More Crayon Physics Deluxe Clips from GDC

Apparently the GDC interviews are surfacing now. I remember vaguely talking to some people from gametrailers and now they published the interview on Gametrailers TV 😮 (The indie section starts around 7 minute mark). [Thanks to Apina for letting me know about this].

It’s quite a small clip and all I get to say about the game is “you draw stuff, they behave physically correctly and you solve puzzles”. But I’m glad they included it there anyway. There are also couple of other indie developers there; Mårten talks about Fret Nice and Darren demonstrates Iron Dukes. It’s great to see that indie games are getting some airtime, in between GTA IV and Gears of War 2.

Link to the Gametrailers TV episode

Also I was positively surprised to see Crayon Physics Deluxe talked on DL.TV. They did this small round up of couple of the IGF games and Crayon Physics Deluxe was one and the other one was the sweet 2D/3D platformer Fez. While they didn’t really have any real footage of Crayon Physics Deluxe, they talked about the game in detail and got past the “you draw stuff, they behave physically correctly and you solve puzzles” stage. Garnett Lee has some really constructive comments about the game and he “got” what it’s really all about.

The Crayon Physics Deluxe part starts around 1:30 mark.

82 Responses to “More Crayon Physics Deluxe Clips from GDC”

  1. Timmypokemon Says:

    they got the site wrong hahahaha

  2. Apina Says:

    lol klunigames ahahaha!

  3. Timmypokemon Says:

    I forgot to tell u this but, in the preview the ball wasn’t touching the line properly so, are u gonna fix it or u already fixed it

  4. lilj$ Says:

    this shit sucks cause u can’t play the games

  5. FuKuy Says:

    I’m very excited. Crayon Physics Deluxe looks AWESOME. PLEASE, release it on STEAM for PC users. Thank you.

  6. Matt Hand Says:

    hey man i loved playing crayon physics..

    i seen deluxe on youtube and i need to know when the hell will you release it i bin waiting since before christmas… 🙁 please hurry mann


  7. Matt Hand Says:

    wooh mann sorry i just realised tht he said SUMMER :O:O:O

    it better be worth it LMAO


  8. Limevoodoo Says:

    There’s another video at PC World that includes you:,726-page,2-bid,6/video.html

  9. Patrick Says:

    Petri – your Crayon Physics game is truly amazing…technologically and educationally. While I am not a part of your “industry”, I believe this is part of the future of education. I really respect what you are doing and the basis for your programming feats. If you are open to a discussion, I would like to chat about how games like this could be incorporated with curriculum to help children learn complicated math and science skills. We are a math and science curriculum publisher in the U.S. and are the “little guys” fighting against the big, public behemoths that dominate education and keep it boring and repressed. Together, we can help millions of students understand that math, science and reasoning skills ARE applicable to the real world, are fun and are the basis for a successful future! Thanks for listening!

  10. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Crayon Colored News Says:

    […] Crayon Physics Deluxe is also featured in Darren Gladstone’s PC World report about this year’s IGF winners. There’s also clips from World of Goo, Fez and Audiosurf. [Via Limevoodoo’s comment] […]

  11. Llamarama Says:

    Man, crayon physics looks awesome… i just really hope there is a version for Mac users or at least it can be ported or something. I’m crossing my fingers.