than normal, but blame the economy, not steam!

    you buy a game at 19$, the next day they take 50% off? I don’t understand… are you saying that they shouldn’t have sales? They every game should be at a fixed price? Please explain further what you mean. The way that you have said it, it sounds like you often take your groceries back when the store does an offer the next day… and you don’t do that, do you?

    games which are way more expensive? Most games on steam are the same price as the store-bought alternatives. Not anymore in the UK, but again, blame the economy. I’m from the UK, but I don’t mind paying a few extra pounds for a great game if I get to download it anytime I want. The only examples I can think of which seem overpriced are Bioshock and Call of Duty 4, but that is because the developers are not lowering the steam price, not because the nice guys at valve are trying to get as much money as possible.

    I reformat my PC ~ once every 5/6 months, because that way it runs faster, and I dont feel like putting in a load of discs and installing all of my games, and so I tell steam to download the ones I want. Then I go watch a movie, or do anything else I want, and I come back, and voila! No time spent, fun at my fingertips. If only they could make a content distribution system like steam for applications instead of games, then a windows reinstall would take about 3 hours, but I would only have to be at my PC for 10 minutes~ of it.

    When I buy a game on steam, I know that no matter what, my games are safe. I will never worry about scratching a disc, or misplacing one, or serial numbers, or crack form DRM-games, or any of that because all I need is my steam username and password, and I have access to most of my games, and some of the older one’s are getting released on steam now, so I may buy them again, for the convenience!

    I’m not exactly a rich person, I run a house, a girlfriend (although I shouldn’t consider tat something I ‘run’ :P) support a car, do a full time university course and hold down a job, too, and when it comes to buying games, i’m not exactly frivolous, but I like to know that my purchase is safe, secure and nobody can take it from me.

    If your PC can’t run steam, then I gotta say, it sucks to be you, because steam is the greatest revolution in PC gaming history, and If you arn’t using it then you are really missing out on some fantastic technology.

    Can I have my money now Mr. Newall?

    Please stop this debate on steam here, because this is not the place. Petri has said that it WILL NOT be steam-exclusive, but it MAY come to steam, though it isn’t his decision. Stop arguing about steam. Stop it!

  120. Andy Says:

    Further to the above:

    Thanks for your reply Petri, I should be able to afford to buy it before the end of November, and because you hinted of the possibility of a November release, I’ll endeavour to purchase it asap.

    Vote for a steam version #1, again!

    Please keep us updated on whether there will be a steam version or not, and If the codes will unlock the steam version, I’d hate to have to pay for it twice.

    Also, note that I meant no ill of you when I posted the first time, I am simply an impatient gamer 😀

    Keep up the good work, you’ll see my money soon 😛

  121. NoName Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, Ich habe wichtige Fragen:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – Wie lange wird es ungefähr dauern, bis die Mail ankommt?

    – Was ist so besonders an der Beta?

    – Bekommt man die Beta kostenlos später wenn man das Spiel für 20$ kauft als bei der

    – Wie spät ist es?

    – Wenn die Mail nicht ankommt oder das Passwort falsch ist (Oder was sonst noch passieren kann), gibt es dann Geld zurück?

    – Ich habe nur 995 Mhz. Würde Das Spiel trotzdem laufen? (Wenn es langsamer wird ist mir egal)

    – Bekommt man das Spiel auch nach Deutschland?

    – Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich pre-ordern soll. Also warte ich 4 Monate auf User- Berichte
    oder Beschwerden da es mir zu gefährlich ist ob das auch wirklich keine Abzocke ist.
    Bekommt dann noch das Spiel?

    Auf jeden Fall schönen Gruß von Deutschland und es war nicht böse gemeint mit der Abzocke. Ich bin nur vorsichtig… 🙂

  122. Johnny Boy Says:

    Why is the discussion about Steam still going on??? Let it rest now.

    Hoorah! Crayon Physics Deluxe is almost done! CPD – FTW!!! 🙂

  123. mr.awesome Says:

    will this be a zipped folder or a big fat file?

  124. Blue bellyfluff Says:


    Let me translate your questions and provide answers I know.

    – Wie lange wird es ungefähr dauern, bis die Mail ankommt?
    Q: When do you the email after pre-ordering the game?
    A: I got it 30 seconds after paying with Paypal. If you did not get an email with a download code after a couple of hours check your spam-filter or contact

    – Was ist so besonders an der Beta?
    Q: What is so special about the Beta release?
    A: People have been waiting for quite some time to actually play the full game. To release a Beta helps getting the bugs out (providing valuable feedback) and keeps the waiting people happy!

    – Bekommt man die Beta kostenlos später wenn man das Spiel für 20$ kauft als bei der
    Q: Do you get the Beta later when you buy the game for 20 dollar instead of the Pre-order?
    A: When you pay 20 dollars it is because you buy the full game (no need for a beta).

    – Wie spät ist es?
    Q: what did you call my mother?!
    A: “insert curse word here”

    – Wenn die Mail nicht ankommt oder das Passwort falsch ist (Oder was sonst noch passieren kann), gibt es dann Geld zurück?
    Q: When the download code does not arrive or it does not work (or something similar) will you get a refund?
    A: Petri will probably do the best to provide you with a correct code any wich way he can. Otherwise you may get a refund trough the provided emailaddress above (correct me if I’m wrong here Petri).

    – Ich habe nur 995 Mhz. Würde Das Spiel trotzdem laufen? (Wenn es langsamer wird ist mir egal)
    Q: I own a 995 Mhz computer. Will the full game work on my system?
    A: I suspect that when you can play the Demo, you can play the full game (XP or vista).

    – Bekommt man das Spiel auch nach Deutschland?
    Q: Is the game coming to Germany?
    A: If you have internet, you can download it anywhere from the globe. You probably have to import a hardcopy from other countries.

    – Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich pre-ordern soll. Also warte ich 4 Monate auf User- Berichte
    oder Beschwerden da es mir zu gefährlich ist ob das auch wirklich keine Abzocke ist.
    Bekommt dann noch das Spiel?
    Q: I’m not sure I want to pre-order. I rather want to wait for complaints or good feedback because I want to know if it is worth the money…
    A: Personally I think even the demo’s are worth my 15 dollars! It is up to you to decide when you want to buy the game though. Im very VERY sure this game will not be a rip-off.

    Auf jeden Fall schönen Gruß von Deutschland und es war nicht böse gemeint mit der Abzocke. Ich bin nur vorsichtig…
    Kind regards from Germany, I’m just being careful…

  125. Peter Says:

    @Andy: yeah well you could be right about the updates.
    But seriously I’ve had twice the problem that I bought a game and the next week it got a 50% sale. Instead of letting people now when games will be lowered in price. And believe me the taxes + prices are way more than than the prices in stores here in belgium.

    Some games are even 2 times to even 3 times teh price. Like you said also COD4.

  126. Chance Says:

    Then buy those one or two games that cost more from a store. I still don’t see how having a sale is bad. If GameStop has a sale the day after you bought a game, would you get mad? I just like knowing that once I buy a game, I will own it forever. I don’t have to save a disk. I can play the game on any computer I own. I can easily download a game again. I like being assured that I will always be able to play a game when I buy it.

    Plus Steam saves me gas money 😀

  127. Gemedet Says:

    Until the day the Steam servers go down and/or are taken offline. But let’s just keep pretending that’ll never happen, eh? Anyway, I hope more game developers take their cue from CPD and World of Goo, at least as far as DRM is concerned.

  128. johnny Says:

    I played world of goo on a friends computer to the finish. I don’t tend to go back and play a game anymore once i have finished it, and see no reason to have the game on my pc since I have finished it. But on general principal I will buy a copy from this site simply because I enjoyed everything about this game from start to finish, and because I want to support the creativity and talent of the developers. They did a fantastic job, and I am inspired by their vision and their courage to persue their dreams above all.

    Great job, great game, and good for you for making your dream a reality.

    Johnny Faber

  129. johnny Says:

    I hope to see the same thing happen with this game as world of goo, and Can’t wait to play it.

  130. Chance Says:

    did you say “developers”? hmmm…. that is quite a compliment.

  131. F_Slim Says:

    I’ll take your word for it that CPD will not become a Steam-exclusive title and preorder over the weekend.
    By the way, I would have expected a lot of whining in the comments that it will not be freeware, glad to see there is none at all 🙂
    Will there be some kind of “sandbox-mode”, where you can just draw what you like an see it work? Or does the Editor somehow give this possability?

  132. Bryce Says:

    Oh my god, can I please play this already!

  133. Rupert Rawnsley Says:

    What is going on with “Touch Physics” on the iPhone?

    I hope you had a hand / stake in this Peri; it is a complete copy of Crayon Physics in almost *every* detail.

  134. Chance Says:

    Yes tree is a CP copy for the iPhone. There isn’t really anything that can be done about it, becuase the game has onlybeen released in the jailbroken version and has never been in the app store.

  135. F_Slim Says:

    Skip the “I’ll preorder over the weekend” part in my comment, I did so last night as soon as I remembered my Paypal Password 😉
    So where is my download-link? Where is the demo? Why isn’t it finished yet? When is the release-date? huh? HUH??
    – just kidding 😀
    BTW if you’re planning on translations, you can contact me for the the german part, as long as you don’t expect me to do it over night.

  136. hoobado Says:

    I thought this was gunna be free

  137. madaco Says:

    wuts steam, duh…

    yes i dont know, i relize that sounds stupid(what i just said(about not knowing what steam is)) so i made i sound even worse! can you stop”games4touch”? what about magic pen? my dad sais you can.(hes not a layor or anything but he says you can, he thinks) i hope so

  138. Tayron Says:

    pre-ordered it:D

    @hoobado: stop saying you thought it was gonna be free! don’t you have a bit of respect for the guy? this goes for everyone else too that says this.

  139. Did you say Crayon Physics? « Rachelle’s Space for 595 Says:

    […] laws of gravity, logic and all that. I’m sold. Well not quite yet, but when I am I can buy it here. Posted in Interactive […]

  140. dude Says:

    visa electron does work! Just choose the “Visa/Delta/Electron” from the list in “Payment type”.

  141. Giuseppe Says:

    I could help you in order to translate the game in italian…

  142. Chance Says:


    try this link to find out about steam:

  143. madaco Says:

    OOOO!!! “let me google that for you .com is cool!!!

  144. madaco Says:

    oooh, you were making a point that i was too lazy to search it myself, got it. sorry
    neverthe less is cool!!
    |\/|y |\| /-\ |\/| 8 1z |\/| /-\ |) /-\ ( ( ) 1337 ( ) R tr1-n (or trying to)

  145. Pieter Says:

    Also pre-ordered it 😛

    I can translate it to Dutch for you.

    BTW: I have a Master degree in Game Development / C++ programming, so if you want I can help you with coding or something 🙂 awesome game 😉

  146. Chance Says:

    Yeah, I was making a point about the magic of Google. Notice that the second result happened to be “What Is Steam”. That probably will answer your question.

  147. Eric Phenix Says:

    “There won’t be any kind of DRM, because I’ve found that it only hurts the real customers (e.g. I’m an owner of Space Rangers 2, which I can’t play because the DRM is incompatible with my computer). And no DRM will stop people from pirating your game.”

    Pre Ordered.

  148. Rupert Rawnsley Says:

    @Chance: Touch Physics is now in the Apple app store for 59 pence (sterling). They are definitely making money from Petri’s ideas.

    Got to be worth an email to games4touch and Apple, especially if Petri has intellectual property rights.

  149. Tayron Says:

    well, 6 days to the supposed release date:D
    “Yes you will get the game for $14.95 on November 30th as well, unless the game will be released before that :)”

  150. Swoo Says:

    @Tayron: I’m sorry but you’re wrong… Let me re-contextualise your quote:
    Petri just answered someone who asked if he could get the game for $14,95 instead of $20 even if he pre-ordered it on November 30th. That person asked this question because he had read that Petri would end the pre-ordering discount after the end of November. The aim of that guy’s question was then to be sure that pre-ordering the game on the 30th would be still ok or if it would be too late for the discount.

    In short, Petri never said the game was due to be released on November 30th. In fact, there’s no official release date whatsoever.


  151. Chance Says:

    @Trayron: There is no release date. It certainly will not be in 6 days, before there has even been a beta.

    @Rupert Rawnsley: Your right. I don’t know if petri actually has rights to the CP concept (like an international patent) so Im not sure that much can be done.

  152. madaco Says:

    bbb ut but how can they steal his ideas legaly??? how? i do nt get it:( o h n o ! ! ! ! I thought he culd do something about it:( should we constantly spam the people who stole the idea??? should we??? i want to. or we could ping them repeatedly, slowing down their computer. or is that illiegal? if its illegal than i geuss the awnser would have to be no.

  153. Chance Says:

    @madaco: you can do whatever you want to them, I don’t care. I would suggest writing a review of the iphone App and mention that it is a copy. You could also try to contact apple, but they probably wont care. If you want to spam them go ahead, but I would say keep it legal. 🙂

  154. madaco Says:

    i was asking if repeated pinging was legal, i wasnt going to do it if it was illigal, and i probably wouldent anyway, however i might spam the people who copied it, i will not and was not planing on doing anything illeagle

  155. __ Says:

    does this work? do i have to include a name? waid do you reply to this? im confused.

  156. madaco Says:

    not nearly as confused as i am.if the extent of your comment was to be on the website then i guess it did work.

  157. Swoo Says:

    @I think he’s talking about the Paypal registration, not how to post a comment. ; -)

  158. Pieter Says:

    @ Chance
    @ Madaco

    I think nothing can be done. He released his video into public and others saw a commercial idea in it. Nothing wrong with it, legally speaking.

  159. Pieter Says:

    And with “He” I obviously mean Petri. Remember that his video is already over a year old, so the gamez4touch guys had around a year of development time + they didn’t have to look for a look ‘n feel and such.

    That’s the drawback of coming into public with your novelties. I work at a university and it is scaring to see how published papers are transformed into commercially ideas by people that have nothing to do with the university just to make money from it.They try to patent it as their idea and presto! Money money money. 🙁

  160. madaco Says:

    awww he cant do anything abount it. 🙁 can i still spam the copiers with fake adds???

  161. madaco Says:

    by the way ___ is me i just changed the name, i was quoting a magazine submission, see how the link is the same.

  162. .m. Says:

    preordered yesterday 🙂
    I can help with the translation to Czech and Slovak.
    good luck !

  163. Twyst Says:

    Your philosophy of no DRM has convinced me to buy this game.

  164. Chance Says:

    It will not be released tommarow. There has not been a beta yet.

  165. Me Says:

    Sorry petri I wrote in your name by accident so ibthought it would go to u not for my name

  166. Me Says:

    It’s not going tommorw

    I made a mistake by writing his name for mine

  167. Me Says:

    When is this going to come for iphone and iPod touch

  168. Chance Says:


  169. Me Says:


  170. Me Says:


  171. Sukima Says:

    Port a mac version and you have my money. In fact I’d pay extra for cross platform porting. Keep us informed.

  172. Gabberkooij Says:

    I can create a Dutch translation if you want

  173. someone else Says:

    can you make a version translated into leet, 1337???(just kidding(would be a funny easter egg though, but would take too much work))

  174. madaco Says:

    @someone else

  175. WiiWaari Says:

    Hi Petri! Please consider Wii version, and especially Wiiware version. This kind of games are the hottest shit in Wii right now, just look at the succes of World of Goo. Crayon Deluxe has just right universal appeal that would suit Wii perfectly, and I think this would outperform even the Goo. With level sharing with friends, this game would print money. I’m your long time fan, and I’d like to see another finnish developer make world wide splash. Would it be possible to use a DS-link with this game for perhaps a palette or design tool…

  176. hiddenman Says:

    your gonna be dam RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  177. Chance Says:

    @WiiWaari: I actually think that iPhone SDK is the most promising market for game developing. It requires no risk, just upload your game to Apples online store and make money. It may be a hassle for Petri to publish games on WiiWare/Xbox Live Arcade because he lives in Finland.

    In my opinion: Mac first, then iPhone, than WiiWare/Xbox Live Arcade.

  178. WiiWaari Says:

    Well, Wii has superb interface(especially if you connect it with a DS, but Wiimote alone is mighty good too), WiiWare is a very very healthy platform for this kind of games. Millions of customers out there, and just for games. You know, the risks are minimal with WiiWare too…So if I were investor, I’d vote for WiiWare. This game is tempting not only for single player, but it also has unique charm, luring for families, that are a speciality of Wii. XBox live might not be as promising platform, for the interface. And I’m thinking that this game would continue to sell forever. When parents all over the world sees their naighbours kids playing creative crayon game, they just have to get it for their kids too, instead some violent massacre game.

  179. mr.awesome Says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Chance Says:

    What do you mean interface? Wii doesn’t have any beter interface than Xbox or PS3.

    Goble Goble Goble

  181. Laugh Man Says:

    Wow. Charging for it now, are we? I’m gonna download it. sorry. Haven’t waited for a year and a half to be fleeced.

  182. Steve Says:

    Another vote for a Mac OS X version.

  183. Maleko Says:

    Hell yeh!
    Been waiting patiently for this, can’t wait now!, even for the beta (anything to help out!) 😛

    Keep it going dude.

  184. WiiWaari Says:

    @Chance. I mean WiiMote. 100% of Wii owners have controller, that you can draw with. You can put mouse into any usb hole there is, but you don’t want to break your customerbase into tiny fragment.

  185. IainB Says:

    Just stumped up for this.

    Loved the first game, have to say not in favour of this “Steam” thing as never heard of it before and would have been put off buying the game if I had had to download something else first and subscribe just to get it!

    Patiently waiting the release now…….tick, tock, tick, tock…..

  186. Kurt Bomya Says:

    Forget the website! Finish the game! >:D
    (Naw I kid, sometimes everyone needs a break from programing)

  187. SureRight Says:


    I’d love to see this on the Wii through WiiWare as well!!! The Wiimote would be a the perfect item for “interfacing with the game” as opposed to using a crummy controller (Xbox360) and, if you think about it, this could also be made for the PS3 considering you can plug any USB Mouse into the PS3 as well.

    Poor Xbox 360….

    Crayon Physics Deluxe on Wii and PS3!!! YEAH!!!!

  188. Swoo Says:

    @Gidin: Il y pense et plusieurs personnes se sont proposées pour faire des traductions mais rien de concret pour le moment. De plus, ce sera sans doute davantage des patchs (=addiciels) linguistiques que dès le départ un jeu plurilingue.

    @the others: This guy was just asking (in French) if Petri intended to do a multi-lingual game. And I told him that yes, Petri was considering this idea and that some people already said they were ready to help him translating but that nothing had been decided yet.

  189. madaco Says:


  190. Nooka Says:

    Already pre-ordered and waiting for a full version of the game.

    PS: from Russia with love.

  191. Chance Says:

    I find the wiimote to be the least easy to use out of all the controllers. Wii would be painfully hard to draw with. Xbox and ps3 would be equal.

  192. WiiWaari Says:

    No Chance! Thats the same as if I said something like: “I actually like Wiis graphics better”. XD If Wii can do something right, its drawing and aiming.

  193. IceBone Says:

    Easiest way would be to include a separate xml file with all the lines written that could be translated by anyone. I’d wove to se an Elmew Fudd version. 😀

  194. Chance Says:

    Trying to draw on a Wii would be excessively frustrating. You have to move the entire controller and point it at the screen. The whole system is too sensitive for drawing and aiming, and is not at all practicle for a game like CP. With a PS3 or Xbox controller you could use the joystick to draw. This can also be done on a Wii, so how would WiiWare be better. Xbox Marketplace is a very very healthy platform for this kind of games. Millions more customers are out there.

  195. madaco Says:

    well if nintendo allowed i think it would be great for the Nintento DSi! it would be great! nintendo would get tons of news for the nintendo DSi and petri would get tons of news for crayon phisics delux!. the dsi will have a internet browser with DSiWare where one could download it. there you go, actual drawing instead of a joystick, yet accurate! you could also share your levels with sd cards!

    please note that i intirely dought that this will ever happen, so dont get to exited. it probably wont would be great though!

  196. frostland Says:

    I just pre-ordered the game …. and i must say “just in time” 🙂
    I’ve never played crayon physics, but i want to trust this indie game developer. I must say that the preview video was absolutely amazing!
    I loved that music 🙂
    Have a nice day … i’ll wait for the mail “the game is done!” without harrassing you 🙂
    Bye bye 🙂

  197. frostland Says:

    Just a simple tip : if you can reverse the order of the posts in this blog, i think it should be a little better. In this way the most recent comments stays on top and remain easily visible 😉

  198. frostland Says:

    Post #200 is mine! buah buah buah 🙂 I’ll conquer the world …. 😛

  199. Chance Says:

    @frostland: Damn! I was going for that. So close 😀

    @madaco: The DSi would definitely work better than the Wii, and is probably the better choice. There is already a game called Pocket Physics ( for DS, but it is actually quite different from CPD. Also I believe the DS has a tilt sensitive accelerometer, that would also add to the game (for gravity).

  200. mr.awesome Says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! Fat snowflakes are falling all around my window. Lots of them too. I was thinking… Wouldn’t that make a good level 4 CPD!?!?

  201. Chance Says:

    @mr.awesome: Wow me too! Where do you live? (too bad it started raining now)

    I am going to make a snowing level with the new level editor, make the friction really slidey.

  202. mr.awesome Says:

    NEW YORK!!! Yeah,the snow would really add to the game

  203. madaco Says:

    i cant find anything on google about rocket phisics and nintendo ds. and that article goes to
    am i doing something wrong?

  204. WiiWaari Says:

    I suggested WiiWare because of the price. In Finland DS games cost 40-50€, WiiWare games cost 5-20€. So even when touchscreen is obviously the perfect interface, the WiiMote is second best with a mouse. WiiMote is perhaps more suitable for livingroom, and ofcourse it allows multiplayer that mouse cannot offer. WiiMotes drawing abilities are sadly not well known(add to this the usual gamers vain hostility towards to it, that hinders their evaluation and even prevents them from seeing anything positive on it). Before the motion+ add-on arrives, the IR-aiming is the Wiis REAL killer application, and it is currently shamefully underused feature. It brings the once computer exclusive game types to livingroom. Drawing with WiiMote is very much like drawing with a mouse. Mouse is a bit more steady, but WiiMote is more versatile, as Wii recognises Wiimotes tilt and distance from screen. These abilities makes doodling a bit more steamlined as, for example, you control the size of your pen or eraser with forward-back axis. Try it “multiplayer” in Wii’s Photo Channel. The Photo Channel is kind of Wii’s paintbrush, and it has been very succesful in our household with younger and older children, as well as adults. It is even possible to do light photoediting with it(for entertainment purposes), like cutting a person in a photo and pasteing him/her into somewhere else, resized if needed.

    WiiWare is also healthy and low risk platform for indie developers(for me the most exciting source for games), its very popular, and its audience diggs these kinds of games. I’d pay 2000 Wiipoints(20€(OR anything really)) for this in a split second. Petri, please try drawing with WiiMote for a minute, it shouldn’t take much longer than that to get used to it, even after decades of mouse usage.

  205. Chance Says:

    @madaco: The link goes to an article on dsfanboy. See:

    @mr. awesome: Aww, so close! I am about 50 miles away.

    @WiiWaari: I’m not going to read that 😀 This isn’t the place for a console war.

  206. Indiana Gamer Says:

    Hi Petri! I’m your biggest fan, and I’m already holding my breath for this. Hopefully it wont take too long anymore.

    Hmm…WiiWaari I think Wii might be feasible console for this game too…could it be possible to make heavier objects with bigger pencil? And the DS-connectivity definitely sounds intriguing, but wouldn’t it be a bit too much of a hassle? I like the idea of Wiiwares low risk/cost combined with ds’s touchscreen though.

    BTW Chance! That was not a “console war”-comment, it was you, who was trying to initiate the war in the first place. I think WiiWaari was playing it nice 🙂

  207. Chance Says:

    I wouldn’t initiate a console war, as I do not own any gaming devices besides the PC.

    All I am saying is that people who have a Mac are going to say it is best to make the game on a Mac. People with a Wii think it would work best on a Wii. People who own a DS will want it on the DS. If people have an Xbox, they will say that Crayon Physics Deluxe will work best on an Xbox. You can see how this is just a console war.

  208. LaUgHiNgJOKEr Says:

    i agree with flipping the comments so that the most recent are at the top because what I have to do is click on the link to the date of the last comment i’ve read, and then bookmark it so that it brings me back to that comment later on when i want to check for new ones.

  209. LaUgHiNgJOKEr Says:

    oh, and since i own a ps3 you should totally make a version for it. then you could use the controller for gravity changes, and have pimpin’ graphics.

  210. Dominic Says:

    Any closer to setting a release date for the Beta?

  211. nigel coldwell Says:


    It would be great to hear an update from you, how things are going and what have you.

  212. SureRight Says:

    The Wii would be the best console for this game, it’s obvious. Plus the controller would be quite simple to use. The DS would be an obvious choice for a handeld. But the other cool thing is this could come out on the PS3 as well since they have Mouse support. The Xbox 360 could not support this game at all because trying to play this game with a controller such as the xbox controller is just a stupid idea.

    This would be so great. I’d buy it on those consoles and handhelds… obviously not the 360 though since it would be moronic to try and control a game such as this on it. That’s not Petri’s fault (or anyones fault actually) but it is Microsofts fault for not implementing mouse support.

    Good to see there’s no argument about this though because I think it’s obvious which consoles this game would work well on. Wii, DS, and PS3, no problem. 🙂

  213. Dr. Mike Reddy Says:

    Re: Touch Physics
    I have been a big fan of Crayon Physics since its inception, and eagarly awaiting its release. I show off the free version to my students – I teach Games Programming at Newport in the UK – as an example of excellence. Therefore, it saddens me to see a rival steal this idea and massively undercut you. I think that there could be a challenge under intellectual property abuse; gamez4touch are clearly making money at your expence, just look at some of the comments/reviews on the iTunes App Store. The best way, perhaps, is to appeal to fair play: contact Apple; give it 1 star reviews on iTunes with links to the original; most importantly, support the actual developer with your pre-orders!

  214. D'termiNATION Says:

    here is how you can FINNISH this shit faster
    just some speed b00st 4 u
    ; D

  215. Chance Says:

    @SureRight: Do you see what I mean? You think that it is hard to draw with a joystick on an Xbox controller. People with an Xbox think it is impossible to control that Wii cursor with motion sensing. Why would you hook up a mouse to a PS3? You can play CP on the computer with a mouse. There is really no reason to port this game to any consoles. It plays best with a mouse. If you have a Wii/PS3/Xbox, chances are you have a computer to play CP on. Hand held devices are a much better idea (after mac of course).

    But you do see how this is just a console war, and there is no better choice.

  216. SureRight Says:


    Actually you’re wrong. There are plenty of people who would prefer to play games on their Console rather than their PC. I’d love to see CPD up on the big screen rather than play it on the PC but I’ll settle for what I can get. So, sorry about your point but you’re wrong about it being a console war thing. I have a 360 as well but anyone who owns a 360 and says the controls are hard on a Wii must lack the intelligence to use a simple device such as a “Pointer”. I think saying that saying a Wii remote is difficult to use for such a simple game design would be about as redundant as saying a ruler is the only method used for drawing straight lines when anything with a straight edge will suffice. I’m not saying it wouldn’t take a little bit of calibrating to get the sensitivity just right, but the Wii is an obvious choice for console owners and the PS3 is also a great choice because of the fact that people can play using a mouse. This would accommodate more gamers, not exclude them. Hopefully now you understand why your point is moot. Don’t take it personal though. The whole argument about using a controller for this type of game is up for discussion but I think it’s more obvious why playing a game like this using a “Gamepad” is less intuitive and ultimately less fun than playing with the natural choice of a Mouse but a WiiMote is an intriguing choice, and playing on a DS with a Stylus would obviously suit the game perfectly (since not everyone wants or can afford a tablet for the PC – nor would everyone use such an accessory often enough to warrant a purchase of said Tablet).

    Hope that helps.

  217. WiiWaari Says:

    I like all of the consoles and have acces to all of them. I’m astonished how people don’t see that this is Wiis forte right now…and until the motion+ comes, the IR-aiming is the biggest revolution of it yet. It makes 3d shooters great on console, and makes(or would make, should someone use it) doodling easy AND fun. You should try it, instead trying to imagine how it feels. I write nearly all of my forum posts with Wiimote, its easy, accurate and fast(well like typing with only one finger). But why am I so passionately writing it here? I really think Wii, especially in this case, would be so good opportunity for indie developer, that it shouldn’t left untapped. I too like indie games…now to think of it, most of my games are indie, and I wish more of them could make their games succesful. Ofcourse “indians” don’t care that much about money, but having succesful games makes them able to make more games I like. 🙂 Oh yeah and many people don’t have credit cards, and like me, prefer transacting in consoles virtual shop.

  218. Chance Says:

    @SureRight: If it is the same game, why do you need it on a console. Use a mouse with the PC. And you can easily hook up your PC to a TV. Doing that would be easier than buying another copy of CPD for a different system.

    @WiiWaari: I find it hard to believe that you have access to all the consuls. I will admit that the Wii is the better of the 3. I think the PS3 is the best as far as the potential and technology. But I have to admit that the Xbox has the best games. Followed by PS3 (b/c of lbp) and last is the Wii games. Don’t get me wrong, the Wii is a great idea and is the best, stand alone, but the games just aren’t there. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who rarely gets to use any of the 3.

    But as far a CPD, see what a wrote to SureRight. There is no need for a Wii/PS3/Xbox port. Now I hope this consul war ends before Petri has to end it.

    (I suppose I didn’t help it by saying all that :D)

  219. mr.awesome Says:

    I think it would be best on sega genisis. Anyone agree?

  220. WiiWaari Says:

    No Chance! 🙂 It didn’t help at all! 🙂 I agree with everything you said to me in yor last comment(save the console acces(and PS3’s is currently lagging XBox360 techwise, so we just have to believe Sony, which I don’t, Emotion Engine anyone? Either way, both lag PC)), but thats NOT a topic to be discussed here. You missed the point so far you didn’t even see any point there. I hope your Wii-hatred is not blinding your reason. I was NOT talking about which system is best! From any console, only Wii offers a mouse like interface allowing you to doodle. DS would be other, but WiiWare’s low developement costs, and low game prices + huge userbase, makes the Wii very promising platform for THIS game. Wii could bring this game and other games, previously only possible on PC, to livingroom. I know Crayon would deserve that.

  221. SureRight Says:


    Actually I would rather play all games on my consoles rather than the PC. There aren’t very many indie games for consoles (but thankfully games such as World of Goo have hit the Wii in full force). To be quite honest though, PC games have been sucking, hard! I’m not talking about indie games such as this one. I’m talking about big name games. I would much rather play games on a console, and yes, even though PC’s can out-power consoles once they’ve been upgraded, there are far less headaches with consoles. I don’t buy PC games specifically because of issues such as Installation problems, DRM, Software/Hardware issues, and finally, issues within Windows OS (and those are just some of outlying problems). It’s far more frustrating getting games to work on PC and Consoles offer a great “pick-up-and-play” for the avid gamer. I know that there are plenty of people who will go to great lengths to get a game working on a PC, unfortunately for me, that time has come and gone and I’m tired of having to fiddle around with my PC just to get a game to work. So, consoles are the way to go, for me at least. I do have a soft spot for unique indie games such as World of Goo and games like Crayon Physics Deluxe, but if given the option to play this on the Wii or PS3 (and the Nintendo DS) I would definitely get it for one or more those systems.

    Aside from that, I’m not arguing which console is better, I don’t care. What I’m stating is how intuitive CPD and games like it would be on certain consoles, but in this case I’d have to opt-out on the Xbox 360 because of it’s “lack” of controls or control options. I’ve already mentioned the reasons why in previous posts so it’s pointless to go on about it.

    There wouldn’t be anything wrong with having this game on multiple platforms though (specifically home consoles). It would only give more gamers access to a great game. Plain and simple.

  222. mr.awesome Says:

    I say the game should be released via atari 2600

  223. Blue bellyfluff Says:

    I say this game should be released on paper..and actual crayons!

  224. makr Says:

    Yes! Touch sensitive E-Ink!

  225. Menara Says:

    I say the game should be released on 1 platform, before asking the dev for more options. It looks like it could be a great game, according to critics it already is a great game. If only we, the consumers, could get our hands on it…

  226. Manure Says:

    This game is a copy of Line Rider and Line Rider 2. They were out way before this. It’s cool idea though. This game should be great once finished. Hopefully have some Line Rider levels.

  227. johnny Says:

    This game should be released. it is getting lonely and needs to be played.

  228. Chance Says:

    @Manure: You have got to be kidding me. This is nothing like Line Rider. Ask Boštjan Cadež if he thinks that this game was copied from Line Rider.

  229. mr.awesome Says:

    who is Boštjan cadež?

  230. mr.awesome Says:

    never mind

  231. Jouko Says:

    “There won’t be any kind of DRM, because I’ve found that it only hurts the real customers (e.g. I’m an owner of Space Rangers 2, which I can’t play because the DRM is incompatible with my computer). And no DRM will stop people from pirating your game.”

    Finally someone understands 🙂 I can’t pre-order game (and deadline is already over) but I’m interested to buy game bit later. Maybe via Steam when that is possible.

  232. Chance Says:

    For those of you who don’t know who Boštjan Cadež is, try this link:

    (NOT directed @mr.awesome, he figured it out)

  233. Gidin Says:

    Quoique les avis divergent sur le type de consoles a utilisé, je reste persuader que ce jeu excellentissime par sa conception trouve une place privilégié avec la tablette graphique genre wacom ou d’autres. D’ailleurs toutes les vidéos yutube le démontrent.

    Although opinions differ on the kind of consoles used, I remain persuaded that this game excellentissime by design is a privileged place with the Wacom tablet kind or other. Besides all the videos shown yutube



  234. Swoo Says:

    @Gidin: Ca sent la traduction googlienne, tout ça ! ^^ Si tu permets, je vais retraduire.

    @the others: Gidin basically says that such a great game would be far more enjoyable with a graphic tablet as Wacom (or others) than with any console. He adds that it must be the reason why all the videos on Youtube appear to use graphic tablets.

  235. Gidin Says:

    Merci Swoo pour l’exacte traduction, il est bien connu que les Belges et les Français ne sont pas très doués pour les langues , en l’occurrence la langue Anglaise.

  236. Swoo Says:

    @Gidin: Ah ben ça c’est con alors parce que je suis belge, justement ! ^^

    @the others: just private talk, sorry for that.

  237. Goo Says:

    Hey petri how much long for the release?let us know somthing about that, please

  238. Anonymous Coward Says:

    I played the original prototype and was absolutely floored by it, and for that, I applaud you. That said, I will not be pre-ordering your game. Frankly, since the time that you released your first playable version and now, I’ve played several high-quality versions of this game for free, all coded in Flash, a couple of which were even arguably superior to your original release. Plus, to be perfectly honest, given the amount of time that has elapsed, I’ve mentally categorized your product as vaporware, and until I see a concrete release date, you’re really not inspiring any sort of confidence that this thing will ever see the light of day. (The fact that you used a several-years-old video for the game’s demo on the website doesn’t help my confidence.) Maybe once the full version is actually released I’ll consider a purchase.

    This isn’t meant to be any sort of derogatory comment or “flaimbait,” I’m merely stating my thoughts, that it might somehow assist in making this or future products more successful.

  239. Sam Says:

    Kind of a specific question, but my home computer is a PC and my laptop at school is a mac.

    Soo, if I pre-ordered Crayon Physics Deluxe and beta tested and played on the PC, and a mac version did eventually come out down the road, would I have to buy the game again for the mac?

  240. mr.awesome Says:

    @ 2 flash games: WTF?

  241. Chance Says:

    @mr.awesome: It’s Spam

  242. Christian Says:

    Hey Petri, I will promote your game in Germany like I already promoted the prototype 😉 Good coding!

  243. Gidin Says:

    Faire pré-payer un jeu en élaboration depuis plus d’un an est chose peu courante.

    Il faut espérer sur base de la démo une qualité de jeu exceptionnelle, mais je salue un sens commercial hors du commun.

    (J’ai pris le risque de le pré-payer)

  244. Swoo Says:

    @Petri: Gidin says that making people pre-ordering a game in development since more than a year is quite a rare thing. People have to take the risk of pre-ordering the game on the simple basis of the demo. Yet, Gidin says that he salutes your astonishing marketing spirit for that. He finishes saying that he has taken that risk.

  245. madaco Says:

    wow, why isnt anyone talking about the dsi? it will have dsi ware or whatever its called(i forget) and a touch screen, and sd card capability for saving LOTS of levels!!! there should be a level that resembles a pinball maschine!!! I have horrible spelling!leet=1337

  246. Lost in space Says:

    I am also wondering if the “pre-order” is worth it or not since he states “when it is finally released”. We’ve been hearing that for a very long time now and it leads me to wonder how long we will have to wait and how much interest he will make off our “deposit”. I only wish I could figure a way to make people give me money and then make them wait without for their products with no concrete date. My real question is if someone wants a refund because they waited say 6 months or so how do they go about getting one? Seriously…with no time frame I forsee a lot of cash going back to people who “pre-ordered”! Personally I will wait and pay the extra $5 and let my money build interest in the bank. At the rate he is going I will be able to make $10 just on interest alone by the time it is released and working.

    Just my thoughts. I still dig the game!

  247. Chance Says:

    @lost in space: You are mad about the interest that you aren’t getting while you wait for the game to be released? It is only $15, you won’t make a significant amount of interest from it. The game will come out eventually, so why would you pay $5 more for it? That 5 dollars you save will be more than your interest on $15.

  248. Magiciandude Says:

    lost in space:
    I personally pre-ordered the game.
    That way I can just forget about it for a while, and when it finally comes out it will be almost like its free!
    It will be a nice surprise in my e-mail one day 😀
    Besides…interest is incredibly slow, you won’t make hardly anything…

  249. Gidin Says:

    Prépayé un jeu est sans doute une première. Pour oser le faire j’imagine que son concepteur marqué d’un passé bien établi, garanti moralement et matériellement un jeu répondant aux nombreuses attentes, au risque de perdre leur confiance.

  250. kero Says:

    Lost in space: the only way you could make 10$ in interest from a $20 deposit is if you are getting the maximum intrest rate and even then it would still take 10 years to make that 10 dollars.
    Preordering helps the game get made faster. If petri gets lots of $ from preorders he doesn’t have to take on side contracts to pay his bills. Also if there are a lot of preorderd there is. Greater chance that the game will be picked up by third party publishers like steam. Supporting indy developers is important in keeping the gaming industry afloat

  251. Lost in space Says:

    Geez people, it was a figure of speech, ya know saying it was taking forever for this game to come out, making money over “time”. Freakin people need to get a life! Man.. open up a window and get some sun or go outside and leave your computer for a while. You might have got that if you had a life. Seriously, what is the point of paying for a “pre-order” to Beta test a game. Thats just dumb. I have never heard of paying for a pre-order to get the Beta. Normally companies or developers want as many people as they can to Beta a game to work the bugs out so people don’t start screaming for a refund when the game doesn;t work right and he is too busy to get around to fixing it. I personally bought World of Goo because at least that one you can demo before you buy and get the full version. Sorry but I have waited long enough for this game with very little information about it. If he is looking to cash out on the game it would probably be advised to hire on a couple other coders/developers to help him finish it sooner rather than years later.

  252. Menara Says:


    I am one of those who have already pre-ordered the game. Being a game designer myself I understand the pressure of release dates etc. and I’m happy to support you during development.

    But there is also a thing called common curtacy. It has been a month since your last post, from the responses here I deduct that I’m not the only one who has pre-ordered the game and I think the least you could do is give us some kind of periodical update that shows you are actually working on the game. This will give us, your pre-ordering fanbase, the feeling something is actually being accomplished.

    I really hope you’ll give us some more insight in the development.

  253. Flying Penguin Says:

    Well said Anonymous Coward and Lost in Space! Those are truly good points. It’s good to see opinionated people. I can’t wait for this game either but I’m glad I didn’t pre-order because there’s no knowing when it will be released. If I happen to stumble across it after it has come out then I’ll probably pick it up. The problem is there have been and will be a ton of other games that are already out or on the way. I’ve already put month toward other games that are already released both this and last month. So hopefully I’ll stumble across a released full version in the near future, but with so many other games to choose from I’m not going to hold my breath (or avoid buying other games since there is no foreseeable release). Still I wish the developer the best of luck. The unfinished game looks great, I really hope I remember to come back and find the game released. In the meantime, keep on gaming!

  254. Flying Penguin Says:

    whoops, first time I said month is supposed to be money

    “I’ve already put money toward other games”

    Anyway, good on ya!

  255. Chance Says:

    @Lost in space:

    The point of pre-ordering is to save $5.

    Also, if you Google “pre order beta”, there are a whole bunch of games that do Betas for pre-orderer’s only. SOCOM, Resistance 2, MGS4, Warhammer Online, Hellgate: London, Sword of the New World, Demigod, and Crayon Physics Delux.

    This game has a demo too, it’s called Crayon Physics. This game will be way better the World of Goo. WoG was WAAAYYYY too short, and it wasn’t really that fun.

  256. Jim Says:

    How extending the $5 off deal? PayPal is stating it is $19.95 USD. So does that mean the game is now finished? 😉

  257. moldy_tomato Says:

    “…if you pre-order during November you’ll get the game for 14.95$”
    It’s already December. No more $5 off preorders.

  258. Gidin Says:

    Petri Purho et sa “secret key” dans votre Email vous ouvrira, j’en ai confiance, avant Noël ce fameux jeu tant attendu.

    Petri est finlandais et la Finlande est un peu la patrie du père Noël.

    Je ne serais pas étonné que ce jeu soit inspiré par “Physics illustrator” qui fonctionne sur tablet pc.

    voir ce lien :

  259. Swoo Says:

    @all: Gidin says that he feels sure that Petri will release the game for Christmas.

    “At the end of the day, Petri is Finnish and Finland is in some way Santa’s land”, he adds as a joke.

    In his opinion, the game could be inspired by “Physics Illustrator” (see the link to the youtube video)

  260. Chance Says:

    @Gidin: “Physics illustrator” may have been the inspiration for hinges, wheels, and anchors in CPD. I don’t know about the game aspect though.

  261. makr Says:

    So it’s been almost a month now without any updates at all, what’s up Petri? :]

  262. Chance Says:

    He’s working on Crayon Physics Deluxe.

  263. mr.awesome Says:

    kinda unrelated, but I got a link to another game to play while u wait
    Hope this won’t count as spam

  264. Crayon Says:

    ITS coming out tommorow thats what i heard but i think it might be a rumor

  265. Chance Says:

    @Crayon: Yeah, the rumor is you! Where do you hear rumors about Crayon Physics? Are people just talking about it on the street?

  266. mr.awesome Says:

    nah they make them up so they have something to do while they wait for CPD

  267. Pedro Says:

    I am pre-ordering now even though I am a Mac owner, I’m hopeful it will run in parallels, if not it isn’t much money to support an indie developer.

  268. Pedro Says:

    Lost in space, I think the offer to get on the beta wasn’t to get people to ‘pay to beta test’ but rather as a bit of a reward to those who are willing to put faith in the game.
    There is nothing wrong with pre-ordering, I’m sure the preoder wouldn’t be offered unless it was fairly close. And even if it all went bust, what you’re out $15, big deal, I am pretty broke, but I wouldn’t shed real tears over that. We all know it will be pirated like crazy after release, and there are already knock-offs everywhere, He deserves to make a small fortune from this game but probably won’t, at least some pre-orders will help to pay the bills and will hopefully make coding go a little faster. I’m hopeful it will be out by Christmas, but with no beta yet it doesn’t seem likely I guess.

  269. Gidin Says:

    Je pense que la “secret key” envoyé anticipativement à tous permettra avec un téléchargement en 2 temps d’éviter un piratage futur.L’expérience du piratage de ” world of goo aura servi à Petri.

  270. Stephen Says:

    So much for the advanced email notification!

  271. Gidin Says:

    vite vite Petri la concurrence est rude

  272. makr Says:

    Numpty Physics is going to need a lot of tweaking to even approach the playability of the Crayon Physics Prototype, it is very frustrating to play.

  273. Peter Says:

    Wow look at this impressive video:

    Looks much like Crayon Physics Deluxe, but it seems to be a game called Zany Doodle. The physics engine looks quite impressive. I’m downloading it now and I hope that it will shorten the time until Crayon Physics Deluxe is finally available.

  274. DRB Says:

    I was all ready to pre-order but thought I better quickly check the min. specs. HUGE disappointment! You built a great game…and then crippled it by building it in a way such that it only works on one operating system : (

  275. xoxor Says:


    Zany Doodle is pretty slick. Seems to not have all the features Crayon Deluxe may have, but it is pretty fun.

    I’ve been following /this/ game for quite some time – looking forward to some updates from the author.

  276. moldy_tomato Says:

    Petri has already told us that he also has plans for Mac and Linux:
    “After the PC version is done I’ll try to find time to do the Mac and Linux versions of the game, so people with other platforms will get a change to play the game as well.”

  277. Chance Says:

    @DRB: What?

    “You built a great game…and then crippled it by building it in a way such that it only works on one operating system : (”

    How do you make one game that works on PC’s and Macs? Unless it was a flash game (which I really don’t think are very good) it is impossible.

  278. Shish Says:

    > How do you make one game that works on PC’s and Macs? Unless it was a flash
    > game (which I really don’t think are very good) it is impossible.

    … I take it you’ve never heard of World of Warcraft? Or Quake? Spore, maybe?

    Writing cross platform software is slightly harder (about 10-30% more development time in my experience), but I have no idea where the idea of “impossible” comes from…

    (Speaking of which, I’ve grudingly preordered the windows version; linux would be preferred though 🙂 )

  279. nigel coldwell Says:

    i think you’re talking about development time for a software house. not some solitary dude who has to earn how.

  280. Mike Says:

    Absolutely AMAZING. I preordered today. Really looking forward to this incredible game. Good luck getting the beta ready! Can’t wait to try it out!

  281. Chance Says:

    @Shish: Spore was just written for Windows and put in an emulator for Mac. The same thing with those other games (I would assume). They just make the Mac version have a built in emulator.

  282. Tyler Durden Says:

    I can’t wait to play the full game.

  283. gjhfdiu Says:

    im disapointed – i thought it was going to be free like the first one.

  284. Chance Says:

    @gjhfdiu: I like your name, it looks like you put a lot of thought into that 😀

  285. Disky Says:

    Please tell me when is the release date!!!

  286. Sakari Says:

    Hi, what a great game you’ve got there and congrats for the award!
    If there’s any possibility to release this game on Wii I would buy it straight away!

  287. xero_art Says:

    ok…I preordered this quite some time ago…when will the beta be ready at the very least?

  288. robbiedobbie Says:

    he is already ready

  289. Ken Says:

    If I pre-order now can I still get the $14.95 deal? Thanks!

  290. Kurt Bomya Says:

    The beta is OUUUUUTTTT!!!

  291. James Forelo Says:

    To be honest, you should stick to Steam for distribution. They’ve got the best DRM method, and it doesn’t hurt the consumer at all since Stream accounts can be used on multiple computers.

    If you remember World of Goo, the starry-eyed developers released it DRM-free and were disappointed with the sales and piracy.

    I don’t know if it’s too late to implement that, but I would really like you guys to get the most buck for all the bang you put into this.

  292. Olle Says:

    I got the Beta as well but I can’t open the mail, do you have the same problem?

  293. Shish Says:

    Spore I haven’t actually played, I just heard the news about <_< I would assume by “emulator” you mean something like WINE though (“Wine is not (an) emulator”; it’s sort of half way between emulator and native, it generally works fine (sometimes better than windows) as long as the developer sticks to commonly used and well tested bits of functionality).

    Quake and its decendants I know to be native on pretty much all platforms (including consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, toasters…) as I’ve worked with the code myself 😛

    “10-30% more work” still applies for a single developer working on an indie game — there’s fewer people to do the coding, but less code to do, so it generally stays in proportion. Also of note is that CP already appears to be built out of cross platform parts like SDL, so I’d hope that it’d be nearer the lower end of the effort scale (Though of course it’s impossible to be certain without seeing the code — he could have written all the code to only run on windows, and just thrown in the SDL dll’s in order to laugh at the mac / linux users’ false hope :P).

    The question of whether the extra effort is balanced by the extra sales is one that can only really be answered after it’s done though; there’re too few data points to be certain either way…

    Also, steam makes me a sad panda, because it won’t accept any of my cards, and paypal freaks out when it sees that I’m a UK credit card holder with a mainland europe IP address; steam support just gives me useless cut & paste responses when I asked for help 🙁

  294. 12321 Says:

    Man,.. release the shit. If you take too uch time (as it is the case) the people will get bored and angry about it. Check out duke nukem forever. Thell never release it. And if,… all the people will say… its crap in comparison to the time the developing took. And your game is much simpler. In the relation to duke nukem forever, your developing time is the same! Looser!

  295. SayWhat!?!? Says:

    @James Forelo,

    What are you talking about??? The developers of World of Goo (2DBoy) were not disappointed by the sales to piracy ratio, it was what they expected. What they said was the game would have been pirated just as much if not more had there been any form of DRM integrated into the game. You’re just talking out your ass is all. Go back to their site and read their blog (which is updated regularly). The boys at 2DBoy have sold an absolute shitload of copies of World of Goo, through digital distribution and through the retail venues. Seriously, either what you were saying was a joke or you have no idea what you were talking about.

  296. Shish Says:

    Ammendum: While CP seems to use SDL for some things, it lists directx for graphics, which is windows-only 🙁

  297. Ken Says:

    Don’t mean to sound pushy but I paid full price a couple days ago and have heard or seen nothing of this game yet. not even a thank you for your purchase email. The 20 bucks was sent though. What’s up?

  298. Kurt Bomya Says:

    Wow this beta is amazing. Worth every penny!!

  299. gidin Says:

    Je constate pour l’instant que cette excellente demo prépayer intéresse en priorité les anglophones ,aucunes remarques en d’autres langues.

    Il serait souhaitable, voir paraître dans ce forum,suggestions,critiques,avis etc.

    Il est toujours plus facile de lire une langue que de l’écrire.

  300. xeromist Says:


    You should have received an email that said something like

    “Thank you, ******, for pre-ordering Crayon Physics Deluxe.

    Your SECRET KEY IS: *******

    Please preserve this email and …..”

    If you didn’t get that email you may want to check your spam folder.

  301. peter benntley Says:

    I cannot wait to get the deluxe game. How/ when can I order it?

    I had great fun with the prototype version trying to do each leve with the minimum number of blocks. Succeeded finally with just 1 block for all levels except nasty which needed 2 blocks

  302. steampoo Says:

    Steam sucks. It takes me like 3 minutes to login update and play everyday shooter a 30 mb game. I have had FPS online games load faster than this.

  303. Detargent Says:

    I agree, Steam does suck. I have a 3 y/o computer and it sucks a lot of resources plus it crashes on me from time to time. I hate it. I only have 2 games that I bought using Steam but I never play them because of the problems! Talk about bullshit.

  304. Troy Thompson Says:

    A Flash version of this written to Flash 7 compatibility would work on the Wii via the Internet Channel. Might save a pile of development time/expense depending on how forthcoming Nintendo is with the SDK and whatnot for native Wii software. Then again, I know nothing about the Wii ‘cept being a new owner of it. The Flash games at Ferry Halim’s “Morning Sunshine” site work well on the Wii’s browser: see

  305. Paul van Druten Says:

    I can’t wait to play with the final version. I loved the Release 1! It’s so cool.

  306. steampoo Says:

    Archive for January, 2009
    The Full version is Go (for pre-orderers)
    Monday, January 5th, 2009

    I’ve started sending out the full version to all the pre-orderers. If you’ve pre-ordered the game before January 4th you should receive a download link to the full version within the next 24 hours. Happy playing.

  307. coolgame Says:

    It would be awesome if you got the game and demo on Steam

  308. gidin Says:

    Je ne conseillerai pas Petri se se lier avec “STEAM” voir ce qu’en dit ” Wikipédia ”
    mais plutôt de voir vers les fournisseurs de tablettes graphiques genre wacon etc.
    Je reste persuadé que l’avenir est dans les écrans tactiles avec la venue du future OS
    windows 7

  309. bolt Says:

    Great looking game. Just bought it and waiting for my secret key. Think you really should try and get it onto steam though. Love having all my favorite games available there. The dude up there who hadn’t heard about it must have been living in a cave with a C64 the last 10 year

    @gidin: Why do you expect people to understand your language? English site, 99.9% english comments, you obviously read english, yet you answer in french. I just don’t get it! Why do people do that?!

  310. Andrew Says:

    If (when) there is a mac version count me in (and a bunch of my mates too I’d expect.

  311. ashton Says:

    1) If Steam slows down your computer, then your computer is in bad shape.
    2) Having a game on Steam doesn’t make it exclusive to Steam.
    3) Steam supports indie devs and has many interesting and fun indie titles.
    4) Steam “news” is advertising for your game to n people who already have Steam installed. It’s the only “pop-up” on my pc that I look forward to, and am slightly dissappointed when there isn’t one!
    5) Steam has cool weekend sales, where games are (slightly) discounted for a short time and I am guessing this is effective at reeling in hold-out customers from time to time.
    6) I can’t read French but I’m assuming that statement up there has something to do with Windows7 (supports touch) and tablet pcs and how Crayon Physics Deluxe fits in with that.

  312. Adam Jimenez Says:

    steam = DRM crap

    Thanks Petri for making such a great game and releasing it without restrictive DRM.

  313. Adam Jimenez Says:

    what is it with peeps and steam anyway?

    can u add a rootkit while your at it?

  314. Adam Says:

    Just got me a pro-grade tablet for my photo editing (the Wacom Intuos3). This will be very cool using the tablet. Looking forward to it! Well done.

  315. Poypolo Says:


    That’s pretty arrogant and a little ignorant of you to say that “If Steam slows down your computer, then your computer is in bad shape.”

    There are A LOT of people with older computers, and when I say older I mean 2 – 5 years older. Those of us that do have older computers know that operating systems such as Windows (in particular) are chock full of resources already and an OS such as WinXP, though standard, shouldn’t have need more “slow down” as a pre-requisite to play some of these great indie games. I’ve played plenty of indie games on my older computer and they work fine. I have tried the Steam service and it DID in fact demand more resources than playing these same games as a stand alone product.

    Sure, Steam would be a great alternative for people who already play using Steam with no troubles, but to make grand statements such as the one you did above just makes you look like a boob. Try to be a little more understanding and see things from a different perspective. Try seeing it from an indie developers point of view as well.


    As for the DRM, that’s why Steam should only be optional because the service very far from infallible. I would only like to see Crayon Physics Deluxe on Steam so that it gains more exposure and so that more people can enjoy it, but aside from that I think Petri is doing a fine job by having it as a “Stand Alone” game, first and foremost. We shouldn’t make him feel like crap though if he does get some sort of distribution through Steam though because it could really help to promote his game as well. I just don’t like the way some people talk out of their arses and make statements that are detrimental to the gamers that play these games (such as the first line of Ashtons’ comments).


  316. Link~ Says:

    Crayon Physics Deluxe is not freeware.
    I don’t have Money U.U

  317. Steve Harold Says:

    Always on the look out for educational games. This looks like a winner

  318. Manuel Says:

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  321. medyum Says:

    One question YOU NEVER SAY WHEN ITS RELEASED. o yea, how much space will it take?

    There should be a part of the site where u can download other peoples maps and stuff.

    I got kinda pissed of when i finally realized its priced but i am still excited.

    i am gonna think if i am gonna buy it because i am a person that LOVES MONEY!!!!!
    even the best deals i still think about it but im gonna buy the orange box for 8 pounds and get left 4 dead but i think crayon physics deluxe is gonna be great!


    it would be nice to make a trailer of crayon physics deluxe and put it in instead of that other video.

    PS: dunno how your gonna make a nice trailer though


  322. hikaye Says:

    This is fantastic. I am going to add it to my sites. Thanks!